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723 of 769 people found the following review helpful
on March 22, 2011
I am very happy with this earphones. Be aware though, that they really isolate noise, so if you are outdoors, you won't hear cars, voices, etc.

After several hours of reading reviews for sports earphones, I chose these ones and I don't regret it. They are comfortable (a 'must' for us Yoga practitioners or workout fans) they stay in the ears (there are several sizes to choose from) and the quality sound is really good, considering that these are not top of the line earphones, nor most of us need such hi-fi definition while jogging or working out.

The wire is strong enough but it doesn't get in your way. I would like to have it a little bit shorter though, but I've noticed that earphones just come in two sizes: Too long or too short and I prefer the too long and use the clip, since I don't wear my mp3 in an arm band.

If you are looking for comfort, nice sound and good looking earphones, plus a reasonable price, these are your earphones.
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614 of 657 people found the following review helpful
on March 31, 2011
To know if this review has relevance for you, I'll first tell you how I use them. I use the M6 Earbud exclusively for my 40 minute run with the dog in the morning. I listen on a 5th Gen Nano mostly to standard MP3 pulled off CDs with some MP3 VBR downloads. I have a different genre playlist for each day of the work-week which proceed as follows Blues, Folk-Country-Acoustic, pre-1984 rock, post -1984 rock, and World-Trance-Jazz. Regardless of the genre, all of the songs have a steady beat to keep me moving. I also have a "Chill" non-beat playlist (new-age, slow jazz, chamber-classical) for cooling down.
Prior to these I had two consecutive sets of more expensive V-Modas, which I used for the same purpose.

Because I'm running, the music has to compete with wind, traffic, my footsteps (heard internally), and towards the end, my breathing, not to mention my dog's verbal abuse at the squirrels I won't let him chase. So there is no point in pursuing absolute audio perfection. That said, I do want a full frequency range, definable bass, clear, well-rounded voices, and I want to hear my favorite percussive flourishes. I'm perfectly happy this score with the M6s. The V-Modas were pretty bass-heavy so these took some adjustment on my part. But in a stationary comparison between my last pair (which seemed to fix themselves after I bought their replacement. )the M6s delivered significantly more clarity across both the bass and mid range. I added a little more base equalization to the iPod and I'm fine.

Fit was the whole point of getting these since I use them for exercise and I'm happy to say they delivered. Previous units often shook themselves loose during the run. But between the upturned angle of the bud and the memory wire over the ear, these things are locked-in. I can't think of a single activity that would knock these things loose that wouldn't involve major head trauma. I had to dig into the bud selection to get the seal right and I'm still dealing with my footsteps causing a bit of tapping sound in my left ear. That it never happens in my right ear makes me suspect the design flaw lies more with my ear than the device.

With no movement or feeling of heat in the ear, I feel like I could wear them all day, but they are always out after forty minutes, so I don't know.
They do take a little more time to put on and take off so I wouldn't recommend these for a situation where you have to remove them regularly such as at your work space or anywhere people call or talk to you regularly.

The flat outsides don't stick out very far so they could be good for use while lying your head on a pillow , though I haven't tried that yet. I'll definitely bring them on my next camping trip.

Who cares? OK, my first V-Modas were red anodized with a red metallic-weave cord that I thought were pretty cool. And the clear heads on these are interesting, but really. it doesn't matter.

Who cares? Well again I'll admit that the case that came with for my last V-Modas makes a great travelling case for various USB cords. The ME round case is too small for me to find any other practical use, so far. There is the ususal airline adapter and the cord winding thing Ive never used but the important thing is a variety of tips. You get three different sizes of cone shaped tips which I personally haven't warmed up to. I'm using the larger of the two round tips. I'm thinking that finding some the same size but a little less pliable might correct my "tapping" issue.

Time will tell. I'm just two months into their use. I always expect things to last forever but I've learned from personal experience and reading these reviews that it just isn't the case for earbuds. That said, the fairly thick tangle-free cord, decently relieved L-Plug (crucial for my use), equally protected y-connection and solid fit give me hope. Plus, unlike my previous units they don't cost much to replace.

