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on June 15, 2012
The Luma Comfort IMPC-2800S is a gem! I was looking for a portable ice maker that could make ice that was not "cloudy or frosted" looking. I searched all the companies and major web sites that sold and made portable ice makers and only found two that was available to MY goals,they were the "EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Clear Ice Maker" and "The Luma Comfort IMPC-2800S Clear Ice Maker". All the rest of the portable ice makers in this group do not make clear ice.Clear ice looks good,taste good, and melts slower than the cloudy ice of 95% of all the portables and major Refrigerator/Freezer sold to the public. I wanted commercial style "CLEAR ICE!"

Let me repeat, I did not want the "frozen snow cone effect" of the ice in my refrigerator/freezer. It just didn't look right to me, I also did not want to pay over $250.00 for it, including tax and shipping. So I googled and found these two units, which are actually the same unit but under a different name and a different price. I bought the The Luma Comfort IMPC-2800S from ', they had the best price, even better than They also offer a 4% off coupon,which brings the price well within my cheap range!

The Luma Comfort IMPC-2800S is fanastic! It will take tap water or bottled water and within 6 min I had 24 1 inch clear ice cubes on the first dump!! AND it just continued making these cubes every 6-8 min. It will make about 28lbs in 24hrs with ease. No more going to 7/11 for 10-lbs of bag ice to dump in my freezer bin for me! As I said before, the 'EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Clear Ice Maker' is the same unit made by LUMA, but under a different name and at a HIGHER PRICE! Get the Luma unit! sells both from a 3rd party and much higher than what I paid. I am very happy with this unit. Search the web for the LUMA Comfort IMPC-2800S Portable Stainless Steel Clear Ice Maker', you won't be sorry.
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on June 15, 2012
I have tried a few clear ice makers before buying the Luma Comfort one. Though these guys seem to be a new product, the quality is very good. It doesn't feel flimsy or cheaply made. I was very impressed to say the least. Ice came out clear, just like it's supposed to. Doesn't sound amazing, but actually, many of these products on the market have a hard time delivering what the basic function of the device is, and clear ice makers fit into that category. It must be hard to make the ice actually clear and not 90% clear. But anyways, the ice comes out clear and tastes great. I used regular tap water to make the ice.

My fridge stopped making ice, so this is much easier than plastic trays, and since the ice is clear, it tastes so much better. No more floaties in my water!
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on December 27, 2012
October 2013 Update:
What I found is that once and a great while the sensors that are used to trigger each cycle, and the microprocessor that then initiates the next cycle, just got confused. Simply unplugging the unit (NOT JUST TURNING IT OFF). Allowed everything to loose memory, reset, and it worked great again. I have had to do this 2 times. But after doing this, it has been running like a champ. I now love the machine. Realizing it is just a little similar to a PC computer running windows and sometimes needs a "reboot".

I have had several of the traditional portable ice makers. They utilized refrigerated fingers dipping into a pool of water. The water freezes around them and then they are ejected from the fingers. They do not produce clear ice. This is like a water fountain flowing water over a refrigerated cube shaped panel. The ice cubes formed are perfect size for drinks, they are pleasant looking, and are the proper size for using in ice shaving machines like Margaritaville blender for cocktails. Cube size is therefore determined by the length of cycle which the water cascades over the panel. Short period of time and you have square but somewhat hallow cubes. A longer period of tie produces not a larger cube but less hallow. Too long and then the water builds up beyond the depth of the cubed panel shape and if forms a brick of ice. Within 3 months, the timer started to fail. The unit would not cycle between cascading water then stopping the cascade, reverse the refrigeration unit thereby warming the cubed panel which is how the cubes eject...the panel is slightly drafted and angled so when the panel is warmed the cubes fall out via gravity. Now, all I can do it watch it, take out cube blocks, put them in a bag, and beat them to crush them into usable sizes. The former 2 machines I had lasted a year. By design...they CANNOT form a brick of ice.

Update: It is now Abril 14th and I am still using the machine. But it has a 20 minute cycle time to produce one "brick" of cubes. I will be purchasing the cone or "finger" type machine to replace this. I liked the concept. The ice presentation is clearly better. But a machine that cannot produce anything but ice bricks to be beaten into smaller individual pieces is not worth the "clear" ice benefit.
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on August 30, 2012
After two weeks with this machine, here's the skinny on clear ice and the Luma Comfort clear ice cube maker. For what it's worth, I'd consider this machine a moderate success.

