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on April 20, 2012
I could not wait until "My Pillow" was delivered as I had trouble staying asleep at night. I wondered if my old pillow was the problem. Radio commercials claimed it was the best pillow you would ever own and money back guaranteed.

I was shocked when I pulled the pillow out of the box it was delivered in and felt the lumps in it. It was full of small, hard lumps. Granted, the lumps are what allows the pillow to stay in place under your neck. That part was fine. However, the lumps hurt my head. They were that hard.

This was the most uncomfortable pillow that I ever slept on. I sent it back after two days.

As far as the guarantee goes, they do honor it. However, you have to pay for the postage going back (Cost me $34). You don't get the shipping cost you initially paid refunded.

Buying "My Pillow" was not a pleasant experience for me.
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on February 2, 2011
I bought one of these pillows for myself and one for my girlfriend. The reviews online looked great and one of my co-workers raves about this pillow. However, the pillow is too firm for me and hurts my neck. I had to stop sleeping with it because of the pain. The pillow felt great in the store when I tested it out for a few minutes but an entire night sleeping on this pillow caused me to wake up each morning with a stiffneck. If you really like very firm pillows this may work for you but it didn't work for me nor for my girlfriend.
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on May 25, 2012
This pillow stinks so bad of chemicals. It gave me a huge headache the first night I could only use it for one hour. I then let it air out for a week. It still stinks. I can't use this pillow. If you have any chronic illness or are sensitive to chemicals run fast!
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on March 22, 2012
This pillow started out great. But, slowly went downhill. The filling (the filling is a very weird consistency anyway) in the pillow relaxes and at first I thought it would be okay. But just about the 65th day, 5 days outside of the "money back garauntee", it gets really bad. During the night, the filling squishes to the top part of the pillowcase, so in the middle of the night you wake up and have to turn it over and fluff it up again! So much for solving all your sleep problems as the infomercial garaunteed!! We spent $150 on 2 of these pillows. I'm sooooo disappointed. I would NOT recommend spending even $89 on one of these!!!
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on April 29, 2012
I believed the hype about this pillow -- and I was terrible wrong.
These pillows are so lumpy, way to stiff and far too firm.

So I thought - ok - they have a warranty - maybe I can return them and call it experience. Well - I tried, and I NEVER heard from these people again. There might be a reason why you can't buy them in a store - this way you simply can't return them.

Its an aweful pillow - don't buy it!!!!
Its not true that they have a 60 day money back guarantee....and their customer service really doesn't exist. I have never heard back from them.

I have no problem spending that kind of money on a pillow that actually feels good, but this is a truly not the truth about this pillow.
I actually threw those in my guest bedroom, and even my company asked me if I had a different pillow. And they actually claim they never had a complaint...funny!
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on June 25, 2012
There seems to be some brand confusion in the reviews.
There is the "MyPillow" My Pillow- Standard/Queen Pillow - As Seen on TV which is manufactured using chunks of traditional memory foam. That seems to be the pillow that most of the other reviewers are complaining about being lumpy and needing fluffing. I have never called MyPillow's customer service but the folks over at "i [heart]' my pillow" are freaking awesome.

The product pictured here is the "i '[heart] my pillow" Contour Decor and is also available in Traditional Decor and MemoryDown. The "i [heart]' my pillow" is molded instead of cut and hence can never be lumpy and would never need to be fluffed. It has a contour molded into the shape of it to relieve neck pain. It's a brand new memory foam that was only invented about 4 years ago. It's softer than traditional memory foams and sleeps way cooler as it was designed to be heat resistant.

So, make sure you are reviewing the right pillow. This is an "i [heart]' my pillow" Contour Decor.
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on May 12, 2012
i wanted to solve my pillow 'issues' so i was hopeful when i ordered this pillow. i wanted to order the firmer one & the medium one at the same time (was willing to pay for both). when i called, they encouraged me to order only one & they would send me the other one if i didn't like it & i could send it back at free return shipping. i thought it was too firm & they sent me the softer one right away & i sent the other back. all was good. i thought i had gone to heaven with the second one! after about 2 weeks however, it started to feel harder than it was at the start. when i called they told me to put it in the dryer for 20 minutes to fluff it up again. i did & it was no better. i was so disappointed. it had worked out so well at first, i wondered what happened! so i slit it open & removed some of the fill. the fill is merely shredded up foam...either memory or standard, i don't know.i tied it for more nights & it just didn't work out. the ocmpany was very good at refunding my money HOWEVER i had to pay to ship it back amost $20! they answered the phone right away & were very nice. i feel bad about the whole experience because i so looked forward to enjoying more nights! it worked out so well at the start! i might give it another try.
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on May 1, 2012
My Pillow is not worth the money--I cannot sleep on it. It is too lofty (bought white label suitable for the average woman)and too lumpy. I'm sorry I didn't check reviews before buying it. I'm sending this back.
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on April 11, 2011
I know the previous customer said the "I Love (Heart image) My Pillow " was too firm, but there is a catch. You have to use it for more than one or two nights, however, so that your neck vertabrae have time to move back in alignment with your spinal column. Your neck will ache somewhat or be a little sore or stiff for a few nights, but then--wham--you will want to take it with you on trips and even into hotel rooms and on trains--it is that good. Since many people tend to sleep on too soft pillows, our necks really get used to being out of alignment, but this pillow will solve that. You just need to stick with it for at least a week or so. It has a better contour design for the head and neck than the much heavier, thicker, and less contoured Tempurpedic you hear so much about. This pillow is also made in Michigan by Michigan workers, and the memory foam is exquisitely better than the Tempurpedic heavy firm memory foam! I have always been a 100% down pillow user, but this pillow is my lifeline to an excellent night's sleep. I know five people who swear by this pillow in addition to me. So don't be put off by one person's impatience, spend the $79 and stick with it for a week or so. It took a long time for your neck muscles to work up poor memory, so it is not asking much to give the pillow a good week of it. Be patient. You will not regret it. But if you do, give it to a friend or family member for good health. I'm betting you will give up almost anything else instead of your "I Love My Pillow."
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on May 30, 2012
Not a good pillow even if it was free, and I DID try it every night for nearly all of the 60 day trial period. Ridiculous return fee. If you have that much confidence in your lies, provide return shipping labels. What happened to truth in advertising? I will not recommend this and will share my experience at every opportunity. No one should profit on a platform of lies and deceit.
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