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5.0 out of 5 stars Why the End of LOST was perfect....
Why the end of LOST not only worked, but was truthfully the most fitting conclusion the writer's could have given us...

LOST is one of the most important television programs in the history of syndicated story telling. Period. Genre-bending, ground-breaking, budget-busting, gloriously epic both in terms of character development and the scope of it's...
Published on January 23, 2012 by JakelovesLOST

125 of 178 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars The show lost it!
I can deal with an unsatisfactory ending, but I can't really deal with a pointless ending and broken promises.

After season 3, I was getting worried that we'd just see more and more mysteries and we'd never get any answers. Then when they said there would be 6 seasons, I saw a lot of things that gave me hope:

"From the very beginning, fans and even...
Published on September 15, 2010 by Michael

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130 of 148 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Why the End of LOST was perfect...., January 23, 2012
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
Why the end of LOST not only worked, but was truthfully the most fitting conclusion the writer's could have given us...

LOST is one of the most important television programs in the history of syndicated story telling. Period. Genre-bending, ground-breaking, budget-busting, gloriously epic both in terms of character development and the scope of it's intricately-woven, mystery-laced narrative, LOST is the most unique television show ever produced. This note is me finally attempting to put down in words what the end of LOST really meant, and why it is the most satisfying ending fans could have ever hoped for.
It has been 1 year and 7 months to the day since LOST ended its six-year run on ABC. During that time-period I have watched the entire show over, and had time to really let my thoughts and feelings sink in. I have moved past the point where I believed the show was perfect in every way, and have achieved a new, and even deeper appreciation for what was done right.
To understand what the end of LOST was really about, we need to understand what the whole show was about. The title `'LOST'' proved to be a loaded one. During the first two seasons of the show we are introduced to the lives of all 14 major characters prior to their crashing on the Island. These first two seasons let us know what the show is focused on: the characters. Each and every one of these characters is geographically lost on this island, yes. However, They are also `'lost'' spiritually, emotionally, and in almost every philosophical way you could think of. Jack is a broken man, eaten up by regret and anger stemming from his complicated and often turbulent relationship with his father. A man who is obsessed with fixing things, controlling every situation, and proving his father's decades old sentiment `'you don't have what it takes'' wrong, Jack becomes the de facto leader of the group. His `'live together, die alone'' mentality would prove to be the true motto of the entire show. This show is about a community of people who must come together in order to survive, or they will all die.
John Locke, a man who has believed his whole life that there has to be something more out there than his dead-end 9-5 jobs, a man who never quite fit in, who never quite felt at home, an orphan in every sense of the word. A man who's longing for a purpose, for a home, for meaning in his life, caused him to fall in love with the Island and to be sensitive to it's true nature, even when the others couldn't see it. John's belief in the power of faith and the role of destiny provided the audience with the first piece of the puzzle as to what this dazzling, sprawling story was really all about.
Kate Austen, a woman who is running from her past. From her relationships, from the police, from her fears and self-loathing. In Kate we find a portrait of a woman who is unable to face herself and move on with her life.
Sayid, a man who was forced to torture people during the gulf war, a man who wants so desperately to believe that there is good in him, but who always ends up believing what others tell him he is, Sayid is a lonely man who never quite grasps that your life is your own to make of it what you will, you are not fated to make the same mistakes in the future by the failures of your past. Sayid is running from his past, instead of facing it, and finding the strength to forgive himself.
Sun and Jin, the love story of the series. Jin, a man who will do anything it takes to take care of his wife, even if it means risking everything. Sun, a woman who struggles to find her own place in the relationship, who tries so hard to understand Jin's actions, yet ultimately loves him regardless of his mistakes. Their story is a testament to married couple's the world over, a lesson in what it really means to love another person, and to put that person's well-being above your own.
Charlie, the washed up rock star with a heroin addiction. Charlie is running from his past, from his rocky relationship with his brother, and with his own self-doubt and resentment for how his life has turned out.
Claire, the young, single mother who fears for her child's safety, and doubts her ability to be a parent.
Hurley, a lovable average guy who has never harmed anyone a day in his life, but believes he is cursed. He is running from his curse, and what he believes is his mental instability.
Sawyer, a man haunted by his past, filled with deep anger and resentment. A man who cons people for a living because deep down he has never been able to trust anyone besides himself.
Michael, Walt, Shannon, Boone, Ben, Juliet, Miles, Faraday, Widmore, Charlotte, Desmond, Penny, the list continues...but the point becomes clear.
LOST is about a community of people from, 5 different continents who are thrown together. Each of them is running from something. Their past, their mistakes, their personal demons, addictions, and afflictions, broken relationships, broken hearts, shattered dreams, and disappointed relatives. These people, who for so long have been running from themselves, have become LOST. When Oceanic 815 crashes on the island, they are forced together, and not only that, they have nowhere to go, they have no place to run from themselves anymore. They are forced to work together, putting aside their racial, cultural, ethnic, differences in order to survive an island that in almost every way imaginable represents a reflection of themselves.
The Island, the most enigmatic character on the show, is both the setting for these characters' redemption, and the catalyst behind that redemption. Mysterious, baffling, miraculous, dangerous, and of indescribable importance, the island is the key to healing these broken characters.
The ultimate theme of LOST is letting go. Letting go of the past, letting go of anger, failures, mistakes, and broken promises. Letting go of heartache, self-doubts, fears, and addictions. Overcoming the past by finding strength in those around you, surviving both physically and emotionally by forming a community. Each of these characters over the course of the six seasons of the show are tested by the island time and time again in a variety of ways both big and small; obvious and subtle. The Island serves as a judge, counselor, and healer to each of these people, helping them shed their hang-ups, realize who they really are, and grow into the people they were always meant to be. THIS is what LOST is about...finding yourself. Making your own destiny by realizing that the power to do the right thing has always been in your hands. Recognizing the strength that we each have, and the inner sense of what is right and what is wrong, and that the ability to decide to do the right thing is ours and ours alone. It is an individual responsibility, and we can't blame the past, or our fathers, mothers, friends, or other relatives for our failures. We alone are to blame, and we alone have the power to forgive ourselves, to let go, and to move on. This is what the show was about.. The mysteries served to test these characters in ways that kept us hooked, kept us entertained, and served to move the plot forward in a fresh, unique way. But the mysteries were only relevant in how they related to these character's journeys of letting go of the past. By the time the 2 and a half hour series finale rolled around, whether or not each and every little question had been answered paled in comparison to the hope that our character's would find the strength to let go of the past and move on. Would they find the redemption the island so desperately attempted to give them? It is in THIS context that ANY discussion of the finale of LOST MUST begin. The show was about the characters, and it ends with the characters. And, how it ends, in my opinion, is untouchable.

