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on March 24, 2000
I am 13, and I picked this book up at my school library, having heard of it but having no idea of the plot. I read it in two days, and that's only because school (what a pesky little bugger) got in the way.
Love Story is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It doesn't have a lot of elaborate details; however, that doesn't diminish its charm. It is cuttingly funny, and completely absorbing. I read it on the lunch line, during lunch, during math, during get the picture. The ending almost made me cry. This book is a work of art.
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on December 18, 1998
Erich Segal takes in a ordinary love story and adds spice to liven it up. Two characters with opposite personalities but the same love for one another plays off the plot well. I can get a feel for their strong attractions and even deep sacrifices for one another. I found the constant sarcasm between the two characters quite entertaining. This book is very much so modernized, with the two married and trying to get through college without any help from their parents. Like all love stories, this book ends with something that conclusively impacts any reader. Segal is also typical in his "love story" to end with a tragic ending. From the last three chapters, I got my own personal treat from this book. It gave me the opportunity to relate and somehow be a part of this love story also. Of course I won't tell you all the ending, but I can honestly say I really enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend it to all readers who wants to find their own relation with the book. The life lesson it taught me was to appreciate those that I love and mostly those that are still existing before me (*hint, hint).
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Hey, i'm only 12, but i still loved the book. It is soooo worth spending time on reading it, it makes you laugh, it makes you think about things, and it makes you cry :( You can completetly relate to any of characters even if you r only 7 years old. Erich Segal is a genius!!
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on August 4, 1999
I love 'love story'. My first contact with this book was when I was about 8 and I saw it on my cousins book shelf. I never actually read the book, nor saw the film until the summer of 1994 when I was 15. I have now read the book so many times and the film will also be played regularly in my house. It is just the most heartrending book ever written, and has taught me a lot about how to build relationships and also how it can be the differences between two people that make them so close.
The book is so thought provoking and Erich Segal must be seen as a genius for writing this book which is a modern classic. It states so many points which are relevant to life and has so much to offer to any unassuming reader.
The catch phrase of the book, 'Love means never having to say you are sorry' is an ambigious comment. Does Segal claim that Oliver should not have hurt Jenny in the first place to have to say sorry? Or does he mean that Jenny should automatically forgive Oliver if she loves him? This thought has played on my mind severly and I have pondered over it many times and I don't quite know which of these possibilities I believe to be true.
However I do know that it is the most touching book that I have ever read, and the one which has left the biggest impression on me. Anyone who can fail to feel sadness when Jenny falls ill and eventually dies must be lacking emotion.
Throw away your copies of 'The Rules' or 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' and buy 'Love Story'. For this is the most realistic book on relationships you are ever going to read.
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on March 23, 2007
The book Love Story is a short, but sweet story about two Ivy League scholars that fall in love. This book isn't your typical love story with a prince and a happy ending; there is a small twist to it. This book leaves you feeling excited about a serious relationship, or even marriage because of the light friendship that the couple portrays. Their relationship brings a happy and humorous mood to the story.

The characters Jennifer Cavilleri, and Oliver Barrett IV are very different people and come from very different backgrounds, but their chemistry and their conversations will bring a smile to your face. They meet and fall in love in college at a library, and the book tells about how their love blossoms and matures as they continue dating. They go through many hardships, and just when they feel that they have reached a point where their hard work has paid off, tragedy strikes. There are some small obstacles the two must over come in the book such as the main character, Oliver Barrett IV, and his father do not get along. For instance, Oliver's father does not approve of him getting married which leads to another conflict; Oliver's father abandons his son, and Oliver is in somewhat of a money crisis.

The way the author has described the smallest things is excellent. The author does a wonderful job with the dialogue in the story, making it very realistic. Not only is it very realistic, but the arguments, the patience, the love, and everything is very straight forward. Also, the way the author, Erich Segal, describes their love makes you want to read more and more. In the first few sentences of the book, he begins with "What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died? That she was beautiful. And brilliant. That she loved Mozart and Bach. And the Beatles. And me." (1)This book is the ideal one for all people in love, or who wish to experience it. The theme of this story is really touching and it comes up more than once in the book. It is a line that the witty and clever character, Jenny, said "Love means never having to say you're sorry." (187) This book will probably make you feel many emotions; happy, sad, and maybe even grateful.

