Customer Reviews: Lost Season 2
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on August 21, 2006
As a die hard Lost fan from the Season 1 debut, I have been a bit shocked to hear so many negative things about Season 2. The mystery of the island went much deeper and the season actually answered more questions than the first, while still whetting our appetite for more. I would love to see some loose ends tied up, but that is what makes people keep watching. Those who abandoned the show because of too many questions obviously don't have the patience required for a show such as this. In our "quick fix, gotta have it" society, it is refreshing to know that there is actually a show that will not simply give us questions and answers but an acutal story with strong characters and an intriguing plot. I cannot wait for Season 3 to premiere.
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on May 2, 2006
LOST is one of the best TV shows (along with Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, and Prison Break) to come out in a long time. In a world where silly reality TV seems to have taken over, it is refreshing to see a quality show out there like LOST. Lost is one of the few shows that hooks you in, gets you addicted, and takes you on this emotional journey with the characters. I give Disney a lot of credit for releasing such a beautiful DVD set. They really put much time and effort in to the LOST DVD sets and it really shows.

Lost The Complete Second Season - The Extended Experience will be released as a 7 disc DVD set and it includes all season 2 episodes of the this awesome show. Season 2 explores even more discoveries. The set will be presented once again in widescreen with a 5.1 Surround Sound along with Over 8 Hours of Bonus Materials including the ones below courtesy of the press release from Buena Vista/Disney.

*Lost Connections - Viewers can navigate between the crossed paths of the characters, and follow the connections to the mysterious numbers. Includes compelling motion graphics, never before seen footage, insight from the show creators, and plants seeds to upcoming connections in the new TV season.

*Lost: On Location - This featurette provides an in-depth look at the making of 10 episodes of Lost. See a close look at the life on the set of TV's most exciting thriller

*The Lost Flashbacks - These original, never before seen flashbacks from the show.

*Secrets of The Hatch - Get an inside look at the mysterious location.

*Lost Bloopers

*Deleted Scenes

*Fire And Water: Anatomy of An Episode: Follows the creation of a "Lost" episode from script to finish.

*Audio Commenteries

*And Much More!!!
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VINE VOICEon September 5, 2006
Review: I have been a religious viewer of LOST ever since the pilot episode hooked me in. The show is the most intelligent and emotionally captivating show to ever grace television. No other drama has the same emotional weight as LOST. Season 1 was absolutely amazing and each episode was crafted so carefully and so beautifully.

Season 2 was less about the characters and more about the situation they are in on the island, the central plot. We learn that on the island there is a research facility of some kind called the Dharma Initiative that is run by The Hanso Foundation. We discover that the so called "Others" are the passengers of the tail-end of the plane. We also learn that there is so much more to the island than we think we know. We know there are several other stations like The Swan, and as we think that the survivors are nothing but a research experiment. We learn even further that the researchers are part of the experiment. Inside the hatch, a clock countdowns from 108 minutes, and every 108 minutes the code has to be input into the computer. The code is 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, and they are all numbers that play a significance in the plot. One thing to notice is that all the numbers add up to 108, but that is only one of the many puzzle pieces that the show offers the audience to put together.

Another aspect of the show are the social themes that are presented within the storylines. The first episode is called "Man of Science, Man of Faith" and basically is a good sum up of the juxtaposing viewpoints. We have Jack, the doctor, a man who believes that everything has an explanation and that nothing is left up to coincidence and fate. Locke believes that he is here on the island as part of his destiny, a man who was paralyzed from the waist down now can walk. He thinks the island has supernatural powers and is guiding the survivors to a certain destiny, he also believes everything happens for a reason. Mr. Eko, who is new this season, is a man of religion, a man who believes that divine intervention is guiding them on the island. The storylines support all these viewpoints so it never leans toward one opinion versus another. We also have the continuing theme of existentialism as these survivors start with their new lives and new futures, and forget about their past. The crash can be seen as a rebirth for the survivors and now each of them are finding their path on this mysterious island. We also see a social commentary within the interaction of the group. Tensions build and the group starts to fall apart from within and certain people start going behind other people's backs.

