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on March 3, 2000
This book is an upbeat, positive approach and plan in dealing with any life altering diagosis. A perfect gift of hope and love for the patient, the patient's family, friends or yourself.
If medical treatment is already underway there may be a recognizable need to give a gentle reminder to a physician or healthcare giver that TenderLovingCare in the treatment of a patient is needed and expected. . (Perhaps, there is only a wish by you to thank the doctor for TLC already given), Love,Medicine and Miracles is a perfect gift; a perfect venue. Dr. Seigel's book makes the point and serves as a definitive reminder of the significance of LOVE, MEDICNE and MIRACLES in rendering treatment to a patient.
The book was recommended to me when my husband was diagnosed with a catistrophic cancer;cholangio carcinoma, by a cancer patient who twice had cancers go into remission. Since, that time it has been a favorite gift for those who need positive encouragement; those awaiting, or who have received a frightening dignosis. How difficult it is to know what to say to help. I find that the gift of this book, LOVE, MEDICINE and MIRACLES provides the positive message of love and caring that I want for my family and friends. Dr. Siegel says it so much better than a just a bouquet of flowers would.
During the many weeks of hospital time and treatment that my husband unerwent I realized THIS BOOK SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING FOR EVERY DOCTOR, NURSE and CAREGIVER. It is down to earth and forthright in the information,suggestions and examples given; truly a bright light in what is often a dark tunnel.
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on March 12, 2000
Bernie Siegel's message is a powerful lure for those who would like to be exceptional patients. He demonstrates through numerous anecdotes that an individual can not only make themselves sick, but can also make themselves well. However, before wellness can occur, Siegel says, understand yourself including your stressors and conflicts. Having been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly before the end of the last century, I am intrigued with his technique for drawings which illustrate the inner workings of the subconscious. Also, as an educator of literature, I can relate to Siegel's many historical examples, namely Solzhenitsyn's novel, THE CANCER WARD. Personally, I found Siegel's positive attitude very encouraging. He basically reiterated what my own oncologist told me: "Attitude is everything when it comes to survival."
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on July 10, 2002
This book has changed my life! I am 43 years old with a wonderful husband of 18 years and three beautiful children, 14, 13 and 10. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It was by chance that it was caught, but nonetheless it is breast cancer. I am currently receiving radiation and have four more weeks to go. During the first week, I was sick to my stomach, felt weak, tired, couldn't eat and was a mess until I read this book. My neighbors had to drive me to my treatments and I had to wear headphones during the treatments. After reading the book I am a new person and went into treatments driving myself and hopping on the table without headphones. They were thrilled with me and I told them that everyone must read this book. I have share it with everyone I can and my mother said she can't put the book down.
I am very religious and at first wondered why me since I speak with God everyday, now I know how to visualize and love life to the extreme and am so happy to be alive. I still have the meditation part to go, but that will come. I also feel as though God is trying to lead me on a differnt path that I am on and will find out in time what that is.
I must say this book is not just for people with illnesses, but for everyone. Thank you for changing my life!! I wish I could tell everyone in the world how wonderful this book is.
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on August 16, 2005
As someone with newly diagnosed prostate cancer, I found Bernie Siegel's book to be extremely helpful. Many people do not realize that surgeons are like mechanics. They know their field but often do not tap into the wholistic approach. It is very important to use every available resource to help the patient recover: spiritual, emotionsl, diet, exercise. If the Dr. tells the patient that he is going to die, and he/she believes it, you've taken away the hope that might have saved a life. There should always be hope.
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on January 1, 2001
This is a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it for anyone who's dealing with any sort of physical challenge. I had an orthopedic condition that dominated my life for several years, and Siegel's book taught me valuable lessons in dealing with my condition.
The first lesson is the importance of the patients asserting themselves in the doctor-patient relationship - not in a negative sense, but more as establishing a partnership in fighting the condition. One disappointment of mine is that Siegel's teachings haven't had more of an impact on the medical community. In fact, with the onset of managed care, medicine has gone even further in the opposite direction, and patients have to work harder than ever to become a "partner" in their treatment.
The second lesson is the overiding importance of love for your health - both in increasing your chances of recovery and reducing the chances of getting sick to begin with. His message can easily be lost in today's analytical world of medicine, but it's crucial.
The message in this book really applies to everyone - regardless of their health.
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on January 27, 2009
Five years ago I was diagnosed at the age of 46 with Stage IV colon cancer. What a shock! While receiving treatment (surgery and chemo), I read the medical literature on the subject, so I could understand the evidence behind the various treatment options. I also read this book as well. As I read Dr. Segal's book, I was impressed, and moved, by the author's approach. Indeed, I was so impressed that I looked into joining one of his "exceptional cancer patient" (ECaP) groups.

Still, I was concerned that the evidence presented in the book, while heart warming and convincing sounding, was purely anecdotal. Had any proper studies on his methods been carried out and published? Somewhat to my surprise, I found the following article: Gellert GA, Maxwell RM, Seigel BS: "Survival of breast cancer patients receiving adjucntive psychological support therapy: a 10-yr follow-up study." J Clin Oncol 1993; 11:66-69. In this study thirty-four women with breast cancer attending the ECaP program were matched with comparable patients (age, stage of cancer, etc.) from tumor registries. At ten years, there were no differences between the groups in terms of survival (approximately 40% alive at the end of the study).