If you want something for active use, I can't think of a better choice. Amazon had them for just $20 bucks, That's just bonkers. I'd be happy if I paid $60. I have paid that and more with less satisfaction. However; look elsewhere if you have to remove them regularly during a listening session
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
173 of 184 people found the following review helpful
on December 5, 2014
Blah, these things slip out of my ears all the time and rusted out in a short amount of time (see picture). I tried all of the different heads that came with the ear buds, but they never stayed in while exercising. Worst of all, they rust out after only a short period of time. I bought some clear ones and started noticing an accumulation of rust inside of both of the speakers and then one day they quit. Here is my purple replacement pair that only lasted about 2 weeks before this happened on the inside of them (see picture).
review image
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with your Sport-Fi earphones. Because MEElectronics Sport-Fi earphones use a unique over-the-ear design with memory wire, wearing them correctly can take some practice but it is key for long-term wearing comfort and secure fit. I have included our fit troubleshooting instructions and a link to our fit video below. Please try following these steps in order to obtain the best comfort and most secure fit from your Sport-Fi earphones.

The first step towards a comfortable and secure fit is finding the right eartip size. We have included six sets so that you can get the best seal and comfort possible regardless of your ear size of shape. We recommend trying all of the included eartips to find the most comfortable and best-sounding size for your ears. Because ear canals are often asymmetric, you may even get a better fit by using different sizes of eartips in each ear.

The eartips should be inserted into the ear canal fully when worn, allowing the earphone itself to sit flush in the outer ear. If the earphone is sticking out, chances are you are not getting the secure fit these earphones were designed to provide.

Shaping the memory wire correctly is also important to getting the best comfort and most secure fit. The memory wire keeps the cable over your ear and in place, allowing the earphone to remain locked-in even during sports and activities. Please use the following steps to ensure the memory wire is configured for your ears:

-Straighten the memory wire completely. It should form a straight line with the rubber "strain relief" and point up and forward when the headphones are worn
-Put the earphones in your ears, making sure to put the right earphone in your right ear and the left earphone in your left ear
-Ensure the ear tips seal with the ear canal
-bend the memory wire around the ear to achieve as conforming a fit as possible
-(optional) for a more secure fit, remove the earphones after the memory wire has been approximately shaped and bend it more in the same direction for a more conforming fit
-move the sliding cable cinch on the earphones up to your chin when you're wearing the earphones to fix them in place

The memory wire will retain its approximate shape for easier future installation.

Please see our fitting video at for a short visual guide to wearing the Sport-Fi earphones.

As far as the housing split, short lived earphones can be attributed to many variables (maintenance, upkeep, etc.) and the longevity of the earphones can depend on that. We can take care of that and replace that for you if you'd like as well.

Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot the issue and sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you continue to have issues with the fit or comfort, our customer service staff is always happy to answer any questions about your MEElectronics products so please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

-MEElectronics Customer Care
721 of 808 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2012
I really wish I could say I was happy with these, because really wanted to be. But I'm just not. After reading the reviews, and seeing the price, I thought these were the in-ears I had been searching for. But ultimately I've been disappointed.

I do agree that the sound is good (again, especially at this price) and the accessories are quality. Nice case, many choices of tips to fit your ear, etc. But the pros stop there for me.

The cord itself is wrapped in plastic, which makes it pretty stiff. Not a huge deal but it results in what I feel is a lot noise being transferred to the earbuds when you're moving. More than any other set of in-ears I've had. I was hoping to use these for both listening to music at my office, and also when running. After about an hour at the office the sound from my regular movements drove me nuts. I felt like I couldn't escape it.

My other complaint is the memory wires intended to hold the earphones in place. They do work... at first. When I go for a run I get them wrapped around my ear as tight as possible, and they're great for about the first half mile. Then they start to loosen. I tighten them up again, and the same thing happens. It's really annoying because the sound is great when these things stay in your ears, but I just can't get them to. And obviously once they're out of your ears the sound is sub-par. I've tried 3 different sets of the supplied buds and the same thing has happened each time.

I don't like to complain about a product just to complain. And these certainly do have some pros. But they weren't the answer for me.
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86 of 99 people found the following review helpful
on March 1, 2013
I just received these headphones yesterday in the mail, and I'm ordering another pair already. Why? because I'm so afraid that they'll go out of stock when I need them again that I want to have an extra pair handy.

I've always had a hard time finding good headphones that would stay in my ears without falling out during my runs. I must have oddly shaped ears or something, but earbuds always never work for me because I can't get them to seal in correctly. I had one pair that semi-worked that I used for a couple months that were earbuds with a hard attachment that went around and behind the ear, but the sound crapped out on them. I was also always pushing them back into my ear on my runs - but at least they wouldn't completely fall out due to the earpiece attachment.

