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on August 1, 2005
For the size and price, this radio provides outstanding shortwave reception. I compared it against an old Realistic DX-440 and a Sony ICF-7601, and was able to pull in most of the frequencies that were received on the larger radios with equal clarity and sound quality. The analog tuning knob is firm and tight, but it takes some practice to coordinate your finger movements with the digital readout (which really flies if you have jumpy fingers!). The Mini 300 comes with two generic alkaline batteries, which is always a nice touch in this "batteries not included" marketplace. Plus they throw in a cellphone style, neoprene carrying case that is adequate and functional. The shortwave/FM telescopic antenna comes out about a foot and appears to have excellent sensitivity. The speaker produces a bold sound relative to its size, which is not hollow or shrill like many radios of comparable dimensions, and equally important, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The unit comes with a pair of standard earbud earphones, and the clock/sleeper features make this a very attractive piece of equipment.

Initially, I questioned the performance in the AM mediumwave band. Since most of my radio time is spent DXing distant AM channels, I was concerned that while the stronger stations came in loud and clear, bringing in those distant signals at night "seemed" to be a problem. Not so! Most nights I can pick up stations like WHAS in Louisville, or WBBM in Chicago which is about 800 miles away! It's all a matter of getting a feel for that small tuning knob.

Overall, in my opinion, this is an outstanding radio. If you're looking for something pocket-size that's strong in the seven supplied shortwave bands, as well as great FM and AM signals, this is an excellent choice.
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on October 26, 2005
For the price & size, this tiny radio is amazing & easily fits in any pocket!

AM-Much better than average reception for a radio this tiny.
FM-better than any pocket-portable I've used.
SW-I believe it might have an amplified antenna or an additional RF stage. It picks up more SW stations with it's built in antenna than any portable using a built-in antenna.

No RF images experienced on any band but FM. I live in the city so I leave the antenna down all the way for FM, & it performs fine. The AM isn't connected to the whip antenna, extending it for AM resulted only in increasing static on weak stations. I tried to clip a long wire antenna to it for SW. Some RF images & signal overloads occurred on SW with strong signals, but it did pick up a lot more stations that way.

The speaker sounds great & can go much louder than expected for such a tiny speaker in a tiny radio. Headphones sound great on FM, but are quite usable on other bands when you don't want to disturb others at night... Nightime is the best time to explore far away stations on the lower SW bands & AM.

A pair of 2000mah Lenmar AA rechargeable NiMi batteries lasted over 40 hours at about 10 - 4 hour intervals at a normal volume. They last longer at a lower volume or with headphones. Continuous use will be lower too. When testing battery life they last longer if given a break like in normal use. Continuous use will make the playing time as much as 1/3 less. If you play it real loud, the batteries will drain faster.

With a pair of cheap batteries lasting that long, who needs a bulky wind-up or solar radio?

Keep a set of alkalines handy if you want this as your emergency radio. NiMi rechargeables lose about 1/3 of their power per month just setting around. If the power goes out in your area, you won't be able to recharge them, & your local radio stations may be down. So DX & shortwave may be your only connection with the outside world & the news during an emergency. Alkaline AA batteries have a shelf life of years.

The tuning dial is a little touchy but one quickly gets used to it after the first day of using it. SW tuning wasn't as touchy as expected for this type of tuner, & less touchy than other pocket radios. Tuning is analog, but the LCD readout is digital & accurate.

Update 7/28/06 - Quote: "I live in NJ - southern part - and planned on using the radio primarily for Yankee games (880 out of NY)"

I'm way across the state in Buffalo, NY, surrounded by tall steel-frame buildings, & pick up 880 from NYC clearly with this radio day or night. It is more sensitive than most ordinary pocket radios, & almost as sensitive on AM as my GE "Super Radio". But my E5, DX-394, DX-390, & DX-380 are far more sensitive on AM. The E5 is the most sensitive portable on all bands... even FM (Sony fanatics may disagree but actual real tests prove them wrong).
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on January 27, 2005
I bought this radio because I wanted the features it offered in as small a package as possible. After having it for two weeks now, I am happy to report that I'd buy one again.

Reception is very good on all bands - AM, SW and FM. Audio fidelity is also very good, a surprise given the tiny speaker. I have no problem listening to Radio Havana, BBC, Deutche Welle (sp?) or numerous other stations, including my favorite AM & FM station. There is a small amount of frequency drift over time on AM and SW. Stations are easy to tune with the digital display although a light touch is required, especially on the higher bands. It is important to note that although the read-out is digital, tuning is analog - not DDS or PLL controlled; thus the small amount of drift I mentioned.

But for the money, a very good radio/clock/alarm which also has a "sleep function".
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on September 27, 2005
The Mini300 is an okay radio for the price, but it has a couple serious issues -- the tuning on SW is overly sensitive and it drifts significantly. SW stations are generally spaced 5kHz apart, which is the tiniest movement of your thumb on the tuning wheel of this radio. I usually have to tune back and forth over a station four or five times before getting it centered properly. That's when the drift kicks in. I haven't figured out if it's mechanical, electrical, or some of both, but the thing just won't stay tuned. I continually find myself fiddling with the tuning wheel to get a station re-centered. It's not too bad on FM and MW, but on SW it gets to be a pain.

