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on October 6, 2009
AIR return with Love 2 - their best work, in my opinion, since 1998's 'Moon Safari'. The French duo have taken a more 'experimental' approach to this album - often delving amongst walls-of-sound (Do The Joy) and synth-driven scopes (Be a Bee). Alternatively, the album offers perhaps AIR's more accessible pop-tune to date with Sing Sang Sung. With this type of contrast (notable from quite an early stage on the album) one has to expect some surprises along the way.

Do The Joy - an odd track to start the album with. Nonetheless, a good indicator of the albums flow and overall feel. The song sounds like something from 10,000 Hz Legend, with it's multi-layered synth forefront and distorted voice effects. Not the albums strongest but interesting and innovative at the very least. 7/10

Love - once again, not your typical 'second' song. It holds a sense of simplicity though, and as the song progresses it turns from a basic loop into a nice, soft-like piece with a great chord progression and melody (the glockenspiel adds an awesome feel). Sounds like something you'd hear at the end of Moon Safari - especially the later half of the piece. It wasn't my favourite at first, but after a few listens it grew on me. 7/10

So Light Is Her Football - the first song to really feature lyrical dynamics. The music sounds Pocket Symphony era, with the song being driven by piano and hovering strings. I heard (or read) somewhere that this will be the second single off the album. An odd decision I believe, but who knows - maybe it needs more listens. The song seems a little bland at some points, but holds suspense from an instrumentation point of view. 6/10

Be A Bee - definitely not a song you'd think AIR would produce. With it's western-like feel, the song sounds like something off a surfing documentary. It's fun but also lacks differentiation (on all fronts). It could have done with some structuring overhauling. Not the greatest song on the album but hey - that's something you'll probably be use to at this stage, right? 6/10

Missing The Light Of The Day - an interesting tune with some rather unique sounds. If you've ever seen AIR live you'd know what I'm talking about. They seem to produce some pretty funky patches throughout their set, and this song is a pretty good indicator of that. If you've heard any of Brian Eno's earlier albums you could make a comparison with this songs psuedo-alternatuve twist. Nothing overly exciting, but a worthwhile listen. 7/10

Tropical Disease - the albums longest tune and one of the best, in my opinion. Contrary to what I've mention so far with regards to lyrical absence, I've always been one to fancy AIR's instrumental tracks. I believe it takes a higher-level degree of musical integrity to produce a track that satisfies your audience, depending entirely on instrumentation and dynamical-presence. The song sounds like two turned into one. The first half is up beat and has a similar essence to Be a Bee. As it progresses it slows down into an ambient plateau, reminiscent of something off Talkie Walkie. 8/10

Heavens Light - definitely one of the albums standout tracks. It'd be right at home with the likes of La Femme d'Argent and Ce Matin La. Probably the albums most 'chill-out' number, with it's swirling progressions (especially towards the middle half) and heavenly vocal scene. My personal favorite and a seamlessly perfect ambient tune. 10/10

Night Hunter - another instrumental track with a great beat to it. Cross the electronica soundscapes of 10,000 Hz Legend and add the piano-driven feel of (the majority of) Pocket Symphony and you have this great combination of ambience and almost down-tempo-like rhythm. A great addition to the second half of the album and an homage to the lighter side of AIR. 9/10

Sing Sang Sung - well what can we say about this! Easily AIR's most accessible pop-song to date with an amazing effort from the boys and their female vocalist. With a musical infusion that sounds like something from a Télépopmusik album, this number is easily one of the best on the entire album. Simple yet so effective in its delivery. There's just enough contrast between chorus, verse and so on to give the tune a refreshing feel. If you're going to get someone into this album, nay, AIR themselves, this might be a good starting point! 10/10

Eat My Beat - one of the shortest on the album. The song is a good break from the ambient/instrumental-driven latter half of the album. With it's brewing crescendos mid day through the piece, it introduces an awesome little synth melody line which is bound to engage further interest. 8/10

You Can Tell It To Everybody - an awesome chill-out track to begin the closing stage of the album. Once again, I find myself being reminded of the later half of Moon Safari with this one. `New Star In The Sky (Chanson Pour Solal)' would have this as it's little sister. Acoustic and laid-back in it's approach, this tune is a near perfect night song. With it's distorted harmonica interludes, it's bound to sooth whatever sorrow you're experiencing and take you to a calmer place. 9/10

African Velvet - whilst at first this may not seem like your average album closer, African Velvet is probably one of the most interesting tracks on the album. With it's hand-picked guitar segments, and it's front-line horn melody, it's a perfect way to close of this special album. With a smooth bass line, hinting the likes of La Femme d'Argent, Velvet will undoubtedly spark interest and keep you listening to the last note. A great way to close off Love 2. 8/10

