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on July 9, 2013
I have a prolapse as well as diastasis and called her to ask if I needed to modify. I was impressed that she called me back and tried to be helpful even though I can't afford a private consultation, and I will probably purchase her DVD and try it with some modifications. However, she told me that she 'no longer stands behind' her book, b/c she has learned a lot since 2004. She said she'd offered to update the book for free but her publishers said no. Some of the exercises (hands and knees for one) she no longer recommends. Thought other mammas should know! Her website sells the DVD, so if you want her current program, that is a better way.
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VINE VOICEon November 1, 2007
I've been working out for years, and worked out throughout my pregnancy.

For someone who has some very basic experience with weight training and doing ab work, the only revelation in this book is the focus on working the transverse abs.

You needn't buy this book if you have worked out at even a lower level. Simply plug in "transverse abdominal exercises" in google and you'll get a number of sites which give you exercises for this part of the body on the web for absolutely free.

As for the author's contention that more traditional ab exercises, increase the size of the "Mommy Tummy", having checked with my phsyical therapist...not proven.

As for the book itself: The author suggests that it is "easy" to work in 500 reps of the transverse exercises she recommends per day..and this for a new mother! As a new mother, I was lucky to brush my teeth...even counting to 500 would have been beyound my sleep deprived, stressed out brain!

You can save yourself the cost of this book, and if you don't have time to look for exercises for the transverse muscles, by just "sucking in" your "gut" as many times a day as you can.
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on December 6, 2012
I am a mother in my 30's with three children (within 3 1/2yrs of each other). My 'baby' is now 4yrs old and I am SICK of looking pregnant!
I have not read the book, but am posting about the video and splint here because I wish I had this information when I was reading the book reviews--please forgive the switch up-I hope it's helpful.

I read reviews on the "Lose Your Mummy Tummy" book a few different times in trying to find an answer for my diastasis. Each time I was turned off by the negative reviews and the people saying the program was no more than sucking your tummy in several times a day. I did that (sucked my tummy in, a lot) didn't work. And for new mothers, which I am not.

Everywhere else I turned it seemed it was absolute that there was no way to correct separated stomach muscles other than surgery, period, end of the line.

I went for two tummy tuck consultations over 2yrs and though I was really tempted I ended up deciding it wasn't worth the huge cost, the unsure outcome (may not be able to wear a bikini anyhow--scar could be high or belly button unattractive), and the huge the stigma that goes with having a tummy tuck and plastic surgery in general. I also found out that I do also in fact have an umbilical hernia. I thought that I just got stuck with an outie belly button from pregnancy. So...I decided to have that surgically repaired because there are risks that come with leaving an umbilical hernia untreated and the scar was small.

While waiting for my upcoming surgery I decided to throw caution to the wind and spend the $100 on the dvd, splint, guidebook and resistance band. Even though that is still a lot of money to me with young little girls to take care of, it's a whole lot less than a $7-8k tummy tuck. Figured winter was a great time to give it a try.

It arrived a couple weeks before my scheduled hernia surgery and I thought I would just start it before and pick it up again after.

The splint is a newer version I believe. It's good and solid. It rides up, which is annoying, but I see no way to prevent it. Your hip area is wider than your rib cage so when you sit and stand and bend and move it's gonna come up. Keep adjusting it. Over and over.

The video is very thorough. It is not meant to be the kind of video you work out with-but one to teach you the methods, lessons, and reasons to do what you need for the program to be successful. Pay attention-there is a lot of information. If you don't have the guidebook that tells you what to do each day of each week, write down what she says to do on the video. The video is long and dry--you don't want to have to watch it over and over so take good notes. Julie is not the new, fun, cheerleading type personality that we have come to expect with a lot of work out videos. She is serious and to the point. Not great for entertainment value but important.

People complain about the amount of exercises you have to do. It seems like a lot on paper, but it's not that much really-they don't take that long. I do morning ones on the drive to work, my mid-day ones when I'm sitting in the office, and my evening ones on the car ride home. They aren't easy and you have to focus on breathing and doing them right-difficult at first--but gets easier.

As far as people saying it's ridiculous and too restrictive--ie- you have to get out of bed certain ways, can't be in certain positions, and be cautious about your day to day activities, I understand-but, that's the way it is. Sorry. Yes-you can ignore what Julie says--but you aren't going to get good results--she tells you these things because they are important. Not much worth having comes easy and I am taking this seriously. If 18 weeks of repetitive exercises and body awareness gets me my flat tummy back I am in!
That said, I mess up, I get up wrong when I'm in a hurry and am sure do a few other careless far I see no set backs and continue to train myself to do things the 'right way'.

I think we also have to accept that sometimes programs just aren't gonna be a ton of fun.

So, on to how it's going so far.

I am AMAZED at how quickly I have seen results! AMAZED!!!

The first day after wearing the splint my tummy was much smaller and my hernia was fading (completely unexpected).

Day two I measured 3 inches smaller around the middle total (top, middle, bottom)!!!!! 3 inches--I am not kidding you! AND my outie was an innie!!!

Seriously, I promise! I do not know Julie and have no reason to help her career other than wanting to help other people as frustrated as me about their bodies.

Now, I know if I stopped now it'd all sag back out to where it was--but that is pretty promising stuff!

I mean, I was a runner, a Jillian Michaels 30-day shred girl, tried pilates, zumba, weighed less than I did in high school, everything and neither my belly button nor diastasis ever budged.

I have hope that this will actually work!!

I canceled my hernia surgery and am going to give it my best.

