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on October 5, 2005
It's official- Jake Coburn is my favorite author. After reading his first novel, Prep, I eagerly waited for the arrival of his second book. Well, LoveSick did not let me down. I think it even surpassed Prep in awsomeness! A true love story that will appeal to both boys and girls, LoveSick tells the tale of two troubled college freshmen brought together by extraordinary circumstances. I really grew to care about the main characters; and some of the side characters, particularly Michael, are really terrific. Bravo, Mr. Coburn, Bravo... you are a real winner!
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on October 21, 2005
Jake Coburn starts LOVESICK with a teaser: he writes as if the characters told him their real story. Certainly the story of two addicts trying to survive in college could be true, but it is unique in that Ted is hired by Erica's father to watch her at college. She has bulimia and her super-rich dad wants to be sure she is healthy in her dorm. Ted has his own demons to face in that he is a former basketball star whose scholarship was yanked after a drunk driving accident left him with a metal knee. The "scholarship" from Erica's father seems like a second chance.

As he watches Erica between AA meetings, Ted finds himself drawn to her. They begin running into each other at night when they can't sleep. Soon he starts trusting her with his issues and he wants her to trust him, but ultimately he knows that his secret will divide them if she ever finds out.

In the meantime, Michael, an employee of Erica's father, keeps very close tabs on both Ted and Erica by reading their email and checking their phone and ATM records. The more Ted gets to know her, the more he keeps their friendship from Michael and Erica's father. But it is only a matter of time before all is known --- to everyone.

Slow but intense, LOVESICK follows the daily story of two people's struggles to trust others --- and themselves --- as they recover from their addictions.

--- Reviewed by Amy Alessio
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on October 20, 2005
jake coburn's new book lovesick was an original story. i love the way he takes an idea or situation and brings it to our attention when we would have never thought about it in the first place. as in his first novel prep which i absolutely fell in love with. you kind of see them as underground, hidden stories that most look past. Lovesick was very interesting and i think coburn did an excellent job at telling their story. as a young reader i have many friends that have addictions to purging, and drinking and i could relate to the characters and the struggles they went through throughout the book. one thing i didnt like and kept me from rating it 5 stars is the overusage of the word F*ck. it seemed to be on every page. it sometimes took away from the sincerity of the character i.e. when ted was trying to apologize to erica. it doesnt seem heartfelt when hes using that word starting everyother sentence. also in the beginning, i didnt understand charles. hes this big time guy, yet in his meeting with ted, he acted really immature in his actions and the way he spoke. i thought the dialog could have reflected the character's personality a bit more. but overall i really enjoyed the book and once you get to the end, you are rushing to finish the book. nice ending also.
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on December 16, 2005
Love Sick was a very shocking, interesting, and caring book. It showed how someone can not be trusted but loved at the same time. It also showed how someone will do anything to stop their dream or life for love.

Love Sick was a page turner. I never wanted to put it down. And I was always wondering what fantastic thrill would happen next.

I would most defiantly give this book a ten and five star! It was truly that good! I loved it, and I would recommend Love Sick to anyone who loves a little bit of romance, college living, and a brilliant plot.
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on March 2, 2016

This book was mostly meh.

Erica is finally going away to college with her father’s permission, since she’s supposedly recovering from an eating disorder. Ted is a recovering alcoholic starting college just out of high school, and he’s been hired to watch Erica.

Given this plot line, of course this book is going to be dark. I expected Ted’s problems, what with not drinking in general, let alone as a college freshman living in the dorms. I didn’t expect Erica’s problem, or the detail in which it was going to be described. The detail was rather off-putting.

I liked the way that the book was written, though. With alternating points of view, as well as the emails exchanged for Ted’s job with Erica’s father and IMs between Erica and her therapist. I liked the ending, where the characters were at that point. The romance, though, and the actual writing, was pretty meh, though. I didn’t feel much chemistry between the characters, or why they were supposedly feeling more than simply attraction. The writing didn’t pull me in.

