Customer Reviews: Love & Distrust
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on October 25, 2010
In direct contrast to Staci's "review", this is a real movie, just not your typically formatted movie that you may be used to watching. Staci, maybe you should not rely solely on IMDb for your information when you post online.

What I know about this film so far is: It is being released straight to DVD on Nov. 2. It stars all those mentioned above, but spread out in 5 separate shorts that make up the 93 minutes runtime. All the shorts overlap in some way and fashion to tie them all together. Each short has a different director as well. "The Summer House" is the opening short, followed by (in chronological order): "Blue Poles"; "Grasshopper"; "Pennies..." and finishing with "Washington Square". I hope this clears up any confusion.

BTW Staci, why rate it 1 star when you haven't even seen it? Why rate it at all BEFORE you even see it? If Amazon should remove anything, it should be your uninformed "review"...well, it really isn't a review at all, now is it. I will temporarily rate this 5 stars just to balance out the previous "non-review". I will edit my rating (if I can) and add my insight/opinion after viewing this film, hopefully before the Nov. 2 release, as I already have an advanced copy of this title.

Post edit: The fifth short is called "Auto Motives", which is comprised of 4 or 5 mini-stories, one of which is called "Washington Square", and one with Robert Downey Jr. as a car detailer working for James Cameron. I would rate "Pennies..." (Amy Adams) the most interesting. You'll get hooked on the storyline...great acting by Adams with a twist thrown at you in the end. "Blue Poles" (farmboy picks up a wannabee hippie) & "Grasshopper" (businessman loses Trio on train, found by trashy-dressed girl), are interesting enough, while "Auto Motives" (just a complete mess) & "The Summer House" (girl is saddened by a lost love) are wastes of time. After watching, I change my rating to 2 stars. Besides "Pennies...", it is not worth going out of your way buy. Rent it and see for yourself first.
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on April 29, 2012
I have to say I was shocked to see all the 1-star reviews when I checked on Amazon prior to watching Love and Distrust--I was even MORE shocked when I finished watching it! I have to say that I have been sorely disappointed by the junk Hollywood has been spinning out nowadays--Love and Distrust was definitely like a breath of fresh air.

I normally am not in the majority; yet, sadly, the way the reviews are so one-sided on this one makes me wonder about the moral character of most people today, as well as their emotional and intellectual IQs. I can only hope that most of the reviews are from teenagers who were just expecting 90 minutes of Pattinson and who still have time to mature and appreciate what really matters in life...

That being said, I did not see the trailer so all I knew was that it included several decent actors and what the case description said (and of course the image of Rob Pattinson on the cover. I have since watched the trailer, and since there were no words, only clips from the 5 short films, I cannot say that it was "misleading", as others have said. Although it may have been nice to know that this is a collection of short films and not a feature-length film (could have put a note at the end of the preview for example, like "A collection of short films"), I don't believe that would have changed many reviewers' opinions anyway.

I am not a huge Pattinson fan so I was not disappointed as many of the other reviewers were that he was barely in the film, although I was a bit surprised at the blink-and-you'll-miss-him part he did have. However, with so many other great actors, this did not come as a shock. I do not base my reviews on the actors involved, but rather the acting itself, what emotions it invokes in me and what messages it succesfully(or not) portrays.

James Franco and Amy Adams(who actually each played the main character in their respective shorts) did amazing jobs, as did the other famous ones in their brief roles.

This film was succesful in portraying various scenarios that we all might find ourselves in, including financial woes, stereotypes, alcoholism, sexuality and of course love and trust issues. It kept me interested, as most movies nowadays have a problem doing thru 2 whole hours and it actually felt like it understood the human condition. The fact that several great actors were involved was just icing on the cake.

PS. If you really want to see a movie that's a good 2-hour waste of your time, try the new Arthur with Russel Brand or No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher.
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on November 15, 2010
Just rented this movie....I don't usually review items but I feel if I can save even one person from the 93 minutes of horrible acting and pointless story line than I've done my part! Extremely disappointed in every aspect of this movie. Expected more since there are some big names. Glad I didn't waste money to buy it!
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Just as there is a surge in the attention being paid to flash fiction (stories that are limited, in general, to 1000 words) and other evidences that we are running too fast through life to really commit to just about anything (relationships, long novels, thoughtful motion pictures, food that requires more than 40 seconds to 3 minutes in the microwave, instant weight loss, chats on the computer or cell phone rather than sit down conversations, etc), so here is a DVD that presents five stories with the loose theme of love. In some ways these vignettes work - quickie ideas that don't merit further exploration than what is offered - and in more ways they seem so poorly made that even the excuse of low budget can't cover the results.