Exciting, frustrating, slightly amusing, beautifully nostalgic, heart-breakingly final, and inexplicably fitting, the finale of LOST stands as one of the greatest closing chapters in the history of popular fiction. The characters have been presented to us all of seasons 6 in two different time-lines. A world where the Island is of no consequence because flight 815 never crashed, and a universe in which the first five seasons have built to a shocking show-down between our soon-to-be-redeemed heroes and an evil of unspeakable magnitude. The entire final season had us simultaneously scratching our head and biting our fingernails. By the time episode 121, aptly titled `'The End'' aired, we were emotionally exhausted and, like our characters ready to face the ultimate conclusion of what had been a journey of incredible discovery, and deep sacrifice.
Before I explain how the finale perfectly realizes the theme of letting go of the past in order to move on, I must divulge a few spoilers. Without any big, long-winded exegesis, here it goes: The `'side-ways'' world is simply a limbo of sorts where the souls of the characters went AFTER the events of their lives. The characters were real, they all lived, all crashed on the Island, all experienced the dramatic events of the series, and all, eventually, at different times, and in different places, died. When they died, they all ended up in the same `'limbo-verse'', as it were, and we discover, in the most emotionally-charged turns of events of the entire series, and perhaps in television history, that the purpose behind all of this was so they could remember their lives, let go of the past, and move on to the afterlife together.
On the Island, the evil is defeated, and the ultimate hero sacrifices his life to save those he cares for most. The end, which could not have possibly come more full circle, perfectly reflects the beginning of these character's journeys. In the limbo-verse, our characters were given a final opportunity to deal with any unresolved issues they had at the time of their deaths on Earth. Those who had worked through most of their issues, like Hurley, had significantly better lives in the side-ways world than they ever did during the events we saw of their lives in earlier seasons. But most died with unresolved issues, problems that still needed to be worked out. We see these final issues and obstacles overcome as the characters remember each other, their lives, and the events that have bonded them together into what is now revealed to be a spiritual, as well, as physical community of people. Once each of the characters has remembered their lives, they are free to let go, reunite with the most important people from their lives, and move on. To Where? Someplace where Locke will never need a wheel chair again, somewhere where Kate will never need to worry about being safe ever again. Some place where Sun and Jin will never have to be apart, a place where Sayid would never need to worry about his dark past threatening his happiness. A place where Hurley is loved, accepted, and important. A place where Charlie is clean, free of his depression, and free from the chains that dragged him down during his life on Earth. A place where Desmond will never have to search for Penny, or convince her that he really loves her. A place where Jack knows that his father loves him, and will never have to wonder if he has what it takes. A place where these characters will have found redemption, love, self-assurance, peace, happiness, closure, a future. Free of the past; free from heartache, free from death, a home. A real destiny, a real purpose. A place where they will no longer be LOST.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "We have to go back" never meant so much., December 1, 2010
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I would be lying if I don't admit I'm biased towards a good review just because I like this series so much. So bear that in mind. Also, -BEWARE SPOILERS-

