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on August 19, 2012
The movie cycles back and forth between a home movie video that displays the time and date and a bad hand held camera that doesn't. Tim (Johnny Lewis) and Molly (Gretchen Lodge) get married in 2010 according to the camera, but don't move into her parent's home until a year later in 2011. We know that her parents, Ben and Tammy are heaven watching the ceremony.

Tim is a truck driver who travels. He has installed an alarm system, one that goes off on occasion as if someone inside the house unlocks and opens the door. But they seemingly own no gun living in a rural area. Hannah (Alexandra Holden) is Molly's F-bomb dropping, pot smoking, blond sister. There is a mystery concerning the house and its past that Molly doesn't recall. She is creeped out by being alone in her childhood house. All this adds up to only one thing to horror genre fans who have seen this recently in too many films. However this film doesn't care if you gather this clue early as there is much more going on.

To add to the uncertainty, Molly has a history of drug use and at times doesn't seem to be all there. Interesting film, although clearly not for everyone. This is a slightly more complex "ghost" story than the Paranormal series and fans of the simple hand held camera genre may not find this feature enjoyable. While the film is slow at times, it doesn't stagnate as every scene drops a clue or tells a story. It is a film I am considering watching again to pick up things I missed.

PARENTAL GUIDE: F-bomb, sex, full frontal nudity (Gretchen Lodge)
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on December 26, 2012
Sometimes the best horror movies only reveal their chills on repeated viewing. That's why, for me, atmosphere and creep are more effective than explicit gore and jump-out shocks.

"Lovely Molly" is like that. The first time I watched it I thought it was OK. Nothing too impressive, but certainly something I would pull out again on a lazy afternoon. The second time, I was amazed at how the whole thing seemed to fall into place for me. If anything, I found it more suspenseful and disturbing than I had the first time around. That's the mark of quality.

Huge praise to the actors, particularly Gretchen Lodge who does a fine job as Molly. Alexandra Holden is even better, I think, in the role of Molly's increasingly worried sister. And Johnny Lewis is excellent as Molly's husband. Such a sad thing that this likeable actor and talented young man (Johnny, not the character) was unable to counter his own real life demons.

One tip: make sure you have the sound turned up - or watch this with headphones on. The sound design is central to the effectiveness of the movie and it's done in a very subtle way.

So horror buffs should get this without hesitation. Just make sure you watch it a couple of times!
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on December 9, 2012
I am a horror genre buff and there really isn't much that scares me but, watching this movie at night, put a little fear into me. I viewed this movie and decided to purchase it for that reason! LOL!

Molly and her husband, Tim, (Half Sac from "Sons of Anarchy") recently moved into her deceased father's house but not long after they move in, Molly starts getting haunted by forgotten memories, or so she thinks. Tim is a truck driver and while he's away she starts seeing and hearing things that she can't explain. Molly slips back in to her old habit of using drugs. Her sister and best friend, Hannah, as well as others around her, start to worry as Molly exhibits strange behavior. As a viewer, you wonder if her behavior is attributed to the drugs or to a haunting. Weird things to happen to Molly and she thinks she's going crazy, tries to ask for help, however, Tim and her sister don't really listen but instead think Molly is having a drug relapse. There is a supernatural element versus an emotional decline and at times, you don't know which is which.

