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on July 29, 2009
After buying a new Dell PC in early 2009, I decided it's time to try my songwriting/Home recording chops on MIDI. I had everything I needed-A keyboard with MIDI (Via USB)support, an internet at my fingertips that seemed to have tons of free VST effects and VSTI virtual instruments and now, a PC that could handle it.After getting my feet wet with Reaper, a friend told me about a program he had called Samplitude Music Studio 14. At the time, I was considering either this or Mixcraft 4.2. What attracted me to both was the library of virtual instruments in each for the price (below $100.00). I did alot of research into both programs and picked Samplitude.
As this was my first real excursion into MIDI, I had alot to learn. When I recieved the software I had a time installing it. After taking about 5 minutes installing all of the components, I got an error message which was vague explaining that the program couldn't start due to security reasons. I emailed their online support who sent me an Unlock code, which didn't work. So I joined their online support forum. Nice guys, but I suspect most are German and can't understand or communicate well in English. It just so happened that, fortunately my aforementioned friend was also a member of the forum and advised me to turn off my McAfee Security suite before installing, which finally allowed me to launch the program. Well, the first thing I started doing was playing with the sound library. There are many to choose from. Most contained in a module called VITA, created by Yellow Tools, but there's also a "trial" version of Sampletank which also has some decent sounds. Long story short, the "rock" sounds, ie drums, guitars,basses, keyboards and synths are GREAT!! In fact, there are so many synths that I really haven't scratched the surface of what I can do with them. Like their hardware counterparts, you can use factory presets or program your own sounds by manuipulating the virtual knobs and switches, which is really cool. These are mostly models of analogue synths. Naturally, it will except most free VSTs you can find online too, but the other sounds like horns and strings in this program don't pass the realistic test at all. The mixer is superior including the Vintage Effects Suite, which is a series of "footpedal" effects, but you can use them on anything you want and includes Flanger, Delay, Chorus, Phaser and Distortion. And again, you can use your own. Well, last May, I bought the other choice, Mixcraft, and the sound library on that is unreal. String sounds which are very realistic, horns and brass which are much better. But I'm not sorry I bought Samplitude because there are some features of that program that are better than Mixcraft, so I use them together in projects and so far it's worked quite well. I have three "Hybrid" projects where I import/export the sounds via wav files back and forth between programs. Hey, this is digital. No loss of fidelity. So I have two MIDI programs where one's insufficiencies are made up by the other, which is great. Best of both worlds with a total price tag of about $150.00, which isn't bad at all. I'm happy!
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on October 15, 2009
I've been using Magix Studio since version 10 and I have to say it is one of the most underrated pieces of recording software out there. I've used Reaper which is pretty good but has latency issues. I've worked with SoundForge which is good but not a great multitracker. Acid and FruityLoops are good but I just find the Magix interface more intuitive. It's not the prettiest front end but when I want to get things done, it's extremely functional. But besides that, it's performance is incredible. I can run VST instruments through it with zero stutter and real time recording is the same. Now, I run on a laptop so that may be the reason some of the others stuttered but I think if I'm paying more for "professional" software the least I can ask for is better performance!

Bottom line: Just because it's not the most popular doesn't mean that it's not good. It's great and for this price you cannot beat it!
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on July 20, 2011
If you just want to mix samples, this is a good and inexpensive program.
If you just want to pitch shift a Karaoke track, it will give you great quality.
If you don't know how to set up playback options, you may have difficulty.
If you want to record live... don't waste your money.

If you're considering buying this program today (years after it's release), you're probably a novice and looking for something cheap and easy to use. There are plenty of better programs to choose from.

