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on March 28, 2012
It seems as though my generation (those in their late teens and early 20s) don't really "get" Madonna, suggested by utter lack of radio plays her songs get. Which completely baffles me because I find her to be a lot more original and creative than current pop stars like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Britney Spears.

MDNA offers pop perfection that is irresistibly catchy,edgy, aggressive, dark, but also extremely introspective. When I first heard lead single Give Me All Your Luvin' I was kind of disapppointed but when I heard the entire album as a whole, it just shows that a mere one single cannot fully represent the whole scope of the artistic message of the album.

That being said, there are very few fillers. Almost all songs were instantly recognizable and sticks in your head by the virtue of genius layers of melody and hook, the lyrics can be predictable at times but more often than not they are simple yet revealing.

Highlights of the album are Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang (which is just wild and crazy and an amazingly aggressive dance song), I'm Addicted (the climax of the song really gives you that chills and euphoria one can only experience from a good dance song), Turn Up The Radio (perfect feel good summer song), Some Girls, I Don't Give A (revenge track against Guy Ritchie, with biting lyrics and Madonna and Nicki Minaj rapping), Love Spent, Masterpiece (probably best ballad she has released since You'll See...really does have that 90s Madonna feel), and Falling Free (strikingly simple but sad and touching ballad).

Overall, I think this album is on par with Confessions and Ray of Light, infinitely better than Hard Candy. Return of form for Madonna. The album really shows that Madonna is a consummate dance artist.
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on April 2, 2012
MDNA is a solid record. It always takes a little time for a new Madonna album to really sink in, and this one was no different. After a week of nonstop listening, my early favorites are "I'm Addicted" and "I'm A Sinner." The production on the songs sounds amazing as well. I've always been a sucker for Madonna's party music, so I find MDNA to be incredibly listenable from beginning to end. It's interesting to hear some of her thoughts on the Guy divorce put to music, especially on tracks like "Best Friend." I think it was Rolling Stone that mentioned that Madonna shows us her human side on this album. I agree. I was in the minority in 2008 when Hard Candy dropped...because I loved it. I still love it. In my opinion, Madonna consistently puts out great pop music. Long live the queen.

One last thing. Why are people allowed to post "reviews" when they haven't listened to the album? I read one review based on 30-second clips. That's like reviewing a new film based on a trailer. It skews the rating here at Amazon and doesn't make much sense. Hope the rules will change on that, because it's not a fair representation of the music.

Go buy MDNA, you'll enjoy it.
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on March 27, 2012
Every Madonna album is anticipated highly, but it would seem a particular lot is riding on "MDNA." It is her first album of original material in four years, marking the longest pause she has ever taken between studio albums, and the first to see release in the wake of the globe-saturating success of Lady Gaga, her frighteningly clear heir apparent. It also marks her debut on the Interscope/Live Nation imprint after a nearly 30-year tenure with Warner Bros., the label that launched her into the stratosphere.

If these facts have caused Madonna even the slightest hint of worry, "MDNA" shows none of it. Rather than sounding desperate for a hit or eager to prove she still reigns supreme of all divas, she is relaxed, adventurous and quite willing to take chances, like a tyke let loose in a toy shop. Even when the performances turn serious and clenched, it is only for the sake of the songs themselves. Where the results are not her usual musical candy corn, which is often, they are always intriguing. The lack of sweat on her brow makes it clear - why prove what has already been proven? There's only one Queen of Pop, and that's Madonna.

"MDNA" pulses with a high sonic energy which only somewhat belies the turmoil of the lyrics since the grooves are steely, not frenetic. Heartbreak, redemption and self-fulfillment are among the chief themes. This is miles away from the soft core porn of "Hard Candy" or the deliberately visceral "Confessions on a Dance Floor," which was less about depth than disco lights, and her most personal work since "Ray of Light." William Orbit, who honed much of that album, returns here.

Orbit not only bathes Madge in shimmering, atmospheric soundscapes, but clearly elicits her to mark new territory and self-efface. "I'm a Sinner" is exemplary with its chaotic world music beats, cheeky lyrics and modulated vocal technique, and the kick-ass "Some Girls" sounds both retro and futuristic with its sharp, swirling synths.

Benny Benassi places Madonna squarely on the dance floor with the monstrously hooky, hi-BPM, often lyrically oddball second single "Girl Gone Wild." "I'm Addicted," a zippy, unhinged dose of aggressive obsession, sounds like Kylie Minogue's "Rippin' Up the Disco."

Martin Solveig maximizes Madonna's commercial savvy without obscuring her idiosyncrasies. "Turn Up the Radio" brims with hit potential, yet takes no cues from younger, decidedly hipper chart busters. The syllable-bursting, high-tension "I Don't Give A" blasts through her own inner wall of anxiety and affirms the take-no-prisoners attitude that Madonna is well-known for. This is a woman who digs her heels in until she conquers.

