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on February 15, 2013
I downloaded this yesterday, and have only read the first book at this point. Paranormal romance isn't my favorite genre,(historical romance fan) but seeing that there was only one review and it was one star prompted me to give it a try, with the hope that I'd love it and could write a favorable review. While it's true that there's almost no physical description of the protagonist,I didn't find that a my mind, he looked exactly how I wanted him to look. Tall, dark and hunky. I thought the story moved at a good pace, there was a wonderful lack of typos (big plus for kindle downloads). There was a lot of medical information, but I think it was necessary for the story. I liked the first book well enough that I'll definitely read the others. I think I'd have been disappointed if the ending had been anything other than what it was.
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on February 17, 2013
After the negative review, I had to see for myself if it was true. I love the way this author thinks and writes, so perhaps I'm biased because I love all her stories that Ive had a chance to read so far. in this particular collection there were only 3 I hadn't read before. I'm half way through Pet whisperer and so far I'm not disappointed.
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on March 1, 2013
I must say that before I wrote this review I actually read the other comments on the "Love is in the Air" books. I usually never read what others write, but I must say that those who gave less than 4**** or 5***** Stars in their reviews should be deleted and ignored. I have read all of these books and they all have a very nice flow with memorable and attractive characters! And giving these books 2 Stars because the books are not your "cup of tea" is not a fair and honest review. McCray is a brilliant writer who puts her heart and soul into each story. I have read ALL her books....and have not been disappointed yet!!!
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on March 10, 2013
Just having finished reading the first book in this collection, my heart is still pounding. I feel like I was there alongside Sal and Tyr. Because this one book alone is worth way more than the mere $0.99 I paid for all four books, I feel compelled to sit down and write this review. I will add my opinion about the remaining three books after I have read them also.

Hearts Blood

Thrilling Beast Hunt, with non-stop action and excitement in the most beautiful city by the Bay, San Francisco. Hunted by Tyr, a deadblood, who uses knives, swords, elixirs and potions; the Beast also has to reckon with Sal, an Emergency Room Physician, who becomes involved after her best friend’s gruesome murder.

From the brilliant unfolding of the story to the likable character development, the author sets the scenes with such vivid images that the reader finds her or himself riding on cable cars, running through Golden Gate Park, walking the halls of the ER and all the other wonderful places described in this book.

Well-described underlying sexual tension, emotions, intent and purpose captivate the reader in this awesome fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, action, and thriller. The wonderful love scene is memorable.

I was highly impressed by the best description, for a layperson, of what an atom is. I wish my physics professor had used this analogy in his class.

Overall, this is an intelligently written book with a beautiful flow of events. A crescendo of a conclusion satisfies any reader as much, as a symphonically synchronized fireworks display over the Bay would.
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on May 27, 2013
This review will be coming in spurts. As I finish each book, I'll be posting reviews for this collection. With 6 books to round out this collection, I'm excited to see what tale Ms. McCray will spin for my enjoyment.


I had not read any reviews about this book prior to reading. Consequently, I had no idea what type of book this was going to be. Instantly I was drawn into the world of "what is fixin to happen?" Next thing I know, I was having a hard time putting this down.

This book takes so many twists, that I didn't know what to be expecting next. I couldn't believe the connection between Tyr and the beast. This was not what I was expecting. The only problem I have with this book was the ending. I hate cliffhangers. Thank goodness there was a snipet at the end that allowed me to get a peek into the next installment. Now, I have to wait till July 2013 to find out how this is going to end. I can't take this!


I was not certain about this book in the beginning. I was afraid this was going to be the first book of Ms. McCray's I didn't like. THEN it all changed very quickly!

I didn't understand the connection till the awakening. I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out how they were connected. I wanted them to figure it out quick and live a long life together. But knowing my history, I knew it wasn't going to happen.

This is fiction folks. It doesn't need to be so tightly wound with historical facts. Let the mind wander and enjoy a excellent woven tale. Thus far, Ms. McCray's writing capabilities has not failed me yet!

