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on February 24, 2000
Lost & Gone Forever is the best of Guster's releases that comes the closest to their live sound. They have a great & interesting sound. Guster is composed of Brian, the drummer, who drums on bongos & djembe drums with his bare hands only. No sticks were harmed in the making of this album! It presents an amazing background to their music, both on this album & it's even more amazing live! Ryan & Adam share guitar duties; they don't really have a bass player, but bass is on the album. They have great harmony songs that really flow with the intricate guitars. The lyrics are definitely interesting & not the usual spam on Top 40-type radio. Outstanding tracks for me personally are Two Points For Honesty, What You Wish For, & Center Of Attention. I am newly obsessed with this band, so listen to the music, & then go see them live!
This is my newest discovery from just last year. I experienced their live show first, having never heard of them beforehand. I think this alone has ruined any of their CD's for me because they are SO EXCELLENT LIVE! I got a hold of their first two CD's before this newest one came out & thought they paled considerably to their live sound, but you do enjoy them after some listens.
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on June 18, 2002
I published a 25-CD list of my top CD's of the 90's and this was my choice at #1. Check it out.
I am from New England and Guster had played at my university for years, but I had never heard them until 1999. I heard "Barrel of a Gun" and "Fa Fa" on the radio and thought they were great songs. Real catchy, upbeat, great bongo drums, harmonies. It's damn hard not to move and sing along when you hear these songs. "What You Wish For", "Center of Attention", "Happier" are also in the same vein as the formerly mentioned songs. Most of the songs on this CD could have been hit singles, they're all catchy and radio friendly while not sounding overly poppy. The melodies will really stick in your head. Just great songwriting and a real breath of fresh air. These guys are big on college campuses. I'm trying to think of a comparison to describe Guster. It's not too easy but when I first heard them I thought of Rusted Root meets the Beach Boys meets Dave Matthews. I can't really think of any bands all that similar to Guster, they are in my opinion the top band out right now.
Guster has a great natural sound with acoustic guitars, harmonies, and bongo/conga drums. The bongos/congas really give Guster a distinct sound and approach to their music. It sill often sounds like there is a full drum kit and percussion section. The songs kick with energy. Lead singer Ryan Miller writes great lyrics. While a lot of the songs are fun and uptempo, most of the lyrics are dark or sad (even on the uptempo songs). He writes about depression, feeling isolated, being insecure, an obsession with a movie star, and breakups. No true love songs on this album. It's nice to have lyrics that most people can relate to and will make you think a little. "Rainy Day" is the only song on the album where the mood of the music is as dark as the lyrics. It was featured in the movie "Life as a House". Other excellenty slower songs are "I Spy", "Either Way" and the excellent midtempo acoustic "So Long" (reminds me a little of Edwin McCain's "I'll Be") and the most impressive musical track on the album, "Two Points for Honesty", which uses multiple instruments and tempos building to a stunning climax.
I don't know what else to say except that this is a great album. The sound is incredible (producer Steve Lillywhite did a fantastic job translating their live sound to CD) and this is the best songwriting they've ever done. It's a wonder that this album didn't break the band nationally, although they still have a huge cult following. I feel that if it was realized today instead of 1999, it would go platinum. The one thing I don't like too much on the CD is the falsetto singing on "All the Way up to Heaven" which is a little annoying but that song has a great tempo/key change in the middle which almost makes up for it.
Really, this is a classic and I listen to at least part of it everyday. If you're a new Guster fan, get this one first, as it's their best and most accessible. Then try their second album "Goldfly".
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on March 28, 2000
Although this cd may not be as useful as sliced bread, and perhaps not quite as tasty, Guster's "Lost and Gone Forever" is one hell of a record. The boys from Guster really continued in their tradition of going against the grain in many cases; a perfect example is the second track on L&GF, "Barrel of a Gun." This was one of the first Guster songs I ever heard, and it was also the song responsible for getting me hooked to the band. Some unique aspects of this song that struck me as being brilliant, are as follows: in one part, brian (the conguero) plays some chimes with his hand, and then at the moment when everything in the song pauses, you can actually HEAR brian grasping the chimes together in his hands and muting them; a very nice touch. Later in the song, rather than playing any kind of actual drum, brian plays the beat on a typewriter, even working in the little "ding, sliiiiiiiide" at some points. The musical genious of this album is really just unparalelled by most other bands (save for the Dave Matthews Band), and it really shows on this album. One more thing......GUSTER IS FOR WORCESTER!!!!!!
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on August 18, 2003
Lost & Gone Forever was the first album I of Guster I'd listened to, but as I ventured out into their previously released and currently debuting albums, I came to realize that it remains their strongest. A lot of people are familiar with Guster because of "What You Wish For," but after listening to the entire album a couple of times, it is probably one of the lesser impressive songs, to be honest. This CD has a lot of potential; the drum beats throughout all of the songs is a perfect background for the lyrical choruses, and the the lyrics of the songs are genius. What's unique about this CD is that it entertains different moods. Whether you are ecstatic or utterly down, there are many songs that will satiate your temprament. Mentionable songs include: All the Way up to Heaven, Either Way, Fa Fa, Two Points for Honesty.
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on June 28, 2006
This is the only album I have ever voted 5 stars in my entire life. Guster is a great band, and this is the pinncale of their works. If you are new to Guster, THIS is the album to get!

