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on November 20, 2007
2007 has become the year to gather up all the songs that have been laying around not making any money for a band and put them all together on a record to sale. "Lost Songs" is a collection of b-sides, demos, covers, and acoustic songs that the band has collected over the years.

The acoustic songs are fantastic and may very well be worth the cost of the album for a lot of people. The quality is very good, both on the AOL session tracks and the other acoustic songs. "Dismantle. Repair." is one of the best acoustic tracks on the album which may simply be because it's one of the band's best songs to date but it may also be because the acoustic version gives the song a different perspective from the original.

Some of the B-sides such as "The Haunting", "Uncanny" and "Downtown Song" are terrific and will probably make you ask why they didn't appeared on the record that they were recorded for.

The cover songs which are scattered through out the record are another thing that this band has almost perfected. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" is a song however that could have even been left off this rarities album and I would have been just fine with it. The song is skip-able and the worst of the bunch. The band does do a fairly good job of making the covers their own but not losing the appeal that the original had.

All in all this is pretty solid release one that may be geared more for current fans of the band but should not leave new comers wanting their money back.

4.6 out of 5
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on December 23, 2007
I love Anberlin, but this album might have come a little too early to be worth the full price. For die hard fans, nothing on this album is new. It's nice to have a real copy of tracks that previously were only heard through internet sites, but you're also paying for tracks you already bought from download services, on B-Sides, or on special edition CDs. For casual listeners, the album takes the band sideways rather than forward and generally is less entertaining than the studio albums. It definitely feels like the record label was trying to put a final stamp on the Anberlin brand and make a few more dollars before the band heads off to greener pastures.

All that said, Downtown Song is probably the best track on here. It's a great track from the Never Take Friendship Personal era that was previously unavailable outside of an internet bootleg. The acoustics give us some new spins on some old favorites... the best of these is the new "A Day Late" version. However, it's hard to give it more than a cursory nod given the greatness of the original track.

Bottom line: The material is thin and there are a lot of tracks here that you could have bought elsewhere. Buy this to round out your collection, but don't expect it to blow you away.
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2007
to love about Anberlin. Having already purchased all of their cds thus far. When i heard this was coming out i went ordered asap. I like the fact that they wanted to give their fans a chance to hear some songs that didnt make it on their previous releases. I like even more is that they describe what the mood was when they were doing the songs, how it came about and also why a certain song didnt make it on a particular album.

I just love it in general whether its a cover song "There is A Light" or an acoustic version of Naive Orleans or Creep. The guys do it and make the most of it in each track on Lost Songs. I'm glad the guys were able to get out some of their work that didnt make it before. It will be pretty well received by fans new and old. Its something to tie Anberlin fans over til their next cd release and its also something to give you a new spin on some of your favorite songs by a band that will only continue to gain popularity and success.

Glad i found "Lost Songs"
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on October 17, 2009
I am someone who needs a good hook... a certain song, verse, video...something to get me into a band. I had heard Anberlin before, but was never very interested. This cd changed all that. Dismantle.Repair (Acoustic) and Cadence (Acoustic) have made me a fan. I listened to this album ravenously after I heard those two songs, stealing my bf's copy and eventually buying my own. I have since bought several other Anberlin albums and have seen them in concert. I like that this album can have two different takes...a 'b' side of songs for the fans that want more...and a different sound from the band for potential fans. Good work Anberlin!
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on June 10, 2014
With "Vital", my introduction to Anberlin, I became a fan and have been exploring their back category. So I'm a little late to the show, especially as this year is going to see their final album. But every great band needs to have an album like "Lost Songs" once they've been around for awhile, a compilation of covers, b-sides, and alternate takes (acoustic or otherwise). The one thing that Anberlin is still missing is a solid covers album but who knows? Maybe we'll get that on a future extended release of "Lowborn" (if their extended and additional releases of "Vital" are any indication)? But what of "Lost Songs"? There's plenty of variety on it, to be sure.

You get (not in order) a Christmas cover! "Baby Please Come Home"
You get covers! Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" and The Smith's "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" and When In Rome's "The Promise" and Radiohead's "Creep"
You get B-sides! the tremendous and excellent "The Haunting" and "Uncanny" from circa "Cities"; "A Day Late" and "Downtown Song" from circa "Never Take Friendship Personal"
You get acoustic versions! The phenomenal "Dismantle. Repair." and "Naïve Orleans"
You get session songs from AOL sessions! The superb "The Unwinding Cable Car" and "Inevitable"
You get demos! "Ready Fuels" and "Driving (Autobahn)" and "Everywhere In Between" and "Glass To the Arson"
And you get a song that Christian plays with his side project, Anchor and Braille, but picked up by Anberlin! "Cadence".