This book was average in the end. I didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

[More of my reviews are available on my blog, Geeky Reading, to which there's a link on my profile.]
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on November 25, 2015

Love Sick

Jake Coburn

3/5 Stars

Love Sick, Coburn's second novel, will suck you into his dramatic, fast paced love story. It is a read for one sitting, simply because it does not let you put it down. Although, being a short read it also brings a weaker story line, which results in the characters having little depth. That being said, I did highly enjoy the character Erica, who was unique and showed dozens of different personality traits, just not many of the other characters. This is a good book for a beach read, or a short road trip. With it being my first Jake Coburn read, I am very pleased with it and recommend it to anyone who is in need a little romantic pick me up.

- Writings of a Walrus
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on November 2, 2005
Lovesick is a uniquely candid look at the life of two college freshman. The story is surprisingly easy to relate to belying the extraordinary circumstances the heroes find themselves immersed in. Portions of the story are told through emails that the characters have supposedly sent back and forth revealing fascinating levels of complexity in their personalities. I found myself eagerly awaiting the next volley of emails or meetings with the psychiatrist via instant message. You won't be able to put this book down as it takes you from an east coast Ivy League campus to a New York City climax that will leave you reeling. I loved every second of it and can't wait for Coburn's next!
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on July 15, 2011
When I got this book (it was one cent) I couldn't wait to read it. When I started, I said to myself "Okay, it's boring now, but it'll get better as you keep reading." Sadly, for me it didn't. I was on page 104, and couldn't read it any more. I really, really wanted to read it and like it, but I couldn't.

If you don't like cussing, or only tolerate a little bit of cussing, this is NOT the book for you. I only hope someone buys my book on the selves of Goodwill for 2.99 and enjoy it. :'(
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VINE VOICEon March 18, 2010
Lovesick is one of those compelling, can't-put-it-down emotional rollercoasters that sneak up on me every now and again. This one was given to me by a friend, so I have to admit that I wasn't even looking for something like this. I'm more the car chase, shoot `em up kind of guy, as anyone that reads this blog knows. I don't like to do a lot of deep thinking. After all, I have five kids and I do that enough, thank you very much.

But Jake Coburn hooked me with his lead Ted York. I've known guys like Ted, who had their lives mainlined into their athletic abilities. And some of them, like Ted, ended up flat on their butts when the athletic life they'd envisioned didn't pan out for one reason or another. Those lives tend to be very short.

A lot of people don't dream past that career, though. For Ted, the athletic scholarship was a means to an end, a way to get out of the blue collar existence his parents had brought him up in and sacrificed to get him above. Even though his world had crashed around him, literally, and his knee was gone for good, and he was attending AA meetings to keep from drinking, he wants that dream he was reaching for through basketball.

I started rooting for the guy from page one.

I rooted for Erica too, but it took me longer to warm up to her because I really didn't get her illness or how it could impact her life so hard. Alcoholism is much easier for me to understand because I've seen people that suffer through it, but bulimia is relatively unknown to me except through reading and television.

The love story that unfolds in the pages is well done, maybe a little sappy and shopworn at times, but it's effective. I sat down to read a little of this book so I could discuss it with my friend, but ended up reading it practically cover to cover. Was I surprised by the twists and turns of the plot? Nope, can't say that I was.

However, what lifts this book up is Coburn's writing. Some people might find his use of email missives somewhat annoying, but I loved them. The characters of the father and the agent that negotiates Ted's scholarship are starkly revealed and play important parts in the story. And they don't really have to be on stage most of the time.

Coburn has only written one other book so far, and I'm going to track it down. Although this is published under the Speak imprint and is written on a more "adult" interest level, if you're easily offended by harsh language, I'd like to caution you that the characters speak very frankly.
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on June 20, 2015
So underrated. Read this book in high school, college, and post grad. It's not complex, but if you want to hangout with really likable people in a digestible read, this is the book for you. I wish Jake wrote more books.
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