"We have to go back!" That phrase never had more meaning than the moment I put the fresh-out-of-the-box disc 1 in my blu-ray player and saw that first scene of Jack back in the airplane. That second I understood everything that Christian Sheppard said to Jack at the end of the series and understood even more the whole" transition plane" he called what we know as the side-flashes. To get this, watch that final tear-jerking shot of Jack's eye closing and then immediately go to the airplane scene...get it? He dies, and then he wakes up in the most significant moment of his life and start meeting this entire people that meant the most in his life. That's how brilliantly this show is written! After knowing the end, I now get so much more out the story. Every character's reaction, dialogue and event now hold so much more than before: Charlie's reaction when Jack "saves" his life, Kate's compassion and empathy toward pregnant Claire, Desmond's complacency about his life, etc, etc. Yes there was episode less good than others, but that applies to all the previous seasons. For what is worth, a weak episode of LOST is better than an episode of most other shows right now.
No, the last season doesn't answer EVERY question we got through the whole series, but it does give a complete sense of closure. This show was about all of them, the characters; please remember that when you see Jack entering the church/sanctuary/ecumenical hall to find all of his friends already there. I believe the last 10 minutes are the most beautiful I've seen since the last 5 minutes of "Six feet under". They were lost but they found each other and now they can go on. Don't worry about them... they're ok.
And you. Come back to the island. one last time.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Ending, Bad Season, Flawless Bluray., May 26, 2011
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Well, I'm not gonna debate about the ending of the series, I think it was heavily misunderstood, as a hardcore fan I think it was satisfactory, "what happened happened" and we get to FINALLY see Jack doing what we were waiting for, the faith of most of the characters was satisfactory (with a few exceptions) and we got most answers, not all, which I think was a good move from the writers.

Certainly my problem is with the whole season's flash-sideways, which after seeing the season finale, seems pointless and a little bit of a joke, I wish the season had been way shorter or that we got less flashes and more Island. Also even tough we get a lot of answers, some of them are shown in a very simple or even boring way, the final 4 or 5 episodes are gold, the others, seem like filler to me.

Now, there are no complaints for the Bluray edition of this season, the picture and sound quality it's superb, I tought I was gonna have a hard time watching the episodes which I didn't enjoy on TV, but the Bluray experience certainly makes them worth watching again. There are cool extras included here, the usual behind the scenes, spoofs and cast interview's stuff and "making of" of the season, but best of all, there is an epilogue included here, on the "The New Man In Charge" we get to see some of the after-finale timeline, and in a very clever way we are given more answers, more than I expected actually, it was so awesome to watch, I wish they had made more epilogues, but this one's just 'Lost' gold.

