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on June 1, 2015
PROS: An above-average way to apply ice cubes to keep yourself cool.
CONS: In humid heat (Florida), following package directions, the towel doesn't work much better than a bandana soaked in water.
WHY I'M KEEPING MINE: It's a tidy way to apply ice to the back of my neck to stay cool, and the ice melts slower than if I'd simply wrapped the ice cubes in a bandana or scarf.

I bought one of these at a local store, hoping it would help in the Florida heat. Like another Florida customer, I was disappointed. I'm not convinced this towel is any cooler than a normal bandana might be, soaked in water.

I draped mine around my neck, as shown in the product photos, and it did feel cool... but only for a few minutes. Then, I slid the towel so another section was in contact with my neck, and that cooled (a little) for a few minutes. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

I was not impressed.

For best results -- which still aren't great -- really soak the towel. Then wring it out. Then snap it multiple times and -- this is important -- let it sit with lots of air exposure for at least a full minute, preferably two. That seems to give the towel the maximum cooling effect.

But, as I said, this towel did not live up to its claims in Florida heat.

I would have returned this to the store, but one feature makes this product worthwhile: When I'm at theme parks (my main reason for seeking a way to stay cooler), I can grab a few ice cubes from any of the carts selling soft drinks. I place the ice cubes in the center of the towel (horizontally & vertically centered), and fold the towel over the ice cubes (covering them completely) so they're centered at the back of my neck and won't slide down my back. (From the front, it looks like I'm wearing the towel the same as in the product photos, with the ends loose and draped over my shoulders and slightly down my chest. The ice cubes are concealed at the back of my neck.)

The towel seems to insulate the ice cubes so they don't melt as quickly as in a bandana, and this towel also absorbs the melting water so it doesn't run down my back or otherwise soak my clothing.

I think this product might work fine on a summer day in a climate with just moderate humidity. Too humid (like Florida) and there's little evaporative cooling. Too dry (like Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, or L.A.) and it'll dry out too quickly

Nevertheless, this towel is the best product I've seen if -- like me -- you use ice cubes at the back of your neck to stay cool. In late May, in sunny, 90F heat at Disney World's Animal Kingdom, ice cubes took more than 15 minutes to melt, and -- as a result -- I stayed fairly cool.
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on September 9, 2013
I ordered this after reading the promotional recommendations and reviews. Tried it out as a wrap around my neck while practicing at golf driving range and had also intendeded to use during round(s) of golf. I live in Hawaii so it is humid and there is usually are slight slight trade winds but sometimes minimal.

Initially it did what it was suppose to do. But after a couple of hours the towel lost a lot of its' water content. This is suppose to happen to help cool you down. I remove and snapped towel to bring water to surface to re-activate but there wasn't enough water to be of benefit. I tried it again on another day and made sure it was soaked well, no difference.

I opted to purchase Frogg Toggs Evaporative Cooling Towel (33 x 6 1/2) and followed instructions (need to make sure you really soak it the first time). Towel cools and seems not to dry up as quickly...holds more water longer...snap to reactivate and it still cools you down.

In my opinion, you could also use the old version of the synthetic chamois Absorber which seems to have similar properties of Frogg Toggs. However, I don't believe the current Absorber is made the same.

