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on May 17, 2011
Luvs are the cheapest diapers I have found thus far, and I have researched prices quite a bit. It is very important to me to save as much money as I can on diapers because they are a constant expense. We thought we were getting the cheapest diapers by purchasing the store brand (Kirkland Signature Supreme Baby Diapers (Size 3, Quantity 208)) at Costco. However, Amazon beats all store brands in price as long as you take advantage of Subscribe & Save. (We still use the Costco brand wipes, which are fantastic and economical: Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes - 900 Count)

Not only are Luvs the least expensive diapers I have come across, they are great quality. The thing I like about them the most is that they are very thin, especially when compared to the Kirkland diapers. They allow my baby to move freely and he does not feel so bulky. The stretchy sides are also well-constructed; they provide enough give while still having a snug fit. We have never had a leak in Luvs diapers, and we have gone through two 200+ boxes of them by now. My baby sleeps 12+ hours overnight and we have never had an accident.

One feature of Luvs worth noting; they have a powder-like scent. When I first got them I was hesitant about the smell, but I quickly got used to it. The scent is strongest when you first open the plastic package of diapers. It will dissipate a bit if you remove them from the plastic packaging and let them air out in a diaper stacker or in your changing table.

Luvs are fantastic because you can get an inexpensive diaper without sacrificing quality.
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on April 10, 2008
I have tried pretty much every diaper under the sun, to include; Pamper's baby dry, swaddlers & cruisers, Huggies snug n dry & supreme, Target brand, and white cloud. I have found that Luvs are my favorite. I really liked the cruisers, but for some reason they gave my son a rash. Luvs were the last type of diaper I tried and I'm so sorry it took me so long to give them a shot! They're similar to Pamper's cruisers onl without the mesh lining and high price tag! This is why I LUV 'em:
1. They're thin, yet very absorbant.
2. They're really soft and have a powdery fresh scent.
3. The elastic keeps messes in, but doesn't irritate baby's legs.
4. The "bear hug stretch" is super stretchy-similar to Cruiser's.
5. Most of all, I love that they cost about 20 cents a diaper compared to the 25 cents that Pamper's cruiser's cost per diaper.
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on November 18, 2010
I have tried so many different diapers, trying to find the perfect combination of quality and price. We're going to be having our third baby, so cost is an issue! And I just don't have the time or commitment for cloth (sorry mother nature!!). When I came across these I just had to try them out. With the Amazon Mom program I get free 2-day shipping. And when I signed up for the auto-delivery service I get 30% off the price! Breaks down to about 16.5 cents per diaper. That's cheaper than Target brand! So here's my summary of diapers and why I'm sticking with these Luvs (price per diaper varies with size and retailer, but these are estimates):

Pampers: Awesome. Best quality for sure. But WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. About 25 cents per diaper. I have used these for my two newborns because you can't beat the Swaddlers. They are the smallest and best fitting for newborns. And I'll use them again. It's only for a few weeks anyway. But once I hit size 1 I have to switch brands.

Huggies: OK. Leak sometimes. UGLY design. Kinda stiff. Not cheap enough in price to make the poorer quality worth it. Even the huge Costco box cost more per diaper than Target brand. About 22 cents per diaper from Costco.

Target: Very good. Kinda stiff, but softer than Huggies. Almost never leak. Not as great as Pampers, but much much cheaper and good enough quality. The white trim at the edges is big and hangs out under a onesie - not cute. My brand of choice until I discovered Luvs online. Roughly 19 cents per diaper after tax.

Walmart: (White Cloud) Horrible quality, leaky constantly, stiff, ugly. Just plain awful and more expensive than Target's at 20 cents per diaper. UPDATE: These have apparently been discontinued as of March 2009. And Parent's Choice is the Walmart brand now. Parent's Choice is made by the same company, but even the manufacturer admits they're of lower quality, per an article on Cafe Mom.

Luvs: Always curious to try, but Target brand was working for me and Luvs were a little more expensive. After trying so many brands, I was done experimenting. Then I discovered the Amazon Mom program which actually made them cheaper. Plus, they're shipped directly to me, which is very convenient. Since they have a money-back guarantee I gave them a shot. YAY! They're very soft, similar to Pampers. Much trimmer, so you don't have so much hanging out under the onsie as with Target brand. I'm not a huge fan of the Blue's Clues design, but it's cute and unisex and hidden by clothes most of the time anyway. They rarely leak. I currently use Pampers Overnights at night for my second baby, but he pees an outrageous amount. I used Target brand at night for my first baby with few problems. So I'm sure Luvs are fine for most babies at night time. They are more absorbent than Target, and I would say as absorbent as Pampers. Really, they're almost identical to Pampers for almost two-thirds the price.

Bottom line is these are a great buy and I highly recommend them! But as different diapers work for different sized kids, I should say that though I had one thin baby and one chubby baby, both my kids are rather narrow at the waist with little butts. So if you have a Michelin baby or one with a very wide waist, I can't say they'll work as well for you. Seems like some people have an issue with these diapers for their wider babies.

UPDATE: Amazon Mom no longer does free 2-day shipping. It's standard now and takes about a week. Still get 30% off though if you sign up for the auto delivery. I set my auto-delivery to 6 months and just have them shipped as needed, or cancel when my kids grow to the next size. Be sure to order with plenty of time for delivery though.
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on May 17, 2012
I've pretty much tried all of the other disposable diapers that are available here in scalding-hot Phoenix, AZ - store brands and name brands both - and for the money, Luvs are the best I've found.