Even if you didn't like this season or the ending, I think it's worth getting to complete your collection, and specially because of the Epilogue.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Final episode..., April 11, 2012
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
I miss this show soooo much! Would love a movie, or even a spin-off!
So this show was so freakin confusing. There was all these different characters with all their back stories. The show was constantly flashing back to past, then forward, & then sideways. It was chaotic! But I loved the intrigue. The writers were constantly throwing new info at us each episode & it just seemed like we were getting more & more confused. But I wanted to keep watching cause I knew we'd eventually get all the answers.
And so I thought when the finale came all my questions would be answered. But I wasn't satisfied with their reasoning for the characters stories & two of the cast members who should've been there weren't, & there was no explanation as to why they were absent. That bugged me.
Kinda felt like the writers were in a hurry to end the show.

But it was still a GOOD show!!!
If you haven't watched. Should definitely give it a watch & start from the very beginning.
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1.0 out of 5 stars The show lost it!, September 15, 2010
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
I can deal with an unsatisfactory ending, but I can't really deal with a pointless ending and broken promises.

After season 3, I was getting worried that we'd just see more and more mysteries and we'd never get any answers. Then when they said there would be 6 seasons, I saw a lot of things that gave me hope:

"From the very beginning, fans and even critics have been saying, 'Are you making it up as you go along?' ' which was 'a legitimate question.'
Now, with a still far-away ending in sight, Lindelof says he and executive producer Carlton Cuse have 'specific designs for ending the next two seasons' and promises that with the answer-filled season finale May 23, viewers "will begin to get an idea of what that design will be, and it will not be at all what they expect.'"

"Straight from the mouth of Damon Lindelof: 'You won't have to wait until 2010 to get all the answers you really care about.'"

Then right before season 6 : "Matthew Fox says Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will prove they knew where they were going all along when the show ends in 'an incredibly powerful, very sad and beautiful way. I think is going to be pretty awesome.'"

So I continued and continued and believed I would get an ending that at least somewhat resolved things. The fact that the ending left so many things hanging, and left so many things that didn't make sense--I just can't see myself buying the series! And really, it's not because I didn't enjoy the characters. The worst lie the creators/writers told us at the end is that the show was about the characters and not the mysteries. The characters I invested in are worthless because so much of the series was worthless according to the ending! I feel like I've wasted my time investing emotion in their struggles because so many of their struggles are meaningless. And that might be ok if the story was about meaninglessness--but the story told us it was about meaning!

The struggles in season 6? Half of them are meaningless because they were dead. Whoops, spoiler alert. Their struggles with Walt? Meaningless because they're left hanging. Their issues with Jacks dad. Meaningless because it wasn't him. Lock? Meaningless because it wasn't really him later on. The characters we saw after they died? Who knows what that meant or if they were even the characters. Jacob's actions and everyone on the island's interactions with him? Well pretty meaningless because they were just whatever Jacob wanted to do.

Then there are the mysteries that are solved that still don't make sense in comparison to earlier seasons. If you watch season one again, will the smoke monster make any sense now that you know what it was? Do Loch's actions mean anything now that you know how he ends up? The numbers? It just all becomes meaningless because it had no meaning. How can I even reinvest in the characters if I know so much of it is meaningless? Sayid likes this girl, but he really loves that girl, but he truly loved this girl?

Then there's just the ending. What were they smoking? When did anyone invest in these characters to find out what happened to them after they died?