I started using low end Magix audio software in '98 (Music Maker and Music Studio) and continued to buy newer versions, over the years. They were generally user friendly, but even their low end software has become more complex and difficult to use for a novice, like me. Samplitude was a huge jump in complexity. At first, I was only using it to mix samples, which I usually alter in some way (splitting/stretching/shifting/reversing). It IS easy to use for this purpose, but more recently I hooked up a Tascam interface and started trying to record live. I get nothing but errors and a box telling to try increase ASIO buffers. Doing so hasn't helped. Judging by the huge number of threads by people with the same problems (mostly old ones, this is an old program) and the lack of answers, I'd say you shouldn't waste you time with this program. You'll get little to no help from support.
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on November 26, 2008
This software is great. I also use music maker for loop arrangements, but music studio has a different philosophy. It is a great combination between audio recording and sequencing that you will also find in 4 times more expensive products such as Cubase. There are a lot of effects and vitual instruments included that you have to buy normally as stand alone. I love it because all you need in addition is a small midi keyboard and Soundcard with Asio support......really a nice product for musicians and bands. For an easy entry music maker would be the better choice.
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on October 12, 2010
I could never in good concious recommend this program. A piece of software is only as good as the company that stands behind it, and these people are impossible to reach. They have taken great lenghts to make sure you are never, ever able to communicate with them. I believe they just may live in a concrete bunker somewhere.

The phone numbers either don't work, or immediately ask you for a 'code'. Ok, what code.

The online support system won't let me create a case because it says I have no products regisered. I do have it registered. It shows up right in my account.

You can't email them. All attempts to email them basically results in a rude auto-responder that basically says you are trying to cheat the support system, and to go away.

Since the phones are useless, you can't email, the support system won't open a case because it says I don't have a registered product, but I do... Well, it all add's up to half a day wasted on a $29 program.

The online BBS for 'customer support' is a ghost town. Posts are from 2009. This is the English board.

Oh, btw... All of this is because the "Free upgrade to version 15" sticker on the box appears to be bogus. The web site where you are supposed to go does not exist.

Not impressed. Not impressed at all. I can truly say it's the worst 'non-support' I've ever seen from a company.
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on May 20, 2011
A couple of weeks ago I bought a software program called "Music Maker 17" from a retail store (OfficeMax). The program listed the OS for MicroSoft XP_Vista_7. It also made claims of "how easy it is to record your own music". After finally deciding that this program wasn't of any use to me for recording a "live Midi" performance. I investigated a second program by Magix called Music Studio 14. No I didn't read the "fine print" close enough to notice that Microsoft 7 wasn't on this DVD. I couldn't get my pc to load this program because my OS (Windows 7) wasn't recognized as a valid OS for this program. So far I have blown better than $100 on two pieces of software that I can't use. After a couple of weeks of trying to get this software loaded and yes I was finally able to load it using Window 7's compatibility to Vista feature. The English Manual that came with it seems to be terribly brief but I am finally figuring out some of the features. You online website(s) are particularly helpful since it is mainly Q&As from other users (also trying to figure it out too). I will stick with Music Studio 14 for awhile, but I don't ever plan to buy anymore Magix software because of the lack of user support they offer. I've read similar complaints in other reviews. Buyer beware is my best advice. Amazon, I have no problems with your service.
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on March 23, 2011
Reasons I love this program:
It's user friendly
It has many effects including elastic audio
I can import wav and mp3 files and others
I can export wav and mp3 files and others
It has editing for instruments and not just vocals
Amazon has the program for under 50 dollars that's a giveaway...
It's a simple to use program and I'm very satisfied with it, I'll never go back to cool edit again.
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on December 30, 2014
I love this program... easy fun and creative
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on May 3, 2010
I have been using Magix music studio for over the past 10 years and have gotten some great programs and a few stinkers, this is a STINKER. The one or two of the audio tracks tend to time stretch and go SLOW making the whole project completly useless. I also have Music Studio Magix 12 and continue to use that one, I have corrupted a few projects by jumping from Ver 14 to 12 and even just using Ver 14 one or more of the tracks tend to time shift and slow down....making projects worthless...beware of this problem and bug/bugs I hope they have an update for this problem and if it is something I'm doung, please tell me so I can use Samp 14, it seems to have some good updates....

Dont buy this product, its useless for me anyway....
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