I gave this effort from AIR four stars in the end. But I'm not ruing out a higher score. It's definitely an album that needs a few listens for it to really soak in. Not as accessible as their earlier albums, but for anyone who's been hanging for a different approach fomr these French ambient-masters, your wait is over. If I could relate it to any album previously released, I'd say 10,000 Hz Legend. On one hand this album may be sour for fans of AIR's more chill-out tunes, but on the other `Love 2' has the makings of attracting a whole new market/denomination of listeners from all corners of the music globe. Give it a go and don't give up after a few'll grow on you. Trust me!
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on October 6, 2009
The French duo known as Air has returned with their unique brand of spacey future-jazz, and long-time listeners are rewarded with the band's finest effort since their seminal "Moon Safari" changed perspectives on the possibilities that can be created when genuine musicianship is matched with talented production. The downtempo wizardry that has become the band's staple returns full-fledged, begging for play during a weekend dalliance with a lover (or two). Unlike all of Air's albums, however, where only a handful of songs ever punch the throttle and generally just provide a little curveball among the more prevalent relaxing numbers, Love 2 gives listeners a healthy-dose of toe-tappers sprinkled with the little confectionary delights that have always emanated from their sugary-sweet soundboards. The band is at its absolute finest when the androgynous combination of members Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel's voices serve as another instrument rather than a clear delineation between lyric and music, and although used sparingly, often meld into the songs in a fashion that has some shoegaze-like qualities. The brilliant and diverse track "Tropical Disease" is like a mid-album docking station for your spaceship, allowing you to catch your breath before the album culminates with several unmistakeable Air songs, including the incredibly catchy "Sing Sang Sung", which fills the band's once-an-album quota of songs that sound like they should be heard during the opening credits of a 70's sitcom. Air is a band that has found its niche, makes no apologies about their musical choices, and does not stray from their well-tread and highly-successful path. Love 2 is a treat for both ardent fans of Air, as well as newbies who are just discovering why the French are currently at the forefront of the music industry...
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on June 29, 2013
You all have to stop comparing every new Air Release to Moon Safari. Take this on its own merits and you will discover that it is indeed a beautifully crafted album full of great, catchy tunes and has a better overall cohesion of sound than that admitted classic.
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on October 19, 2009
Inevitably, bands will try new things album to album. What if that band was so influential that they start to influence themselves? This is Air. Love 2 is clearly an album inspired by their previous collective works. This is evident to those familiar with Air. The inclusion of Be A Bee is a huge bonus, as this song was written years ago but they only performed it live (until now). This album fits perfectly with the AIR mantra of love, imagination, dream. If you like any other Air album, you will enjoy Love 2. For those of you who are new to Air, this would be a great place to start. See them live. You will be inspired.
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on October 11, 2011
yes yes yes air strikes again,fantastic sounds,great athmosphere,these sounds are unique and perfect,a great album with rock,lounge,elettronica from a duo who make history.
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on November 29, 2011
Not bad. Still not as good as their earlier stuff, but better than their previous effort. "Sing Sang Sung" is so much fun, as are a lot of other tracks on here.
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on March 2, 2010
Upon my first listen through for Love2, I found myself a bit bewildered. My ears hungered for purpose and direction. Starting off with Do The Joy -- an intro full of cacophony -- I found myself angered and disappointed. When I made it through all the tracks I felt robbed of an experience.

HOWEVER ... the music AIR creates is not linear. Their rhythm is not a one-note. It challenges you ... and Love2 certainly excels at this. After the third or fourth listen I began to comprehend the intent and emotion conveyed by AIR. Echoing Premiers Symptomes and Moon Safari, Love2 takes you back to the roots of AIR while at the same time moving the listener forward beyond measure.

To select a "favorite" track from Love2 is pretty impossible. Each song is so unique and moving that one's "favorite" changes with the particular mood you may be in at the moment. Rarely does any artist accomplish this, and with Love2 AIR has created a gem I will cherish for a long time.
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on November 15, 2009
Having been a fan since Moon Safari and its nearly perfect songs, I moved on to Talkie Walkie, a very good complement to above CD. Premiers Symptomes, especially the opening tracks Modular Mix and Casanova 70 is such a mellow groove, psychedelia and slow jazz saxophone mixed into such a nice blend. I was disappointed with Pocket Symphony, not really taken by the change in direction, although the final track Night Sight is vintage Air bliss. With the release of this CD, Love 2, I was very pleased by the return of Air to its soothing, experimental, joyous and mellow selection of fine tunes. I found the tracks Be a Bee, Heaven's Light, and You Can Tell it to Everybody to be my personal favorites, and the song So Light is Her Footfall could easily have been a ballad from the 1960s. Vive La France!
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on February 9, 2010
It sounds similar to Pocket symphony which also rates low for me compared to 10,00mhz, Talkie Walkie and Safari. If you like to sing along with songs like Sexy Boy, Surfin on a Rocket or People in the City you aren't going to find much here.

At first I didn't think some songs had any lyrics, turns out some did, but they were just minimal or repetitive.

Although it is pretty and all the songs flow very well together. It has that "Air" sound, but feels like it is missing something else that made the older albums fun to listen to over and over again. It may have been wise to have just spent the money to download a couple of the gems that are on here instead of purchasing the entire CD. Heaven's Light and Sing Sang Sung are songs no Air fan should be without.
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on October 7, 2009
Air, or the 'French-Electronic Beatles' as I describe them to friends who are unfamiliar with their music, have added yet another gem to their catalog.
'Love 2' is a fresh, smooth listen from start to finish. Upbeat at times, but chilling as well. Classic Air, but while dark at times, this album left me feeling more positive and relaxed than say 'Pocket Symphony'. It's more of a throwback in feel, but with the modernity of their recent productions. Their live instrumentation does well to liven up the mix, and blended with their talent level as producers, this offering should play well to their fan base, and to those looking to escape to an electronic daydream.
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