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on January 29, 2013
Most Destiny's Child fans already have their four CDs that contain these songs except the lackluster "Nuclear" and Kelly Rowland's "Heaven" from her solo CD. Others probably wouldn't be impressed with this album. After all, love songs are not exactly their strong suit. So I am not sure who would buy this album or to whom I would recommend it. It feels like DC or the record company is throwing fans a hollow bone. But I ain't bitin'. Neither are my dogs.
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on January 29, 2013
I agree with the previous reviewer. This was very LAZY on there part. 7 0r 8 years later you'd think they'd give fans a little more. Nuclear sounds underwelming to say the least. My bigger problem tho is they could have re-recorded some their older material like 'she cant love you' which they didnt even add. They neglected to add some of their best material for lackluster songs like If You Leave, love & others. Stay, Game over, & Have it your way are other great songs they could have added. Not worth buying but they atleast chose a great pic for the cover.
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on February 6, 2013
love for the group aside, this is a total waste of money for someone who already has all of their albums!
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on February 10, 2013
Destiny's Child are megasuperstars, jointly and severally, in the sense that people KNOW who they are and people KNOW their songs. That said, anyone crazy enough to buy this CD is just that...crazy.

This is an overly apparent ploy to satisfy some contractual agreement with Columbia/Sony Records; I can't think of any other reason why this poorly collected album has seen the light of the day. This collection has some "decent" songs, but surely there could have been some better ones chosen. For the album to be titled Love Songs, why include a song about leaving your current mate for a new thrill ("If You Leave") and a song about the potential to cheat ("Temptation"), or even a song about not wanting someone anymore after they've left ("Now That She's Gone")??

Destiny's Child has recorded a myriad of songs that weren't released on albums that have gained notoriety, such as the amazing "Game Over", the old but solid "Show Me", and the even more solid "Forever Starts Today" (the latter two including ex-members LeToya and LaTavia, which, strangely enough, are like other songs on this album that Michelle is not on). Even those songs would be worth the album's price.

Die-hard fans won't pick up the album because they already have the songs and albums included here. New fans won't be interested because the lackluster "Nuclear" barely made a blip on any radio stations. There are people that can make better Destiny's Child compilations than this malarkey. Shame!
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on February 15, 2013
This album contains 13 previously released songs, plus one new song. If you like smooth R&B love songs, then you'll love this album.

Stand out tracks:

Cater 2 U


Brown Eyes



If You Leave


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on February 3, 2013
Of course most of the reviews you will find here and on other websites basically point out how "pointless" this compilation is. However, I don't know why everyone acts surprised, given that Sony has always released random compilations that have little to no effort that are cheaply priced and next to no one actually buys them (although clearly some do if they keep releasing them). What's so weird about this compilation in particular, is that it is titled "Love Songs". When I hear that title, I think of songs about being in love, or making love, romantic things along that line. While all of these songs are more or less about relationships, a good majority actually talk about the negative side of relationships. "Now That She's Gone" is about being dumped and then refusing to take the man who dumped you back, "Temptation" is about wanting to cheat and trying to fight it, "If U Leave" is about leaving someone, "Say My Name" is accusing someone of cheating, etc. The 'new' song "Nuclear" is clearly a mear leftover recording. It's not a bad song, but it sounds more like a demo leftover from the "Destiny Fulfilled" album than something recorded fresh in 2013, which is what they tried to market it as. While the songs themselves are not bad, it just seems like a very weird collection. I would have liked to see more songs like "Brown Eyes" which is a beautiful ballad from the "Survivor" album that rightfully sits on the track listing here.
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on February 25, 2013
Again some nice slow LOVE STUFF. I just think Kelly and Michelle need some better songs. Beyonce has grown with the music she has had at hand. Thank you Jay Z. Michelle needs to have a mother type write for her. songs about kids and Mom and Dads. Lost loves, etc. Kelly can sing anything. Just looking at her makes me want to go to the cabinet and have a 100,000 dollar chocolat bar. She just needs a little more R&B and not so much S E X. She wreaks of it just looking at her.
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Being honest, it is difficult to judge another Destiny's Child compilation, this time January 2013 release Love Songs without chagrin. Much ado was made about a reunited Destiny's Child (in tandem with Super Bowl XLVII) returning for a compilation with a new song. The results? Well if you are a Destiny's Child/Beyoncé/Kelly Rowland fan, you most likely own the multitude of the material. If you are a casual fan who wants to hear 'some' of the groups notable songs, this compilation effort might be for you. Ultimately, generally Destiny's Child fans will be the ones to bite and will likely find Love Songs pointless.

There are songs from all across the collective's discography. Most surprising is the weight put on Destiny's Child's final studio effort, 2004's Destiny Fulfilled, including songs "Cater 2 U" (the opener), "If", "T-Shirt" and "Love". Another surprise is Kelly Rowland's solo cut "Heaven" from her first solo album Simply Deep is featured, track no. 4. "Say My Name" is featured as a Timbaland remix as opposed to the original hit, which may be one of the notable surprises/bucking of trend from Love Songs.

The attraction to the compilation for fans is definitely the unreleased "Nuclear", a Pharrell Williams production. The cut is an acquired taste to say the least; it feels a bit clunky. The typical Pharrell (Neptunes) stylings are there, but the song never feels like the producer's top-notch work. "Nuclear", hence feels underwhelming and doesn't sound as if it would've been a hit for the group, even back when it was first recorded.

The biggest issue with Love Songs is probably the fact that Destiny's Child relied more on uptempo cuts as opposed to love songs. That isn't to say they couldn't 'kill' a ballad (they did many times), but this compilation being 'love' themed had to eliminated some of the group's most gargantuan hits "Bills, Bills, Bills", "Bootylicious", "Independent Woman" and etc. to fit the bill. Because of this, coupled with angered fans wishing for new material, Love Songs is merely average at best. It houses some notable hits (such as "Emotion"), but ultimately comes off just so-so. 3 stars at best.
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on February 4, 2013
I guess iwas expecting more..There was a lot of screeching trying to reach notes there voices could not do. In my opinion none of these ladys have stong singing voices and i guess what there selling is there looks. Wish i had not bought it. Played it twice I really wanted something to be there sadly it was not to be. I gave the cd away.
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on March 9, 2013
This is a lovely CD! Destiny Child was one of the greatest girl groups there ever was. The voices of the 3 singers blend so beautifully together. The songs are beautiful! Too bad the group is no longer performing together on tours and shows. I would recommend this cd to others.
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