See the other reviews, listen to the samples, and you will know THIS is the one Guster album that everyone should own!
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on November 3, 2005
The album "Lost and Gone Forever" is only one of Guster's captivating albums. However, some may argue that the album is superior to Guster's other albums. Guster's music is simple but in a mystifying manner. The band is made up of three members, Ryan Miller on guitar, Bryan Rosenworcel on bongos, and Adam Gardner as the lead singer. Daring to be different, the musically inclined trio succeeds. The three band members break outside of the popular styles of music and assemble a unique sound, which no band would and has had the ability or backbone to achieve.

The band's instrumental scheme is made up of two acoustic guitars and a set of bongos. The melodies Guster constructs with such instruments is anything but ordinary. This odd assemblage may leave the listener feeling trapped by the rhythmic bongo beat. With such a sound, it is easy to say that Guster runs from most bands classic arrangement of drums, bass, and guitar.

"And what you wish for will come true, you're not surprised now, are you?" Like icing on a cake, Guster's lyrics merely compliment their instrumental array. Their lyrics acquire a deceiving ability to tap into a spectrum of emotions. A song such as "what you wish for" may bring one bouncing to his feet until a deeper look into the depths of the lyrics will leave him reminiscing on past relationships. Guster's lyrics may be perceived differently to each individual listener. Unlike most lyrics of artists, which usually consist of blatant talk of love, sex, and anger, Guster's lyrics are genuine and unique.

A band, whose music has no familiarity with the radio, has managed to intrigue numerous fans. Most music is carried to a listener's ear through the radio. Guster's popularity has traveled from Boston to all over the U.S. through the word of mouth. It was not long after the trio met in 1992 before they achieved the reputation of one of the most reputable bands of the decade.

Unlike other artists, who are trapped in a sex-enthralled world, Guster is down to earth. Most popular artists cannot say their music is for all ages. Guster's music is virtually for one and all. Anyone willing to break outside of the musical norm will sink into Guster's enchanting harmonies. The bands appealing beats, and profound lyrics will leave the listener taunted with these catchy tunes throughout the day.
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on December 14, 1999
Guster is just about the coolest band out there. I know it is hard to get into a band if you know little, if anything, about them, but give Guster a chance and you will fall in love like I did. L & GF is the most entertaining and creative of their three albums, and even the guys say that it is their favorite as well. This is a feel-good band, there is no doubt about it. Even the slower songs put a smile on your face. This CD is one to put in the car and drive around singing to it with the windows down--I know at least I do this! If you still aren't convinced, check out Guster on the Conan O'Brian show on December 30. Be sure to check out Brian on the drums/bongos. If you are not impressed/amazed/giddy with delight/dancing around the room (or at least wanting to) then I don't know what else to say! This band has been around for a while; I cannot for the life of me figure out why so few people know about them because I think they are the most innovative and energetic band out there. Give them a chance and they will undoubtedly work their way into your heart. Fall in love with Guster again, for the first time.
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on October 28, 2000
I am a 47 year-old curmudgeon, certainly not a member of Guster's target audience. I had seen the FA FA video on MTV and was intrigued, but the lyrics seemed so silly. Then my daughter's boyfriend, who understands my unusual musical taste better than I'd thought, let me have a listen to Guster. From day #1 I was hooked. I search for life songs, the kind of songs you can listen to over and over without getting tired. This CD has many. EITHER WAY will go down as one of my all-time favorites. Track 8, HAPPIER and Track 10, TWO POINTS FOR HONESTY are incredible. If you like Travis you will love this CD. Other bands I like, in case you are concerned I'm steering you the wrong direction: Dave Matthews, Richard Ashcroft, Tears For Fears, Peter Gabriel, Tori Amos, Bare Naked, Innocence Mission, October Project, Dido, Toad the Wet Sprocket... Now, be careful. I also bought PARACHUTE, Guster's first effort, and was not as happy.
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on January 24, 2000
I don't usually do this, but after receiving this album as a gift, I just had to share my excitement with everyone. I can truly say that I have never owned an album that I listened to from beginning to end everytime I play it, but I do now. These guys are incredible. They possess a sound like none I have ever heard before. What a great blend of vocals, guitar..and the percussion is amazing! Even though I now live in Massachusetts, I did not know who they were until I got this CD as a gift. I just ordered their other CDs. This CD made me an instant fan!
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on February 16, 2005
These guys we call Guster really know how to pen a tune. On every single track the lyrics, vocals, musicianship, and production are all flawless. Standout moments on "Lost and Gone Forever" include the clacking typewriter in Barrel of a Gun, the stirring orchestral swell in "Either way", and the key change in "All the way to heaven" (with much deserved canned applause). This is surely one of the best albums cut in the last 15 years.
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