They said it was all about the characters. But to really care about characters they have to have consistency and meaningfulness. Without that, Lost really lives up to it's name! I can deal with some mysteries left unsolved, but too many of the ones left open make the characters worthless.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Loved It Til 'The End', July 30, 2010
kjenfan (United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
Lost is a show that had everything in abundance - drama, suspense, mystery, love, humor, poignancy, terrific acting, beautiful scenery -- well you get the idea. I loved this show. From the heartpounding Pilot episode on, I was hooked. When other people stopped watching and said it was too confusing, I stuck with it. When the writers announced a few years back that they were going to set a time limit to this series, I was thrilled. Things were getting a little too crazy and Lindelof and Cuse had introduced a few too many mysteries. This was a golden opportunity to wrap the story up, answer dozens of questions, etc., and there was plenty of time to do it.

Season Six started off with a bang for me with LAX. I loved it and it felt like things were indeed going to come full circle with the characters. There were lots of episodes to come. And then of course, came 'What Kate Does' and even though I really disliked it, I'm the forgiving sort and I figured things would get better. I did find myself disturbed by the introduction of yet even more new characters (Dogen and Lennon) when we still lacked resolution for most of the familiar ones. C'mon, guys, there isn't THAT much time to get to all the Island Mysteries!

And I couldn't help some misgivings over what seemed the needless, rather baffling torture of Sayid. But I'm easy to please and I forgot about all that for the next several episodes. Dr. Linus featured some brilliant acting by Michael Emerson. Of course, eventually we got to 'Recon' and as much as I adore Josh Holloway it was a pretty sub-par episode that really added *nothing* to the plot. Nothing. Besides, I never liked Charlotte anyway.

But things picked up again with the next episode (and the *true* highlight of the season) with Nestor Carbonell's incredible, career-defining episode, 'Ab Aeterno'. Holy cow, what a performance! It was like a big screen moment on the small screen and one I enjoy watching each time. That brilliance was followed by several more good to very good episodes.

Then, of course, as all true Lost fans know, came 'Across the Sea' which quickly demonstrated that turkeys aren't just confined to Thanksgiving. I actually felt embarrassed for Titus Welliver and Mark Pellegrino. The woman who played the mother was dreadful as was the whole episode. Thankfully, that was followed by 'What They Died For' which (hopeful Lost fan that I was) had me convinced that 'The End' would really provide some soul-satisfying answers.

Now, you have to understand that I actually liked almost all of Season 6. There were some great performances - Nestor Carbonell in Ab Aeterno, Matthew Fox delivering some of his best acting of the whole series ("want to try another stick?" was great), the always brilliant Michael Emerson, Josh Holloway in the dock scene when he was talking with Kate (they didn't give Josh enough to do Season 6 [very disappointing], Terry O'Quinn for his dual role as Locke/MIB.

That being said, I can't overlook all the flaws. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate the show or that I won't ever re-watch my DVDs (I'm buying Season Six if that tells you anything) BUT for me, The End (of Lost) was horribly unsatisfying.

Some people say to those of us who didn't like it: you just didn't get it. The fact is, I did. I still found it disappointing and frustrating. There weren't just a few unanswered questions. There were dozens. Some of the answers were rushed (the Whispers for instance), some didn't make any sense, and some just weren't answered satisfactorily (if Walt was so "special" why did he become so "dispensable", why was Widmore so determined to get back to the Island? why, instead of exploring Claire's three years on the island were we introduced to characters like Zoe, Lennon, Dogen, whom we didn't care about?, how did Sayid end up with Shannon instead of Nadia? what was the origin of the statue? how did Jacob make all that money to finance his off-island travels/ventures? why did "mother" kill "real mother"? what was so special about Aaron? one that I forgot the other day -- what on earth was the point of Ilana, the backstory of her being in the hospital at the beginning of Ab Aeterno? etc., etc., etc.)? And most pressing of all -- why do Lost admirer's hate having these questions asked? It's not disloyal. It's just realistic.

I did like the Sawyer/Juliet reunion scene at the end. I think it was the only one that really hit home for me. As for the rest, the scene with Vincent was great...

