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on November 26, 2012
Received the Mini MK802 today. I attached power supply, USB dongle for a keyboard/mouse, HDMI cable attached to a flat screen and plugged it in. Booted right up, I clicked on settings, found my router and it attached first try. Documentation booklet is weak, but has basics. I've been running this non-stop for 6 hours no real issues found. It's a little difficult to use my mini keyboard/mouse for some functions, as my experiance with android is on a tablet only. It takes some getting used to doing similar swipe functions.

Unit does NOT have an ON/OFF switch. You must unplug to power off, but it does accept Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot.

Previous reviews indicate the unit runs hot. That is NOT my case after 6+ hours of constant use.

So far so good.

UPDATE: 11/28/2012

After playing with the unit for a couple of days, I mounted it behind my 47" Vizio that's on the wall. My biggest concern was that this device would be running constantly 24/7 as I started to fish a power cord through the wall to supply power to the unit. Then a light bulb went off in my head. I took the supplied mini to full USB cable, plugged the mini side in the unit and the full side in my TV's USB port.

Now when my TV's is turned on the unit gets it power and boots up. When I turn the power to my TV off, the unit powers down. No need for the power supply.
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on July 25, 2012
I received my miniPC via USPS yesterday in great condition - it took just 7 days to ship from HK, China to the bay area here in California. I ordered the 1GB DDR3 ram version (Android settings say Model number AK-MINI-PC-001, Android version 4.0.3, Baseband 4.0.11, Kernel 3.0.8+, Build crane_risctek-eng 4.0.3 IML74K 20120608 test-keys)

After thumbing through the included manual, I plugged it in to my Samsung 27" TV and powered it up. In less than two minutes, I was at an Android 4.0 desktop home screen (running in 1920x1080 resolution). It connected to my WiFi AP on the first try and seems to pull decent speeds even though my router is on the other side of my house and most devices only get ~50% signal in this room.

Overall, the OS looks like it has some tweaks. It's configured as a tablet with the status/notification bar at the bottom of the screen. Volume up/down buttons have been added to the bar in addition to the default back/home/switcher icons that 4.0 comes with by default. It seems to want to lag out occasionally when opening new windows or tabs in a browser (tried stock browser and Firefox beta so far - both work decent).

I would highly recommend this device to anybody who likes to tinker with Android hardware. It appears to have massive potential as a low-cost internet TV device and I cannot wait to dive into the software to start customizing it.
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on September 19, 2012
This is the best way to purchase this device, as it is backed by good ol amazon. you could buy it direct from china, but there are chances of it being lost in poor shipping, or just bad customer service, and all in all, they are actually cheaper to buy this way.

This is a really nice device to have, and i have found a really easy way to adress the overheating problem, and odly enough, i already had them when i bought it. i simply used a few peices of Zalmans blue chipset/ram cooling fins. i had them from when i added two to my old netbook.

i used three total. one on the AW chip, one on the two ram chips, and one on the memory, all of which have helped cooling greatly, but the case WILL NOT go back on, so be warned. you could mod the case to have the fins stick out if you really wanted, but is it worth it? i just used a peice of double sided 3m foam tape on the other half of the case to stick the hole assembly to the back of my LCD, and viola, it's out of sight. i use it with this lil key pad gizmo:

i downladed a few video entertainment apps like amazon, netflix, hulu, and crunchyroll(anime nerd), and i now have a ~$60 dollar htpc! i was even thinking of adding a powered usb hub and a few flash drives or an android compatible usb dvd drive so i can watch my movies too, like this one:

i really wish it was a micro sd card, seeing as i have three 8gb micro cards just laying around. otherwise this would be perfect. if you wait a few months though,you will start to see better, more powerful versions of this device, and there are already a few that you can get off china direct websites, but, i personally think i can wait till a more reputable website will stock them. also, they have a lot of tutorials on changing the OS to linux and the like, so if you like to mod OS's, then this will be your new favorite toy.
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on October 9, 2012
Impressive little device, especially after the latest firmware upgrade. The user interface is quite nice, the unit is responsive and runs the majority of Android apps flawlessly.