Now - I'm not an audiophile in the least, I just need music to run to. I received a pair of very nice, $70+ sport headphones for my bday. I was hoping that they'd finally be the pair that would work for me since I'd never had such expensive ones before. I tried every earbud size, every earpiece attachment size, and none worked. They would completely fall out of my ear every 30 seconds on my runs.

I gave in and bought this pair, thinking they were so cheap, it wasn't a huge risk. Tried them on this morning, they were really comfortable! And I ran to the gym, and then on the treadmill for a couple miles, and they didn't fall out at all! They also block out other sound incredibly well - I couldn't hear background music at my gym and had to take them out when someone came up and tried to talk to me. I went for a long run in them this afternoon (I'm a marathon runner - this run was about 10-12 miles) and never even had to worry about them falling out. I know everyone's ear is shaped differently, but I think I've finally found my perfect pair of headphones... AND they're very reasonably priced too!
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28 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on May 16, 2012
I have really small ears so it's very difficult for me to find earbuds that fit well and feel comfortable. I am a runner and was looking for something with great sound, great fit, would stay put, and wouldn't break the bank. These beauties fit the bill in every category! I bought the clear "color" which also looked great. The headphones come with 6 set of tips so you are sure to find the set that works with your ears. The included case was also generous enough that it also holds my iPod Shuffle and the cable (see photo on image page). If I had to give a negative, it would probably be that the cable is quite long. I guess too much is better than not enough and I can always do some strategic tucking during my run! All in all, highly recommended, great product!
review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
148 of 177 people found the following review helpful
I write this review with some trepidation. It seems when I write about how good a pair of headphones is, they never fail to go out soon thereafter. So we'll see. Please also note: I do have a suspicion that several reviews for this product may have been solicited. Those are the reviews where the person gushes about the headphones and writes a very professional sounding review, but upon inspection, it is their only review. I am currently in the top 600 reviewers and though I often acquire free items in exchange for an unbiased review, this review is based off a purchase with my own money. I was replacing my Sony MDR-AS40EX Active Style Headphones Earbud Style (Black) after the left earpiece finally fizzled out.

First negative point: the cord is far too long. It borders on ridiculous. I have taken to clipping my iPod on the waist of my shorts and then pushing my shirt in between the iPod and my skin to prevent chaffing. It is too long to use an armband or to clip the iPod to my collar (which is what I am used to). The one good aspect of the Sony and a few other brands was that the cord had two sections, so you could use the headphones and the first bit of cord comfortably for a sleeve or collar clip and then add extra cord for length if needed. Clipping to the collar leaves a good four feet of cord to dangle either in front of your shirt or underneath, not the most comfortable if you are an efficient runner trying to keep from having dangling cords catching your hands or elbows.

But that's my one star knock. The pros are all very good. First, these earbuds come with a variety of rubber earpieces. I found that the medium sized, double style worked best for me. The triple kept pushing the earbuds out, or pushed in too far, the sound wouldn't come through. But they stay in place pretty well while running. Even with a good amount of sweat, they were in no danger of slipping out, though they did come loose a couple of times.

The over ear hooks actually work (which is a surprise since most don't). They can be shaped to a certain extent, and seem to hold shape pretty well. Since they are pretty stiff, I was able to shape them a bit to help 'push' the earbuds towards my ear for a more secure fit.

The sound is good, but not great. The Sony pair blew it away. I don't expect a lot of bass, but the other three or four pairs I've had some better lows and more depth resulting in a richer tone. I listen to a lot of variety when running: Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Ladytron, etc... and lots of Jpop and Jrock. The lack of depth on the low range is more noticeable when listening to the more electronically infused bands like Muse.

But overall for the price, I can't really quibble. These set me back about $20. They do fit nicely in the ear which is my most pressing need with a pair of sport headphones. And since they aren't $100 top brand headphones, I am willing to sacrifice a little sound compared to my Sennheiser headphones I use at home. I still haven't found the best sub $50 running headphones. These come close, but the long cord is a major detractor. Otherwise they are quite good.


Update: I am no longer happy with these earbuds. After using them for a few weeks I began to notice that there were four issues.

1. The cord is just a major pain in the arse. I began clipping the iPod on my collar again and just threading the extra cord down my shirt. It was still dangling almost to my waist. It wouldn't catch on anything, but I couldn't have it outside my shirt or it would flop all around if outside the shirt, then catching on everything. The Sony headphones have a point where you can separate the cord into two. Would have liked that feature here.

