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on April 16, 2013
I recently replaced my family room recessed lights with some nice G7 LED bulbs. One of the complaints I had read about those bulbs was that there was a slight delay when turning them on. However, with the standard switch I was using originally, the bulbs illuminated immediately.

Soon there after, I decided to install this dimmer. That is when I first noticed the delay. It is not a huge issue for me though. It is about a one second delay. Otherwise, the dimmer works great. It has a "hidden" adjustment slider (in addition to the dimmer slider) that allows you calibrate the dimmer so it works well with your particular bulb. This was very easy to do, and I appreciated having the flexibility to be able to get the dimmer to work right with a variety of bulb types.
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on June 19, 2014
Functionally, this switch works as advertised. I bought two and wired them both up without any issues.

~ works perfectly with LED retrofit lights (Commercial Electric T60 & gimbal versions). I wired four recessed LED fixtures in series after this switch and they all come on together and dim in unison, so bravo there.
~ no buzz, flicker, or odd dimming once properly adjusted. On the bare face of the switch, in the lower left corner there is a tiny little switch which allows you to adjust the MINIMUM dimming level. It is well outlined in the included directions, but basically you set the lowest dimming level for the LEDs that allows them to all turn on together consistently.
~ Three way compatible.
~ EXCELLENT instructions. I really mean EXCELLENT. There are very clear diagrams and drawings that any person could understand. You don't need to be an experienced electrician if you can just take the time to read and follow the diagrams.
~ Comes with wire nuts for all the connections you might need to make. That seems like a small thing, however if you are only using these as standard switches (not three way) you need to protect one connection from the switch that isn't used and since its a smaller wire gauge, its really nice they included a small wire nut JUST for that task. Its a small consideration that is really convenient.

~ The switch is pretty deep. Be aware given the added electronics and wiring that allow this switch to work well with LEDs, you will want a deeper gang box. Otherwise, you will really struggle to fit this in the box. Its about as deep as an older GFCI, so plan accordingly. Shallow remodel boxes need not apply...
~ My main, and only complaint, is that the feeling of the switch action itself is quite... off putting. The action feels "plasticy" and clicks with an sloppy cracking noise. It is hard to describe in words, but when you touch and use the switch, it's inherently apparent what I am describing. I have rewired my entire house now, many of the switches I used were the bargin 15A switches sold at HD and they feel much more solid and confident; they move with a solid, confident snap into position. To me, this is a major knock against this dimmer and so I deducted two stars. I find this feeling is actually a major deterrent and if I were to purchase another switch with LED compatible dimmer functionality, I would look to another brand on the basis of feeling alone. HOWEVER, most people probably wouldn't even notice this, and given the other reviews, only a couple people even mentioned it.

So in summary, the switch FUNCTIONS flawlessly, includes some of the best instructions I have seen with any electronics, includes minor touches like wire nuts, but you get those positives at the expense of a quality FEELING switch. Every time I touch this switch I notice how cheap the action feels and it nags at me that a switch costing $40 seems cheaper than a $1 generic switch. If you want to feel confident before buying, head to your local big box store and actually touch one of these switches and its competitors before you buy so you can see for yourself if you find the feeling to be cheap.

UPDATE 05/13/2015:
I recently switched the halogen bulbs in my kitchen fixture to these Triangle LED replacements:
The high level is perfect, and the dimming action works just fine, but the bulbs flicker at the lower dimming level. In fact at about anything under half power, they seem to flicker. I purchased this alternative LED compatible switch and will be installing it as soon as it arrives:

Look for an update soon.

UPDATE 05/22/2015:
I received the new Lutron Maestro switch and tested it out last night. I do prefer a large toggle switch of the DIVA to a momentary button on the Maestro, but the Maestro switch functions much better with respect to LED performance when dimming, especially in eliminating flicker. So it would seem not LEDs are created equal, nor are the switches that control them. With my retrofit LED can lights, the DIVA performed perfectly. With my GU10 LED bulbs the DIVA struggled, but the Maestro worked perfectly, so my suspicion is you will have to try both switches and see how they perform with your specific LEDs.
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on September 19, 2013
Gosh, I have real mixed feelings about this dimmer.

I really like the functionality, with the big on off switch, and the small slider to the side. And the faint glow-in-the-dark feature is a bonus too.

But it hums with Commercial Electric 4" LED Disk Light T47. Not a real loud hum, but a hum nevertheless. This light is listed as compatible with the dimmer by Lutron. So, I called Lutron. "Sorry, sir, a hum is NOT considered making the dimmer incompatible."
I called the electrician who installed the lights, and he just laughed at Lutron's compatibility statement, in fact I think he is still laughing. They electrician suggested a dimmer designed for incandescents, but Lutron said they would not reccommend their incandescent dimmers, in fact they would not be UL approved for LEDs.

So I called Home Depot customer service number listed on the Commercial Electric box. (Commercial Electric is Home Depot's house brand. Home Depot was super helpful, and fairly quickly transferred me to a rep at Cree, the LED manufacturer. Cree was very helpful also, and supplied me with a list of compatible dimmers, some of which are in fact Lutron incandescent!! So, I actually purchased a Lutron DV-600DP incandescent dimmer at Home Depot. Installed in the kitchen and it works fine.

The Lutron DVCL-153P, which is the subject of this review found a happy home dimming two Costco FEIT bulbs. No hum there at all.

