Customer Reviews: Luminox Men's 3001 Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch
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VINE VOICEon October 28, 2005
The basic Luminox watch is a superb day watch. Although I am on my second one in eight years, this may be a record, as I am not gentle with watchs. The first one's crystal cracked, but the second one is driving on like a champ.


The luminous stuff on the hands and face (tritium vials) is bright. I mean really, REALLY bright. None of this hold it under a light" silliness, but wake up at three thirty in the morning and have no trouble reading it.

The twelve o'clock tritium vial is orange not green, acting as an index point even in complete darkness. See remark about 0330 hrs.

The bezel can be turned reasonably easily, but won't turn by itself when you are not looking.

Accuracy is good.

Shock resistance, overall durability is very good (damage to my first watch was purely my fault and exceeded any reasonable expectation of survival).


The Navy SEAL propaganda can be mildly annoying.

The bezel is synthetic (plastic), and after two or three years of use starts to go smooth and the numbers start to wear off.

The luminous stuff on the hands and face (tritium vials) is bright. I mean really, REALLY bright. This con is a special case. If a service member wants to wear this watch in the field, one of those watchbands with the flap to cover the face is a REALLY good idea.

The synthetic strap isn't so good. I replace the watch band with a nylon/velcro one on the first day.

The little compass that comes with it is a wasted effort, get a Suunto watchband compass. Same size, superior in every way.

On the whole, a tremendous value for money, and when I abuse my current one beyond usefulness, I will certainly get another one.
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on March 29, 2010
I have two of the Luminox Ops Watches. They are good watches for general physical activity, including swimming. However, if you plan to scuba dive with these watches, please be aware that some moisture will enter within the watch. The watch and crystal will fill up with just enough moisture where one is unable to see the time. It takes about 2-4 days for the watch to dry out...the watch continues to keep its time. Both of my Luminox Ops watches experience this problem when diving at depths even though Luminox claims this is a water resistant watch at depths of 200 meters.
When I inquired about this problem with a registered Luminox service center, they knew about the problem and suggested that I purchase the more expensive model where the complete backside of the watch screws together like a bezel. They're explanation continued to describe the Luminox Ops back side is only attached with 4 small screws and this design is prone to leak when the watch is under pressure. The service center suggested that I work directly with Luminox regarding this problem. This process of working with Luminox, returning watches directly to the company has been a long and difficult process....they are not an easy company to work with! Luminox knows there is a design flaw with the Ops watch. After repairs, I continued to have the very same problem. Now, I take off my Luminox watch when entering the water and use only my scuba computer.
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on August 16, 2009
I bought this exact model in 2002 for boot camp. i thought i should get the best quality watch for something like that and since it is the navy seal watch i figured it would be pretty good. for daily use it looks cool and lights up insanely bright at night. you would have no trouble telling the time in the dark. now the bad part... on the way to boot camp, the light strip on the second hand fell off! it just rattled around inside. then i got to boot camp and i cracked the face without even abusing the freaking thing. it made me sick knowing how much this stupid watch cost me. i ended up having to go to the store so i could buy a [...] timex ironman watch. i used it through boot camp and still wear it today after 7 years of abuse. i had to change the battery for the first time about a month ago. i say dont waste your money. this watch isnt all that luminox claims it to be. its absolute crap.
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on February 21, 2015
Initially, I was afraid to buy this watch. It's the Navy SEAL watch, and while I loved the design, it had some mixed reviews, especially in regards to durability & lack of factory warranty(when not purchased from authorized dealers). However, when I saw that this watch came with 2-year warranty offer from Amazon, I had to get it.

I've had this watch for just two weeks, so this review is a work in progress(I always update my reviews as necessary). So far, the watch looks great & it's been a real accurate watch(closely monitored, down to a second). I'm always reckless with items like these, but it's yet to pick up a scratch. It looks durable enough with the exception of the crystal. I'm used to my G-Shock crystal being recessed to save it from impact, but it actually sticks out slightly on this watch. It looks great, but in my opinion, questionable design for watch that's marketed on toughness.

Only "con": Even before I ordered this watch, I wasn't feeling its cheap looking rubber strap. When I received it, I thought its really soft texture was kind of nice - until I found out that friction often made it hard to insert the strap into the loop. I have replaced it with the 22mm Zulu Military strap(NATO style) & I am now in love with this watch.

Edit(2 Months): I started monitoring time accuracy using the website, and in close to two months, it has gained roughly 5 seconds. I can live with that. Also, I have encountered zero problem with this watch, nor the NATO strap I also purchased on Amazon.

Edit(6 Months): It has now gained roughly 26 seconds going by website. I feel horrible for not ever wearing other watches I own. With the blacked out NATO strap, I just love this watch & I never go outside without it on my wrist. ;)

Edit(One Year): I only wear this watch casually(also own Mudman G-Shock for the abuse), but it still seems to keep very accurate time &I still don't wear any other watches. This one turned out to be one of my all-time favorites. :)
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on September 21, 2007
Please do yourself a favor and avoid Luminox watches at all cost.
I am a firefighter and assumed that a watch good enough for Navy Seals would meet my on the job needs as well. How wrong I was.
After less than a year I cracked the crystal by setting the watch on a plastic countertop. Apparently they are not made to handle impact of any kind. Navy Seals must be a fragile bunch.
After considerable hassle, the Luminox service center repaired the watch, but charged me an outragous $120 dollars - and it took them all of 16 weeks.
Several months later the glow-in-the-dark paint fell off of the second hand and now sits inside the watch housing, getting pushed around by the hands.
I like the look of this watch, but the quality is terrible. Even worse, it costs more to fix the frequently broken parts than it costs to buy a better watch.
Give your money to a watchmaker with a quality product who cares about its customers - Luminox is not that company.
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on August 30, 2009
The tritium is nice but the case is flimsy; leaked after battery change. Recently one of the four pins securing the band broke off. Keeps good time. Save your money; buy a Casio G Shock!