2. The large piece that sits just outside the ear is a major pain. It's a bit heavier than the components in other headphones, and has an odd shape. You have to twist it just perfectly to get the earpiece in the ear while having the larger component sit so that it does not irritate your ear. I have tried it with the various rubber inserts, but it is just a awkward feeling, even if positioned just right. And after running for a bit, it tends to slightly move, sitting against the inside of the anti-helix (for those who know the parts of the ear). It is VERY uncomfortable when this happens. So I have to fidget to get the piece positioned correctly again. No amount of tinkering with the over ear loops helps either.

3. The changeable rubber in-ear pieces are all pretty lackluster. They are cheap rubber and slide out easily when sweating. If you try and use the longer pieces to get them pushed a little into the ear canal, they tend to scrunch together and then there is no sound.

4. Finally, even after letting them 'burn-in' the sound is so-so. I popped in two other pairs of headphones that had better sound. Looking at the other reviews, MME tends to just reply: it's your iPod settings... But then why would two other brands of headphones sound substantially better?

I am going back to the Sony: Sony MDR-AS40EX Active Style Headphones Earbud Style (Black).

I will also try some other brands in the $20 - $40 range and post the recommendations here.

All in all, not really terrible earbuds, just several issues that I feel might be more user specific (shape of ear and whatnot), and a few issues which I believe do warrant the 2 star deduction: namely the long cord and the lower quality sound compared to the Sony and others that I listened to.


Bought Polk earbuds. They are nearly perfect in every way. I bought the orange (direct from Amazon $29 & Prime eligible)
Polk Audio UltraFit 500 Headphones - White/Orange (ULTRAFIT 500ORG)
Polk Audio UltraFit 500 Headphones - Black (ULTRAFIT 500BLK)
Polk Audio UltraFit 500 Headphones - White (ULTRAFIT 500WHT)
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Dear Customer,

We really appreciate the thorough constructive feedback!

Sorry to hear that the cord is too long. Our M6 earphones are standard earphone length at 3ft from the split. We do have our S6P model, which is pretty much the same earphone, but specifically equipped with a shorter cable for the customers who prefer this length.

You're more than welcome to contact our customer service at via email and explain your issue. Our team is more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

-MEElectronics Customer Care
21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on February 19, 2015
product: MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Clear)

Most people wouldn't expect a pair of $20 headphones that claim to be noise Isolating and made for working out to have good sound or quality but in the case of this pair of headphones, it does that and much more. Not only do you get an additional case for the headphones, but also 6 sets of interchangeable eartips so you can get the best fit (I found that the ones that came on the earphones worked the best for me).
The noise-isolating feature: When I first put them on, I couldn't believe how well they isolated sound. I couldn't hear any backround noises (cars, microwave, etc.) and when I turned on my music, I couldn't hear a person talking right in front of me.
The fit: When I tried working out and running with them, I didn't have any trouble. They stayed snuggly in my ear the whole time and I could hear the music clearly the whole time. The "memory wire" also works great. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out how to fit it to my ear and then I was good.
The sound quality: Finally, the thing everyone wants to know about. Does the low price of these headphones take away sound quality? The answer to this is definitely no. I'm not a headphone/sound enthusiast but I can still tell that these have good sound. When compared to the old Apple ear pods, these sound amazing. If I could say anything about the way these sound, it would be that the base is very prominent (but not overpowered, so you can still listen to classical-type music).

A few things I wanted to know before I bought this:
-Does the clear color get dirty/rusty? No, atleast they haven't yet in the month that I've been using them (and they look pretty in general as a color)

-How long is the cord? About 4 1/2"--I find that it's a bit too long when you run, but you can easily fix this by either stuffing the excess cord into your pocket or using the handy clip of them to hold extra cord.

-Do they get tangled easily? No! These are the first headphones I've had that don't. It's probably because the cord is a bit stiffer than most

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope it helped and answered any questions you had. Look at the pictures I took for more help--I put the headphones next to a sharpie marker for comparison in size.
review image review image review image review image review image
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304 of 372 people found the following review helpful
on July 3, 2010
Introduction: I'm a young audiophile who has grown a boundless addiction for great sound. I'm only in high school right now so it's quite a challenge for me to test high-end headphones like you guys. Therefore most of my reviews will be on low to mid end headphones.