Most of the above songs have crossovers into other categories (many of them are from the AOL sessions, many of them are acoustic) but all of them are worthy additions and make this album worth picking up for especially the fan but also the interested individual.
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on October 25, 2010
In a genre that has done little to peak my interest, Anberlin stands out from the pack. To classify them as merely "emo" is not only over-simplifying, it's a grave disservice. These guys are brilliant singer-songwriters, from music to arrangements to lyrics. That greater depth in comparison to their peers led me to investigate their back catalog, and I'm glad I did. I almost passed Lost Songs up as a "leftovers" album. I've been misled into purchasing two or three b-sides and unreleased song comps before only to find them to be clunkers. But I decided to take a chance on this one because the covers listed intrigued me. I really wanted to hear Anberlin's interpretations of them. This turned out to be a good move. Not only do they beautifully capture the spirit of the songs and artists they cover while simultaneously making them their own, but they provide a track list of previously unreleased originals and acoustic versions of favorites that go a long way toward proving that under the glossy production are high-quality songs that can stand on their own. The over-all sound of this album is amazingly consistent for a collection of songs recorded at different times and during varying sessions. To this end, it was wise to throw the extremely unpolished demos on the end so as not to disrupt the flow of the list. But fans will be glad they're there; it's fascinating to hear how these early songs evolved into the versions we know. Some may even feel that, despite the low-end sound quality, they prefer the slightly different arrangements.
For me, the only miss here was the re-make of Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone." It's a little too polished and too upbeat, whereas I feel that classic should be performed in the earthier manner Dylan originally laid out. And some have raved about the hidden track-- an electronic instrumental version of "Glass to the Arson". But Aphex Twin it is not. It's cute but not great or even professional quality. It sounds like some late-80s MIDI file. These minor criticisms aside, do not pass this comp up as inferior outtakes. Lost Songs is an essential addition to Anberlin's catalog.
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on September 29, 2008
It seems that in music today they can't go six months without releasing a new project. Whether they're just that insecure, or they just love putting out material seems to still be questioned, but the fans love it, and that's what counts. However, the album is much too scattered to find that you love everything, but rest assured, there will be something.

The album starts off with some of the band's best, with the much-underrated "The Haunting," which was apparently only available on iTunes before this track. As a whole, the track could be the band's best, musically and emotionally. You have to listen to it to know what I've talking about, but the track gets everything right, and leaves you in awe. "Uncanny" was found on the special edition of "Cities" and is also a great song itself, coming off with a great pop/rock vibe. "Downtown Song" also comes off good in it's catchy vibe.

In terms of covers, there's plenty to be had on this record, but their best job is on "Like A Rolling Stone." The lyrics stay intact, but the length is shortened, Steven Christian's vocals add to the experience, and the music absolutely rocks. It's a truly original take on the song, but the same cannot be said for "The Promise," which is less of a cover, and more of a copy. In either case, it doesn't succeed, with Christian's vocals hindering it more than anything. Then there's a cover of Radiohead's "Creep," which wasn't Radiohead's best song to begin with, and this version only amplifies all the song's weaknesses by again, Christian's unique vocals. The acoustic setting and the self-imposed censoring doesn't do the song any favors either.

And I've never heard the originals, but "Enjoy The Silence," and "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," are little bit more than OK. This is also the case with most of the acoustic takes, as they come out little more than OK. "Naive Orleans" is an exception, benefiting greatly from this take. But in the case of "A Day Late," they turn a great rockin' song into a mellow and generally lethargic song that is more for sleeping than anything.

For those yuletide vibes, Anberlin does an excellent job taking the normally softer holiday tune into a pop/rock extravaganza. Then we come to the raw demos, which are truly for the hardcore fan, as they'll know what changes were made between these first cuts and the final tunes. But even if you don't know the originals, they're still rockin', entertaining and fun to listen to.

Overall, sure enough you'll find something on this album you'll love. The question is, how much will you love it? If found for $10 or less, then how could you pass that up? There's 19 songs on the album, so you know you're getting your money's worth. For Anberlin fans alike and not alike, check this one out.

Did I also mention that they're basically my hometown band?
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on October 19, 2014
I'm a huge Anberlin fan, and pretty much wanted to round out their discography in the event that albums start getting harder to find after the band splits. I enjoyed most of the songs on the album, though I personally may have ordered them differently to get a different feel; some of the acoustic groupings were a little miss, and I think that rearranging the tracks may have helped that. Individually, most of the songs are good and enjoyable, though a few didn't do it for me, which is completely cool; they're the artists, not me. I think it's a good album for a solid fan of Anberlin, there's a lot of songs on here that will be enjoyed that aren't on their main albums, and the acoustic renditions are enjoyable for the most part as well. if you're just a casual listener, I think you can give this one a pass.
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on July 31, 2014
This CD is the reason why some of my co-workers call Anberlin "A Cover Band". It's not true, but they do an excellent job of covering some really good songs on here. "Enjoy The Silence", "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", "The Promise", and "Creep" are excellent covers on this CD. "The Haunting" is not a cover song, and may well be one of my favorite Anberlin songs. I love the way it builds in energy and intensity!! Great song!! The CD is worth a listen!!
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on January 6, 2008
I bought the cd cause I was desperate for some more Anberlin, but I wasn't expecting too much since there weren't many new songs on it. But I gotta be honest, this cd is as good as any of their others. The accoustic songs are phenomenal, and the covers are pretty cool too. I definitely recommend this cd if you're an Anberlin fan, and even if you're just getting into them. Get it and their other albums and you'll be money. Good stuff.
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