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on March 18, 2006
I was walking through the bookstore and I noticed that on the cover that the book will turn my world inside out. It did its job by getting my attention and I wondered what would be so surpising. I found that the suprise was life itself.

This book does a wonderful job at pointing at the extraordinary miracle of life. It brings your awareness to the present moment where the fact that this very moment is happening is truly amazing. This is a fact that many people seem to look over and take advantage of. It may seem so ordinary that existence acutally exists, but one can't deny that for existence to exist is an absolute mystery.

The book also points out the fundamental oneness of awareness. This oneness is what many mystics of the past have tried to convey. The only difference with this book and the mystics of the past is that the mystics of the past use clouded religious terms, which can make their message hard to understand. This book presents mysticism in terms of our time and situation. This material may have been all said before, but I think this type of material needs to be said over and over again for everybody to wake up.

Hope this was helpful.

Peace and Blessings on your journey.
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VINE VOICEon April 25, 2006
I love the Timothy Freke writings and this book will be awakening to people who have not deeply studied Buddism or Timothy's previous Gnostic slanting books.It is a very small book that uses a page for each paragraph. However let me sum his book up and save you the purchase price:

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on November 1, 2005
The first thing I noticed was, the title of the book - Lucid Living.

(Great title)

The second thing I noticed was, that it was small.

(I love that)

The third thing I noticed was, I originally intended to find Sue M. Watkins' new book.

But before I could reach for her book, this little companion caught my attention

By the way the title of Susan's new book - What A Coincidence!: The wow! factor in synchronicity and what it means in everyday life.

(I love noticing how that works)

Some comments, FWIW, about Seth and Jane Roberts since it has already been mentioned. - I've been reading Jane Roberts and Seth for that last 25 years(I was a teenager when I first started reading her). I directly attribute my success and confidence to the "answers and authority", within me, that Seth so often encouraged me to seek and experience. The Seth material is rich, complex, and open ended. In fact one of the appealing aspects about Seth for me, was his constant encouragement to go within and his admonition that the Seth material is NOT to become the new dogma.

This little book by Mr. Freke, is an awesomely concise introduction and/or reminder of some of the very profound insights offered by Jane and Seth. I applaud the author.

A suggestion for some reviewers - If something strikes you as useful, then appreciate it. If it does not, move on. If I may say so, keep your energy/feelings open and hold on to that seeking impulse which initiated you desire. There is no need to prove or disprove (be stuck). Appreciate, share, and keep on. Illumination can be experienced in the "darndest" of places.
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on July 8, 2006
Timothy Freke presents a series of lighthearted yet poignant philosophical ideas about the nature of reality. He says that we're all living in a dream, and we can wake from this dream by just choosing to change our focus in life. Without value judgements, he challenges us to consider an alternate reality - one that is more real and meaningful than what we think we are experiencing. I appreciated his direct approach, his economy with words, and his humor. The humor seemed a little condescending at times, but it was included to remind us of the central theme without getting bogged down in overly serious philosophical rumination. There is a lot of meaning packed into this tiny book that, as the title suggests, can be read in an hour. This book also happens to be very elegant in design, which makes it a great gift now that I have read it!
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on August 17, 2008
I was sceptical about this self-proclaimed one hour read. I have read dozens of books on personal development but this one really hit me between the eyes. This little book offers an opportunity to get the perspective of what many authors say in days of reading like eg. "I Am That" by Nisagardatta Maharaj or the "The Taboo of Knowing Who you Really Are" by Alan Watts etc. In one hour reading, Freke's book can change your life.

Timothy draws a parallel to the three dimensional images that you cannot always see at first glance, sometimes not all. That inversion that he introduces is like that. Some people will read this book and miss the power of his powerful message. It is a message that all the sages, all the books, arguably the gnostic gospels and even the Bible, is pointing to. I am.