The reason why LOST is so amazing is that it holds so many cinematic qualities. The directing, the acting, the editing, the cinematography, and the music is all excellent. Michael Giacchino's score for the show is absolutely stunning and amazing, the best score for a television series ever. Each episode feels like a short film in its own, and even though each episode has a culmination at the end, it always leaves a breathtaking cliffhanger that makes your heart pace as the signature wailing trumpets come and we cut to black. LOST has characters that we all can relate to, and the emotion is incredibly real, which is why LOST is such a big success.

Many people criticized the show for having a second season slump. While there were two or three episodes that felt like they ran around in circles, it was in no way a slump. There was lots of controversy about this year's Emmy nominations when LOST basically got shut out. Last year they took home both the Emmy and the Golden Globe for best television drama. This season did present new questions, but many were answered as well. The show was just as strong as its first season, and it gave us plenty of progression. We learned more about the characters and their pasts, we learned a lot about The Dharma Initiative and what it truly is, we learned that there are "others" on this island but we don't know their motives, and we learn that there is a supernatural presence as well in the "black smoke" a.k.a. the security system. LOST season 2 is a great continuation on an amazing series.


Image & Sound: As I said earlier, LOST is very cinematic in its structure and in its overall nature. So, the technical aspects are as good as any film on DVD and are on par with last season's release. All 24 episodes are presented in glorious 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen. Picture quality is stunning with amazingly sharp picture. The 24 episodes are spread over 6 discs with the seventh disc reserved for bonus features. The bright colors of the island are sharply presented and the black levels are handled perfectly during the night scenes. The transfer is really good for a TV show. The sound mix is an immersive Dolby Digital 5.1 track as well as a 2.0 track (but who needs that?). The show comes alive in 5.1 and sound plays a big role in the show. The surround speakers are utilized and the mix is overall excellent.


Special Features: LOST fans know that the previous set had amazing special features. Season 2 continues that with a smorgasbord of special features. The features this time around are a little less about the making of the show and more about the plot of the show and the connections you can make with the clues. Don't get me wrong, there is a great deal of "behind the scenes" too. We also have 4 select commentaries on 4 great episodes. Best Buy is offering an exclusive bonus disc with the package that has a few more "making of" featurettes for certain episodes.


Final Words: LOST is the best show on television, that's all there is to it. It's an amazingly real human drama, an incredible adventure show, and it has plenty of mysteries that need to be uncovered. It's a television experience that is one of a kind and is not to be missed. LOST fanatics will study these episodes in hope of catching new clues they missed the first time around, and it's always good to review before the new season. Newcomers have little time to catch up, but if they cram there is certainly a possibility that they can catch up.
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on November 23, 2006
My son and I watch LOST together, one or two episodes at a time, on DVD to avoid commercials and to keep the plot continuity that is hard to do when you are watching weekly on TV. After we finished Season One, we didn't think it would be possible for Season Two to match it. However, it did not disappoint. It's hard to write a review of LOST without throwing in spoilers, but I'm going to try to give the essence of Season Two without ruining any of the secrets.

Season Two finds the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 uncovering more secrets about 'The Others'. There are additional characters. I won't say where they come from, but be prepared for a shock. Each LOST character carries personal baggage, has what might be called a tragic flaw, and in Season Two, these flaws begin to get larger on some and to be overcome by some. Also, some characters deviate from what makes them good and become almost bad.

The writing and acting are outstanding. It never ceases to amaze me how much of the acting on LOST is not spoken. The characters give 80% of their communication and clues about themselves through the way they react before speaking, or their body language, even such little things as a raised eyebrow. This minimalist dialog requires great acting, and the LOST cast is one of the best. They certainly justify what must be a gargantuan payroll for the producers.

There are more twists and turns on Season Two than Season One, which had to spend more time on character development. Be prepared to go back and see flashbacks from Season One in more detail, or from the angle of another person, and also be prepared for sequences that cross levels of consciousnes--some where you think the character is dreaming, but isn't, and some where you think the characters are acting, but are dreaming.

Great color, sound, location, scripting, acting, suspense. Highly recommended. Five stars.
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After purchasing the DVD box set of season 2 when it was first released, having enjoyed the second season, I couldn't wait to watch the episodes again in High Definition!