Overall - great series with a disappointing ending. I'll watch it again, but the thrill is gone.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Lazy, Boring, And A Betrayal, December 1, 2010
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
This season is easily the most disappointing event in Television history. The Red Herring side flashes never amount to anything but "AHA! Fooled you!" in the weak final episode. The writers took everything that was starting to make sense in the show, and flipped it on its head. Then kicked it, and told it to shut up. From the new "Temple" people, who amount to fodder, to the new revelations (cave of magical light.....) this season drags its feet and then jumps off a cliff. All the things you wanted to know about the Time Traveling, What Daniel Faraday was doing off the island-and what he meant when he told Jack and the other that they don't belong there- is never answered. But that doesn't even scratch the surface of where they went wrong here.

Magic? Really? You mean to tell me that all the amazing things that happened in Season 1 2 3 4 5 can be explained away by magic? The whispers were what now? Really? Why? Its head scratchingly brutal, and has made the other seasons completely unwatchable on an investment level because you know that the questions you are asking while watching, will NEVER be answered, not in any logical way. Not in the way the show first presented it's mysteries. It's not riveting, it's not entertaining. It IS frustrating and it IS disappointing. Thanks for nothing Lost writers.
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5.0 out of 5 stars I've Been Lost on an Island for 6 Seasons........., April 19, 2012
StormyKnight (Wisconsin, USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
........and loved every minute of it!
The series finale to THE best show ever on television. A must see from beginning to its conclusion. EVERY SINGLE episode has one if not two or three plot (more in some episodes) twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!!!!! DON'T MISS THIS SERIES IF ITS THE LAST THING YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Blu-ray: The final season is quite subjective to the viewer but for fans of the series, a solid release on Blu!!!!, August 31, 2010
I'm not going to go through the plot of "LOST" but want to focus on the overall Blu-ray. By saying that, I did enjoy this sixth season and loved the finale. But again, I've debated this enough on "The Fuselage" and other forums to know that this series and its finale has striked a chord among the viewers (positive and negative). Here is my feelings of the overall Blu-ray release of "Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season" (note: Didn't find many easter eggs this time around on the BD release).


"Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season" is a series that looks incredible on High Definition. Featured in 1080p High Definition (aspect ratio of 1:78:1), the detail of the island is captured quite vibrantly. The green lush plants that surround the island, the blue skies, the blue ocean. Personally, most of the video footage shot in Hawaii tend to be vibrant in colors and "LOST" is no exception. This final season's offering continues its wonderful presentation on Blu-ray. You can see the skin pores much more closely, even the stubble or sweat on the faces of the characters, the mucky water, detail of the plants in the dense jungle, the rocky earthtones, the brownish/reds inside the Dharma buildings and just regular objects, the stained blood on the skin of the characters, you can actually see that the blood is actually dry and much, much more.

There is a lot of detail that you just don't see on television and when you see it on Blu-ray, especially for "Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season", you can't help but be amazed. The colors are just fantastic as blue oceans and blue skies are surrounded by beautiful lush greenery. Blacks are nice and dark and skin tones are natural.

Another wonderful presentation of "Lost" on Blu-ray!


As for the audio, "LOST" is featured in DTS HD-Master Audio 5.1. The dialogue is quite clear but one thing that caught my attention is how magnificent the audio is in terms of capturing the ambiance of the island when each person is moving through the jungle. This season tends to have used more panning and audio directional to certain speaker channels much more evident than the first season. Also, sounds of the smoke monster and the growls to the ambiance of the island, explosions, earthquakes, the chanting of the voices of the island and if anything, they really went all out in destruction and chaos with this latest season.

Audio comes quite clear through the various surround channels. Also, good use of surrounds and LFE. Dialogue is crisp, clear and understandable and the music also comes out alive during certain scenes.

I love how the music for the series sounds and how it really brought an overall mood to certain scenes. The music by Michael Giacchino and the way the orchestra creates that tension for the scenes was awesome. So, music plays a big part in the series and the music soundtrack is just wonderful! So, once again, "Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season" delivers in lossless audio. Fantastic!

Subtitles are featured in English SDH, French and Spanish.


The Blu-ray edition of "Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season" is featured in 1080p High Definition and 480i Standard Definition. Audio is in English 2.0 Dolby Digital with subtitles in English SDH, French and Spanish. Included are:


* Lost Starter Kit - (8:26) Get up to speed on what has happened in "LOST" from the last five seasons.
* Audio Commentary for "LAX" by Executive Producers and Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof and Executive Producer Carlton Cuse.