The Good:
- Smooth, HD video playback from usb, YouTube and Netflix (you need the 1.8.1 version just google netflix 1.8.1 apk)
- Responsive, flash capable browser with tabs
- Emulators run great for playing old Nintendo games up to N64
- Comes rooted
- Supports Google Play

The Bad:
- Flimsy plastic housing, reset button doesn't line up with the button on the pcb (had to open the case to flash update)
- No screen saver or timeout
- No power button
- Only 720p (unit can output upconverted 1080p, but the desktop and video playback are always 1280x720). This may be fixed with a firmware upgrade

The Advice:
- Upgrade your firmware
- Google extsd fix
- Download Hidebar.apk from Github

Refardless of the minor issues with this device, at less than $50 it is a steal and turns my TV in the smartest TV so far.

Little update: The wifi in this thing sucks and seems to be a major heat contributor. I switched to a usb ethernet adapter and the device now happily streams 1080p h264 content from my file storage. Netflix still works fine (1.8.1 version), but appears limited to 480p. Also, XBMC is probably never gonna support the Allwinner A10, so if you're looking at XBMC better get an amlogic-m3 device.
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on October 27, 2012
im not sure if the advertisement is wrong, but this is not a 1.5 ghz chip...! i could hex edit a binary file to make it look like it is a 1.5ghz, and i think thats what happened here. not saying the seller is misleading, but the product is definitely a 1ghz chip.

i know alot about androids. this isnt a bad deal, i actually got mine and ordered 3 more the next day!! i also Flashed my software, cause when i got it, it was android version 4.03, there is an update 4.0.4, the stock software needs to get uninstalled cause its all chinese. you can get cyanogenmod for it - if you know anything about androids its really nice software. and cyanogenmod will allow you to run bluetooth.

*IF* you accidentially brick the device, install the drivers for this thing on your computer/laptop, and get a toothpick/paperclip - PUSH THE BUTTON IN THE HOLE IN AND HOLD IT IN, THEN PLUG INTO COMPUTER, the device will go into firmware flash mode.. I almost flipped out when i thought i wasted my money and broke it, this device is not like many other androids, i have owned a lot and it took me over 18 hours of playing with this thing to understand it entirely. it does have a safety restore mode... :D

its not a bad deal, im gonna keep it til i decide to upgrade to the 3rd generation dual core, which i should have paid the extra cash for strait up. but for now its pretty awesome!

i went to the local electronics shop, and had to buy 3 keyboards to find 1 that worked, but i now have a keyboard and mouse that works plug and play. i bought a pixxo keyboard and mouse combo, and it has extra buttons on the keyboard, like home key, volume, back button, email button works, search button works, all the media buttons work too.

i really love the device, rating is cause there is a little mis-info in the product. and would have been nice comming with all updated software. and i think the biggest problem this device has is overheating... BUT I DEVELOPED A SOULUTION FOR THAT!!!

**Heat Solution**: cut a small hole in the bottom of the box the mk802 was shipped in, and stick a fan in the bottom, so air blows up to the top.. put the mk802 on top of the fan, then... put a heatsink on top... works perfect, would be nice if they could put a $2 heat sink and fan, with power input into the box and just make it convertable... this idea worked perfect for me..
review image review image review image
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on October 25, 2012
I tried hard to like this product. But with issues with WiFi dropping in and out, whenever any amount of data traveled from the device; the device was doomed from the get go. Trying multiple things, and eliminating various aspects that could have caused this, only resulted in wasted time.
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on September 5, 2012
I thought this was a cool little device and was really excited about getting this. In fact, I happily played around with this for a couple hours before I realized that it was shipped with a broken locking spring in the micro SD slot...a micro SD card would not stay locked in the MK-802, but if you kept the card pressed into the unit you could see what was stored on the card. It worried me that such a simple part was already broken and I started wondering how long the more complicated parts (like the CPU) would last. Then I knew I had to return my new toy!

