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on May 30, 2011
Bought my Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW bag off of Amazon Lightning Deals a few days ago. Although the reviews and description were very helpful to me I was still a little hesitant in not knowing if all my equipment would fit and how sturdy or well padded the bag was. Decided to try a video review (which I hope you find helpful) to walk you through the ins and outs of this camera bag as I was pleasantly surprised all the way around!
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on November 18, 2005
After much thought, I decided to get a sling-type bag, as a backpack would be too difficult to access on the run, and in my experience a traditional (boxy) camera bag is a pain to carry around.

I have an EOS 20D with the 17-85mm zoom, and it fits beautifully in the main compartment with sufficient room for another lens and a flash or for two lenses.Then there's an upper compartment where I keep my battery charger, cables and other assorted stuff, and a filter pocket in the front.

Some nice details that really stand out to me:
- The hidden all-weather cover that stows away in a flat Velcro-ed pocket to the base of the bag is invisible until you pull it out for use: so much so that one reviewer didn't even realise it is there!
- The back is very well padded.
- The zips are very high quality, and silent when in use. When they are closed the zips themselves are not visible, instead you have a neat covered `bead' for the length of the opening.
- The main compartment flap opens fully, giving unrestricted access.
- There are two nylon webbing straps with quick-release clips to that ensure that when the bag is on your front, there is no chance that the flap will accidentally open due to the weight of the camera, even is the zips are half opened. This is hard to describe accurately, but trust me- there'll be no nasty surprises if these clips are in place.
- When in shooting position, the bag presents an excellent platform for your elbows, greatly enhancing the steadiness of your shot.
- There's a built-in microfibre cloth that protects your LCD screen whilst the camera is in the bag, and may well be used as a lenscloth.
- When you want to get moving, there's a second smaller strap that attaches easily to the main strap so that the bag really stays put on your back, even when hunched over on a bike.

This is beautifully made and intelligently designed bag that will likely last for years. I can't recommend it highly enough.

UPDATE: Have gotten the 70-300 IS (non-DO) canon zoom and the SlingShot 100 will not fit this lens whilst it's attached to the body without distortion of the closure flap - it does however fit the 20D body with a 17-85 mounted on it whilst the 70-300 is in the left compartment and the 70-300's large lens hood stored either on the lens in reverse, or in the right compartment, so I'm still happy with it.

UPDATE 2: Alexander asked me is the Slingshot would work on one shoulder: i.e. not over your head and across your chest. The answer is yes and no: you can certainly sling it over one shoulder, but due to the angle it was designed to work at the strap does not 'sit' as well on one side, so if you choose to carry it like this, you'll have to hold on to the bag a bit. Having said this, I use it on one shoulder far more than slung across my chest, so let that be your guide.
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on January 25, 2006
Lowe has done it again. I own 2 other Lowe bags (one being my expedition backpack for camping and a computrekker). I swear by their design innovation and attention to using professional grade materials.

I use the SlingShot 100 AW everyday. Photo ops come up at any second. You have to be ready and the SlingShot allows you to be there. It comfortably holds my DSLR Rebel XT, 430EX flash, 5 memory cards, cables, power adapter, 24mm lens, 85mm lens, 100mm macro lens and the attached 18-55mm lens.

The INGENIOUS sling design is easy to use. Simply rotate unzip the main compartment (everything stays in because the closeable buckles prohibit you from opening it up too far) and easily lift the camera out in shooting position.

While the camera is out, the bag hangs comfortable around the front and I use it to rest my elbow on while shooting (an added bonus! stability).

The stabilizing strap can be hidden away, very NICE touch. And easily pulled out when needed.

The all-weather (AW) hidden cover comes out and protects in a downpour. Another great idea.

The microfiber LCD protector, numerous pockets are added bonuses, but the TRUE BEAUTY OF THIS BAG is that it allows QUICK, EASY AND SECURE motion from storage to shoot.

I got the 100 because I'm smaller and prefer a smaller bag. If I need to absolutely carry more lenses and gear, I'll most likely be going somewhere where I'm going to be stationary so I'll use my Lowe computrekker.

But as for being in the field, and being ready at moments notice...the SlingShot is it.

