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on September 6, 2013
John Legend is beginning to remind me of the Whispers' song from years ago, he just gets better with time. Some people may not value the type of sound he brings because he plays a brand of classical music and looks too clean cut. But one shouldn't judge that and you can't deny the fact he is very gifted at what he does. Love In The Future helps show off that gift as his theme is one that has been a common one from all the recent R&B albums, restoring love. For John that means not only restoring love in R&B songs but love in the future.

I quite loved the album right off the bat, but I did have to take a day and let it marinate as I listened to Jaheim (Man it has been a great week in R&B!) so that I could come back and really truly appreciate the album he put together. He does dabble some in bringing other elements and instruments in on some of the CD with the production. But there is more than enough tracks where he simplifies and breaks it down to where it is just him, his voice and his talented piano playing. You have tracks like Open Your Eyes that has guitar edge to it and borrows the chorus from Common's The Light(Bobby Caldwell borrowed) and also has a Stevie Wonder feel to it. Made To Love brings in hard drum sound to elevate the energy on the album while Who Do We Think We Are brings together hip hop, soul and classical. Matching what could be an odd couple in Rick Ross's tough and gruff gangsta with John Legend's clean cut gentleman with a sound that could be described like a 70s hard but smooth, rolling around gangster's anthem is a true listening pleasure. That bass guitar rides heavy and funky! After he gets more back to his duets with him and his piano in songs like the beautifully crafted All Of Me, loving your significant with all of their curves, edges and imperfections(physically and spiritually). It is easy to get caught up in the good and attraction of someone, but you realize you love someone when you accept their flaws and willing to still be with them. Hold On Longer seems so melancholy in saying to keep holding on cause love will find you even if it doesn't seem that way at times. But then he does flip it on a song I love called Tomorrow, where he sees when you do see the love you have been looking for that don't wait til tomorrow cause you may miss out. Wanna Be Loved hits a homerun on its focus, in how everyone is looking to be loved by someone. That can go for couples or familial relationships to me, but when heart doesn't feel it can go wrong. Probably why there is so many problems in the world cause hearts have been burned or hurt by what they thought was love. This one has more keyboards with a sprinkle of piano but it still sounds great. A song I wished they had did a full cut of is Angel, the duet with Stacy Barthe. They spiced up the Anita Baker version with some funk and jazz with bass guitar and trumpets to go with low whispering vocals. Man! Why couldn't they do 4 minutes? But it is a hidden gem. If You and I is not the absolute best cut, it is right there in the running. A song that could make a couple feel like they are on an island away from everyone else and any distraction in the world, this song could be a dedication to your special lady to let her know she truly is "the one." The low, then high buildups along with mixing in guitar and horns makes this a definite standout! The wrap up songs Asylum and Caught Up bring out that crazy in love feel and unleashing it on(or in however you want to look at it :)!) each other to send the album out differently from the John Legend sound you may expect, but giving off that staying in love vibe.

People want to feel like they are getting value when they put down $10-$15 on an album and not feel like they got duped. Spending $30 on 3 CDs in economy that is still on recovery mode can feel like an even bigger risk. But forking over that cash for the three I got this week, I felt as if I got more than what I bargained for including Mr. Legend's Love In the Future. Well worth the price of admission! This could be, very well be his best since Get Lifted. He might be an artist that you either love him or he is not your cup of tea. This CD may very well continue that because he doesn't really try to persuade people cause he stays with his style that helped put him on. But for those who may not be a fan of his, if you give it a chance I feel you may come away surprised at what you get. R&B is finally starting to turn around! Thank goodness. Maybe a little bit of love can do the same for the world. It is sort of far-fetched because the world may be too far gone to turn back now and I'm a cynic. But I said the same about the R&B game and it is showing me different. Maybe the world can follow suit... If you pass on the message that John gives here along with others that have released recently, it may very well be possible. Thank you, John Legend! You and your compatriots are helping me to believe again.
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on October 7, 2013
John Legend never ceases to amaze me. His soft vocals and mind blowing song lyrics keeps him on top of the musical charts. His music has depth and meaning that we can all relate too. I applaud him for a job well done. God Bless him and his new wife!
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on September 5, 2013
This album is everything that today's music is missing. It's well-written, beautifully crafted and timeless. John Legend has completely restored my faith in R&B. It was worth every single cent.
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on September 3, 2013
While I enjoyed Evolver, I like many of John's fans was disappointed in that it did not reach the commercial /radio play success that his previous albums did. The songs were good but did not stand out...

On this new release, John Legend has reflected on his past and has for the most part created a new album that sonically is new (Made to Love is brilliant) while containing tracks like "All of Me" that should have the same impact that "Ordinary Love" had.
There are many great gems.

I would recommend the deluxe version because it has the duet with Seal, "We Love It" plus another strong ballad, "For the First Time."

2 disappointments, however, missing is the upbeat track "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" Ft Ludacris and "Dance the Pain Away" which he did with EDM DJ Benny Benassi.