This DVD is five stories, briefly described as one form of love and the results, given a name, and then proceeds to a short story attempted to make passable by the use of star names but self-defeating in the fact that they seem shot on home video gear - grainy, poorly focused, meaningless lighting, and embarrassingly bad script writing. SUMMER HOUSE (shot in Normandy we are informed in the credits stars a house with the incidental, very brief placement of Robert Pattinson in the deep shadows as the love who got away from Talulah Riley and who wants back. BLUE POLES is a truck ride in Australia with Sam Worthington on his way to Canberra to see a painting called 'Blue Poles' and offers a ride to Emma Randall whose naiveté crossroads don't seem to alter the driver's desires. GRASSHOPPER places James Franco on a train with Rachel Miner, a Goth-like sex kitten who retrieves Franco's cell phone and opens a thankfully brief silly near blackmail episode to retrieve the cell phone - with a corny twist at the end. PENNIES places Amy Adams in a diner, taking a job as a waitress to make enough cash to keep her daughter from being 'cut' - the 'cut turns out to be less than dramatic - and discovers the varieties of people's reactions to diner help on several levels. AUTO MOTIVES deals with cars - Michael Imperioli tries in vain to seduce girls into his car parked in Washington Square while Robert Downey Jr appears VERY briefly as a car detailer who wants to get in front of the attention of Director James Cameron.

Why make this five-part movie? Perhaps it is a project of a wealthy philanthropist who needs a diversion, perhaps it is payback for favors in the industry. The material is lack luster and it is surprising that the star actors took on the project. But then step back and consider the means: this is one way to get flash fiction on the screen for little money and a lot of hope that people will buy into the concept that from little seeds, gardens grow. Grady Harp, November10
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on December 11, 2010
This is a collection of five short films, not a unified film starring R. Patz, which is what all of these 1 star reviews thought they were getting when they saw this at a redbox.

"Blue Poles," "Grasshopper," and "Pennies...", the three middle films, are the three I enjoyed out of the five, with "Pennies..." being my favorite, easily. Even the two films I didn't like as much had some decent qualities. The setting of the first one is unique, and the last one has a ton of really famous people doing strange things.

In short, if you like short films (most people don't, note all the "This movie doesn't make sense" reviews) this is worth a try from redbox or netflix. You'll like at least one of the shorts as they're fairly different from each other, despite the overarching themes of Love and Distrust.
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on July 27, 2012
After seeing some previews I was looking forward to purchasing this movie. I liked most the actors in other films, but found not much was likable about this film. It was composed of several short stories, none of which were just not that interesting. Also, for some reason, it would not play on my blue ray. The disk said it was made for Japan, and I am the USA. It did play on my laptop.
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on June 28, 2013
I thought this would be a worth while film since it had two film stars that I really like. I was very disappointed in what I saw. I made it through the movie finally. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It is a waste of time and your money.
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on April 7, 2015
I was very disappointed by this purchase because it isn't a "movie" it's a series of fairly awful shorts films which I had seen before. I won't go into details, but it just wasn't worth the money.
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on January 15, 2011
taking this POS back! my boyfriend and i rented this movie from a redbox - we are adventurous, so even though we had not heard of it before, we like the actors in the movie - so we decided to give it a try. HUGE MISTAKE!!!! this IS the WORST movie of all time. ALL TIME. we actually wrote a note and put it in the case for the next unsuspecting renter. it reads: might be the worst 1.06 you ever spend... in your life.

we are hoping that the next victim will keep the note going, we feel the need to warn all of humanity - as this could be an indicator of the apocalypse - because it must be the work of the devil.

god help us all.

the silver lining: my boyfriend and i read reviews and laughed uncontrollably for about 45 minutes... was that the intention of the director? if so, well played gaggle of directors!
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on January 7, 2014
I said strange because the story is "wobbly." The characters seem to be unreal. However, the acting is really good. I watched it a second time and liked it better the second time. I'll try it again, and maybe it will be better yet. It's worth a watch or two, but not worth 5 stars.
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