Company Info:Meelectronics is a new company that produces some of the best headphones for the price. From my experience, they have some of the best costumer service. Their website can be found here [...]

Product: Meelectronics M6 Clear, also available in Black and Maroon

Price: Retail: $50(Clear, Black) $30(Maroon)


* Driver: 9mm driver (Not the same as the M9, confirmed with Meelectronics.)
* Frequency Range: 20 - 20000Hz
* Impedance: 16 ohms
* Connector: 3.5mm gold plated
* Cable Length: 1.4m(4.6ft)

Equipment Used:

* My custom-built desktop with a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card
* 32GB 3rd generation iPod touch
* Fiio E5 amplifier

Packaging and Accessories:The packaging is a nice, clear plastic box. It is exactly the same package as the M9's with the exception that the paper slip inside is for the M6's. It is easy to open unlike those annoying clamshell packages that some other companies use. Simple and gets the job done. Like the M9's, the M6's comes with a plethora of accessories. There is a shirt clip, a cord wrapper, airline adapter, a carrying case, and 4 sets of tips. 3 pairs of different sized single flange tips, and one pair of triple flange tips.DSC01574.JPG

Build Quality: These are absolutely some of the most beautiful IEMs that I have ever seen. The clear housing makes them very unique and eye-catching. These are by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing IEMs that are available on the market The M6's build quality is pretty good. The housings are made of a clear plastic that seems to be pretty durable. The cable shares the same design as the M9's, a braided cable a plastic/rubber coating. Except the braiding for the M6's is metallic silver. The plug is a 90-degree, gold plated plug. I prefer the 90-degree style plug over the straight style plugs because they last longer and fit better in pockets. I feel that the build quality is not as good as the M9's. Nonetheless, the build quality is still very good.



Isolation: I used the medium single flange tips because they fit me the best, the triple flange tips are just too small; it would have been great if a bi-flange tip similar to the M9's were included because those tips fit the best for me. The M6's do an average job at isolation, they block out some sound, but it still feels like I can hear everything. The isolation is definitely sufficient for bus rides and activities with similar sound levels.

Comfort: These IEMs are very comfortable. They are the best IEMs for lying in bed with; they are even better than the M9's which I thought were extremely comfortable to lay in bed with. The memory wire helps reduce microphonics and keeps them in place very well, making the M6's an excellent choice for working out with.

Sound Signature:I had ran around 20 hours of burn-in time using pink noise and frequency sweep files. I have been listening to them for about a week. The sound signature is very, very similar to the M9's.

* Bass:Like the M9's, the bass is the strongest point of the M6's. The M6's has more bass quantity and depth when compared to the M9's. Bass quality is about the same, very clear and punchy.
* Midrange: The Mids are alitte bit recessed. Not as recessed as the M9's, but they are indeed recessed. However the Mids are also very enjoyable.
* Highs:The highs are definitely better than the highs of the M9's. They are very detailed and crisp, definitely worthy too listeners who like a lot of details. The highs have no harshness unlike the M9's which have a bit top end harshness.
* Soundstage: The soundstage was good; airy and there was good instrument separation.
* Conclusion: These headphones are great for bass heads and detail listeners. Terrific headphones for working out with.


* Enter Sandman by Metallica: The song sounds very powerful with these IEM's. The bass is great, and the electric guitars sound fantastic.
* Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird:This song really shows how detailed the M6's can be, the vocals were very detailed and pronounced. The song also tested the speed of the M6's, which was actually pretty good. The M6's could keep up with the jumble of instruments quite well.
* Fade to Black by Apocalyptica:A cello cover of the heavy metal song by Metallica; the long sustained low notes of the cello is just amazing, the bass just engulfs you.

Amped vs. Unamped:Amplification of these earphones does not make a huge difference due to the fact these earphones are relatively easy to drive because of its 16 ohm impedance. With the Fiio E5, I did not notice any huge differences in sound.

Comparisons: The M6's is a step above the M9's even though they share the same sound signature. The M6's has better bass and is more detailed than the M9's. The M6's are definitely better than my Ultimate Ears 3 and my Shure se110's.

Conclusion: The M6's are great workout or causal IEM's for $50. The Maroon ones at $30 should be an absolute steal. They definitely can compete with higher end headphones that are in the $100+ range.