You can call it a number of things - bar ice, clear ice, restaurant quality ice, or winter icicles, but the bottom line is that you typically have to leave home to get perfectly clear ice. The ugliest (worst?) ice you consume is the cloudy ice you make at home in a typical refrigerator ice maker. Once you leave the house, every business that serves cold drinks will have better looking (perhaps better quality) ice than you have at home. That includes McDonald's, 7-Eleven and your local diner at 2 AM. It's really a shame, and if this fact bothers you then this machine may be of interest. You shouldn't have to leave your house to get quality looking and tasting ice that is free of trapped air and stale freezer odors.

You can kid yourself and try to boil water a number of times before freezing it to make clear ice but the success rate is hit or miss (at best). The way to achieve clear ice 100% of the time is to buy a commercial ice maker that runs a continuous stream of water over a cold cube making surface, or in this case a lower cost home version of a commercial ice maker. Ask anyone in the restaurant business and they'll tell you that commercial ice makers frequently need service. Every restaurant has a service contract with an appliance repair company, just as every office has a service contract for their unreliable Xerox copier. Whether or not these home clear ice machines will work long term repair-free remains to be seen.

Some of the sales claims for clear ice don't hold water (sorry for the pun). Clear ice does not melt five times slower than cloudy homemade ice. You easily can prove that by weighing clear ice cubes versus cloudy ice cubes and putting the equal competitors side-by-side in identical glasses on your kitchen counter. Since ice cubes come in wildly different sizes and cloudy ice has more trapped air than solid clear ice, a kitchen cooking scale is the only way to make sure the ice cubes being tested are the same volume of frozen water.

Watching ice melt is not the most exciting activity imaginable, but what you'll find is that your typical cloudy ice will melt at the exact same rate as clear ice. No difference whatsoever.

It has also been said that carbonated drinks don't fizz as wildly when poured into clear ice as they do with regular home ice cubes. Again, it's easy to do a side-by-side test in your kitchen which proves they react exactly the same with carbonated beverages. The difference is simply in the clarity of the ice and the presentation of it when serving it to your family or guests at a party. For purists, since this clear ice is made outside of your refrigerator/freezer and the resulting ice doesn't have air channels throughout the cube (as usual ice maker ice does) it resists taking on the odors inside your freezer cavity, even after you transfer the clear ice into your freezer for long term storage. From that moment on you can relish the fact that 7-Eleven and Hardee's don't have better ice than you do at home.

It's unfortunate to see a number of these machines arriving in an inoperable state (based on earlier buyer reviews). Since my machine has worked flawlessly over the last two weeks I would chalk it up to basic quality control issues. As far as operating the machine, the power button has multiple confusing modes and the user manual is a glaring example of offshore production. Since the operating manual is the cheapest part of the package and most easily corrected, it's most disappointing to find it is written in an unprofessional if not childish manner. It sets a bad tone from the start. Even less reassuring is the fact that Luma Comfort has the identical embarrassing manual online to download from their site. The manual could be rewritten in 15 minutes and the corrected version posted as a PDF on their site. At least fix it on your website product sales/support page!

The Power button and bright power indicator light seem to have been designed by a creature from another planet. The bright green light pulses on and off without really indicating much of anything. Using trial and error, pressing the power button for two second turns the machine on and ice making starts. The power button ignores quick presses. Holding the power button down for five seconds or more does not turn off the unit but rather sets the machine to make thicker ice cubes. The thicker ice cube mode really does work, as it lengthens the time interval of ice cube building. With the machine running, holding the power button down for two seconds turns the machine off - sort of. If you put your ear to the machine you can still hear it humming when "off" so there is more going on electronically than just the flashing indicator light. Maybe holding the button down in other ways can completely shut down the machine, but who the hell knows as the manual is cryptic at best and the power light continues to brightly pulse on and off as if it's ready to engage again after you leave the room. It's downright wacky. I can think of no other home appliance that has a bright pulsating light after you power it down. Hopefully the next generation machine will give us:

A) A user manual that clearly explains what the single button on the machine can do.
B) More than one button.

The single button also has a "lowest bidder" feel to it that could lead to issues down the road if pressed too hard. The only sure way to turn the unit off is to unplug it from the wall.

In the end this machine does exactly what Luma Comfort claims it will do - so I have to give it at least 3 stars. (Minus one star for documentation issues & one star for build quality/reliability concerns) It quickly makes perfectly clear ice cubes and loads of them, although you'll have to empty the small ice collection tray frequently with every ice making session (presumably by dumping the tray into your freezer ice cube tray or ziplock bags). That's the tradeoff for a small, affordable, portable commercial ice maker. But with the mixed reviews ranging from outright pitiful to glowing, at this point it's probably a machine for early adopters who have that yearning desire for clear ice at home.