My little boy puts these things through their paces. He's a prolific pee machine, sometimes going a couple of times in short order before we know he's gone even once, filling right up with the yellow stuff. The Luvs just suck it all up and he's still a happy little boy, even with pee in his pants. No leaks, or wet spots where the diaper was squeezed out like a sponge. He's also a big time pooper, not in number of times he goes, but QUANTITY (because every one of you wants to know this, you can be satisfied now that I've shared). Every other diaper we tried, famous brands and drugstore, had blowouts. Imagine my surprise at 3am when I've got a skidmark on my freshly washed night shirt because the Pampers my kiddo was wearing couldn't handle the load. Now imagine my joy when he's had many 'Defcon 5' poo incidents while wearing Luvs and not one bit of it came out of the sides.

Are they perfect? For us they absolutely are. Will they always keep my baby's bodily fluids well-contained? You can never say never, but I will take a majority of containment over playing "What is this substance on me?" every time I'm holding my baby when he does his business. I'll get back to you as he grows - who knows what solid food adventures have in store - can the Luvs contain not only solid food excrement, but hold up to the inevitable baby stuffing things in the diaper surprises? Stay tuned. I'll update if I get a chance.

Over all, these diapers are win-win. They do exactly what they are supposed to do and are inexpensive, especially if you subscribe and save, even more so if you are an Amazon Mom. 20% off? Yes, please!

The one caveat to this is if you are fragrance sensitive or your child is, these diapers do have a light baby powderish scent to them. I find it pleasant, but some of you may not. That would be my one thing for anyone considering the Luvs diapers to keep in mind, otherwise these are an excellent value in price and performance.

EDIT 6/14:
We loved this brand of diapers so much we are also using them for our new baby. They're still working great and are still the best value for price, especially if you have Prime and Amazon Mom. Don't waste your money on the bigger name-brands, these are great!
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on April 15, 2012
there are so many diapers out there, and probably twice as many people that will tell you which ones to use. my philosophy is that each diaper could perform differently for each baby, depending on a lot of different variables.

for us, the luvs were less expensive than pampers or huggies. we figured we'd start with luvs and if they didn't agree with our daughter (didn't fit right, caused leaks, caused rash, etc) then we'd move to another brand. well, we started with luvs and at 9 months old are still using them, and happy.

subscribe and save is the way to go. i monitor the shipping and ensure they show up when we need them. it keeps me from having to make trips to the store for diapers, etc.

i would recommend these to others.
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on March 29, 2012
I do like Luvs diapers, and at 13.5 cents each they were a steal! I get them for my twin 24 month olds. Now that they are going to be $0.19 each with subscribe and save they are no longer a bargain, and will be going back to target brand and picking them up at the store, where they are 17 cents each.

They were such a jackpot for awhile, very disappointing. I was able to keep my twins diapered for just $25 a month for awhile with this. Hopefully they will be potty trained soon and this won't matter to us.
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on March 21, 2008
I have 4 children and Luvs are the best value I have ever found in diapers. I was one of those moms who would only use Huggies with my first child. Huggies diapers and Huggies wipes. It got expensive. Trying Luvs was the smartest thing I ever did. I never have trouble with leaks and they are so much less expensive. I am still using them for my two youngest children and I never buy anything else.
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on November 15, 2012
Just using the first of three packs, and when I opened one of the new diapers to put it on the baby, there was a tiny, live, caramel-colored insect larva inside the innermost flap, squirming!

It makes me sick to think if I hadn't stretched opened the inside flaps all the way as happens to be my habit I wouldn't have noticed the bug and the larva could have crawled inside my baby's body!

Considering how deep inside the inner flap the bug was, and that it was in an unopened diaper from the package, I believe the insect egg was in the diaper and hatched in there, and was not from my house. I have not seen anything like it before, but it appears it to be the larva (wormlike juvenile form) of some kind of insect/parasite.

I am writing Luvs with a complaint. Needless to say, do not buy, or if you have bought Luvs diapers, check every flap of the entire diaper before putting it on your precious baby.
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on May 7, 2012
I was given a packet of these diapers by a neighbour who won them in a raffle. I had been using Pampers which were fine BUT I decided to use these up and was pleasantly surprised.

I love them for one of my twin boys. He has cute rounded butt that seems to hang out the sides of other diapers. Also they come up higher at the back and lie flatter against the skin which helps with pooping incidents. In fact, after using these for a month we have not had one leak of any kind. They are softer too.

My only complaint is that they are scented and I am not keen on anything that is scented. Others may not be at a bit bothered by the smell but to me it is a little strong. I am still using Pampers for my other skinny butt son but have switched to their organic ones which are also very soft.
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on June 14, 2009
I have used Luvs for 2 years with my sons. We used to "luv" them. Now about half of the tabs are breaking off while my kids are wearing them, causing wet clothes and a big mess! Plus, occasionally they are splitting open, spilling the absorbent gel crystals everywhere. The tab problem has happened with two separate sizes, so it's very disappointing! Both of my kids had wet beds this morning because of the tabs breaking!
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