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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2012
Style: Base Unit with 2.4-inch LCD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have tested out this product and found it to be one of the best video baby monitors to date. We had twins and there was always something going on in the nursery and yet we never found a great video monitor. This would have easily fit the bill. Highly recommended. Hope you find the video useful and if so, please click the YES box. Thanks!
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Style: Base Unit with 2.4-inch LCD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There's a pretty massive selection in the realm of baby monitors, but it seems the gold standard is being able to see, instead of just hearing. The Lorex video monitor accomplishes this using a creepy night vision camera, which has surprisingly good detail in the dark (once you get over you child having evil-looking glowing eyes).

Unfortunately, the Lorex falls short of what you should expect at this price in the following areas:

1) Ease of use: If you're familiar with touch-sensitive devices, the Lorex is reasonably easy to use. But in the hands of anyone else, the controls are nothing even close to being intuitive.

2) Durability: The monitor feels really, really cheap. It's fine if you plan to keep it on a table forever, but if you're planning to clip it and work around the house, forget it.

3) Quality: The monitor seems to arbitrarily go from three signal bars to "CANNOT DETECT CAMERA" pretty often. And apparently unlike others, my monitor never seems to display color, even in broad daylight. It's either black and white or night-vision green.

The problems wouldn't be terrible if the Lorex kit cost about half as much, but it should be better for what you'd spend.
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on December 10, 2012
Update below ~~~~~'s.

We got this on a Lightning Deal but it still wasn't cheap. The worst part of this camera is how often it loses connection between the handheld viewer and the camera. It beeps... and beeps... and beeps. At night, if you acknowledge it then go back to sleep, it will randomly get connection later and lose it again. Each night I've used it, after about 2 hours, I've just taken the battery out altogether to try and get some sleep. The viewer loses connection at least 5-8 times in a 3 hour nap session and there's no rhyme or reason. Distance can be 5 feet or 50 and it still keeps losing it. I like the talk function, but it's loud so I have to next to whisper. The video quality is okay and I've had no problems when it switches to night vision. However, even with my twins running around the room in front of the camera, it only shows picture for 4-5 seconds before freezing for a couple seconds, then shutting off for motion to set it back off again, the feed doesn't stay on as long as they are moving or talking which could be problematic for newborns and small infants since their movements aren't running around like mad.

PROS: Video quality... that's it.
-Constant disconnect between the units with annoying beeps until you make it stop.
-Not practical for sleeping (Especially with new babies when it's cherished!)
-Speaker into the room is too loud
-The camera does not have a bubble lens. This means you get a straight shot only where you point it instead of a wider angle - problematic for those with older toddlers who run all over the place. Especially not practical for multiples.
-The charge on the viewer is pretty awful. It claims a few hours with constant video and 7 hours with sound only. Not so. With video on we get about 30 minutes, with intermittent video, we get about and hour and with camera off, we get about 2 hours.

In short, it's useless. Truly.
Update, well - after going through another 4 monitors in our price range (our range under $150), this is the best there is for the price. This was my first shot and honestly it was my best. No other monitor came CLOSE to having nearly as clear night vision (all of them had half as many infrared). No other monitor came close to as clear of a picture - in fact, with this one, I'm able to use my phone and take a photo or video of the screen which has come in for a few laughs on social media, no other camera was clear or bright enough to do this. No other monitor came close to being on target with picking up the right sensitivity and being able to adjust it. So for us, this is it. It has the most bang of features for the buck.

It STILL has issues with range. Every day, several times a day minimum it beeps at me that "CAMERA IS OUT OF RANGE". I DO NOT use this to sleep. I've tried several times about 15-20 feet from the camera and for one, it beeps it's dying after an hour, and for two it beeps it is out of range all the time. For MY purpose of watching them when I'm around the house, this works. Also, while it beeps to go out of range, for some odd reason, if I hit the "talk" button, the cam comes right back on. This came in handy when I had to chase down my son who was about 200 feet away at a friends. The camera didn't want to stay in range, but I could just tap the talk button and see/hear what was going on. Also, if I don't acknowledge the camera was "out of range", the sound will come back but the picture won't.

I want to STRESS STRESS STRESS - this unit is NOT WIRELESS. It never did have a good battery life and since I bought it, it's gotten worse. I'm at less than an hour. You may be able to take it to the restroom or a quick bath, but a longer bath... forget about it unless you bring the cord. Even then, a quick shower, a load of dishes - it still ends up being "out of range" and you have to start grabbing it.

I also do not use this with other cameras so I cannot speak to how it works with the multicam functions. I have also hung this in a little bit of a weird way and drilled a small unnoticeable hole in the door to their room to run the cord out. The last thing I've adjusted is that I've found a good distance to hold the unit from me and the right tone of voice to be able to coax one twin to get in bed while not waking the other up - it took a few trials and errors (and woken screaming babies) but I got there.

So my pros and cons generally remain the same but for the price, it really cannot be beaten right now. I suspect that's why they haven't improved it to eliminate the other issues because most of the people who can only afford so much will find out that it's *just good enough* to pass the rest.

