Customer Reviews: Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Monitoring Camera
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VINE VOICEon November 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This good basic network camera. It is compact and has good daytime and night vision picture quality. It has a microphone and a speaker can be attached for two-way communication. It has a Micro SD-Card slot that allows it to record on its own; you can also record to your hard disk or a Network Attached Storage device. It can connect to your network by ethernet and Wifi. Apple routers do not support WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), so you need to use the manual setup instructions if you use an Airport or Time Capsule. I found it no more difficult to set up on my Apple Airport-based network than any other network camera. Once you have the camera installed, a QR Code on the back of the camera an be used to to configure the client software on your iPhone or iPad.

A detailed user manual, Mac-specific instructions, and Mac client software are all available on the Lorex support site.

Where the LNC 104 fails to measure up is in software:

- Mac OSX. The L-View Mac client software, which is in beta and must be downloaded from Lorex is bare-bones and obviously a work in progress. An update came out recently which at least gives it basic functionality. You can now record to your hard drive, but if your want to play back your clips, you need VLC Player, a free open-source media layer. Ironically, VLC Player includes a feature not found and any version of the Lorex software: the ability to copy and convert clips to more useful formats.

-iOS iPad. The basic functionality of the iPad version is OK. There are a couple or problems areas for me, however. The Lorex iPad software only works in landscape mode. This is a pet peeve of mine; the only time I ever voluntarily use my iPad in landscape mode is when I'm watching a long-form video like a movie or TV show. The Lorex software prevents your iPad from going to sleep; if you walk away from it while it is running (it does not even need to be connected to a camera), it will drain your battery. There are rudimentary playback controls for clips recorded on your iPad, but none for clips played from the camera's SD card. There is no way to export clips into a more useful format.
While I was writing this review, both my iPhone 4S and iPad 3 lost the ability to connect to the cam (at the same time). The desktop client, the web, and my iPad 1 all continued to work. The iPad 3 and iPhone 4S had to be re-started to regain the ability to connect to the cam.

-iOS iPhone. The iPhone app has the same functionality and issues as the iPad version except that it works in landscape or portrait mode and it needs to be connected to the cam before it overrides the system's effort to go into sleep mode and drains your battery. The iPhone version does have the ability to convert recordings made on the phone to .avi format files, but how this is done and how the resulting files can be accessed by other apps is not apparent. The user manual says only: " can...also convert the video files to .avi files for sharing."

-Windows. The Windows version is not without its share of irritants. If you want to play back a recording on the SD card, you click a button in the viewing window which opens a dialog box with a list of the daily folders. You open the folder for the appropriate day, scroll to the clip you want to view, then click Playback or double-click on the clip name. The dialog box closes and the clip plays. If you want to see the previous or next clip, you have to repeat the entire process. Depending on the the capacity of your SD-Card, you can have dozens or even hundreds of clips on the card. The Windows version now has the ability to record clips to your hard disk. Like the Mac version, you must download and install VLC Player in order to view any you have recorded.

-Web Interface. As you might expect, the web interface gives you the most information about the cam settings. To display video in the web interface, Internet Explorer is required because an Active-X control is used. This means you cannot view the cam image via the web page at all on a Mac or if you use Firefox or another non-MSIE browser in Windows. However, even with Internet Explorer and the Lorex Active-X control installed and enabled, all I ever got was a black frame with "Locating..." in the middle of it.

I found part of the web interface to be unnecessarily confusing and perhaps a little flaky. To me scheduling basically means creating a list of things to be done at a specific day and time. This task is available under Scheduling, but they have also lumped a bunch of behavior controls under the same heading. To me, it makes more sense to have the set-ups for alarms, notifications, and recording criteria under one heading and setting the days and times to do those things under a separate header. I understand the need for complex scheduling in security cams and I've done it on other systems, but there should also be a "Use the settings I've specified 24 hours a day, 7 days a week" check box to simplify the process when appropriate.

I was able to set up email notification and motion activation. The email notifications include a still frame as a jpeg file. However, it seems like anytime I made a change in the settings, I ended up starting from scratch. Accessing the web interface from Safari on a Mac, I was able to delete but not download clips from the SD card. Firefox on the Mac could see the clips folders, but none of their contents. Using MSIE in Windows, I was able to delete and download the files and view the downloaded files using VLC Player.

I think this is a great network cam if all you need to do is set up a camera and monitor the situation in real time. You can accomplish that in iOS, Windows, and even the Mac beta version. However, I find the process for creating, viewing, organizing, editing, and exporting clips to be cumbersome at best. If you do not know the exact date and time a clip may have been recorded, finding the pertinent clip could be very time-consuming. I also think the process for setting camera features and scheduling could be more intuitive.
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was able to get this camera working with no trouble at all. I installed the PC based software and that worked great. To get at all the detailed settings, you need to go to the web interface for the camera. The camera supports two way audio, so you can talk to anyone who is at the camera location. I have my camera set up at my cabin in Wisconsin through WiFi and I can monitor the weather and the neighborhood dogs! Quality is great. I am really impressed with this camera and recommend it.