* Audio Commentary for "Dr. Linus" with commentary from Executive Producers and Writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz along with actor Michael Emerson.


* Audio Commentary for "Ab Aeterno" with commentary from writers Melinda Hsu Taylor, Greggory Nations and actor Nestor Carbonell.


* Audio Commentary for "Across the Sea" by Executive Producers and Co-Creator/Executive Producer Damon Lindelof and Executive Producer Carlton Cuse.


* Lost University: Master's Program - For those who have Blu-ray 2.0 profile players and are hooked up to the Internet can be part of Lost University. An excerpt from the explanation of "Lost University": Viewers will be able to join LOST executive producers Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, the cast of "LOST," and a panel of esteemed experts for a vast array of courses at LOST University, delving into the themes and storylines regularly explored on the groundbreaking television series. The main campus of "LOST University" will live on the "LOST: The Complete Fifth Season" Blu-ray disc and will be powered by BDLive. Upon launching the innovative interface, students immediately get access to their personalized lesson plans, compelling HD Audio-Visual presentations and communication from the LOST University faculty and staff. Like any real university, campus life at LOST University is not solely focused on higher learning, pop quizzes and homework. Through an extended web experience, students will be able to pay visits to the campus bookstore to purchase LOST U merchandise, or discuss their school experience and "LOST" theories through study-groups on the LOST University message boards. Potential students will even have the opportunity to prep for the LOST U experience in advance on [...] with story and character refresher courses and advanced reading suggestions.

With that being said, I did try out a few classes, watched a few professors (actual college professors) give their lectures on several subjects such as literature and then I took two exams on the first day. I actually like the concept of how the Lost University is implemented on the Blu-ray releases and probably one of the best uses of BD-Live thus far. The video streaming was fine and I didn't have any problems with this feature at all.

* The New Man in Charge - (11:55) The epilogue which has been hyped in many publications in which executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have been teasing us with. Answers to a few questions that people have had. This epilogue features Dr. Ben Linus, Dr. Chang, Hurley and Walt. The questions regarding the polar bears and also with Walt is revealed and let's just say that I had a smile on my face after watching this. Presented in HD.
* Crafting a Final Season - (38:33) Featuring the cast, executive producers, writers and crew working on the final season of "LOST". Everyone reflects on working on the last episode. Presented in HD.
* See You in Another Life, Brotha - (8:38) A featurette about the flash sideways and the return of previous cast members. Presented in HD.
* A Hero's Journey - (8:52) A featurette about the hero's of "LOST" and to see how certain characters have evolved through the series. The cast discuss the concept of hero's in the show. Presented in HD.
* Lost on Location: (28:40) Featuring "LOST" shot in different locations in Hawaii and how certain episodes were created. Scenes featured in this featurette are: LAX, The Substitute, Recon, Ab Aeterno, Happily Ever After and The Candidate. From the stunts and cliff shots, the Other's temple, the Sawyer police scenes, the Alpert past history scenes, Desmond's car accident scene, the flooded submarine scene and more. Presented in HD.
* Deleted Scenes: (9:39) A total of nine deleted scenes presented in standard definition. Featuring the deleted scenes: On Guard, Bearing Fruit, Maternal Instincts, Parched, A Helping Hand, Fatalities, The Lab & the Well, Epiphany and Desmond's Task.
* Lost Bloopers - (4:09) "Lost" season six outtakes.


* On Disc 5, hit left on "Season Play" and the dot will go to Jacob's head. You will access the following easter egg: (:53) Yunjin Kim, Daniel Dae Kim and Josh Holloway goofing off behind-the-scenes in the submerged sub.


"Lost" was an amazing experience since the beginning. Meeting new friends and debating topics that I have never done with a TV series before, it was just a fantastic ride with its ups and downs and each episode just capturing my attention and for the most part, just embracing everything that had come out. From the audio books, the web episodes, the videogame, the podcasts, the magazine, you name it...I was loving every minute of "Lost" and what the writers had to provide for us.