I recommend watching the special features that come with the movie, it offers a lot of background information.
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on November 15, 2013
Newlyweds Molly and Tim move into the house she and her sister shared with their abusive father before his death, which proves to be a horrendous mistake as personal demons don't die that easily, but instead wait quietly behind bolted closet doors. Truck driver Tim is gone for weeks at a time, leaving Molly alone to face whoever - or whatever - is shaking her back door off nearly off its hinges, and whispering her name into her hair while she sleeps. I found Lovely Molly to be an intensely disturbing film, a sad and truly horrifying portrait of one poor soul's descent into a living hell of the most intimate and frightening sort. I think it was the personal nature of the horror that scared me the most - any ghost or demon is frightening, but how much more infinitely terrible is one already well known to you, the stuff of your most sickening, dreadful childhood memories? There are a few effectively gory moments as Molly's world falls to pieces, but Eduardo Sanchez is a master of subtlety and the real terror here is superbly understated, which is for me far more menacing - a hummed song, a weird old carving seen only once of a double horse headed sword on a basement wall, a child crying in what we know is a childless house, misshapen feet clumping up the stairs, a hand extended in invitation to something beyond an open door...the acting is fresh, believable, often uncomfortably real, the very ending immensely awful, inevitable, perfect.
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on July 9, 2013
I will say I did very much enjoy this flick...however, there are some gripes that I have. For the most part this is a cool and creepy flick. But, as the movie rolls on you can't help but think this is just some cracked out girl imagining a bunch of crazy stuff. The movie continues on and you keep thinking more and more that she is completely drugged out. Then everything gets even crazier and the movie ends...and they would like you to believe it is not just the drugs...from my perspective I feel they should have had more ghostly type of creepy moments to cement this throughout the flick. Besides that, it was a creepy and definitely worthwhile flick.
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on October 2, 2012
Some people expect torture and plenty of gore, others just want repeated jump thrills, and still others want to guess what order the characters will die.

For me, I want gore to be warranted and rare, jumpy moments to be interspersed with guessing, and, most of all, I want good acting, plot and script.

Lovely Molly does it for me. It has unexpected moments, side-steps the straight found footage genre with a unique back and forth in camera style, kept me guessing as to whether I was watching paranormal or just plain crazy, and the acting, directing and script writing were spot on.

Most of all, I can honestly say I was, through the duration of this film, entertained...which is why we watch, right?
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on September 17, 2012
I was not expecting much at all considering I had never heard of this film and just happened upon it just by chance. I wasn't expecting much because of the over-all three star rating by the combined reviews I have read here on amazon. I am glad to report that the majority seem to not know what a solid horror film experience truly is. Well be assured, this is it. This movie keeps you guessing as to what is realy going on, but this is a good thing. If you are willing to leave your expectations at the door this movie should pleasantly suprise you. The movie is truly a real gem of the genre because of the very reason that it keeps you guessing. Is the main character truly possessed, or is she simply the victim of mental illness? The audience never quite finds out in the end. But what we do have here is spellbinding tension that never let's up. Most of the fun is trying to figure out if this girl is truly posesssed or if she is simply very mentally ill. The fact that the question is never really answered is the real gift of this movie. Trying to understand the unknown is what keeps you hooked on this film. In the mean time we have some very solid acting and incredible tension that never let's up. And some unforgettable chilling moments that should leave you breathless if you give it a chance. I am venturing to guess that persons who did not like this movie were expecting the film to go in the predictable directions, but it never really does. This movie is creepy, well directed and simply astonishing in it's decision to not sell out for cheep thrills or gore. The film never chooses to go in the direction you think it will, and the end result is a movie I willl not forget for a long time to come. I think it's one of the best horror movies I have seen in a long, long time.
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Rented this one and found it difficult to watch in one sitting - not because it was disturbing or anything like that, but rsther because it was, frankly, just another boring b-horror, supernatural/psychological movie. I do want to give credit, though, to the two lead actresses who both turn in quality performances. Again, though, Lovely Molly was just without chills, scares, or even anything I'd describe as a notably creepy scene.

Bottom line: Take a pass on this one and save your time and money for something else, as I really think most horror fans will be disappointed. My suggestion would be to wait for it to come out on Prime or Netflix.
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on September 21, 2015
Im a real horror fan and this one is a sleeper. Ive watched it twice, and the movie is well done enough that Im still not sure what Ive seen. Was it real? Was it made up by a disturbed mind? The movie respects its audience enough not to give easy answers. As well, I appreciate a horror film that gives its protagonists a real pathology - the horror is at least as much within as without, irrespective of how you interpret the story. Finally, the movie doesn't rely on simple startle effects to get its scares - no fake cat-jumping-out-of-the-closet scares, no "monsters" even (maybe). Just good psychological (or something else) tension with characters I cared about in way over their heads in... I'm still not sure what.

For fans of The Babadook, this is a great addition to the genre
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on May 5, 2013
So originally my boyfriend and I were unsure of this movie as most we have seen lately have been horrible. However, there is just something about this movie that hooks you. Its super creepy and...I don't know. If you get a chance, see this movie.
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