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on January 4, 2000
This was one of my husband's favorite books as a kid. I only read it recently and it's a hoot! Just the idea of a cultured and polite crocodile wandering around New York is hilarious. My 2.5yo daughter also loved it and we read it often now. I also feel that beginning readers (Grade 2-3) could handle the slightly challenging vocabulary, and would appreciate the humour too!
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VINE VOICEon August 24, 2009
I ordered several books on CD for my 4 year old grandson to listen to in the car. He seems to like "Lyle, Lyle Crocodile" and sometimes requests it. From my perspective, though, it is not nearly as engaging as some other books on tape. The story is read by the author, who is not an actor, and the reading is rather dry.
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on February 2, 2001
This story is one of my kids' favorites. I'll admit, the first time I picked it up, I was a bit suspicious at the book's heft (48 pages for a tired parent at bedtime when it's the third book to read...well, you'll probably understand). However, once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. The kids roared with laughter at the text, and the illustrations were things of beauty in and of themselves (you are able to read Lyle's palette of emotions with each new picture).
Lyle is the well-loved crocodile on 88th Street, but Mr. Gumps and Loretta, the cat, do NOT cotton to him at all. In fact, without even trying, Lyle sends Loretta into fits. On one tragic day, Lyle goes shopping downtown in Mr. Gumps' store, and causes a ruckus (by singing and dancing with his former owner, who happens to work at the store as well); the shoppers are happily sidtracted from the pajama sale, and Mr. Gumps alerts the police. Lyle is quickly transported to the zoo, while his former owner is fired from his job at the store.
Lyle is despondent over the fact that he is to be relegated to live with the other crocodiles; he tries to warm up to them, but they are so...well, crocodilic. He's soon set free by his former owner (who had then taken a job as a zoo custodian), and on his way back to 88th Street, sees that mean Mr. Gumps' apartment is on fire. Lyle rushes in, rescues Gumps and Loretta, and is proclaimed the hero of the day.
Great book; pick it up and read it to your kids today!
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on November 4, 2002
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile by Bernard Waber is a really good book. It's about a crocodile that lives on East 88th street with Mr. and Mrs. Primm and ther son Joshua. He helps them out with many things and is very loved. There is a man named Mr. Grumps that lives two houses down. He has a pet cat named Loretta and Lyle always tries to get her to like him because she seems so scared at the sight of him. Mr. Grumps thinks that Lyle's causing problems so he gets papers authorizing Lyle to be sent to the city zoo. While Lyle is in the zoo he is rescued by Signor Valenti. He takes him to visit his house on East 88th street. While there, he notices that Mr. Grumps' house is on fire. He rescues him and Loretta and then everyone is happy again because everything is put back together.
I think this is a book for children that are already quite a bit into the reading process. There are some pretty big words. Other than that, I think this book is very well put together and that alot of you out there will enjoy it very much. I highly recamend that you read this book with your children. "With", meaning that they defiently need a chance to have fun with it also. This book is highly recamended by me.
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on August 4, 2005
I just purchased this title for my 4 year old daughter, and she (and I) really love it!!! The title of the book doesn't really grab you but it's a sweet story about how the neighbor Mr Grumps really doesn't like Lyle, has him banished to the zoo, and then Lyle ends up saving Mr Grumps. I really like the characters in this series because they remind me of real life people that your kids will have to deal with at some point or another. My daughter was totally engaged.
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A picture book with more backstory than you could possibly imagine. For many, the delightful "Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile" is a perennial favorite. I, myself, had never read it before. When first we see Lyle, he's standing in the center of Central Park (this is most definitely a New York based book) feeding the ducks. Occupying a swank apartment (you should see his bathroom!) with the Primm family, Lyle is everyone's favorite crocodile. He's polite, helpful, and wonderful at double dutch. The ever dour Mr. Grumps next door has problems with the beloved Lyle. Mr. Grumps continually threatens to send Lyle away, but it isn't until an unfortunate department store incident that Mr. Grumps makes good his threats. In the end, however, all turns out for the best and Lyle is reunited with his loving family.
There's a certain amount of suspension of disbelief involved in this tale. Apparently it is not a particularly odd thing to live with a crocodile. I was especially taken with Mrs. Primm's relationship with the lovely reptile. The two do their shopping together and take a turn about the ice skating rink. (...) Mr. Grumps refuses to even speak with Lyle until a fortunate accident towards the book's finale. And in the end, it's just a lovely book. The writing is superb. The illustrations adorable and evocative all at once. The book has CLASSIC writ large all over it. If you've any wit or intelligence about you (and you wish to pass such virtues onto your darling children) pick up the wonderful "Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile" immediately.
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on January 11, 2012
I noticed that among the few readers that disliked the Lyle books I have reviewed read them to children that were too young. I think a child should be at least 5 to thoroughly enjoy & understand them. My 6 year old grandson loved this one & any time he was cranky I would just tell him that he wa acting like Mr. Grumps (which he would promptly deny) but his behavior automatically improved.
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on April 18, 2012
I am so thrilled to be getting this book! I had this one, and the birthday party one, when I was a kid. I read them both over and over and over... These books are one reason I stayed interested in reading my whole life. I love it and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who has kids or anyone who's a kid at heart.
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on May 15, 2012
What did?

Lyle the upper East Side crocodile, "flashing his sweetest, most toothsome show how really friendly he was".

And who is "the distrustful animal"?

It's Loretta, the pampered cat of New York neighbor Mr. Grumps.

These are the major players in the timeless children's classic by Bernard Waber.

The madcap genius injects a large reptile onto the streets of Manhattan. Nobody has a problem with what would ordinarily be a jarring juxtaposition. But this is not a tale of the ordinary - it's about the bizarre, sometimes rising to the level of surreal.

The only person who takes issue with Lyle on the loose in the city is that paragon of conformist normalcy, Mr. Grumps. And of course, his sidekick Loretta (the distrustful animal).

Things spin out of control until a point of climax unfolds in in a downtown department store...

"Madam," he (Mr. Grumps) gasped, "we do not permit crocodiles in this store you know. Remove him at once"!!

There follows an emotional roller coaster ride that ends with peace and reconciliation all around.

Kids love this story and will guffaw again and again each time it's read. And it's clever and elegant enough to engage the enjoyment of parents who will inevitably be asked to read it over and over again.
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on June 2, 2014
We found this book to be a little tedious and didn't retain our 4 year old's interest as much as some other series. Maybe it is just me but I think a new four year old might be a little young. I skip a few pages when we read it and she is ok but not thrilled
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