Whether she's symbolically killing off ex-husband Guy Ritchie in the eerie, trip-hoppy "Gang Bang," crafting a spacious, meditative melodic hook with "Masterpiece," composing subtle re-writes of past tracks with the likes of "Love Spent" or baring her soul on the lonely, tortured, terribly icy "Fallin' Free," Madonna remains a compelling, vital and - above all - entertaining presence on "MDNA." It won't return her to the top of the singles charts again, but that does not matter. She has carved out a niche in the industry which suits her just fine, and "MDNA" caters to it without ever placing her too left of center, reaching out to satisfy listeners interested in what she has to offer beyond the hits.

*** Editorial Note: The untimely loss of some of our greatest cultural icons these past few years has been absolutely heartbreaking. However we feel about "MDNA," we should remember that we are lucky to still have Madonna here to entertain us.
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on April 12, 2012
A true masterwork. The sounds and vocals are stunning. The lyrics raw and honest. The whole effect is almost hallucinatory. An album way too sophisticated for a modern. completely dumbed down audience. The corporate stepfords might also be too fat to be able to move to this thing. It's hipper than American audiences have been for decades. Blazing record.
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on March 26, 2012
Madonna brings us her best album since Ray of Light! The album is a roller coaster ride of emotions. From happy songs to sad songs MDNA takes you on a emotional journey like only Madonna can. For all the doubters that thought Madonna was over (they say it every time she has a new album) you are once again wrong. Madonna is still without a doubt the queen of pop and is bringing something fresh and unique that radio has been missing for years. This is a review of the clean version of MDNA which is missing one of the best songs on the album Gang Bang. I highly recommend the deluxe edition MDNA and explicit version above this because it has some amazing songs.

Girl Gone Wild - This is the second single off the album MDNA.The song would fit perfect between her Sorry and Celebration songs. The song is a killer dance pop track that has Madonna singing about being a good girl gone wild, and proclaiming "Girls they just want to have some fun." This song will remind the clubs MADONNA is still the queen of the dance floor

I'm Addicted - A electronic club track that will get people dancing. Madonna sings about being addicted to love and compares it to a (MDMA) then sings "MDNA, MDNA, MDNA." This is a song that is sure to get stuck on your head. The song like so many others on the album closes with an outstanding end. Put on some headphones and turn it up, and you will fell like your on some kind of drug especially toward the end.

Turn Up the Radio - This is a great summer song and feels like classic Madonna. This song will get stuck in your head and should be the next single. Very radio friendly pop song that has Madonna singing a care free song about letting the music take you away from the cares of the world. She sings "Turn Up The Radio, turn up the radio. Don't ask me where I wanna go, we've gotta turn up the radio."

Give Me All Your Luvin - The first single off the album and definitely one of the weakest. Featuring Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. the song is just a fun catchy song that gets the phrase "L U V MADONNA, Y O U you wanna" stuck in your head.

Some Girls - Is a techno song with some killer bass. Madonna has her voice distorted and sounds like she's singing in a tunnel at times, but it works perfect. I will admit it took a few listens to like this. The song has Madonnas vocals change and are drowned out by the heavy beats and bass. Madonna sings "Some girls are not like me, I'd never wanna be like some girls." This is another amazing club song.

Superstar - The song is by far one of the catchiest songs and one of my favorites on the album. It's a simple song that recalls the fun and simplicity of Cherish and features background vocals by her daughter Lola. She sings playfully about being madly in love with her new boyfriend. Besides singing about people she admires she also sings "You can have the password to my phone, I'll give you a massage when you get home." It's a simple song but one of my favorites and is catchy as hell.

I Don't Give A - One of the stand out mid tempo tracks on the album that seems like it could be Till Death Do Us Part meets American Life. Madonna gets the most personal in years. It sounds like she is referring to Guy Ritchie where she sings "I tried to be a good girl, I tried to be your wife, I diminished myself, and it swallowed my light, I tried to become all that you expect of me, and if it was a failure I don't give a ..." Nicki Minaj also makes an appearance where she raps what sounds like "Yo MADONNA you original than GAGA" however a friend pointed out she actually says DADA which is a surrealistic movement from the early 1900s (thanks Sasha).

I'm a Sinner - Is a song that would fit perfect along side Beautiful Stranger, Amazing and even Ray of Light. This is classic William Orbit and Madonna doing what they both do best. With the guitar and Madonna throwing the names of saints this one of my favorite songs on the album. With another 60`s vibe and a chorus that has her admit "I'm a sinner, I like it that way," one can't help but get lost in the song, and bring back memories of those early William Orbit and Madonna days. Another one of my favorites.

Love Spent - Probably my very favorite song on the album. Has those electronic bleeps and sounds courtesy of former Ray of Light producer William Orbit. Madonna gets personal here and sings about feeling like her lover put his money before her. Can only make you wonder if she's referring to the large settlement Guy Ritchie got from her from their divorce. She sings "Feeling love spent, Yeah, I'm love spent, Wondering where the love went, Love spent, Yeah I'm love spent, Really love spent, Wondering where it all went." At about the two minute and five second mark the song climaxes to an amazing close. The acoustic version available on the super bowl deluxe edition is just as beautiful, but more raw.