It is no surprise that the two main characters are Ivy League scholars, since the author, Erich Segal attended Harvard University. He taught at Harvard before moving to Yale in 1964, then taught at Princeton, and concluded his American teaching career with a second stint at Yale. In 1970, when his first novel, Love Story, appeared it was an immediate sensation, selling twenty million copies in thirty-three languages. There is a conclusion to Love Story called Oliver's story that continues to tell about his life.

I decided to read this book after my friend recommended it for a choice novel project in school, and it was a wonderful book to work with. It was also a very quick, yet interesting read. I would give it a 4. 5 out of 5 and I would definitely read it again.
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on October 13, 2011
I read this book when it came out and I didn't then and don't now understand all the hype. The story is told hastily, almost as if the author is rushing through the plot -- almost as if what he had in mind was a screenplay, and wrote a book instead. The characters aren't well-developed. The story is predictable. And, it is mawkish: sentimental in a feeble way. Feeble because the characters seem two-dimensional and the ending is not satisfying.
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on October 22, 2000
I'll admit that I wasn't thrilled when, stuck at home on a Friday night, my parents put Love Story into the VCR. However, I was entralled by the movie and the book captivated me even more. Although I knew the outcome, the book was still an emotional ride for me. The phrase opposites attract is most certainly true for Oliver Barrett IV and Jenny Cavilleri. For those of you who have not been so fortunate as to have been touched by this novel, here is a brief introduction. Segal sets his usual scene on the East Coast, in particular the university grounds of Radcliffe and Harvard. Oliver is a hockey player and brilliant student with a well-known family name. He has had everything handed to him, except the approval of his father. Jenny is a Radcliffe music major who has had to struggle to make her way. The irony in the match is unbelievable, as they bantor back and forth for hours. However, neither feels complete without knowing the other is nearby. Oliver gives up his family name to be with Jenny, and she is ultimately what brings the estranged father and son close for the first time. Love Story is a phenomenal experience. The reader becomes so involved in the conflicts between family, friends, and the couple that every incident becomes personal and is taken to heart. Love Story is a tale which professes that love teaches the many lessons that professors cannot. Once a person has read this novel, he will never be able to forget how strong the grip of love has on his heart or how tragedy can lead to forgiveness. We aren't all lucky enough to be as in love as these characters were, but the novel was written in such a way that we can all feel the both elation and the pain.
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on January 4, 2000
The book that I read was Love Story by Erich Segal. I enjoyed this book very much because there was so much detail that I was able to see the story in myy head like a movie. The amount of detail makes one want to just keep reading more and more until the book concludes. I weould definatly recommend this book to anyone and therefore I really cannot find anything bad to say about this book since I enjoyed it so much. This book made me think about how awful it must be to be in love with someone and then they die. If that ever happened to me, it would definatly hit me very hard. Given enough time, most people can get over these types of things. Getting help from friends and family gives you enough support to get you through troubled times. The book did not really remind me of anything because nothing quite like it has happenened to me. Love Sotry contained many universal themes such as love, friendship, ambition, and lonliness. Love was the main theme because this whole book was based upon love and its many aspects. Friendship is evident where Oliver interacts with his friends and fellow hockey players. Playing hockey also portrays ambition because Oliver wanted to win that last game in New York so badly as did everyone else. There is lonliness included in the book when Jenny dies and Phil and Oliver feel lonely because Jenny was the girl in both of their lives. Reading this book has made me want to read more by Erich Segal because in my opinion he is a very good author.
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on November 5, 2015
I loved the movie and the book. The only things that stuck in my craw were the atheism/agnosticism (still, to each his own) and the expletives -- taking the name of Father God or Jesus Christ in vain -- continually occurring on each page. Kinda took the joy out of reading the book; especially one so beautifully written! God is love, my friends, so it's not a subject or action you can simply divide...if you haven't read the book, start with the movie. It's rare that I'd recommend the movie before the book, but with this one the main characters are so much more palpable that one finds it easier to connect with them.
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on July 15, 1998
THE love story is not a book it is a dream ,a dream of pure innocent love that every one sees.As you read you just go deeper n feel a immence urge to touch to feel still deeper inside the characters. A story a two humanbeings that show us the way to steer through life.Erich segal makes you go through inside the pages to the life of to characters ,to laugh, to cry,to feel with them.
---If there is love in this world it's here-------
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