Verdict: For $50: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED For $30: It's a steal, get it ASAP!
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164 of 202 people found the following review helpful

Before late February, I didn't know anything about MEElectronics. When I finally heard about the company and purchased my M9Ps, I realized that they were a company that I should keep my eye on. In the time since, I've had the chance to review their lower end IEM models, the SX-31 and M2s and I've been impressed by the both of them, in different ways. Now, I'm here with a review of the first generation M6 models, one of MEElectronics' higher end IEMs. These apparently share the same drivers as the M9s and M9Ps and if that's true, then I should be in for a pleasant experience. So, did the M6 IEMs live up to my expectations? Read on to find out.

Packaging and Accessories

The first generation M6s ship in a black paper box that shows off the IEMs themselves through a transparent plastic window on the front. In terms of accessories, the M6s include an accessory pack that's incredibly similar to that shipped with the M9Ps, which is a very good thing. Inside the box, you'll find a clamshell hard case, three pairs of silicone single flange eartips, a pair of generic black foam tips (similar to Shure "olives"), an airplane adapter and a cable winder.

Design and Build Quality

The M6s are made of plastic that feels rather durable. The cable is somewhat thick and rubbery feeling but doesn't feel as though it would cause problems if not abused routinely. Inside the cable that leads out of the earpieces, there is a built in memory wire which helps route the cable over one's ears and stay in place once the earpieces have been inserted. I've heard complaints that the wire is too stiff but it was relatively soft and pliable in my experience. The cable terminates in a heat-shrink covered gold-plated straight plug and doesn't inspire confidence because of its lack of a proper strain relief.

It's worth noting that the newer and more expensive M6s are equipped with a much better cable that features a properly relieved L-plug.

Comfort and Fit

Getting these fitted can be a bit of a pain sometimes because of their over the ear design and the memory wire that's embedded within the cable near the earpieces themselves. The memory wire is soft and pliable but because of it being there, these aren't well suited to situations in which you'll constantly be taking them out of your ears. Once they are in your ears, they disappear. Using the included foam tips or Sony hybrids, I was able to get an effortless and comfortable seal. The earpieces sit flush with your ears and I found that it was easy to lie down on my side with my head against a pillow without sacrificing comfort. These are easily some of the most comfortable IEMs I've used. Isolation is rather decent as well with the right eartips but it's nothing spectacular.

Sound Quality

Burn in: As per my usual, these IEMs were given 25+ hours of burn in prior to review.

Once again, MEElectronics has managed to impress me and even straight out of the box, I was enjoying the M6s. I will say that they sounded a bit hollow straight out of the box but after burning in for a few hours, it filled in nicely. In terms of bass, the low end is smooth, detailed and refined. That's a lot of adjectives but they all apply in some way, some more so than others. It's certainly a highlight of the presentation with more than enough boom and punch to make Hip-Hop and Electronic music stand out. That's not to say the bass is boomy, far from it. Bass is well controlled and doesn't overwhelm the rest of sound signature and rarely creeps up on the lower mids. The low end lacks the speed and extension of my RE0s but is certainly better in terms of quantity.

Mids are smooth and full sounding, if recessed slightly. The detail and clarity in the midrange is impressive for the price with full bodied and natural vocals and a nice sense of space and airiness. Treble is slightly emphasized as well, like the bass, and treble extension and detail are both quite good for IEMs in this price range. It's worth noting as well that these boast marginally smoother and better refined highs than the M9s but slight harshness and sibilance can be heard on some higher notes.

The sound signature is warm, full, and smooth with a very nice and dynamic tonal balance throughout the sonic spectrum. The soundstage is nearly as large as that of the M9s but not quite as airy and positioning and separation are both very good for the price. These work incredibly well with a wide range of genres, including the aforementioned Hip-Hop and Electronic and also Jazz, Classical and Alternative/Rock. While these can't match my RE0s in terms of overall quality, transparency and clarity, especially when it comes to the quality of the treble and neutrality, the M6s are very impressive in their own right, especially when you consider how inexpensive they are.

Value and Conclusion

The maroon versions of the M6s are available for $30 on MEElectronics' website. The current generation model retails for $50 on the website but can be found for approximately $40 on websites such as Amazon and Overstock. At $30 for the first generation M6s, they are an absolute steal and you wouldn't be remiss in buying the more expensive versions for the improvements to the build quality either. Despite apparently sharing the same drivers as the M9s, they are definitely superior in every way besides airiness. The M6s deliver one of the most entertaining sound signatures I've heard in a while and are easily the most competent performers that I've heard in the sub $50 price range and even outside of that range, these perform well enough to be worth a look.
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