Customer Reviews: MAID in the USA (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series Book 2)
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on May 8, 2012
This was a cute, fairly clean, PG-13 romance book. Book was well written, characters were adorable and story just makes you feel good. This is the story of Celine, who is a graduate school student, but is currently working as a hotel housekeeper to earn extra money to go visit her family in France. While in the job, Celine literally runs into Pierce in his hotel room while he gets out of the shower completely naked. Immediately, they are both shocked, attracted and petrified. Celine tries to make a hasty retreat, only to be stopped by Pierce. He gets dressed and makes a proposition to her, to come work for him as his new niece's nanny.

He is the typical confirmed bachelor, rich, gorgeous, hard working and knew nothing about being a father. He finds himself desperate, but one look at Celine and he knew she would be the perfect candidate to take care of Kylie. Celine goes to meet Kylie and after one encounter, she knew she had to help this little girl who was in desperate need of love and affection.

Soon Celine moves in and they begin their "instant" family. Being around each other, sharing time together with Kylie makes them both closer and they slowly begin to fall in love for each other. Neither one of them say anything, afraid of ruining their employer/employee relationships. At the same time, the attraction continues to mount. Will they both take that chance and open up? That is for you to find out.

Story is fairly short and things move along pretty quickly. There is no huge drama or anything of that nature. The ending is predictable, but getting there was sweet. Not bad, for small price tag!
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on February 4, 2013
Review contains spoilers:
As a fan of the romance genre you have to have a pretty high suspension of disbelief. That being said there is not enough suspension on this planet to believe in this story.

It had a nice premise but was poorly executed and not researched at all. It felt very high school project rather than a story that should be published.

The characters were flat and boring. The story was un-descripive in the areas that matter most and over-descriptive in the droll areas. I counted 13 'and then's' on one page at one point and it was nothing more from walking from one end of the room to another.

The main characters had exactly seven conversations with each other but were both secretly pining away for each other.

Exactly what kind of surgery is there for a drowning victim and why are they required a to stay 'for observation' for a week?

I am missing pages in my digital download but I honestly didn't mind that but it did need a good editing.

What exactly made this man a bad boy?? He's who knows how old and he's traumatized by a kitten because of something that happened when he was not even old enough to remember.....infants are not renowned for their memories.

The ending was ridiculously rushed. He's proposing marriage and they've never even been on a date. How practical. He didn't even tell her he loved her first.

Just skip it. Ugg.
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on September 19, 2012
I really enjoyed this book and plan on moving through all of the bad boy billionaires series. It was a fairly realistic scenario of being in the right place at the right time. So many of these books now seem to try to have a great meeting place, but it is just a non-realistic meeting to me usually. It was very easy for me to love the characters and pushed me further into owning all the series.
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on October 15, 2012
Just glad to know there are some writers who's still willingly gave readers the romance and not the porn to enjoy! I wasn't expecting much when I started reading it , i thought it's another quick glance and delete it instantly book because it might just like so many others filled the pages with graphic sex activities ! I know some people love it but what romance involved is heart not just physical attractions , isn't it? How many so called romance novels H/h jump into bed the moment they meet? Or whole book's plot is how they attract to each other physically and entangled themselves all the time? I don't think there is "romance" in it but 2 sex addicts found each other!
I give credit to the author stayed away from the trend and telling us a sweet little romantic story, I read so many reivewers stated there is not possible for girls passed 20 are still a virgin! How absurd it is , don't assume other people's behaviors as you do!
This is not a great book by all means but is an enjoyable and feel good reading!
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on November 17, 2012
The farther I got into this book the more I felt as if I was reading something written by a high school student. I can't believe there is a whole series of these Billionaire books but I will not be reading any more of them. The whole thing was unbelievable and poorly written. "She stood there in her sexy top and even sexier jeans." How undescriptive! I can't even talk about the whole drowning thing. Most 4 year old children can be left alone for 5 minutes without deciciding to go swimming alone. She is not a baby with no sense of right or wrong. The character can not be "so mature" about her mother's death one minute and then so unmature the next. Then the nanny has to run away because it is not safe for her to be around the child. Please! Who wrote this?
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on October 23, 2012
There are children that write better than this. i'm sorry, but this was a stilted, terrible book. no development, no real story. an hour of my life wasted. thanks.
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on May 2, 2014
This was awful. The writing, the characters, the plot, the weird relationships, and stories that went absolutely nowhere. It read as if the author wrote down every dramatic situation she could think of from a soap opera put them in a hat and whenever her story seemed to stall she grabbed one out and thought "brilliant" added it in and kept writing.

This story just went so wrong. The whole "Maid in Manhattan" angle/premise to the story just didn't work. When Pierce and Celine meet it's awkward and there is no budding romance they are just all of a sudden inexplicably in love. This makes no sense and to top it all of when an interesting plot point is brought up it just leads nowhere. For example weird creepy neighbor lady, like a Mrs. Robinson, who is apparently delusional thinking that her neighbor Pierce is in love with her claims that they're getting married no one has any real reaction to it; to Pierce it is funny that she's made everything up and Cecilia just accepts this craziness as being a quirky personality trait. What? This never really gets resolved and doesn't concern anyone. This book is just confusing as all get out and I would not read anything more from this immature author.
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on December 15, 2012
(sigh) This story is completely generic and unbelievably BORING - what a waste of an afternoon to read it, I just kept thinking it would somehow get better, but it actually got worse and seemed like it took the author about a day to write. The locations and character descriptions are unimaginative...The dialogue shows no evidence of the characters having personalities that anyone can relate to.....dry and blech... If I had a do-over I'd totally skip it...
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on October 12, 2012
The best part of the story was in Chapter 1 and it went downhill from there. The way Celine Santini and Pierce D'Amato met was the best! As a chambermaid, Celine walks into Pierce taking a shower! And sparks flew immediately. Unfortunately, this was the highlight of the book and it was in Chapter 1.

This is supposed to be a Cinderella story as the title suggested - rich guy falling for poor girl. And the premises are believable too. Pierce made it big early because he is a software genius while Celine is a Harvard PhD student moonlighting as a maid to earn money so that she can go home to France and visit.

Without saying the obvious that Celine has to have smarts to get into Harvard but was written like the cliché maid, the intelligent and smart woman that Celine was supposed to be never came into play. Even when she went home to France and had to face her demons, she was reduced to a lady in distress!

Then, Pierce was pictured to be this suave and debonaire billionaire, but was reduced to a grown man scared of kittens.

Somehow, the strong hero and heroine that were presented in Chapter 1 turned out to be wussies! And that is the reason why I'm giving this story ONE STAR.

This book is Rated PG 13 due to situational drama and very mild sex scenes.
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on January 14, 2014
When did mediocrity become the hallmark of romantic fiction? What pray tell is the point of works that lack distinction and are full of inconsistencies and unbelievable characters? We love romance but we do have brains. 'Watching tail lights disappear down the drive way' in daytime? Are this books written by machines?
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