Masterpiece - A gorgeous ballad where Madonnas voice shines. She sings about being in love with someone who in her eyes is a Masterpiece. With words like "I cant tell you why, it hurts so much to be in love with a masterpiece," this is one of the most beautiful ballads Madonna has wrote in years. Its no wonder the song won a Golden Globe at the 2011 awards show.

Falling Free - Another beautiful ballad that has a haunting vibe by the piano. The song has one of the strongest vocal performances from Madonna as she sings "We're Both Free, Free To Go," which makes you wonder if it's about her x husband Guy Ritchie. The song would fit perfect along side Drowned World/Substitute For Love and Gone.
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on April 17, 2012
I'm a casual fan. I gave this album a chance, but for a woman of her age and worldliness, this is it? Some songs about cheerleading, her birthday, corny hip hop, and trite, over-the-top anger at her ex? It all sounds weak and juvenile. And she's fifty something? The song about shooting her ex in the head is just cringeworthy. It actually starts off sounding promising but then just devolves into Madonna shouting "drive bitch, die bitch." To me, it's embarrassing, uncomfortable, and in a way, irresponsible. Does she consider her partly spoken-word gibberish artsy or edgy? She seems more worried about rhyming like Dr. Seuss than saying something interesting, fresh or new. It's almost like Madonna doesn't really exist on this record. It could be a computer programmed to sing the songs over lots of swirling electronic noise -over and over. That's kind of what it feels like. There is barely one iota of feeling here. I'm not saying she's washed up, but she needs to find "herself." Perhaps I'm being overly hopeful as this is pretty bad -just snippets of things done before and simply rearranged along with a hollow, mechanical delivery. I saw her on a talk show recently. She was dressed all in tight black leather and naturally had to stick her butt in the camera and move it around seductively. Is this the extent of her art now? Desperately trying to prove that she's still sexy? Madonna, some people don't really care what you look like too much. Why not try something completely new . . . ? Like a video without you squirming and writhing about with pom poms or a dominatrix outfit? Is this what we'll be getting when she turns 60? This album is almost the antithesis of art. It's sad. I never considered her the greatest of musicians in any sense, but she's been apart of our culture for so long and has so much at her disposal that I expected something more. Somewhere in her tower of narcissism, she's lost perspective, and I think she took the wrong road with this one. I was hoping for something "real" at this point. This just made me feel empty and hungry for something much deeper.
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on April 29, 2012
Before MDNA was released, the first track I heard off this album in it's entirety was "I f***ed up". I put it on repeat and listened to it for over an hour. Right then I decided to give some serious thought to buying the album when it became available. When it did, I listened to all 17 thirty second clips and heard nothing that said don't buy, so I did.
WOW! Madonna (IMHO) had her work cut out for making a comeback and she not only did this in spades, she bumped the bar up and showed a lot of current artists just who she is and where she came from.
I'm 54 and have watched and listened to her ever since she came on to the scene. IMHO, she NEEDED something like this and delivered a LOT more than I expected.
The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Yes, some of the songs are dark (Gang Bang in particular)and explicit, a little different for her, but she showed everyone just who Madonna is, what she is capable of and to never rule her out. Thanks for a superb album Madonna!
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on April 18, 2012
If you are a Madonna fan and a vinyl collector, you must buy this release! The sound of the vinyl pressing will blow your mind! I also recommend the Japan version of the cd release.
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on January 12, 2014
Where do I even start? MDNA is everything. I became a fan of Madonna when I first heard 'Girl Gone Wild' on the day of its release, and immediately started lapping up the whole album and all her past work. MDNA is clearly underrated and deserved way more attention and better sales, but it seems that the general public are incapable of appreciating a fine work of art. This album made 2012 a memorable year for me, and I have Madonna to thank for that.
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on March 26, 2012
I don't like it. I like Madonna a lot, but I don't like this. The lyrics, with the exception of Masterpiece from her movie W.E., are no stretch of the language, no new concept added to the cultural lexicon. I expect more from her. At 53, she should be saying something other than this, something substantial. It's as if she ignored her ability to create meaningful and moving music and went for what's popular. Now she sounds like all the other garbage out there. Obviously, I don't buy much of what's popular nowadays. It has nothing to offer. It's recycled and overproduced music sung by underdressed girls trying to entice an audience. It's product with a capital P, not art with a capital A.

Madonna may have chosen the gotta-be-popular route early in her career but her talent stood out and she achieved great success through tireless innovation and creativity. To resort to this "music" that consists of upbeat rhythms with forgettable lyrics shoved into it is sad. I hope she takes a backwards step, looks within and comes up with another Ray of Light. She has the talent and the opportunity to forge works of art. She should not be singing cheerleader dance music for a young generation of consumers.

Even the album title seems like it's missing something. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it's pretty symbolic: MDNA is NEFM (not enough for me).
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