Here is a brief summary of each episode with no spoilers:


* EPISODE 26: Man of Science, Man of Faith - A flashback of what has transpired inside the hatch. We learn that there is a computer that must be reset and if a code of numbers are not entered, it may cause problems on the island. Featuring a Jack flashback episode.
* EPISODE 27: Adrift - Sawyer and Michael survive the attack (from the season finale) and have drifted back to shore. But once they see Jin, Jin tries to warn them and the group are held captive by a group of people on the island. The episode features a Michael flashback episode.
* EPISODE 28: Orientation - Desmond introduces the survivors to the Dharma Initiative and a computer that must be reset. The episode features a John Locke flashback episode.
* EPISODE 29: Everybody Hates Hugo - Hurley is in charge of rationing the food in the hatch but has a problem of being in charge of the food. The episode features a Hurley flashback episode.


* EPISODE 30: ...And Found - Jin has lost her wedding ring and tries to find it. Meanwhile, Michael, Sawyer and Jin try to lead the other group of survivors back to their camp.
* EPISODE 31: Abandoned - Michael, Sawyer and Jin and the other survivors try to make it back to their camp but it appears The Others may have been waiting to abduct them. A Shannon flashback episode.
* EPISODE 32: The Other 48 Days - We learn about what has happened to the other survivors (from the tail-end) in their first 48 days on the island.
* EPISODE 33: Collision - Ana Lucia accidentally kills a major character. The tail-end survivors unite with the other survivors. An Ana Lucia flashback episode.


* EPISODE 34: What Kate Did - Jack tries to help Sawyer who is in desperate need of medical help. A Kate flashback episode and how she became a wanted criminal.
* EPISODE 35: The 23rd Psalm - Mr. Eko discovers Charlie's stash of Virgin Mary statues (stuffed with heroin) and immediately recognizes them. Charlie takes Eko to the airplane wreckage. A Eko flashback episode.
* EPISODE 36: The Hunting Party - Jack, Sawyer and Locke go after Michael who went off looking for his son. A Jack flashback episode.
* EPISODE 37: Fire and Water - Charlie has dreams that he must save Claire's baby. A Charlie flashback episode.


* EPISODE 38: The Long Con - Kate and Sawyer fear that Jack and Ana Lucia are forming an army. A Sawyer flashback episode.
* EPISODE 39: One of Them - Danielle has captured a man who maybe from "The Others". A Sayid flashback episode.
* EPISODE 40: Maternity Leave - Claire, Kate and Rousseau discover a new facility. A Claire flashback episode.
* EPISODE 41: The Whole Truth - Sun thinks she's pregnant, problem is...she doesn't know if it's Jin's baby. A Jin and Sun flashback episode.


* EPISODE 42: Lockdown - The prison Henry Gale tries to convince John Locke to not enter the code on the computer to see what happens. A John Locke flashback episode.
* EPISODE 43: Dave - Hurley is starting to see weird things in the jungle or is it his imagination. Meanwhile, Sayid and Ana Lucia interrogate Henry Gale. A Hurley flashback episode.
* EPISODE 44: S.O.S. - Bernard wants the camp to try and do things in order to send some signal in order for them to get rescued. A John Locke flashback episode.
* EPISODE 45: Two for the Road - Henry Gale escapes and two major characters are killed. An Ana Lucia flashback episode.


* EPISODE 46: ? - John Locke and Eko are at odds over the computer. John feels he should stop resetting the computer, but after a dream, Mr. Eko feels that he should continue to reset the computer. An Eko flashback episode.
* EPISODE 47: Three Minutes - A look at how Michael made it to the camp of "The Others" and why he did the things he did in order to rescue Walt. A Michael flashback episode.
* EPISODE 48: Live Together, Die Alone - The Season finale. John Locke and Desmond are at odds about not resetting the computer and Locke decides to do just that. Michael, Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer are captured by the Others.

"LOST" Season 2 makes its first entry to Blu-ray and similar to both Season 3 and Season 4, the Blu-ray's allow for "SeasonPlay" that allows people to watch as they go and can stop, restart where they last left off. "SeasonPlay" is optional and people can select it before watching an episode.


"LOST" is a series that looks incredible on High Definition. Featured in 1080p High Definition (aspect ratio of 1:78:1), the detail of the island is captured quite vibrantly. The green lush plants that surround the island, the blue skies, the blue ocean. Personally, most of the video footage shot in Hawaii tend to be vibrant in colors and "LOST" is no exception. There must have been a change with technical equipment for the second season because there is a quality difference from the first season and the second. You will notice that picture quality is more detailed, more vibrant and colors are just absolutely popping in the second season compared to the first. Skin tones and pores are much more evident and overall, picture quality is magnificent.