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on February 15, 2013
makes crystal clear small square cubes exactly as promised. is not as noisy as i had actually expected which is good. intend to take it in the rv this summer. filtered water makes the perfectly clear cubes (used water from a fridge filtered water dispenser). the cubes tend to be semi stuck together when they are ejected into the holding bin so you need to break them apart a bit before using them but not really a big deal. DEFINITELY recommend but the shipping cost was very expensive for us. Came extremely well packed though and arrived in a timely manner.
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on July 12, 2012
As an avid cyclist in Texas, I use a lot of ice in the summertime. The icemaker in our refrigerator simply cannot keep up; worse, the ice melted quickly, leaving my water warm far too early. Worse yet, I'd end up using all the ice we have, leaving nothing for refreshing margaritas in the afternoon.

This machine has been a lifesaver. I start it up the night before, the next morning I have the ice I need for two bottles. Better yet, it's clear (really!), and stays cold for half again longer on my rides. I leave it running, and there's plenty of ice for an afternoon lounging around the house or evening on the deck.

Although not truly portable, it's easily enough moved - so taking the machine camping is an option as well.

The only possible complaint is how loud the machine is. At full operation, it can make conversation more difficult if you're in the same room - and you can hear it across the house. Best to find a small location that limits noise, or place it somewhere that noise isn't a concern.
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on December 2, 2014
It's a good option if you "just like to have your own ice maker".
Its easy to operate, low noise and the ice cubes are good quality (clear and well formed)
You need to keep pouring water into machine i order to make ice - it's not 100% automatic!
Cons: expensive for what you get. No service (I've called many times to customer service and never got someone on the phone), it did not brake, but if it does, I expecto no service or reapri available.
If you use it in warm and humid weather, you will have a lot of condensation around the machine - this will cause to have a lot of water dripping off the exterior of the machine and you will need to wipe it off constantly.
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on December 31, 2012
I bought this machine with an LED read out directly from the manufacturer in China (I actually bought 4 different models but this was the top end)

I have to say if and when it works it does make clear ice.

That being said all 4 of these machines I bought in normal usage were not functioning properly with 90 days of start up. The manufacturer in China and its sales guy do not answer emails and do nothing for customer service (at one point they offered me new "guts" if I paid $50 shipping and $50 wire fee and the box was only 1 month in use!)

I eventually found a young guy who like to tinker and found out the circuit board was bad and he hand repaired it but the "fill" solenoid which makes water go from the reservoir into the maker itself is no good and no part can be found.

Now it works, noisily and only with a small fill of water.

I suggest anything made by G-Mart International in China no matter who distributes it is best avoided
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on October 8, 2012
Purchased this product to replace a Waring portable ice maker I had for 5 years that finally quit. I gave it two chances. The first one received worked fine for two weeks than started freezing up, did not make clear cubes and the pump started working intermittently. This machine actually produces "cubes" by running water over a vertical form which makes trapezoidal "cubes" which (most times) are dumped in the tray as a solid block you have to break up. This is a problem with most of the "cube" portable ice makers. The cubes are well formed on the bottom but had a substantial dent in the top.

I exchanged ths first machine through Amazon for a new one thinking I got a lemon. The second machine behaved EXACTLY the same way. Starts out fine, then within two weeks started freezing up, opaque cubes and the pump started sounded labored and didn;t pump smoothly. I used filtered water in the machine (although it says it has its own filter) and I noticed little black bits of something in the water collector under the ice. Not good.

The second one went back today. The discontinued Waring model I had used rods that sat in a bin of flowing water. And made ice that was clear (albeit only with distilled water) and in the shape of tall igloos. Magic Chef currently has a similar unit which I am going to try next.

I would avoid this product.
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on March 10, 2016
Probably one of the most honest reviews you will read anywhere, I bought this december 2012, I have a thing for clear Ice, I also have a commercial machine at my shop that a convenience store threw away 18 years ago that I repaired that still makes ice to this day, This Unit makes ice exactly the same way a commercial machine makes ice, that is why I purchased it. for 3 years it has mostly been trouble free but at the same time I am used to the quirks of a commercial ice maker, things I just deal with would be an inconvenience to normal folks, It is imperative that it is cleaned and descaled monthly just like a commercial machine, it makes ice exactly like what you would expect in a bar, the ice is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. the bad now, I work on ice machines almost daily so I know what to do, this is not a set it and forget it machine, it doesnt always return to freeze from the harvest mode and after 3 years just makes a giant block of ice instead of individual cubes, like the whole machine froze solid over night, not too many hickups in 3 years but this just started, I had to order new one untill I can figure out why the old one is doing these strange things, If you want a machine that makes bar quality ice the same way the bars do this is what you want, but it is quirky and there is maintenance involved, I bought another almost Identical Because I like it but I certainly expected it to last longer than 3 years for the price.
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