I sold this bag. Not because it was bad--I got more stuff and bought the next size up! I own the Slingshot 200 now and it is just as versatile, convenient and durable. LoweProducts are the way to go.
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on September 26, 2005
Contrary to the previous reviewer's comments, the all-weather sleeve that did not "come with the bag" is attached to the bottom of the bag -- there's no way that it did not come with the bag as the previous author writes. It is a very well-padded compact bag, and has enough room for a dSLR with lens attached (I have an EOS Digital Rebel XT) and room for two additional lenses (one shorter-length prime lens and maybe one standard telephoto zoom). Additionally, it's easy to quickly remove the camera from the bag because the zippers are on the side of the sling, allowing you quickly swing the bag to the front of your body, open the bag, and grab your camera. Removeable padded areas attached via Velcro allow for personal customization of the bag to better fit your equipment needs. This bag gets a favorable mention in my book.
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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2006
In classic western films, a lone hero pulls out a gun in a split second and then... bang bang bang! LowePro's SlingShot AW series allows you to pull out your camera ready for shooting in just few seconds. Designed for quick and easy access, it has a single diagonal strap that lets you rotate the bag from your back to the front. Two zippers open the left side revealing a well protected DSLR camera body ready for action.

Sometimes you need a bag that can hold all your gears, such as primary DSLR body, backup DSLR body, notebook computer, several lenses (walkaround, telephoto, wide angle, etc.), filters, several memory cards, iPod, chargers, extra batteries, battery grip, and so on. And there are times when you need a smaller bag like the Slingshot 100. It is just large enough to hold Canon Digital Rebel XTi with EF 17-40mm f/4L USM, EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, extra battery, battery charger (with international power adapter if traveling overseas), a couple of extra CompactFlash memory cards, and 3 lens filters. And there's enough room for either Sony DCR-HC42 MiniDV camcorder, a couple of MiniDV blanks, and camcorder charger OR iPod with camera connector and iPod charger. Missing in action is EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM telephoto lens.

It has 5 areas:

1. Primary area for the camera and lenses. It includes 3 Velcro partitions that can be rearranged to snugly hold the camera body and lenses.

2. The area where camera's LCD meets is a pouch that can hold several memory cards and is specially engineered to protect the LCD.

3. Top portion can hold items such as compact camcorder, compact point and shoot camera, or iPod, along with their charger and cables. Or perhaps some snacks.

4. Front pouch can hold additional memory cards, blank MiniDV tapes, extra batteries, and other smaller accessories.

5. Hidden inside the bottom zipper is the "all weather" cover (umbrella like fabric) that can cover the entire bag.

This bag is just large enough to carry my most frequently used gears and small enough to be taken anywhere.


- Well made, weather resistant, stylish.

- Cleverly designed for quick access.

- Enough padding to protect your gears.

- Just large enough for my commonly used gears.

- Integrated water proof cover.


- Will not accommodate longer telephoto lens.

- Side pouch for a water bottle would've been nice.
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on October 17, 2006
Have had this bag for a year now & love it. This is what I carry in the main compartment:
Nikon D50 with 18-200mm lens attached.
Wide angle 10-20mm lens
Depending on where I'm going - either the D50 charger, the speedlight and other little accessories OR my Canon SD550 elph with its charger.
The top compartment holds extra batteries, cleaning supplies & filters.
The small zipper compartment on the flap is a little bit tight for anything other than a cleaning cloth, extra memory, ID's/Credit Cards.
Being a woman... the strap isnt all that flattering going diagonally across the front, but I usually carry it in a sort of "1/2 slung" position or fully around in front anyway (unless I'm hiking).
It could be a little snug inside if you are trying to carry alot of accessory items.
Would have liked to see the padded portion of the main strap a little longer so padding is still on shoulder when bag is in the front slung position (since I carry it that way alot).
Compact yet perfect fit for my camera body, 2 lens, & accessories.
Very snug & secure on the back - easily hike, ride a bike or even a horse without fear.
Had no trouble getting used to "slinging" it around front. Actually can use bag as a kind of shelf for stabilizing elbows while composing shot.
Superior Lowepro design - great quality, sturdy zippers, love the rain cover.
Note: I did try the slingshot 200 version 1st and found that it was just too big for my needs so exchanged it for this smaller version - no regrets, cant imagine I'll ever need another bag.
11/17/09 -- I am still using this bag. It has gone everywhere with me and is holding up well. The interior dividers have lost a bit of firmness and one piece of interior velcro has come off but it is still very usable and I do not foresee replacing it for a few more years. Then I will probably buy the exact same bag or whatever is similar that is available at that time!
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on May 26, 2006
This is my first review on Amazon because I've bought products and never really felt like they deserved a review. I would say I did a thorough search for a bag that would fit me. I have a Nikon D50 with the 18-55mm lens and a 70-300mm zoom lens. I originally had a large Nikon bag that was a pain to carry around. It was inconvenient to carry and to access my camera.

