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Flavor: Heirloom Forbidden|Size: 15 Ounce (Pack of 6)|Change
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on February 26, 2016
I’m review for the lotus foods organic forbidden rice. Black rice is the most nutritional rich grain, particularly it contains a mineral call anthocyanin, anthocyanin are widely known for its antioxidant properties, very good for your heart and skin. However the black rice i brought contains very little of it. I did a small experiment by adding a few drops of vinegar on top of the black rice, if it contains good amount of anthocyanin the rice should release a good amount of reddish color in just a few minutes. But i see only very very little amount of it. Just like the picture i uploaded ( the few grains on the bottom- no red color). Anthocyanin are so precious i think the black rice’s anthocyanin were all being taken. This is very immoral. Black rice is one the hardest grain. Usually people need soak up the rice overnight. i did the same and the black rice are all burst open like the picture i took. The black rice were all being deeply processed in China. You make your choice, i’ll stay away.
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on October 3, 2011
Forbidden Rice is great for raw fooders (who don't mind eating
grains occasionally). You don't have to cook it.
Just soak it overnight or all day before you need it. It becomes
soft, chewy, delicious and is a great accompanyment to raw curries. . .
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on September 3, 2011
My family just loves this healthy Forbidden and organic rice. We now eat it 4-5 times weekly and it has become a real staple in our diets. The rice is NOT chewy like brown rice but is just as healthy. It also tastes great! I love it, my wife loves it, the kids even like it. In fact, my 20 month old eats it everyday and loves it! Highly recommended and rest assured the quality from Lotus Foods Organic has been excellent (after at least 5 separate orders of this 11lb bag as well as other packaging from Amazon).
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on March 6, 2012
Package arrived in the mail a few days ago in what appeared to be good condition. The bag was properly sealed and didn't appear to have any holes in it.

I decided to try this out today, but upon scooping some of the rice out, I noticed quite a few bugs. In fact, I've never seen any rice with so many bugs in it! I'm not sure how common this is in this variety of rice, but I can say that I've never had a problem with Lotus Foods' products in the past. Unfortunately, I have to give this product 1 star because of the extent of the contamination. I'd caution any buyers to stay away from this variety of rice given my experience and the fact that it can't be returned.
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on April 25, 2012
Previously when I had ordered this rice it came in a fully sealed plastic bag. I loved the rice and that is why I ordered more.


Without any change to the advertised description, the rice came in a paper bag. The paper bag was not made water/air proof in any way, even for shipping. Obviously this does not seem sanitary at all and I will not be eating it. I have received a refund. Amazon has not acknowledged that the photo for this product does not represent the actual product being sent, nor the potential health risk.

I will still buy from Lotus Foods, but will be more careful to buy in smaller quantities less likely to be switched to inappropriate packaging. I will not mark down this organic item from 5 star, but others whom are concerned about the potential for contamination from packaging not airtight should be cautious.
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on November 20, 2011
When considering the greater nutritional value of black rice, along with the great aroma and desired chewiness, this rice seems a good value. Please note it is not sold as organic, if you care about that.

I wanted to discover its basic flavor and confess I cooked it in a variable temperature crockpot with a pork roast. In this case, I rinsed the rice prior to adding it to the roast and liquid, and had salted the water lightly. I noticed even while rinsing it, that it possessed a great aroma, which continued to manifest during the cooking process. And: FLAVOR manifested during the eating process!

You may want to know that the coloring of black rice is so strong that it can and will stain white porcelain-type cooking vessels. Mine are Corning Cookmates and have been used for almost 40 years now (by my father before me) and have acquired a network of fine scratches, so it makes sense that a strong dye can enter. I will eventually bleach out the stain but couldn't get it with baking soda, which is my usual solution. So for this batch I used a slow-cooker with a black ceramic insert; that solved it.

The grains are smaller than I am used to with the Lundberg brand. Thus I had to use a finer-mesh strainer for washing, as too many fell through my regular strainer. No big problem; just thought I'd pass on the info. I also would mention another aspect so you won't be surprised: If a few grains are scattered about, they will look precisely like small mouse turds. This was initially unnerving to me because I've been unable to catch some particularly small rodents (they may be shrews or voles) that are leaving this type of calling card, because they are too light to trip the traps. But they can take the bait just fine. Time for a new kitty. Wuv kitties.
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on March 9, 2012
I love Lotus Foods rice! The first one I tried was the organic brown rice & that one was pretty nice for brown rice. Then I read about Forbidden Rice and how it's supposed to be especially good for you, so I looked it up on Amazon and came across this. What a pleasant surprise!! Not only is it much better for you than plain white rice, it has a really nice subtle flavor & the texture is great! I've even converted my only white rice eating husband over to having this whole grain version more often. Healthy, reasonable price, great taste, organic & sustainable farming practices- what more could you want in one package?? Will definitely be a repeat customer!
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on November 16, 2010
I make a lot of curry, and had an issue with the typical brown rice flavour totally dominating a dish. I have always been meaning to try Lotus Foods rice, and took the dive and bought (2) 11 lb bags of this Mekong Flower Rice when I saw it go on sale. Boy, I tell you what, the fragrance when those grains cook is very pleasant! The rice is organic, whole grain, and although having a unique and 'lighter' taste, it was well received by my partner and I and we will stick to buying high quality Lotus Foods rices! Truly a treat and Amazon offers some of the best prices I have seen! Not to mention this company is awesome for protecting heirloom varieties of rice, using SRI sytems for rice growing, and giving work to farmers all over with fair pay for their labor.
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on February 13, 2012
When I first opened the box that the 11-lb sack came in, it produced an aroma I couldn't place my finger on. I set it to cook in the rice cooker, and the distinct smell of mold pervaded my home. Amazon was kind enough to send me another bag to try out, however, it too carried the same strong scent. Mold can be toxic, causing anything from allergies to diarrhea to more serious illnesses, especially if you have an injured immune system. I eat rice everyday, and I've never had this experience before (usually, it will be a rancid oil smell, if any). I do not recommend this eating this rice if you sense it is at all "off"-smelling. Trust your nose.
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on March 2, 2012
I just received this so have only made it once, but there is no review here so I thought I'd leave one. First, I always cook rice in the oven where I do not have to worry about it scorching, etc., as on top of the stove. This cooked fine and has more body and substance than is usual in a white rice. More tooth. Personally, I like it, though it is too expensive to replace my other rices on a frequent basis. And I like variety :-) But I will buy it again every few months on into the future. It is somewhat sticky, but that is normal for arborio type rices. It is hard to describe the flavor, and it does actually have flavor which all white rices do not. A soothing wholesome ricey starchiness is the closest I can come. To cook rice in the oven, I use a lidded glass pyrex casserole and cook rice for about 30 minutes at 350F. That is starting in a cold oven. You can vary the temp and time to suit other things in the oven with it. The rice does not seem to care. Can be anything from 250F to 400 F, with the cooking time changing with the temperature. Your oven may vary. :-) Any rice can be cooked this way. Use the same liquid to rice ratio as for stove top cooking.
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