- To get the software from the Lorex website, you must first go to this products web page, then you will find a tab on the bottom for downloads.
- WPS setup was fast and easy. Just hit the button on your router and then on the camera.
- Quality of the picture is really good. I can monitor the camera from my Android phone, Kindle Fire, and PC.
- Customer service was great and replied fast to my question. I wanted to know how to record only when the motion sensor when off, not all the time. Here are the details:
For motion setup, In the manual under SD card recording/Schedule. The general steps are:
1. Enable SD card recording in Schedule mode.
2. In the Schedule menu, set the SD recording for PIR, Motion or
3. Create an everyday schedule that covers the entire day.
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on March 19, 2013
I can't review this product because i can't even get it work properly and this company has the most deplorable customer service i've ever dealt with. In this day and age, my companies have online chat for questions but not Lorex. So, I emailed them a question on how to hook up the two way audio on this and I got a ticket number. After another day i got back another email saying it was sent to tech support and someone would contact me and here's ANOTHER ticket number. I waited another day and heard from no one so i called them. Well, I waited on hold twenty minutes to get to the first person who gave me ANOTHER ticket number and put me back on hold for another 15 minutes to get me to a tech support person that couldn't answer the questions without the camera number. I told him i didn't have another 35 minutes to sit on hold and he told me to call a certain number when i got home to go right to tech support. So i came home and started the process over again and waited twenty minutes on hold to get to a person who did nothing more than give me ANOTHER ticket number and put me back on hold again. At the current time i'm on hold and have been for 20 more minutes. Who does this company think they are making the simplest enquiry into a process like this???

I am going to call Amazon and see if i can return this. I do not want to do business with Lorex. Sadly, the security guy put lorex cameras in the external part of my house so i am stuck with them. I'd planned to put a 4 camera system inside my house but i simply can't do this.

So i don't know about the product. But i seriously warn you against this company. It's maddening.

Update: while i was going on 35 mins on hold with Lorex, I got on Amazon chat and arranged a return in less than 5 minutes. Yay, Amazon. Boo, Lorex.
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on February 17, 2013
This is my first Lorex product. I installed the software with the CD that came with it in my Windows 7. The program won't run. I updated it and still won't run. I installed it to my android phone, it works. I opened a ticket to the technical support. They responded and sent me their latest version. It won't work. Then they closed the ticket. I opened another ticket referencing the old ticket and they close it right away for the reason that the first ticket was closed. I opened another ticket this time not referencing the ticket. After several days they responded that it won't install because of the firewall, despite the fact that I told them it installed successfully but won't run, it will crash. I also tried to disable my firewall and anti-virus but still won't run and reinstalled it several times. Then they close again the ticket. What kind of customer service is that? Instead of fixing their code, they simply close the ticket I opened without any warning!@#$? Go figure...
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on November 17, 2014
Do NOT BUY this camera. All the poor reviews are accurate. Leaving aside the poor/grainy resolution of the lens, which best works indoors and only under good lighting conditions, this camera should be avoided based solely on its incredibly ridiculous/horrendous software interface! The people who designed and allowed the software, menus and the UI into production maybe "programmers", but have less than zero knowledge regarding usability, user friendliness or other non-functional software design aspects. The "motion detection" is another joke that has never worked on this camera. If you do want to use this with Blueiris, configure this in the Network IP camera configuration menu: Make/model=Lorex LNE3003, use the admin and password in the respective fields, ensure the correct http port, leave media/RTSP port to 554 and then add the following to the "Path" statement under the Video menu - replace the single "/" with "/cam_id.password". Here cam_id = the 9 digit id on the back of the camera and password = your admin password set in the Lorex software. Leave everything else as default and click OK. In the Video menu, click "Adjust Automatically" for the Frame rate and leave the size at 640x480. Click OK again. This will yield the LNC104 video stream on Blueiris and you can ditch the L-view app.
Anyway, skip this camera and look for something better to spend your money on.
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on June 26, 2013
The cameras never did the ping as it stated. Called a few times for tech support, was on hold for over an hour, then someone came on to help with my questions and again was put on hold then was disconnected, two times.
Tech support was no help.
Sent the cameras back.
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on February 17, 2013
Had terrible time getting product to store videos. When I called customer support, I received no real help and was told they would call me back. Still waiting.

The bilking product is much better
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on March 15, 2013
got on special price because it has two way voice. was rather easy to setup on wired. Took a little more effort on wireless because the MAC address on the card does not match the MAC address needed for my router where I want MAC filtering.
Color fidelity is off in the green direction for whites. But with the Lorex App, you can view your home and talk to your dog from anywhere in the world.....I happen to be in China this moment and can talk to me wife and dog with no problem. the sofware works well. Better than the FOSCAM I also have.
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on September 27, 2013
If you want a camera that functions ok in daylight, lousy in no-light and that connects reasonably through Cat 6 or WiFi, then you can probably find better at half the price. However, I bought this because they advertise it can be accessed through the Internet and that installation was easy. To get it to work over the internet, expect to burn about 14 hours playing with the software and hanging on terminal hold for level 2 support in New Delhi, and after setting up your router for port forwarding, messing up your network, etc, then and only then does it work - now and then. Very unreliable, customer support is embarrassing, and advertising is presumptuous if not downright fraudulent. Find something else. The Lorex company will never get my business again.
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on February 4, 2013
Networking Setup is VERY DIFFICULT- Especially the DDNS functions needed to view videos from a remote location. What little documentation they have is inconsistent and sometimes just WRONG. I eventually figured it out on my own, after hours and hours of trial and error. Still it only works intermittently. I hope you are a network engineer if you buy this camera.

UPDATE: After using this device for a few weeks, I have finally figured out how most everything works. It's a decent piece of hardware but, like others have said, the software needs A LOT MORE WORK.

Finally a few words about TECHNICAL SUPPORT. IT IS HORRIBLE. For example, I opened a ticket to report a specific bug that I found in the "Email/FTP Alarm Settings Setup" menu. Instead of accepting the bug report and saying they would investigate- they assume I couldn't possibly know what I am doing and MUST call their customer support desk for assistance. Sorry Lorex but I am not willing to waste hours on the phone with technical support when you have such an ARROGANT attitude toward your customers.

In conclusion, I feel the need to change my rating on this item:
-1 for their "Customer is ALWAYS WRONG" attitude.
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