So - for all that, I'm increasing from 1 star to 3 stars. A product should always work properly and I don't feel this does, but overall, when compared to the other items on the market and it's few features that most don't have in this range, I'll have to bump to to 3 stars.
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on November 12, 2012
I just logged on to buy an additional camera and noticed all the bad reviews. We recently moved to a new house (4 bedrooms about 3000 sq ft) and all the bedrooms are upstairs. We were pulling our hair out trying to get our 2 year old to stay in bed, went on for two months until we finally purchased this set up. I don't have any other video baby monitors to compare it to (we didn't even use our audio one for very long as our old house was so small we could hear him just fine, lol) but this really is easy to use. Hooked it up, no problem. We can talk back to him, which keeps him in his bed - works great.

I will agree with a comment about needing to turn the audio down when you are talking to the child through the monitor, it is loud, and it did scare him the first time we used it, but since then it's been fine.

One other issue, it tends to randomly lose the connection to the camera, it will beep angrily at you, and then almost immediately find it again. Notice it about once a week or so, not sure why it happens, interference or a bug, but it's only ever lasted for a second here.

This thing saved my hair.
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VINE VOICEon April 18, 2012
Style: Base Unit with 2.4-inch LCD|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For the price you're paying for this particular monitor, a consumer should expect more, and unfortunately this monitor falls short of providing that. While the handheld device has an iPhone like feel to it (and price!), I assure you that the quality of the product would not meet the standards required by the folks at Apple. I have to question the other Vine reviewers who gave this monitor five stars as in my opinion it falls well short of such a rating. I find that the monitor's range is very limited, and after receiving multiple Cannot Detect Camera messages, I became extremely frustrated and switched back to using a less pricey monitor that worked much better! Pass on this monitor and spend half the price elsewhere, you will be glad that you did.
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on November 26, 2012
We bought this camera well before our baby was due because of the great special that was offered. When we actually used the monitoring system, we were able to quickly determine that it was a piece of junk. The average video quality was acceptable, but the unit could not retain a signal within the same room, much less across the house. The atrocious beeps when the signal was dropped made it unusable for either day or night. Customer support was non-existent and we discarded the unit. Purchased a Motorola as a replacement and have been thrilled with its performance. Lesson learned.
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on June 27, 2012
I want to be fair in the sense that I purchased this baby monitor for our first child and it was available on a lighting deal and half off price. I was under the assumption that this would be a very streamlined product by this point and would not need to invest in the more expensive models. This was very much against my typical purchasing habits, especially with electronics (by not reviewing multiple sites/reviews). Should have stuck to my routine. This thing is not worth your time. You can tell immediately. The image quality is not important, but the fact that you cannot adjust the horrible images on both night vision to real time in second intervals is frustrating. The menu adjustments do not allow for but several alterations and essentially (in my opinion) are very limited. Functionality and peace of mind was the goal here and would not recommend for any first time parent. It pains me to write this, as I seldom give negative reviews about anything, but I am so unhappy with this purchase that I will not resell it to anyone.
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on July 10, 2012
when the lighting in the room began to get dim the night vision feature would just flash between night mode and day mode repeatly and would not stop no matter what we did. Since the room was dark when it switched to the day mode all you could see was black. Most annoying thing ever. I never understand why companies dont go the extra mile to make sure their products are bug free before mass producing them to avoid issues like this and thus giving their product a bad reputation. By the way this is a very common issue from what I have read in the comments. Steer clear it's just not worth it. I must say though during the day it worked great and would have loved to keep it.... shame.
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on June 12, 2013
I was lucky enough to snag this as a lightning deal so I paid well under the listing price (not bragging, just give you perspective). We've been using this for a year and a half now and really haven't had any complaints. The video feed comes in nice and clear and is loud enough that I can hear everything my daughter does while she's sleeping.

As she's gotten older the volume has gone down a bit but the video comes in handy. We're not talking Blu Ray quality here or anything like that but it's great for what it does.

We've lived mostly in apartments and condos since we purchased this. Maybe that's why we haven't had a lot of problems since there's not much space between rooms (all places have only been 2 bedroom under 1100 square feet).

Great if you can catch on a deal ($100), but I would knock a star off if I paid full price.
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on September 18, 2012
I got this on a lightning deal, if I had paid much more it would not have gotten 3 stars. For the price I paid, this is an amazing monitor.
There are a few downsides that people have mentioned. Here are the ones we have run up against:

1) Battery life is extremely short. We get through about a 3 hour nap before having to plug it in. It doesn't seem to help much to turn off the video and use the audio only function. It's ok though because we use it mostly at night and have it plugged in and on the nightstand.
2) There is a certain light level in which the video will flash. I think it is confused between night vision and std. Most of the time it is just an annoyance as you can still see the picture fine.
3) The power button sucks. Half the time it does not turn the unit off, it will go into sound only mode and not turn off or other times you want to turn the video off just to find the whole unit has been turned off by accident.
4) The clip/stand is useless. I cannot explain how bad it is...

Good points:
1) Price was 1/4 the amount of unit I wanted to buy.
2) There are no connection issues throughout our home.
3) The talk feature is nice to communicate between rooms.

In general if we get the use out of it we need and it doesn't fail in the next few months I will be very happy as the cost versus performance is fairly good. I would actually buy again and I am the type that usually spends more for good quality...
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