Indian Moon

This book will pull at your heart strings. A true love story that keeps you turning page after page. I was so wrapped up in Regina and Quinton's battle of how to deal with a love that stronger than they both knew. Not only do you get a glimpse into the hell that Regina lives on a daily basis. You also see how Quinton struggles with his own demons. When the their two worlds collide with just a look across the room, nothing will ever be the same.

I didn't see the ending happening the way that it did. Ms. McCray did an excellent job wrapping this book up the way she did. It leaves you wanting to know so much more. For a somewhat short story than what Ms. McCray writes, it is well worth the time to read this story. I enjoyed every minute.

Pet Book 1 in the Animal's Talk Back Series

This was a unique book. As a dog lover, I was curious to see where this book was headed. I have seen the shows were people say they can speak to animals. I've got my doubts, but then, who am I to judge.

This book was cute. It's a short story of how one dog is protective of his owner. It goes along with the theory that some pets resemble the owners. It's all about humans loving those animals that we let into our lives and love as much as our own children.

My Dangerous Valentine

This was just one chapter of what could be a great series. I hope Ms. McCraydecides to elaborate more into what is going on. Otherwise, great short story.


I love the story of Brandt and Rebecca. Targeted is a bridge book between 30 Pieces of Silver and Havoc. Having already read all the books but this one, I was happy to revisit these two.

It's not necessary to read to understand what's going on in the series, but it does help clear the air on the crazy life these two live.
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on March 20, 2013
The set of books in Love is in the Air are alike in the romance, but so different in other ways. To me the endings were a surprise as most romance novels end happily ever after. So many times you are on the edge of your seat. The novels were definitely action packed with the plots twisting and turning. Looking forward to the sequel of HeartsBlood.
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on February 20, 2013
I read a lot of paranormal romance, mystery, science fiction, etc. "spoiler alert" I hated the ending of the first book of this collection and immediately deleted the whole collection from my device. I won't even read the rest. I see that Others liked the ending and couldn't see it any other way. Really?? First, the guy and girl fight a bad guy the whole book and get closer as a team and a couple. Then they have 5+ pages of sex and intimacy. Then, The main guy is caught by his lover Kissing and groping on the other woman/ rival. Then he leaves after making the betrayal worse with other actions, and words. I mean, the author portrayed him as a whiny jerk and that he was right to act like that. Then he leaves. Just about every other author I have read would have found a better way to end this story than a big ugly betrayal by the main guy who seemed to have a moral code and at least liked the girl. Who wants to read a romance ( and this was a Valentines Day book?? ) where the guy is a cheater and a jerk at the end. I won't read this author again. Too much of a downer.
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on October 2, 2013
I must start by saying that the choice for a title to this collection was abysmally bad. I liked the fantasy in the first story, and the couple may have been OK except for the difference in the Times in which they lived. Story #2 was historically good, but what kind of ending could one expect from a Roman romance centered around the Ides of March? Come on. #3 was a good story, but only a cock-eyed optimist could foresee a decent future for these two. I'll give this to #4-I found it extremely humorous with a teeny chance for HEA. #5-just sad: a CIA. operative in a mall on Xmas Eve wanting to do nothing more than buy a present to give to charity for her long-dead family. Finally #6 did have a HEA ending, but such violent action. Perhaps this McCray chick really wants to be N. DeMille. At any rate, I won't visit her again. Sorry.
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on February 19, 2013
All the stories were original and engaging. My only caveat is that the first story had an unhappy ending (not expected from a romance), and the other full length novels had only ambiguous or not-too-happy endings. Despite that each book wqas good enough that I plowed right into the next in the collection, and will be looking for more of Ms McCray's work.

I cared about the charactors in all these books, and especially hope there will be a sequel to Hearts Blood. If there is I would buy it. I have no idea how realistic some of the medical ideas in it were, but the people seemed real, and the writing held my disbelief suspended. I CARED what happened to both hero and heroine.

I found the writing excellent, and the editing was unusually good for indie books.
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on September 24, 2013
Read the whole thing, but boy was it a stuggle. Realistic does not always have to mean sad ending. Not one of these stories will get me to buy a sequel (if there are any). Kept expecting something interesting to happen...never did.
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