And then it came to this final season and I admit that the flash-sideways episodes were a bit confusing. In fact, I was wondering where this was all heading and right after each episode, I would head to the Fuselage to see how everyone else was interpreting these flash-sideways storylines. Was I missing something? Was I not enjoying these flash-sideways as much and I was more into the original timeline?

But the more we got into the series and to see how Desmond had this connection between the two timelines, I just started to have this silly grin on my face while watching this series because we had a sense that Desmond had to play an important part in this series and then things slowly started to unravel.

But then the original timeline also started to unravel and we didn't know who would turn evil, we don't know what would happen with Sayid and what will happen between Jack, Kate and Sawyer. And for me, I was so happy to see Jin and Sun back together but then to find myself devastated and sad after watching "The Candidate" where favorite characters we have followed for years, were killed off. We knew something was going to happen, we just didn't know who. And I admit, I was so bummed out, it affected me the day after.

And then it was time for the final episode and I just felt it was the most fantastic ending for a series on television that I have seen. Granted, the final episode had a lot to do with faith and if anything, your appreciation for the series as a whole. I found myself going online and having to explain the finale to so many people. But it was quite interesting to read of how the finale affected people. Many, like myself, who absolutely loved it and then those who were upset with the finale and a lot of loose ends not being tied up.

And here we are with the Blu-ray release of "Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season". Hyped by many publications and even brought up on the night after the finale on the Jimmy Kimmel "Lost" special about how Executive Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof will tie up those loose ends on the Blu-ray and DVD release. So, needless to say, many fans of the series have been awaiting this release. And with all said and done, the 12-minute epilogue was satisfying. It may not answer all questions but it does answer the question that relates to Walt (and also the polar bears).

Like every previous release of "Lost" we are treated with a good amount of special features. I wish there were more audio commentary featured (especially for the final episode) and I wish the web episodes or even the Jimmy Kimmel special was included on this Blu-ray but overall, you do get many special features like the previous season box sets and you also get the latest version of "Lost University" (note: you must have a Blu-ray 2.0 player to play this. So, if your Blu-ray is connected to the Internet, you can view this feature).

As for the Blu-ray release of "Lost - The Complete Sixth Season - The Final Season", the picture quality is again, amazing. The detail can be easily seen on Blu-ray and things that never caught my attention when watching the episodes on television, have now caught my attention this time around. From the skin pores and even the hair on one's arm, to the lush plants and the coarse rocks, the blood, the sweat... the amount of detail that pops is simply amazing. Audio quality is also used very well through all channels and because we see the smoke monster quite a bit and also quite a bit of explosions and destruction in this final season, lossless audio was well utilized and sounds fantastic on Blu-ray.

Overall, this series was a fitting conclusion to this fantastic series. Many months since the conclusion of the series, people continue to debate the series finale and I'm sure with the epilogue, there are people who will continue to debate the series throughout the rest of the year.

But in the end, the series did touch millions of people worldwide. May they be content or upset of how the series unfolded throughout the six seasons, it's all subjective. But overall, for me, I was quite content with how the series played out from beginning to end. Do I still have questions in regards to the series? I sure do (especially when it comes to the characters of Eloise and Jacob). But on the grand scale of how the writers resolved many of the important questions of the series, I was content with how the final season played out and I admit to feeling a bit saddened that this series, which had become a favorite of mine for six years, is now over.

"Lost" is definitely the most compelling, entertaining and enthralling drama series to air on television and the cast and crew made sure to end the series on a positive note. If you have purchased all seasons on Blu-ray, this is a no-brainer and easily a must-buy. Highly recommended!
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4.0 out of 5 stars The writers got Lost, September 12, 2010
T. Cohn (San Carlos, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Lost: Season 6 - Final Season (DVD)
My wife and I just wrapped up watching the entire series over the past two weeks on Netflix and final season on DVD since we never saw Lost until after the series was over. We were addicted from the pilot. Then came season 6. It was uncomfrtably lame. The writers lost their minds and their way. We're left with too many important unanswered questions.
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