As for the audio, "LOST" is featured in DTS HD-Master Audio 5.1. The dialogue is quite clear but one thing that caught my attention is how magnificent the audio is in terms of capturing the ambiance of the island when each person is moving through the jungle. This season tends to have used more panning and audio directional to certain speaker channels much more evident than the first season. Also, sounds of the island and even thunderstorms come quite clear through the various speaker channels. Also, good use of surrounds and LFE. Overall, there appears to be more utilization of sound and how sound was used in the second season compared to the first.

Also, I loved how music and sounds really brought an overall mood to certain scenes. The music by Michael Giacchino and the way the orchestra creates that tension for the scenes was awesome. So, music plays a big part in the series and the music soundtrack is just wonderful!


The Blu-ray edition of "LOST - THE COMPLETE SEASON TWO" is featured in Standard Definition (480i) and English 5.1 Dolby Digital with English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles. Several discs are full of special features and Easter Eggs. Included are:


* Audio Commentary for "MAN OF SCIENCE, MAN OF EARTH" by Executive Producers Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Bryan Burk & Jack Bender.


* Audio Commentary for "WHAT KATE DID" by Director Paul Edwards, Director of Photography Michael Bonvillain and actress Evangeline Lilly
* Audio Commentary for "THE 23rd PSALM" by Executive Producers Damin Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and Bryan Burk


* Audio Commentary for "THE WHOLE TRUTH" by co-stars Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim and writers Elizabeth Sarnoff and Christina M. Kim


* Audio Commentary for "DAVE" by Director Jack Bender and co-stars Jorge Garcia and Cynthia Waltros


* PHASE I: OBSERVATION - This segment features a total of three segments. Included are:

- FIRE & WATER: ANATOMY OF AN EPISODE (31:46) Behind-the-scenes of the planning, writing and making of an episode. Interviews with the writers and how the flashbacks relate to their current situation of a character.

- LOST ON LOCATION: This section features several mini-special features with cast and crew discussing the making of certain scene in an episode. A total of 14 mini-features are included: Adrift, Everybody Hates Hugo, Abandoned, The Other 48 Days, Collision, What Kate Did, The 23rd Psalm, The Whole Truth, Dave, S.O.S., Two For the Road, Live Together, Die Alone and Canine Castaway. For example, "Canine Castaway" showcases the Labrador Madison who plays Vincent and how its her first series and interviews with her trainer and how tennis balls are used to make her move around.

- THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SAWYER: (4:31) The many names and catchphrases that Sawyer uses. Interview with the writers and various cast members about Sawyer's catchphrases.

* PHASE 2: CONDITIONING: This segment features four segments. Included are:

- THE LOST FLASHBACKS: This section three flashbacks that were not featured on the final cut of two episodes for "ABANDONED" - The Wake and The New Au Pair and "LOCKDOWN" - Locke's Father.

- DELETED SCENE: A total of 19 deleted scenes

- LOST BLOOPERS: (4:05) Various bloopers from the show

- CHANNEL 4 UK PROMO (Directed by David Lachapelle): (1:06) A very dark but very cool, stylish commercial for the promotion of "LOST" in the UK.

* PHASE 3: CONCLUSION - The following features three segments. Included are:

- LOST CONNECTIONS: An interactive segment that shows the many connections between the "LOST" characters.

- MYSTERIES, THEORIES AND CONSPIRACIES: (10:16) The many theories by fans and even the writers of "LOST" and how the series has a complex storyline and mythologies. How the writers enjoy the various hypothesis created by fans and are shocked by the how the fans have put so much time into establishing their own theories of an episode and the show.

- SECRETS FROM THE HATCH: (15:44) The creation of the hatch and shooting the scenes in the hatch/DHARMA station.

EASTER EGG: Scene with Sam Anders (Bernard) on tree: Select phase 1 and press up on the remote. You will see the dot marker move up towards the middle.

EASTER EGG: Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) telling a joke: Select phase 1 and press down on the remote. You will see the dot marker move up towards the middle.

EASTER EGG: Jorge Garcia (Hurley) talks about the sweat and if its real - Select phase 2 and press up on the remote. You will see the dot marker move up towards the middle.

