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on October 27, 2014
Looks like I'm the 1st one on Amazon to review this new 2 CD deluxe edition....and I have to say that the only thing keeping this from being a 5 star release is ONCE AGAIN, these guys royally screw up things by dicking around with the old live recordings. You would think that they would have learned with the backlash over the 1996 You Wanted The Best compilation, when anyone who has been a longtime fan IMMEDIATELY realized that Simmons and Stanley went into the studio and re-sang most of the live vocals on the vintage unreleased live tracks, and applied modern sounding drum triggers to the drum tracks. Well here we go again.....the vocals are the original vocals thank God, but not only is the mix washed out in massive echo and reverb, Peter Criss' snare drum has been so heavily sampled with a newer sounding snare drum, that whoever did the sampling triggers had it set so sensitive that there are all kinds of snare hits going on that shouldn't even be there! It sounds like someone went in the studio with an electronic drum kit and re did all of the snare hits....POORLY. An F-ing disgrace. Listen to the untouched, raw live recording of Parasite from Cobo Hall May 1975, used in one of the Rock Band video games (find it on Youtube).....THAT is how it's done the right way. Pure, raw, untouched-up live performance....just killer sounding, mixed to bring the levels up right but NOT re-recorded or sampled. Ugh....Tommy Thayer, producer of this reissue, should certainly know better. OK, now that's out of my system, the remaster upon 1st spin sounds great, no complaints. The demos included are all cool and interesting solo Gene & Paul demos, meaning it's them with studio guys, not KISS. The packaging is excellent, great pics, and they included Ken Kelley's original concept drawing for the LP cover, which is cool to see. This would have gotten 5 stars if not for the idiocy with the live tracks. I'm dreading a deluxe Alive! reissue with all kinds of unreleased tracks included with triggered snare drums that sound like Depeche Mode on it. I don't know why these guys keep thinking we will never know the's infuriating.
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on November 6, 2014
If you are looking for an earth shattering difference due to the remastering, this will be a let down. Sound quality is better but if you played it side by side with an older CD, you probably won't be able to tell much difference. That being said, I like the content and the extras so I'm glad I bought it.
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on January 27, 2000
After having 23 years of critiquing KISS for myself, and always looking forward to newer material, I must say this is a definate must-own CD for the die-hard original-KISS fan like myself. It's the last cohesive studio effort by the fab-four, and one that holds it's own through every new CD that has ever been made through this very day; thereby, it attains classic status. This is classic KISS, now with Ace on vocals--SHOCK ME rocks! Ace has been a quiet force in guiding the KISS sound since their first self-titled album; but now instead of writing songs for the others to sing, he takes the vocal helm with SHOCK ME; SHOCK ME would not have gone over the top if another member sang it, it is ACE's singing that boosts this debut to the outer limits! All the other songs have a place on this CD...they are your great, basic rockin' KISS tunes that have a hint of cheese (goofiness) in them that endear them to our hearts. KISS will always be the hottest band in the world--this album is what took them to their soared heights of popularity back in 1977, and it is what keeps them at that exact same heights to this very day! CHEERS!
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on February 9, 2015
Being a major KISS fan for since 1990, I am always looking for unreleased stuff from the band. Unfortunately this edition didn't add much. This extra disc to me, is just a cheap add on to raise the price, which is not worth anywhere near what it's selling for. What i didnt like : Reputation demo was already on KISS 40. The Love Gun Teaching Demo to me is lame, and not even music (may be interesting to guitar players). The live songs may be unreleased from that concert but have already been heard a million times. What I did like were the demos for I Know Who You Are, Tomorrow and Tonight (although not much different), and Much Too Soon. They at least were interesting. As I said, overall, the Love Gun disc itself is great but the disc 2 just isnt worth it. If you're like me and always curious, you'll probably have to pick it up to listen to anyway. Say goodbye to $25.
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on May 12, 2014
I bought all KISS vinyl 2014 reissues from different sources, I think they're all high quaity (with a little differences between USA and european versions), actually I preferred the USA ones. Except for "Love Gun". Non talking about the quality of cover and inner printings (they're well done) and the sound of the vinyl is clear and with no background noise, but on the beginning of "Then she kissed me" is a serious error and is not a skip, is an error on the pressing or the mastering who knows......Maybe in the future this make this record highly collectable.
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on March 17, 2015
...but this re-packaging with a 2nd disc does not warrant the double pricetag because that 2nd disc is superfluous. Not much to offer to make it a better listening experience. The label also said there was a love gun magnet inside. Mine did not have such. I want my love gun magnet.
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on July 4, 2015
I think it's the brand strategy to basically hold back gems and nuggets for 35 years and then release them like water trickling from a busted spout... I would surely love to see some vintage LIVE shows get released on CD. Stuff that wasn't too re-recorded or touched up... But anyways, this is a good collection.. I think it could have been better... I would have love to hear some alternate takes of the songs in addition to the demos, the live stuff is ok, but would rather a full show instead of snippets.
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This was their last GREAT album. It is something a die-hard KISS fan will probably want. I will say that the Gene Simmons interview lets you get an insight to the ego-maniacal individual that we all know. This is the Gene that killed the Hall of Fame induction for the fans who waited for so long. His comments on a concept album are laughable considering he was the driving force behind "Music from The Elder".

But this is and should be about the music. Hearing a few previously unreleased tracks is nice. (Worth the price of this album? That is your call.) It is fun to put your own vocals on the "demo" version of "Tomorrow and Tonight", I'll give it that much. Not fond of the remastered live cuts. But that has been hit on in some of the other reviews. One of the songs from Gene's solo album is here without Cher or Donna Summers, and there are some different lyrics as well just when you think you know what is coming next.

Here is what you need to know. Is it a fun addition to your collection of KISS albums? Sure. If you have a few bucks lying around, grab yourself a copy.
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on February 1, 2013
This album represents the last of Kiss in their purest studio form (Alive II's small number of studio tracks notwithstanding). Die hard fans of Kiss will appreciate that all four members sing on the album, while the songs are well written and pack the usual Kiss punch. From here and Alive II, Kiss began to change; Dynasty and Unmasked experimented with a different sound, while Peter Criss was mostly absent from the albums as well due to substance abuse problems. After his departure came the abomination known as Music from the Elder, which is to be avoided, and the subsequent departure of Ace Frehley. Although Creatures of the Night would redeem Kiss, this is the last album for fans of the old lineup and sound until Psycho Circus some 20 years later, which also proved not as great an album as it should have. Love Gun is a send off of sorts, then. Enjoy it for the classic it is, and if you feel like probing deeper into Kiss lore, the solo albums, later albums and the entire "unmasked" catalogue await you!
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on January 15, 2015
I remember pre-ordering Love Gun at my local record store back in 1977. Love Gun is classic KISS. Arguably their best studio album, with both great songs by the band (I Stole Your Love/Shock Me/Almost Human) and excellent production by Eddie Kramer, it is sonically awesome! Personally, I think Rock And Roll Over is the best studio album by KISS but Love Gun, as well, is a five star record. My three star rating is for the 2014 deluxe version. The "deluxe" remastered version has bumped up the low frequencies, presumably to make it sound better in your car or on smaller systems. It sounds too bottom heavy on my full size stereo. It's like somebody pushed the "loudness" button. The drums are distractingly big. Love Gun rules but I far prefer the 1997 remaster to this 2014 deluxe edition.
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