If you decide to order any cooling towel make sure you order the size you need. the 33 x 6 1/2 works fine as a wrap around the neck. A larger size (wider) towel is available as well as a bandana.
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on August 10, 2015
First to clear up what this is and why some give it a bad rating. The bad rating is from a lack of understanding of how this works. If you watch the site video it will help you understand why this does not work well in Humid environments. This product does work but its best used in dryer environments where evaporation can occur more rapidly. In a humid environment all your doing I keeping a semi wet towel against your neck and yes snapping does cool it a little because of air flow but not enough to last long. This is nothing new if you wear sweat wicking materials or were in the military and wore this type of item which most of the time was issued to keep sand out of your nose and mouth but it also kept you cool if you wet it even without snapping because of the severe dry heat causing evaporation. The wrap styles they show where it covers the face and head was used widely with us and a pair of goggles during sand storms. When not in a sand storm it was a way to keep the sun off of the back of your neck, negating sunburn and also keeping you a little cooler from the water evaporating from the material. With this it is the same other than taking the product off and snapping it to push more air through increasing the evaporation rate, thus increasing the cooling process. In humid environments his effect is not the same as the water is not evaporating at an increased rate, so you have to judge ahead of time how effective this will be by looking at the relative humidity for the day. Even with that, pouring cool water on this while it is on will help for a period of time especially if your bald as the hair on your head will hold water and covering it with something with hold the hot water in place. As far as does it work yes it does even in humid environments if your goal is not to get roasted by the sun on your neck. Not to mention it is a comfortable fabric and if put on dry in humid environments will help wic water from your skin. Judge a product by what it states and not what you think It should do. As it does state less effective in humid environments on the site. Always look up product reviews and their site before purchasing anything and you most likely want be surprised.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 19, 2015
During my morning jogs I let it the towel hang around my neck till enough sweat builds up on my face and neck then I just wipe it off, give the towel a nice snap (must snap to activate, will not be cold on it's own) and vuala cooling towel as cold as an ice pack.

The towel is the perfect length as when hanging from the center around my neck that I'm able to use either side of the towel to wipe sweat off my face without it being too long. The towel has a very smooth micofiber texture to it that is not rough on your skin which encourages you to wipe off unnecessary sweat that may get in the way of your workout more frequently compared to regular towels

The towel can get extremely cold, like the AC in your car, and at times you feel as if you want to take off the towel as you would turn off the AC in your car when you have the AC full blast in your face. But unlike the car's AC it may encourage you to work out even harder to burn more fat/calories. Also the cooling effect only last around 10-15mins per snap

The towel includes it own carrying case, which I recommend you keep around as it help keep in moisture, just in case you don't have enough water (or sweat) around when need to keep cool.

Seeing that your sweat may smell overtime, the towel is machine washable as you can just toss it in with the rest of your laundry (like colors)

The only down side I'd say is there is no instant cooling as you have to snap it every time for it to activate, but it is part of the design, so not going to ding any points/stars for that. Just remember, no snap = no cooling effect

Awesome towel overall and is my go-to towel for my workouts
review image review image review image review image
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on July 14, 2014
My husband works out side all day and really likes using this. He has only had it a couple of weeks and has washed it twice. It is still keeping him cool.
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on November 27, 2013
I have t tried several of these and they do not work as advertised. I experimented with it during hot days, and with a normal terrycloth towel. The only difference is this towel dries faster. A waste of money.
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on June 20, 2013
Disappionted. These towels are no better than any other wet towel. Using an infrared themometer, I was only able to read a 10 degree difference between my temp and the towel.

I purchased 2 of these towels. "Snapped" one, not the other... No diference.
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on January 25, 2014
Did not work at all when I used it at a football game with the sun beating down on us. I was very disappointed. I kept snapping it per the directions because that's supposed to make it reactivate, but it did not work at all.
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on April 19, 2014
I purchased these to use during the extreme heat of summer while working in the yard. I was skeptical, but they are very cooling, not perfect, but nice. They help keep me feeling cool. Of course there are times when nothing helps and I find myself taking ti off and anpping the heck out of it every few minutes. That's when I know it's time to go inside.
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on August 21, 2014
It works ok for a short period of time but was disappointed to read on the enclosed pamphlet that "humidity may reduce the effectiveness of the fabric or require more frequent re-activation." I live in Florida where it is very humid so that probably explains why it does not work as the advertisement suggests. We are experiencing above 100 degree temps. I did not use it outside, only in our garage, in the morning, to do our laundry! It gets beastly so thought I would give this a try. It is very lightweight so will keep using it instead of a wet hand towel. If you are out West, this may work perfectly for you but for the East Coast, I am disappointed.
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