EASTER EGG: Picture of artist Jack Bender - Select phase 2 and press down on the remot. You will see the dot marker move up towards the middle.

EASTER EGG: Josh Holloway (Sawyer) eating his Dharma cookies - Select phase 3 and press up on the remote. You will see the dot marker move up towards the middle.

EASTER EGG: Matthew Fox (Jack) nearly slips - Select phase 3 and press right on the remote. You will see the dot marker move up towards the middle.


The second season of "LOST" was excellent. The first season established that the survivors were not the only people on the island and that there were "Others" that didn't like them being there.

But I always believed that there had to be other survivors from the plane wreckage since the plane broke apart in three sections and sure enough, the second season addressed that and we were introduced to new characters. I know that for some viewers, adding additional characters when there were so many other characters that viewers were following already may be a bit overkill but for me, it was needed.

I felt that there was really good planning on how these characters were introduced but it did make me worry of how many major characters were being killed off in the series and I know for some people, they wondered if there was a correlation of them being killed off from the show due to their real life experiences of being busted for DUI.

Suffice to say that Michelle Rodriguez character of Ana Lucia had this love/hate relationship with fans because of her abrasiveness. But as a former police officer and the things that she has done in her real life, you can understand why she was the dominant survivor from the tail-end. I actually enjoyed every new character introduced and especially how the series sets the tone with the characters of Desmond and Ben Linus who play such a major factor on "LOST" in the next three seasons.

As for the original survivors, "LOST" really does play with one's emotions especially with the characters of Sayid and Hurley who have been put through major lows because of certain incidents. Charlie and Michael, who were fan favorites have become men who quickly grown infamous with their actions in the second season and the love triangle between Jack, Kate and Sawyer has been intensified. Especially the leadership between both Jack and Locke and putting these two characters at odds with each other.

Personally, I felt there was a tremendous amount of storyline and character development flashbacks that were just incredible to watch. Answers to lingering questions from the first season but also more questions added in the second season as well.

With the introduction of the DHARMA Initiative and the HANSO foundation, it definitely gave writers a chance to play with podcasts, commercial ads, Internet websites, online videos and even audio books to tease people about this mysterious group. And like many fans, even I found myself engrossed by following these various side stories and conspiracy theories.

"LOST - THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON" was a fantastic season that kept many fans in their seats and just shocked by certain developments of the series including major character deaths. There was plenty of action of drama , action and its definitely interesting to watch this season once again and see how complex the planning went for this second season.

But I absolutely enjoyed "LOST" in its second season. Granted, I may be a "Lostie" and have a strong bias towards this series but I truly believe that this is one of the best drama series on television in the last decade and to watch and enjoy the series with improved picture and audio quality on Blu-ray is just fantastic!

"LOST - THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON" is highly recommended!
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on September 8, 2006
The first disc features an audio commentary on "Man of Science, Man of Faith" by executive producers Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Bryan Burk and Jack Bender (who also directed the episode). They talk about the story decisions they had to make: dedicating this episode to the hatch and the next one to what happened on the raft instead of trying to juggle both in the same episode.

The third disc features a commentary on "What Kate Did" by director Paul Edwards, director of photography Michael Bonvillain and actress Evangeline Lilly. She keeps the track lighthearted as she jokes with Edwards. They offer mostly trivial factoids (like how she learned to ride a motorcycle for this episode) and talk about how this episode ran too long and had to be cut down.

Also included is a commentary on "The 23rd Psalm" by Lindelof, Cuse and Burk. They wanted to introduce a character with a radically different past than the other characters. They had an idea for Mr. Eko but once they met Akinnuoye-Agbaje it started to come together and the actor actually helped create the character.

Disc four features a commentary on "The Whole Truth" by actors Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim and writers Elizabeth Sarnoff and Christina M. Kim. The actors recall filming anecdotes while the writers talk about character development and the structure of this episode. Both actors speak quite eloquently about their respective characters in this solid track.

The fifth disc includes a commentary on "Dave" by Bender and actors Jorge Garcia and Cynthia Watros. Bender guides this track talking about character development and how it drives this episode.

Disc seven contains all of the featurettes, starting with "Fire and Water: Anatomy of an Episode" which takes a look at how this one was put together, taking us through the screenwriting phase through to shooting it to post-production. This featurette gives a good idea of how much hard work goes into each and every episode.