So when searching for a bag I wanted something that was compact, easy to carry, could hold my gear neatly and securely, and have my camera easily accessible for those moments when you want to take a quick shot and put it right back. I went to camera stores and tried on bags, looked all over the internet for reviews and finally came across the Lowepro Slingshot 100AW. It had everything that I was looking for plus more.

Besides being able to hold my camera gear, it was able to hold my battery charger, cleaning supplies, extra batteries, filters, and has a built in all weather cover. Even with all of that packed I still have space for my wallet, cellphone and keys, thus freeing up my pants pockets. The great thing about the bag is that it is able to give me that extra stability when taking photos when bag is slung around to the front of me.

The bag is so well designed that there's no worry about having the bag opening up and having all your expense gear fall out. The opening where you remove the camera has straps that prevent it from opening all the way by accident.

All in all I am very satisfied with the bag. I would recommend it to anyone but if you have more than a couple of lenses to your photography arsenal I would upgrade to the Slingshot 200AW.
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on January 25, 2006
I was looking for a small case to carry my new Canon 20D with its 18-55mm standard lens plus my Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM. Having just upgraded from a point-and-shoot, the last thing I wanted was to be carrying around a huge bag of stuff with me each time I left the house with the kids. Regrettably, however, even trying to be creative (as described by other reviewers) did not really help in accommodating the larger lens within the compartments, as the case is too narrow. I therefore exchanged the bag for the SlingShot 200. The camera compartment of this similar but larger version however, is too deep if your camera does not have the extra battery attached leaving it unsecured, while the limited layouts of the internal compartments don't really help accommodating the larger lens. I must say both SlingShots appear to be nicely made of good quality materials and comfortable to carry, but unless you only have small (shorter) lenses and a medium sized camera, the 100 is to small, while the 200 is simply to large for a regular-sized camera. Too bad. I ended with the Canon 200DG Digital SLR Gadget Bag which nicely fits everything but is not as comfortable to carry around.
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on October 15, 2005
My Canon EOS20D is larger than the Digital Rebel - not to mention I bought it with the 17-85 mm lens which is longer than the default 18-55 mm one. It fits. Still room for the 2 lenses (or 1 lens and a flash). Separate pockets for CF cards, cables, filters, with the waterproof cover neatly tucked/hidden into the padded back.

It is full, yes. That plus the internal, padded, configurable dividers, keeps everything in place - no sliding around. With well-thought out opening capability, the messenger bag format lets me slip it around front to lift the camera out without taking it off my shoulders or dumping the lenses. I like it and its size.
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on December 21, 2006
I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a sling bag but I LOVE this bag!!! There is enough room at the top I can put my wallet, 2 diapers, some chapstick and mini-sunblock in the top. I have 2 kids ages 1 and 3 so it's great to be able to carry this bag and not have to carry my purse too. We travel a lot and I've taken this bag to Disneyland, Colorado, Mexico and Canada... as well as small day trips around our home like the zoo or beach. This bag works out great. I carry my Canon Rebel, zoom lense, flash, extra battery and CF cards without any problem.

The bag fits comfortably on my body (I'm 5"4') and on my husband (he's 6"2'). We trade off carring the bag and have no problem adjusting it. I can get the camera out quickly when my girls do something cute I need a quick picture of.

I highly recommend this bag for anyone on the go!
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