Thus a very mixed review.
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VINE VOICEon January 20, 2012
I have been in the process of changing all of our current R30 can lights to Ecosmart CREE replacement downlights. It is a process because we have 25 cans around the house and the replacements are about $40 each. For our home theater room we had 6 lights that were 65 watts each and run with a traditional Lutron Diva. I don't like having the room completly dark when we watch TV or a movie so having the lights on a dimmer switch is a necessity for me. I like the room to be at a level like a movie theater where it is fairly dark but you can still see to move around.
When I installed the new downlights I also changed the dimmer to this model so I wouldn't get the buzzing some folks mentioned they were hearing with the standard version of the Diva in reviews of the lights. This model works great and the lights go down to almost zero light with no flicker, pop on or pop off. The dimmer is very simple to install and adjust.
The reason I give this four instead of five stars is that I think Lutron should have included the "soft glow night light" on this model just like their standard Diva.
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on September 8, 2012
I bought this special dimmer, thinking it was required to work with my Cree CR-6 dimmable LED lights. However this dimmer does not appear to be stable, and all 3 of the Cr-6 lights I have connected will flicker. It turns out that the CR-6 is designed to work with standard dimmers, not a low power dimmer like this one. It "should" still work, though, but doesn't. The dimmer works fine if I have the lights really low, or all the way lit, but often flickers at settings anywhere in-between.
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on September 27, 2014
We just had our first child and during the course of setting up the baby's room we realized we needed a way to reduce the light level in the room at night when changing diapers, etc... I bought this unit to match another I had in the house aesthetically. I like it because you operate it normally with the rocker switch, but then if you want to turn down the lighting level you can using the discreet slider. This seems to not put as much wear and tear on the dimmer slider as it infrequently is moved.

It took quite a bit of research to figure out what all the different models of Lutron dimmers did. They have a lot of them that look identical, but with different characteristics operating wise. Even looking at Lutron's site, not all the model numbers matched up with what Amazon sold.

I eventually figured out that this would be the best dimmer for me as compared to my older one downstairs, this is a newer model that supports CFL/LED screw in type bulbs. It has one wattage rating for CFL/LED and a separate for incandescent (i.e. 150 watts for CFL/LED and 600 watts for normal incandescent/halogen). While I was using this on a halogen fixture today, I wanted the ability to swap to LED later so I went with this one over the older series.

Note that this one does *not* have the convenient little night light that let's you find the switch in the dark like the older series (that only does incandescent) does. I suspect this is because in order for that to work, it must "leak" some current through the "load" light bulb in order to light the nightlight, and CFL/LED ballasts don't think that is very funny.

Amazon also sells this same exact switch, but with an "H" on the end of the product SKU. From what I can tell, that just means you get the "retail" clamshell packaging and a faceplate cover with it instead of the small contractor style cardboard box. I hate packaging waste and I already had faceplate covers, so I went with this one.

One other feature of note is that this unit has a little thumbwheel on the bottom left of the switch (behind the wall plate cover) that let's you set the minimum dimming level. I suspect this is to keep CFL's / LED's from freaking out and flickering when they don't get enough power to fire up the lamp and keep it lit. I am not sure if the older series had this or not. Since I am just using it with a halogen light right now I left it set to the default setting which works great and starts off at an extremely low light level.

My wife loves me for buying and installing this thing, and I am happy with the quality.

Highly recommended!

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on January 24, 2013
I purchased this LED dimmer to control 4 very bright led bulbs, over my dinner table. The dimmer works flawlessly. Bulbs dim to a low level and can be returned to full brightness. Installation was a simple three wire connection. Why the low rating? The material that the switch is constructed from, some of the flimsiest plastic, I have ever seen in an electric switch! For the cost of over $40 dollars, would it have killed them to use a little better plastic?
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on May 21, 2011
I bought these dimmers to replace "digital" Lutron dimmers since I put in some dimmable CFLs. The digital dimmers did not work with dimmable CFLs, but these do. Note that there is no "slave" dimmer for these switches, as there is for the digital dimmers: Use regular 3- or 4-way switches for the other legs of the switches.
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on April 17, 2012
I bought two of these dimmer so each one could control a pair of new CREE LR6 LED downlights. I had everything professionally installed, and since this particular model was recommended on CREE's website, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Well, one of the dimmers works great. The other one, unfortunately, causes the lights to flicker like a strobe light as soon as I dim them. When I go all the way down, one of the lights completely turns off. Before the electrician left, they were fine, however, that evening when we turned them on is when we noticed the issues. I tried the adjustor knob behind the coverplate, but that made things even worse and now I get the flicker no matter what setting I use. I just submitted a replacement request to Amazon so I'm hoping the new one works as nicely as the good one I got in my initial order. The other option is the much more expensive Maestro Wirelesss model, but I don't need a remote on my lights! I'm crossing my fingers that it's just due to a bad dimmer, as I am told by lots of folks that Lutron is the best.

UPDATE: I know it's been some time since I wrote the initial review, but I have to tell any potential buyers that these dimmers simply don't like the CREE LEDs. I put a basic on/off switch on the cans and haven't had any issues since. Obviously, despite claims stating otherwise, these dimmers aren't compatible with the LR6 CREE lights.
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on March 10, 2014
I bought this to replace a DV-600P which had a mechanical failure (the paddle switch would no longer stay in the "on" position). After connecting it, I immediately noticed the roughly 1 second delay between turning the switch on and the lights actually coming on. This was going to bug me and my wife forever, so I returned this to the store and bought another DV-600P instead. Replaced the CL dimmer with the older style, and we're back in business. DV-600P is cheaper, better, and works fine with most of the newer LED lights anyway.
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