How disappointing! I have read that Bernie Segal dismissed the study's methods, and hence its results. My reaction to that is twofold. First of all, as he was one of the principal authors of the study, he had control over the study's methods. It seems disingenuous to criticize its methods after its completion, given its negative results, especially when he had control over the design of the study. Would he have found its methods acceptable had it shown positive results? Secondly, even if the study's methods were less than ideal (A larger number of patients in the study would have been preferable.), why has he not restudied the matter during the last fifteen years? My guess is that he lacks confidence that a second study would produce more positive results. What other explanation can there be? In summary, I find the results of this study, combined with the lack of a repeated study by Dr. Segal, absolutely damning with regards to Dr. Segal's theories and methods. Anecdotal evidence, which is what is presented in the book, since it can be chosen selectively and distorted, is no evidence at all.

Somewhat disturbed by the above research, I read what other studies that I could find on psychological adjunctive treatments for cancer. Based upon Dr. Segal's, and others', books, it has become conventional wisdom that a positive attitude improves one's survival duration and odds. Sadly, it appears that the evidence (1: Cunningham et al Psychooncology 1998: 7:508-517; 2: Goodwin et al; NE J of Med; 2001; 345:1719-1726; and others) does not support this theory.

Regarding my personal case, while I have not persued psychological methods (those espoused by Dr. Segal or those promoted by others) in dealing with my cancer, I have done extremely well. Thanks to chemotherapy and the quality care by my physicians and nurses, more than five years after the diagnosis, I am still alive. While the cancer has progressed, and I am not expected to live another year with it, I cannot complain about how well I have done: only 2-3% of colon cancer patients with cancer stage IV disease on the best available chemotherapy survive so long. Indeed, had I enrolled in one of Dr. Segal's "exceptional cancer patient" groups, or even had I privately battled cancer with the methods that he describes, then my case might be touted as proof of the validity of his methods. So much for anecdotal evidence!

In summary, I find that the book promotes disproven ideas.
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on October 23, 2014
a favorite to give to people who are struggling with cancer. My mom read the book and got the tapes and recovered from what they said was terminal cancer to survive another 25 years. So the mind has a lot of power.
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on January 5, 2004
I loved this book when I first read it. The healing stories, the practical advice, the positive outlook all resonated with me. I used some of Dr. Siegel's ideas in my book The Art of Getting Well: Maximizing Health When You Have a Chronic Illness.
But I kept encountering people who felt Love, Medicine and Miracles had hurt them or their loved ones who were struggling with cancer. Dr. Siegel states that "happy people don't get sick," and makes other statements that imply that illness is mostly our fault. He has tremendous compassion for the sufferers, but says that they could get better if they got their attitude adjusted.
This healing from within may often be possible. But the physical and emotional conditions of people's lives can make such changes very difficult. And some diseases are so strong that all the change in the world may help, but will not cure.
So I was very careful in writing Art of Getting Well to make clear that health conditions are not our fault. But it is still our responsibility to do the best we can with them. And we can often do very well indeed, and Dr. Siegel's book can help us.
David Spero RN [...]
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on May 4, 2000
This is the most helpful, well written book I've ever read. Siegel is a master at thought and the written word. I have given the book endless times to firends who are undergoing serious illness. Each one has said it got them through the tough times! Thanks, Dr. Bernie. You've made a great difference in the lives of countless individuals and certainly in the field of medicine. You give us the courage to question, the strength to hug, and the power to heal! Everyone should read this book.
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on February 9, 2005
This book is one of the very best I have read in a very long time. I read daily, many books and this one is at the top of my list. It is a keeper. Dr. Siegel is an awesome human being and many doctors, nurses, and any other health care professionals could learn volumes from this wonderful man. He has changed the lives of millions personnally with treatment and through his books. He has changed my life forever and for the better. This book and his sequel called "Peace, Love and Healing are the most awesome books. If you know anyone who is terminally ill or has a serious disease or disability they are living with, give them a copy of these 2 books. It will change their life profoundly. You could even be saving their lives. Dr. Siegel is an amazing man with so much to give and a very giving and loving person. He is a doctor that I wish every doctor would try to take after. So many doctors these days are too busy to even talk to their patients let alone listen to them. This man listens, helps and reacts. He takes everything seriously and responds to it. My life has been changed forever and is happier, healthier and more inspired and loving since reading Dr. Siegels 2 books. I was not able to put them down and in fact fell asleep every night reading the books and wished I didn't need to sleep so I could have read them faster because they have so much love, wisdom, faith and health to give to everyone. I recommend this book very highly and if you never read another book then please read Dr. Siegel's books and you won't need to read another book. You have it all right there. Everything you need to live a wonderful, happy, healthy life full of love and life is in these 2 books. Thank you Dr. Siegel and God bless. Well actually God has already blessed you in so many ways and then we have been blessed by God through you. You are a wonderful man and a great human being. I thank you for making such a wonderful and profound change in my life for the better. Please know how much you are appreciated. Thank you again and God bless Dr.
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