"Lost: On Location" takes a look at ten episodes that utilize shooting on location as opposed to in the studio on a soundstage. The actors talk about how they bonded with each other as a result.

"The World According to Sawyer" features a montage of Sawyer's snarky nicknames that he gives everyone he meets. Many of them are derived from pop culture and provide a lot of the humour on the show. This is a nice profile of this charismatic character.

"The Lost Flashbacks" include three sequences that appear in two episodes and have never been seen before. They reveal background information on two of the characters.

Also included are 14 deleted scenes from various episodes.

"Lost Bloopers" is a collection of cast members mugging for the camera, blowing lines or forgetting them. An amusing extra.

There is a "Channel 4 UK Promo" directed by acclaimed music video director David LaChapelle that is very arty as the cast slow dance dreamily amongst the plane wreckage on the beach.

"Lost Connections" shows how the various characters are connected to each other either tangentially or directly with brief clips from the show illustrating these links.

"Mysteries, Theories and Conspiracies" has cast, crew and the fans offer their own personal theories as to what the show is all about and what is going on. J.J. Abrams and Lindelof are typically coy and cryptic. Various websites and a radio show that are dedicated to discussing the mythos of the show are profiled.

Finally, "Secrets from the Hatch" examines the genesis of the whole hatch subplot, when they were going to reveal it and how the actual set was conceptualized and assembled (the creators originally envisioned it akin to Walt Disney's Tomorrowland).
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on September 5, 2006
The second season of Lost really takes the show to a new level - especially in the second half of the season when everything really starts to come together and some big answers and questions are revealed.

Despite what others might say the second season is much stronger then the first overall. We are introduced to a whole host of new characters - including some of the best characters in the entire show. The infamous Henry Gale for example has already become a classic television character, not to mention the likes of Desmond, Mr. Eko, Mr. Friendly and even the often hated Ana Lucia.

This season has a little bit for everyone. Romance, suspence, action, mystery and MORE MYSTERY. While the first season was more about character development and survival, this season is where the true mysteries and mythology of Lost begin to reveal themselves.

An instant classic - do yourself a favour and watch the second season today!!!
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on June 15, 2006
The second season of LOST does not disappoint. Most television series tend to be a letdown after a while of on-the-air time. But LOST only gets better - the way the writers, directors, and everyone else involved perfectly analyzed where a cliffhanger would fit, or what this person should have in their dark, troubling past makes this one of the best dramas of this time. Sure, it may be losing viewers because of the 'no exit strategy' sort of storyline (refrence to Entertainment Weekly's LOST-centered issue), and it was up against an 800-pound 'pop'-culture star (Idol, anyone?), but the show alone has succeeded in drawing me into the crazy, spun-out-of-control franchise. I don't love LOST just because of all the cool things they sell; I'm not that gullible. I love LOST because of the meticulously written tales of redeemption and faith, of the characters with a past shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. I love LOST because of the web of mystery the writers, creators, actors, producers and more have successfully woven, trapping me inside with the sticky threads created by the mezmerizing script, stupendous actors and just the mystery of the show overall. I mean, yeah, I used to think it was stupid (since 9/11 happened and whatnot), but after watching some episodes a bit more in depth, I realized the mistake I made - the mistake of not watching this damn show! Before it's too late - buy Season 1, the boxset, rent it, watch the Season 2 reruns on ABC throughout Summer 2006 (it's kinda late to watch the reruns; some episodes already passed), and better yet - buy/rent both Seasons 1 and 2.

**Now about the DVD itself...***

Unlike the Season 1 boxset, Season 2 delves into the actual world of LOST, whereas Season 1 showed the making of the show. However, Season 2 lacks in special features you can watch again and again and still have a huge grin on your face. Aside from "The World According to Sawyer" and the UK Promo (my personal favorites), there isn't much to see in the special features. LOST connections is probably the highlight of the DVD - but provides only the slightest amount of insight for the dedicated (or addicted) viewer. And it also takes long to go through, and can be very tedious at times. But the whole "Orientation film" touch for the 7th disc was amusing at first, but got really annoying later on. I watched disc 7 first so I was afraid the rest of the discs would be like it (gladly, they weren't).