As one would expect of a radio in this price range, the SW filter is rather broad and shallow. The upshot of that is you can get a lot of bleed-over from strong stations that are close by on the dial.

For MW reception there is an internal ferrite antenna that allows directional reception, but the whip is also active. For weak stations where you don't need directional reception, you can extend the whip and often greatly improve the signal. I do this all the time for a fringe station I enjoy listening to.

For the reviewer who complained about this radio being not much different than analog, that was a very astute observation. It actually IS an analog radio, it just has a digital frequency display. The radio being analog is the reason for the drift problem.

I've had my Mini300 for a year and a half. Despite the tuning issues, I still use it fairly often. It's definitely not a serious SW radio, but it's not terrible for the price. I think of it as my "don't really care if I lose it" radio. There's a certain value in that. If you're looking for a good SW radio, you would do well to look elsewhere. If you want something that does okay for hearing the major broadcasters and that you won't cry about if you drop it overboard or it gets stolen from your luggage, this might be the ticket.
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on February 24, 2005
This was a tough choice with the antenna sticking out a few inches, but it's obvious Grundig has maximized antenna science. This radio is wonderful, it is my 4th Grundig (satelite 700-power jac broke, traveller-junk, YB300-too big and heavy, terrible sound, and now this). The audio is great on this, very surpising on tiny speaker. Shortwave works very well on all bands outside even when broadcast is at its worst, 1PM in northern state. The analog tuner is a speed dial on FM, MW, on SW there is more fine control plus analog finds many more stations than an auto seek function. The antenna is fixed and highly sensitive. To get control of a weak Canadian FM station favored I had to pull antenna out one segment. Indoors with antenna extended there is no noise even when it is right next to a computer CRT monitor, on AM or the touchy FM canada station. I needed a small light radio for outside and on bike, the YB300 was too heavy and bulky. If this was sold as a package of the 5 colors I'd get it and give them away. Could not be more pleased with this new radio. High performer and very useful. It took JR, a seller at Amazon, only an hour to ship it.
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on April 10, 2005
A truly excellent radio for the price. I found it easy to pick

up major international shortwave stations during evening hours.

Americans who are not familiar with shortwave can get a great

introduction to the field for little cost with this item.

This package provides so much more than cheap armband radios

that only offer FM scanning...try it, you'll like it!
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on July 1, 2006
I bought this little gem some months back and loved it so much, I got my father one too. He takes it on long trips to be sure to know that the weather is and for knowing road conditions and tuning into world news anywhere, anytime.

The reception is great on this rig and I have enjoyed pulling in both AM and world band stations galore. I can't understand the previous reviewer who didn't like the AM reception. All I know is that I've taken this little radio to Colorado, Nevada, the high Sierras and on car trips to hill and dale and have never had a problem with pulling in stations near and far.

Of all the AM radios I have in the house (stereo and similar) this one has literally the finest quality and awesome audio packed into a tiny little box. Most other small radios do not pack the clean feel and performace that this radio has. The audio is crisp and for such a small radio, booms out at levels that surprise when you first listen. I pull in a local talk station that is difficult for my other receivers to get with no problems at all.

Eaton/Grundig did a nice job here and despite all of the little digs thrown at this manufacturer, I am very pleased with these radios. Frankly, I've been so impressed, I went out and bought one of the larger Grundigs for some serious DX'ing work.

Buy this radio - It is worth it and you'll probably want to get another for someone you care about like I did...
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on March 15, 2006
I have had many shortwave radios and I purchased this one especially for taking along with me on hikes and trips. I am quite pleased by the number of stations it pulled in-- a side-by-side comparison of this radio and a larger, more expensive portable showed the Mini300 received all of the same stations as the larger radio. This is a surprisingly sensitive little portable. The sound is also decent for such a small receiver. I love the blue metallic color, it's a nice little eyeful as well as earful. Highly recommended if you're looking for a very small, but well-performing portable sbortwave receiver.
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on July 13, 2007
Delivers what it claims. Bought as backup for power outages, and just a fun little toy. Picks-up AM radio in my very hilly area of Southern California better than any other radio I own.
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VINE VOICEon February 8, 2005
This model is great for travel, with clock, alarm, and sleep timer features. The tuning can be tricky as there is no fine-tuning knob and it takes some patience and practice to dial in the exact frequency.

Often, on shortwave functions, the frequency drifts + or - 5 KHz over time and when you touch the radio or if the temperature changes (i.e. if you keep the radio on a windowsill, it will get colder and the frequency will drift). This is only a minor problem for shortwave bands -- the drifting is not as noticeable for FM and AM stations.

The Tecsun R-919 is identical to this radio and sells for 1/2 the price of the Grundig mini 300. Tecsun manufactures these radios for Grundig.
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