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on October 21, 2012
Until recently, this product was organic and extracted without hexane, a chemical solvent. It was that way when I purchased it from Amazon. It even had the USDA Organic Seal on its label. None of this is any longer true. Blue Mountain SFL is no longer organic nor is it extracted without the solvent hexane or acetone (nail polish remover). Apparently, Blue Mountain lowered the quality of its liquid sunflower lecithin, but not its prices.

Luckily, the website offers another brand of liquid sunflower lecithin - Lekithos. The website has several grades of SFL. It also has a powdered form, but it is only 95% sunflower lecithin. (I wonder what the other 5% consists of.) I will buy their organic and mechanically extracted SFL next time. It is more expensive but I refuse to buy it non-organic or any soy lecithin - non-GMO or not - organic or not.

All SFL are non-GMO, as I think all sunflower products are - so far. Nearly all soy products now have GMOs.
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on July 3, 2013
Did not want a soy emulsifier, staying away from soy products. I purchased this as an emulsifier for my home made chocolate. Without an emulsifier the honey separates and goes to the bottom of the candy, still tasty, but sticky and not a smooth chocolate experience. This works. Amazingly, it works. Little drops of honey mixed in with the oil and the cacao, a little miracle for the beginning chocolate maker in me. I was so excited after fighting the separation process with lots of stirring and hurrying it into the molds and right into the freezer to still have a sticky bottomed chocolate...

Basic home made chocolate recipe:

-1 cup coconut oil, cold pressed, virgin--very important, more nutrition, you want the nutrients for your brain.
-1/2 cup raw cacao powder or more to taste if really dark chocolate taste is desired. Amazon has the best prices on this.
dash salt
-1/3-1/2 cup raw honey to taste- depending on how dark you like it. (I have used maple syrup, powdered sugar, xylitol, erythritol, coconut sugar, sucanat, whatever your choice, just blend it up in your blender to powder it or your chocolate will be grainy. I prefer the raw honey for the taste and the antibacterial properties and extra nutrition that the others don't have.
-1/2 to 1 tsp of sunflower lecithin to keep it from separating.
-Dash of home made vanilla or store bought or even chocolate extract, rum, whatever your choice for flavor.

Melt the coconut oil and the honey if your home is too cool, as mine is always cool. The raw honey is granular and if you do not heat it up a little, not much, no boiling here, just bringing it above room temperature so the natural antibacterial properties of raw honey are not destroyed. Do not nuke it, gets too hot. Either put it in a sunny window sill if you have the time or put it in the top of a double boiler over boiled water turned off. Again, just enough to melt it not cook it. Also, my blender gets pretty warm and I have put it in the blender to mix it and melted the coconut oil to room temperature that way, but sometimes it breaks and ruins the batch, don't know the mechanics of it, maybe too high of heat? Maybe a drop of water got in? Don't know, but the best success is sunlight, food dehydrator with the shelves taken out, but then I tend to forget about it and it gets too hot, so my go to is the makeshift double boiler method. Just boil the water in the pan, then put the pan with the ingredients above in and stir till it is melted. Not a long process. I watched a video where in 30 seconds, using a microwave a lady made chocolates poured them into molds before dinner and served them after dinner. Kinda fun, but moreso nutritious. A good excuse to eat chocolate, the coconut oil is being studied in alzheimer's testing and they are seeing progress, moreso than with anything else. The cacao powder has higher antioxidant properties than any other food we eat. good for you, go figure. Below is my more intense chocolate recipe that I do when i want a crunch.

Lots of trial and error, this so far is my best and most nutritious recipe I believe, but do the simple one if you want, both are good.

Refined, more creamy home made chocolate recipe with double the coconut content and nutritional value:

-1 cup coconut oil, cold pressed, virgin--very important, more nutrition, you want the nutrients for your brain.
-1/2 or more raw cacao powder, to taste
-1/2 cup of raw honey or more to taste as you are adding the coconut cream and cacao paste
-Salt dash
- tsp Vanilla or flavor of taste
-1/2 package of coconut cream, also purchased from amazon.
-1/2-1 cup of shredded coconut, the good kind with no sulfates added.
-1/2 of a bar of cacao paste (ordered from amazon but from a California producer at less than half of the price of the featured amazon seller, so look at your buying options, most are imported, this is the same product but already in California so the shipping is not $40.) Search for Cacao Paste and look at all the options, the price has skyrocketed, I just checked. This is optional if you can't afford it. It does make a lovely creamy chocolate with 1 bar, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/3 cup honey, dash salt and vanilla. So creamy, but very expensive. Anyway....
-I use paper candy cups or cupcake liners bought in the candy making section of stores to mold my chocolate pieces.
-put dried fruit cut up and nuts of choice in the bottom of the cups. Cherries, blueberries, craisens, dates, raisins, etc. I soak my raw nuts overnight to make them easier to digest and then dehydrate them to crispy perfection. Sunflower seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), almonds, walnuts, etc. chop them up a little, add to the bottom of the paper liners. Stirring your chocolate/oil/cream/mixture until melted and well mixed, pour the chocolate into the cups over the fruit and nuts and then go back and top off where the bubbles have settled. Refrigerate or freeze. This chocolate will melt at room temperature, so store in the refrigerator. So very good tasting, very nutritious, and proven to sharpen your mind, and also trim your waist line. Google the benefits of coconut oil, a 3 chain fatty acid, easy to digest, bypasses the liver and goes straight to energy. Google the benefits of raw cacao powder. Then you have permission to eat chocolate every day cuz it is does your body and mind good! I found very little on the web on home made chocolate making and so much trial and error went into these recipes, hope they help you to avoid all the mishaps in the adventure of chocolate making, if that is your goal.