Of the hundred books on my shelf, this has to be the most powerful in its simplicity. One gets the inversion of that I am NOT in the world, but that the world is in me. Take that hour to read it.
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on August 29, 2005
This book is an excellent introduction to the "Perennial Philosophy." However, most of what's in the book also seems to be in the Laughing Jesus, so you may as well just buy that instead.
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on April 6, 2010
The world is awakening to a new consciousness. Some of us are gradually waking up, occasionally hitting the proverbial snooze button so that we can continue dreaming for a little longer. Others, however, have been woken up as if they were hit upside the head with a baseball bat. For those of us who have had such a radical awakening, we typically remember the event and the surrounding circumstances rather vividly.

Lucid Living can be quite deceptive from its outward appearance. Just like Chuck Hillig's Enlightenment for Beginners, Lucid Living is a rather small book with large print which can be read in under an hour. But the message inside the book is obviously significant enough to awaken some of the most aware and conscious members of our group. That being the case, it might just be a good idea to have a group discussion about this little book.

I came to read Lucid Living because my girlfriend, Kitty, had read it a few years back. She said it was the catalyst for her awakening to a new consciousness, and while I had had my own awakening in late 2007, I am always looking for material that helps to wake people up. Once I read Lucid Living I immediately ordered Tim's latest book, How Long is Now? As the synchronicity of things work out, Tim happened to be having a weekend retreat in San Francisco a few weeks later so we flew out there and attended.

That event made such an impact on the two of us that we have encouraged Tim to fly out to Las Vegas for a week of events so that we can share him with our local Las Vegas spiritual community. He'll be in Las Vegas the last week of April through May 2nd, so if you're interested in joining our group, contact me via our website at Meetup dot Com slash AwarenessGroup (or you can go to Tim's website by googling him and reading about the events there.)

The message from the San Francisco event that stuck with us was Tim's passion for his concept that he refers to as Both/And (as opposed to Either/Or). While seeking Enlightenment, Tim encountered many situations where people seemed torn between two perspectives. They seemed stuck on one side or the other, either fully spiritual or entirely materialistic; all about absolute reality or entrenched in the relative world of Maya. Tim encourages us to learn how to embrace both worlds so that we can have the freedom provided by understanding the illusory nature of this reality while maintaining a love and respect for the life that we have been living. If you're afraid that Enlightenment means that you'll become desireless and lose the joy of living, then you could use a good dose of Tim Freke.
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on September 30, 2005
This is a great companion to Freke's book with Peter Gandy, The Laughing Jesus, Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom. The book may not change your life singlehandedly but it can surely deepen one's spiritual understanding.
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on June 26, 2014
This can’t even be called a book, as other reviewers have said; this is an oversized type pamphlet trying to play itself off as a book. You can read it in 15 or 20 min, and that’s if you are taking your time. The only purpose of this really, and that’s with putting aside what appears really as a way for the author to make some more money. Is to give it someone, (and maybe that person is you) who just doesn’t have the time or knowledge beyond their simple perspectives on life. As it will certainly get them thinking, but if you have even the vaguest knowledge of different philosophical views on existence, don’t waste the money. Unless maybe you have a friend or loved one who is really down in the dirt and depressed and really need a quick and easy read to help put some meaning back in there life. The contents isn't bad, just, spending your money on something more extensive, like one of the authors full books... would be a better investment of your hard earned income.
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on September 3, 2012
This little book is a sheer delight! I HIGHLY recommend it and even read it to everyone. THIS makes a great UN-birthday gift for whoever. A sweet blend of metaphysics, quantum physics, Spirituality, Mind/body consciousness, practical philosophical perspective, fun, and much more - all inferred by the text - I think this book is a great and genuine wake up call to true Spirituality and higher consciousness. Thank you, Tim! As an ordained minister with my Doctorate, I sincerely believe this kind of Spirituality is far more beneficial than most of what you find in churches on Sunday. Stay home, save yourself the trip, stay in bed and relax, and take an hour and READ THIS Book! Personally, that's what I think "Jesus" would do. Bravo for BIG LOVE! I can't wait to read Tim Freke's "Mystery Experience" already waiting for me on my shelf. AND I HIGHLY recommend his other books as well!! Enjoy!
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