It still seems that both radio and his record company is trying to pigeon-hole John Legend as just a great slow to mid-tempo ballad/singer yet his voice lends itself to electro/dance music and that path would give him a wider audience base.

I only wish that the deluxe cd was not package in the cheap/disposable paper packaging which usually helps to damage/scratch the cd. Why is the regular version housed in the far superior standard case instead of vice-versa?
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on April 14, 2014
I've been a John Legend fan for a minute. I can't front. I played "Get Lifted" so much that I thought that the CD was going to scratch and I would have to buy a new one, which is what happened with Chico DeBarge's "Long Time No See.". Songs like "Alright", "I Can Change" w/Snoop Dogg, "So High", "Used To Love You" and "Live It Up" were my main favorites but I played this CD in its entirety until the radio wore "Ordinary People" into the ground. I was just as impressed with "Once Again". I didn't like "Save Room" too much but songs such as "Heaven", "Stereo", "P.D.A.", "Another Again", "Show Me" and "Maxine" more than made up for it. "Evolver" was cool, especially with songs like "Green Light" w/Andre 3000, "Everybody Knows", "This Time", "Satisfaction" and "Good Morning" but I didn't like this CD as much as I did the previous 2. In 2010, John released a project with The Roots entitled "Wake Up". The majority of the songs are remakes but this is a great CD, if you haven't checked this one out before. In 2012, John released "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" on the "Think Like A Man" soundtrack and I was looking forward to hearing a new album. Unfortunately, I had to wait until this year for it.

"Love In The Future" was released on September 3, 2013 and just like the good Earth, Wind & Fire say in their song, it's clearly "All About Love". However, this CD breaks down all aspects of love. The CD talks about how you stay in love, being in love, what to do with it, lost love and even in some ways, forbidden love. I know that artists always try to "get" you by releasing standard and deluxe editions of CDs but this is one CD that you want to have the deluxe edition of. You can listen to this CD from beginning to end. My favorites include "All Of Me", "Who Do We Think We Are" w/Officer Ricky, "Made To Love", "You And I (Nobody In The World)", and "So Gone".

If you have enjoyed all of the CDs that John has released so far then you definitely should add "Love In The Future" to your collection.

Highsmith's Top 5

1) All Of Me
2) Made To Love
3) You And I (Nobody In The World)
4) The Beginning
5) So Gone
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on November 25, 2013
John Legend does it again! 'Love In The Future' ranks up there with 'Once Again', one of my favorite CDs of all-time. These songs are coming from a man deeply in love - love that radiates in every note of every lyric of every beat.

"You and I" - John reassures his lady that she doesn't have to do much to be beautiful. What others think doesn't matter. Besides, "ain't nobody in the world but you and I." Amazing!
"Hold On Longer" - The chord progression is new to my ears and absolutely beautiful. The waltz tempo, the violin arrangement, and the lyrics are just mesmerizing.
"Open My Eyes" - I can't imagine anyone else remaking this Bobby Caldwell classic. John does the song justice as he ushers it into the 21st Century to introduce it to a different generation of music lovers.
"For The First Time" - A ballad of discovery and liberation. John Legend soars in bliss during the chorus.
Interludes: "Angel" ft Stacy Barthe/ "What If I Told You?" - These interludes really fill in the gaps of the album to make it feel complete and special. I have always loved Stacy Barthe and appreciate that she is getting exposure with well-established artists. Her vocal style is gorgeous.
"All Of Me" - Another ballad celebrating the natural beauty of his betrothed (dang! this man is in love!)

Why John Legend named this CD 'Love In The Future' is beyond me. He is definitely in the presence and recognizing the state of love he is experiencing now. This is certainly a CD for lovers, but it's also for those of us looking to fall in love. I believe in it and know this is what it will feel like in my future. 5 Stars!
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on October 7, 2013
I started collecting his CD's recently and now I'm a huge fan! I love that he can go from ballad to blues to any other style seamlessly!
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on March 24, 2014
I'm not a very sophisticated music reviewer, sorry. I've listened to this album once, and my husband walked in and wanted to know who it was, and said that he really liked it. I enjoyed it very much on the first listen. I had it on as "background" music while I was working at my desk, so I wasn't really giving it a serious listen...but I didn't hear anything that I didn't love. I have never really given John Legend's music a very serious listen, but I'm going to see him in June so I thought I'd get to know him a bit before the show. I bought all of his albums and have been dipping my toes in here and there for the past month. His music is very nice, and if love songs are what you want to listen to, you can't go wrong with this album. It's perfect if you're looking for something to play during a romantic dinner, during a pre-dinner cocktail party, during a bubble bath, or any other sort of easy listening mood you're in. Very relaxing and smooth!!! Sometime this week I'm going to take a long bubble bath and listen to it more carefully.
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on October 2, 2013
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on June 7, 2014
he has a very beautiful voice so far my favorite song on this album is all of me i think he has a very soulful voice and he is a very good singer song writer. i would recommend getting this album and listening to it right away
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