As a side note, this product, the sunflower lecithin is very good for the liver and should be taken daily with vitamin C. I noticed a great difference in my strength and feeling of well being when I take it daily. I did a review on the bottled version of capsules as well, purchased after I did my research on the product and found out all the nutritional benefits of it aside of the main purpose of making my chocolates better!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 12, 2012
I read about lecithin years ago in an old nutrition book by Adele Davis, and decided to try it. I liked it, or liked the idea of taking it anyway, but stopped taking it when I learned that some health problems I was having at the time were related to soy in my diet. My health improved greatly when I stopped eating soy, but I missed the lecithin.

I was happy to discover recently that other types of lecithin were available. One source is sunflowers. I tried sunflower lecithin capsules, but was less than enthused about them. Nothing wrong with them, but they felt like an inert food somehow, maybe because of the processing when it's put into the capsules.

I found LoveRawFoods Raw Sunflower Lecithin online a few weeks ago and decided to try it. It's a little pricey, not so much the product itself, which is reasonably priced, but when you combine the product price with the shipping, it adds up. But I'm glad I bought it. I really love it. It's great to be able to eat lecithin again after all of these years.

To reiterate: sunflower lecithin is not like soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is an industrial waste product marketed for human consumption (made usually from genetically modified soybeans). It's toxic and bad for you. Sunflower lecithin is a beneficial food product derived from sunflower seeds. And better yet, the LoveRawFoods brand is raw. Very cool. It tastes like very fresh sunflower seeds. I'll keep buying it as long as LRF keeps making it.

If you're new to lecithin, I'd recommend mixing some into a smoothie, till you develop a taste for it. I actually eat it by the spoonful. But I know that's unusual :)Most people would want to mix it into some food.
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on August 30, 2014
I used to buy this for making liposomal vit c. It used to be organic. It is no longer. Even scarier, it is now processed with hexane (a neurotoxin). I'm now buying an organic, non chemical processed sunflower lecithin from lekithos on Not as convenient, but I don't want to compromise my health. Wanted to let other health minded people to know of an alternative.
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on May 16, 2012
Like the other reviewer noted, never eat soy lecithin, despite it's claims it comes from GMO's soy which is very harmful, and soy is not meant for anyone anyways. [...]
I started buying this when I began making my own nut milks, mostly hemp, which gives it a nice creamy texture and prevents separation. (which is why it soy lecithin in about all processed foods) Love sunflower products and eat them often. Very healthy, sustainable food source and great for the environment. This is a great product, lasts a long time, depending on how you use it. I put a spoonful in for my nut milks which lasts me a couple days.
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on March 27, 2013
I'm using this to make Liposomal Vitamin C. The first thing one has to do is dissolve the lecithin in water and it really doesn't want to do that. I believe this is an excellent product but be prepared to let it soak for several hours or overnight, stirring occasionally with a fork or whisk -- or it'll just sit there like a lox. You'll probably have to blend it for longer than your directions indicate, too. Don't fear, a longer blending time won't hurt anything.

This stuff is also sticky and messy -- like a very thick molasses. However, it is a good option if you are looking for a non-soy product. Having said all that, this is all I have used and maybe granular lecithin is just as reluctant to completely dissolve with a swish and a wish.
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on June 5, 2014
I - Like - it.

If you are soy-sensitive, have hormonal issues, over 30, or simply wish to reduce or eliminate your intake of soy-based products, Love Raw Foods Sunflower Lecithin is Fantastic!

I am a vegetarian and have enjoyed Fearn's soy-based liquid lecithin for years, but developed an allergy-like response to soy and have had to make dietary changes for health reasons.

So, in addition to learning how to make a soy-free tofu and milk from scratch (any white bean will work in your soy milk-maker), you can imagine how difficult it is to find a soy-free substitute in general when soy has been the go-to substitution for many food and cosmetics manufacturers over the years...

Pros: It looks, tastes and handles the same as other liquid lecithin products and can be used in food or/and hair/skin recipes, and is avail for free shipping on Amazon.

Cons: It comes in a much smaller container and/but costs 2-3times more than other lecithin products, which is really ridiculous.

Overall I like the product a lot and will continue to buy it until a cheaper soy-free replacement can be found.

our grade: B, or 4-Stars
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on June 22, 2014
...but it is messier than powder.

I have no trouble getting this to dissolve for liposomal C. I found no difference in using this or soy as far as trouble goes.

You have to shake it several times after you put it in water, but you have to do that with granules, too, or your mixture's not smooth. Best to let it soak over night, but again, you have to do that with granules, too, for a high-quality liposomal product that hangs together.

It *is* indeed messier than granules, but once you get used to dealing with it, it's no big deal. Rather than using a measuring spoon I just pour it straight out of the jar and "eyeball" my proportions. Works fine.

All in all a better product than soy granules, as it tastes better and doesn't present the problems with allergies, thyroid, and other hormones that soy can present.

I think as far as lecithin goes without breaking the bank on solvent-free organic, this is the best you can get.
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on March 24, 2013
I oredered this product due to non-gmo organic rating in lie of using a soy product. Generic benefits of Sunflower Lecithin are beneficial compared soy, I believe, for endocrine function considerations and possible GMO charectaristics.
I ordered a 'one gallon' jug from another source as I am an extreme 'value shopper'
and found ~$25 for 16 oz versus ~$43 too good of a deal to pass up. It arrived
from The Dalles, OR last week and is very good. TrueFoods is the vendor and the website is very easy to find.
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on April 21, 2016
I called Blue Mountain "Organics" on 4/21/16 and was informed that their lecithin (which is NOT organic) in indeed processed with solvent. They claim they test for solvent residue and their lecithin is under acceptable limits. So my quest for Organic mechanically extracted sunflower lecithin continues.
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