I will keep you updated down the line...I just wanted to post a little more information for people like me who have been looking for help!

ps--I think it is imperative that you have the splint btw. Yes, it's making Julie money--who expects her to do this all for free? but I think it make a HUGE difference--it reminds me to keep my tummy in during the day and is supportive (also I can't binge on food anymore because there is no room!).
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on February 11, 2006
After my second C-Section I developed diastasis but after the third C-Section it was very noticeable and all the running and aerobics I did didn't help me to develop my 6-pack abs again. I went to 2 doctors and they never once discussed exercises that may help or to stop the "crunches" I was doing which was making the stomach bulge worse. Both doctors suggested a "tummy tuck" which wasn't an option for me as I like to work out and they didn't recommend working out with that surgery - or picking up the baby for a time afterwards. In desperation I surfed the internet for any information and ran across Julie Tupler's book and suggestions so I bought it. In the year that I re-vamped my workout, the buldge is disappearing and muscle definition is reappearing! I recommend this book to anyone who has this problem. Age and time aren't a factor as to when you can start this program as I didn't start doing these expercises until my last child was 4 and I'm an "older" mother of 45!
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on February 23, 2005
Let me start off by saying, this has to be the best tummy workout book on the market. In the past I have purchased so many books in hopes to get rid of the Kanga Pouch (flabby tummy) after my first child. Did not succeed....there was no connection, no results and boy did I try hard to get in shape. Those books were put away and sold on Ebay. Then after my second child, those thoughts of "oh gosh....have to start losing and pouch problems again, only this time it worsened - I was even more flabby" but HOW TO DO IT" was the question, did I mention I had fear again on looking for a book that would help. Well I came across this book by referral and I immediately rushed to purchase it as my source saw Ms. Tupler on TV and said it was the most incredible workout and interview she has ever heard and seen. My source I had to believe, it was my mom :-) and she knew the struggle I was going through. My purchase was made, received it....then the excitement started. I could not put the book down. Its reader friendly, easy to do, FUN, and not to mention easy to follow instructions and photo's doing the exercises. You can't go wrong with this book. This is definately a book that will not collect dust on the shelf..... mine is actually proudly displayed as a coffee table book for all to see. Anybody who has seen the book on the table always asks about it and they see the results it has given me, accompanied with a big SMILE. Fabulous investment. I truly wish this book was out while I was pregnant with both children, it would have prepared me to keep in shape and help at delivery time. OB/GYN's should keep this book in their offices for purchase also. Kudos to Ms. Tupler....a Terrific Trim Tummy Teacher. Check out her website and seminars in your town. You will not be disappointed only happy, proud of the results and best of all a great feeling of well being. Wishing everybody success and happiness.
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on September 19, 2011
Don't get me wrong - the information in this book is great, but it doesn't really give you a great timeline of when to do what exercises, which was something I expected. I have heard its better if you also get the dvd, but I wish the book was a little more informative in that respect. I have heard the dvd is kind of ancient, and something you'd just watch once or twice to get the right idea. I feel that the pictures in the book are good enough for me to learn how to do the exercises, but that's just me.

I also thought bits of the information were probably a bit mis-leading, as in maybe she's just slightly full of herself bc she believes in this so much (believing in yourself is a good thing, acting like your method is the be-all, end-all is crap). She says things like if you get out of bed or sit/stand up the 'wrong' way, you'll 'undo 3 weeks of the exercises!' Hogwash! I'm sorry, but I just don't buy it. Getting up or down the wrong way ONCE is going to mess me up? I didn't purchase this book in order to be completely brainwashed in the Tupler Technique of how do do every.little.thing. in my life.

Negatives aside, I have already noticed changes in my diastasis, and for the better. So the exercises DO work, are fairly easy, and are effective. I can't say anything about the whole program, as I still have some work to do.
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on June 27, 2011
This book is more about what you CAN'T do or SHOULDN'T do with a diastasis: lots of advice about how doing xyz will make your problem worse. Don't twist this way, don't lift that, don't jackknife up in bed or you'll undo months of ab work. And the elusive "Tupler technique" is simply to activate the transverse abdominis muscle. For a more proactive perspective, and advice about what you CAN do to improve your diastasis, as well as strengthen your core, improve your posture and relieve back pain, I recommend __The Core Program__ by Peggy Brill.
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on March 7, 2015
Not so helpful. I'm not even sure why this is still sold. If you go to her website, she says that she no longer recommends the advice in the book. From someone suffering from diastasis recti, I do not think this was a good purchase.
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on February 7, 2016
The advice in this book is good, the problem is you don't need a whole book to do it. After you have a baby, sometimes you abdomen muscles split and that can lead to a bulge. You need to strengthen your lower abdomen muscles and your inner muscles (as in no crunches, but instead suck in your stomach pulling belly to spine over and over) and do Kegels. The rest of the book contains useless information and outdated advice. For example, information about stretching which is good for you and healthy but isn't really relevant to losing your Mummy Tummy. I'd skip this one, it's not worth the money. Get information from the internet.
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on July 25, 2013
I liked the exercises in this book, and feel that they are helpful (I've not been using it long enough to comment on it's long-term effectiveness). Unlike another review says, there's more to it than just sucking in your gut. But I found the instructions to be poorly written and difficult to follow, enough so that I emailed the author for clarification. I got a response that they no longer support this book (2005 edition) saying it is out of date and the recommended workout has changed - but that the publisher has rejected their offer to revise the book. They suggested the new edition DVD instead. I have heard good things (from knowledgeable birth professionals) about this method and it's ability to help with a diastasis, but apparently this book isn't the way to learn about it.
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