I would reccomend you buy it if you're new to the Island (if so, I would reccomend you watch Season 1 first...) or if you're a total LOSTIE and need to show off your collection to someone else.
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on September 7, 2006
I missed the entire Season One when it aired. I rented it on DVD. I was hooked. I managed (I don't know how!) to shut my ears and eyes while Season Two aired. I just bought the Season Two DVD this week and have finished a marathon session of watching it. I wanted to be "adult" and try to spread it out over a few weeks ... impossible! Like a little boy, I was glued to the television set, up until the wee hours of the morning Tuesday night worried about my favorite LOST characters. I finished watching the season yesterday and the gears of my mind are in overdrive.

Why is LOST so good? Because it combines some good character-driven writing with some excellent sci-fi story points.

Frankly, I haven't been this giddy over a television show since I was a little boy.

Is it me, or does LOST remind anyone out there of that early 90's adventure computer game, MYST?

Season Two concentrates on PLOT. If you got used to your favorite characters in Season One, be prepared to give up your comfortability with them -- in fact, one of the themes of season two is CHANGE and how it is inevitable.

The most fascinating episode of Two is the "other" 48 days ... what happened to the tail section of the plane. Amazing.

I actually really liked the Ana Lucia character. Her storyline is complete and like all classic characters goes through a change for the better. Michelle Rodriguez, I thought, did an excellent job in the role.

As for the existential questions that Season Two raises -- why do we press the button? On faith alone? -- incredible.

And, as all good dramas do, LOST leaves you hanging with a lot of questions that (hopefully) get answered in Season Three:

- Who are the "Others"? and where is their "home"?

- Libby: in the asylum? giving away her husband's boat? WHAT'S UP??

- Michael & Walt ... gone for good?

- The Hatch ... is it toast?

- Why was Locke in that wheelchair?

- What happened to Jack's wife?

- Why is Charlie acting so giddy?

Oh .... so, so good. I love LOST.
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on August 15, 2006
_Lost_ is sometimes a frustrating show: too many stories, too much mystery, and not enough answers. I am impatient and so I watched S1 on DVD and bought S2 from iTunes. Even in having watched it all in a relatively short amount of time, I was felt that few storylines ever concluded. It is also safe to say that S2 was slower than S1. Watching S2 of _Lost_ will be particularly thrilling for those willing to wait. That said _Lost_ is still a remarkable series, and, despite the pace of S2, I still prefer it to S1 in some respects. _Lost_ is not only about action and suspense; it is about society and philosophy. In S2, philosophical concepts are fleshed-out and come into conflict.

Something that makes _Lost_ such a terrific show is the intelligent writing. And by this, I do not mean the predictable dialogue which tends to pop up from time to time (usually out of the mouth of Jack, our hero without imagination); what I mean is that references in this show and attention to detail are amazing. John Locke, Desmond David Hume, and Danielle Rousseau are three characters worth mentioning. John Locke, David Hume, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were all philosophers who focused on the issues of civilization vs. nature, social contract, laws, government et cetera. No themes could possibly be more appropriate for a show about people suddenly stranded on a deserted island, as people who were previously comfortable in civilized society are forced to live without property, laws, or government. As they try to recapture the essence of the familiar law and forge an unofficial government of sorts, there are many interfering factors which force them to sometimes abandon a set rules not suited for their present lifestyle.

The names of the characters (Locke, Rousseau, Hume) are of course references in themselves, but it is the way that these characters were written and how they manage to make philosophical debate spark within a popular television show which is truly interesting and all-too-rare. Not only do the characters make what their respective philosophers wrote and believed come alive, they show the conflict that arises between these different philosophical viewpoints. It is a philosopher's dream to encounter a show such as _Lost_; and to be able to see a "what if" simulation of what each philosopher would have done if he were on this island is a pleasure. The writers even allude to the personal lives of these philosophers through the characters, and despite the all-too-striking resemblance, they somehow managed to make it subtle, and the characters seem as if they're anything but plagiarized.

I will not go into detail so as to not ruin the experience for those who have not yet watched _Lost_.

There are also many other references -- cleverly inserted names and events -- which make the show all the more enjoyable.

You do not have to be familiar with or be interested by the references to appreciate _Lost_; but this is what sets it apart from other TV action-dramas; this is what makes it great.
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