Sony Bloggie 3D Camera (Black)
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MHS-TS20 Sony Bloggie My Bloggie stopped working. Since it is out of warranty the cost to get it repaired is almost as much as a new one.
I have read of cases where removing the battery and reinserting it can solve some malfunctions. Unfortunately, the Bloggie has an unremovable battery, but since it is next to worthless in its present condition I have nothing to lose by taking it apart.
The question now is: How does a Sony Bloggie come apart?
I can only find one tiny screw beside the HDMI output, which I removed with no result whatsoever.
Someone please tell me how to take apart a Sony Bloggie.
asked by Christopher Robert Mohr on June 1, 2012
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I know it's been a couple months since you posted this, but I just got my Bloggie Touch so I can kinda help you. To take mine apart, I had to unscrew screws at the HDMI port (like you said) and then another one in the space where the USB connector flips out from. I then had to take a guitar pick and wedge it in between the thin metal back and the rest of the chassis. Give it a good wedge here and there and the back should pop off. The rest is just a bunch of screws, so it's pretty easy to get to the battery.
Patrick Hartl answered on August 10, 2012
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