Update - After ten years the tritium vials have lost most of their brightness making it difficult to see in the dark.
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on October 17, 2009
Judging from the other reviews, people either love this watch or they hate it. I'm in the later category. I was originally disappointed by how quickly it went through batteries. Then, the minute hand came loose and now it just dangles. I've seen cheapo watches made better than this.
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on March 1, 2013
I did extensive research. Bottom line is that Luminox is one of the most copied and counterfeited watches on the market. Buying from unauthorized dealers without current credentials can be a rip-off, and is the reason for most reviews that complain about Luminox performance. Some of the biggest sellers of so-called Luminox products are run by disreputable people and they are sneaky, so you really have to know your stuff to avoid getting a 2nd-rate watch or a total knock-off.

I own the old version when Luminox first debuted this watch. Has a metal backing on the case which they no longer use, now they use polycarbon, and is SERIES 3000. It says NAVY SEALS on the face of the watch. They no longer say that. (so if you're buying a brand new one with Navy Seals on the face it is probably a replica, i.e. a fake)


After all these years the luminosity is strong, reading the watch is easy in any level of lightness or darkness.

All in all I consider it a good solid investment.

I do love the tritium markers and they really do the trick.

Other companies make watches with tritium markers but most of them don't get the reviews that Luminox gets. Mine on my Luminox Navy Seal 3000 are plenty bright after several years of constant usage.


1. The spring inside the bezel on mine broke so bezel no longer turns but I think a good watch technician can fix it for a reasonable fee.

2. Costs at least $40 or more to send it to Luminox for bezel repair.

Other Cons as in CON ARTISTS:

Luminox knock-offs are everywhere, and some of very cleverly marketed and also expensive.

You will even find fake cases, manuals, and warranty cards. By the way unless you have a warranty card stamped by an authorized Luminox dealer PLUS your sales receipt I was told that Luminox won't honor the warranty. You can ask Luminox to verify that info. But be careful because buying at any price from anyone who is not an authorized Luminox vender can invite problems and possible fraud.

2. Right now (March 2013) Luminox won't let its dealers sell this particular Navy SEAL Dive Watch new for less than about $315 and most sell it for suggested price of $350. Keep that in mind if you plan to spend money with an unauthorized vender. You might be better off spending more to get a guaranteed "real deal" with no worries about knock-offs or warranty problems. Buy a piece of junk for $200 and you throw away $200. Invest in the real thing for $350 and you'll likely get a watch that will last at least a decade and maybe a lifetime. Mine's going strong after nearly 15 years of active service.
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on July 29, 2010
Luminox makes money by advertising their watches as being tough, as being used by Navy Seals, and as being a quality product.

My 3000 series had the crystal break while fishing in alaska. I am not talking about Deadliest Catch abuse, I am talking fishing with a rod and reel for salmon. A very little bump on the side of the boat and a nice break across the face of the watch. To be honest, this did not bother me that much. I assumed that my watch, 3 months old, would be taken care of by Luminox. To my surprise, Luminox denied the claim and charged me $130 to replace the crystal. What was even more absurd than their price was that it took 3 months for them to ship my watch back to me. This is not some random repair shop, this was the Luminox Customer Service Center.

After getting my watch back, it lasted another 4 months and the bezel broke. Of course, this was not covered under warranty and after $60 and 5 weeks at Luminox Customer Service Center, my watch arrives with a different bezel than the original bezel. After calling the Service Center, I have to send my watch back so they can replace the incorrect bezel with the original model. I ship the watch back, at my expense, and it takes them 3 weeks to call me back and tell me the original bezel is no longer available.

I finally get my watch back, a few weeks pass, and I take the kids to the pool to hang out and get some sun. After swimming for about an hour, I look at my watch and notice that the crystal has fogged up and I cannot read the watch. My guess would be that Luminox, after opening my watch 3 different times has messed up the waterproofing of the watch. After calling their customer service center, guess what? You betcha, since the watched was opened due to a non-warranty issue, they will not repair it for free. So the bottom line is the LUMINOX SERVICE CENTER will not even warranty their own work.

For a company that promotes their watch as tough, it is anything but and the company itself borders on being criminal in their enforcement of their own warranty and service.

I have since bought a G-shock that I has lasted for 3 years without even having to have the band replaced, much less a crystal or bezel.
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on March 20, 2007
Have a Luminox model 211- water res 5 atmosphere(165ft/50m) - When the watch was one month old, went surface swimming in the ocean and the watch leaked and quit. Sent it back for warranty and they would not repair under warranty. They said the stem must have been out even though I checked and know it was in. Still fighting with Luminox. Might make a good fishing weight. Do not buy for Armed Forces, they deserve better. Luminescence is great, but not much good if it won't work.
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