Everything else on this mini pc worked great and once I had set up my LCD monitor (I used a HDMI to DVI-D adapter) and wifi it would boot in 40 seconds. I had trouble getting free Android apps to work with this, however. The SHUTDOWN app that I downloaded wouldn't work properly and I wound up doing CTRL-ALT-DEL to get a clean reboot to a point where I could safely just pull the power.

Fortunately I bought this with and they promptly refunded the full amount I paid for this device and gave me a link for a pre-paid UPS label. The lesson that I learned here is to always use a reputable seller like Amazon so that you can get your money back if need be! Unfortunately quality assurance with many products is lacking...this should not have shipped out of China to to begin with since it left the factory with a broken internal spring!
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on July 18, 2012
Imagine having HD video, internet browsing, casual gaming, productivity apps on a device that cost less than 80 bucks. This device is a must have and puts the hardware guts of any smart tv to shame. Installation was a breeze. This device fulfills the need that a mid range HTPC would fill but it is the size of a large thumb-drive. I comes with all the accessories that one needs to use out of the box. I had it set up and browsing the internet within a minute. I was recently looking at building a compact pc for my HDTV other than the one that I use for gaming. This required a motherboard for 60 bucks, a processor..60 bucks, RAM which I already had (25 bucks) a decent case that was compact enough to be an HTPC but roomy enough to fit my Radeon hd5670 card. I never found that case btw. The delivery was scheduled for about 20 days from now , but arrived today via DHL from friggin' China, and it is amazing.
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on October 12, 2012
The idea of the product is great. But the device has a temperature problem. It overheats!!!

It works great for a couple of minutes and then it just power off by himself!!!

I do not recommend this product.
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on January 9, 2013
I received this "mini" PC just two days. On opening the little box, which shapes like a smart phone box, I was surprised by the contents inside for the price:

1) The actual product which measure no larger than a stick of gum
2) A mini USB transfer cable
3) Another USB cable to power the stick
4) An extension HDMI cable
5) And a barebone set of instructions.

The instructions that came with it are barely useful. If you have experienced with Android product before, you would not need the instructions. After going through the entire instructions, I barely have any idea how to set it up. I plugged in the unit to the HDMI port the unit did not turn on. Then it dawned on me. HDMI is not powered. This unit needs power and the only to do that is to plug this unit to the USB port. So I used one of the USB cable and plug in to the mini-USB port on the side. Voila, the unit turned on without any trouble. After about 15 seconds, I have picture on my TV. I went through the instructions twice and there is no mention of how to power the unit.

Next, this Android device does not come with an input device. I don't have a wireless keyboard available, so I tried attaching a Logitech game controller, a USB keyboard and a wireless mouse on the USB port. This Android was able to recognize each device without any trouble. It is hot-swapable. So there is no need to power down the unit before changing the input device.

The quality of the product is excellent. I did not see any gap on the seams. The ports are quite sturdy. The quality of the image that it produces through its 3D GPU is quite impressive. I tried several YouTube videos on my LED tv and was blown away by the clarity of the videos. I ran it for an hour and the divice felt warm. I've read some reviews that it gets hot, but so far it works fine for me.

Now, on to the bad points. I would have given this a 5 star if it is not because of false advertising. For one, "PC" is usually refers to Windows based personal computer. Because this is an Android device, the "PC" label should not be used at all. For anyone who has not read the descriptions carefully, they may be misled. Second, the descriptions say that this device contains 1GB of RAM. The device that I received says that it only has 512mb RAM. Usually this is sufficient to handle most processing power. Hopefully the GPU will pick up the processing power of graphic intensive program.

I posted an unbox and demo of this device on YouTube. Search for "Android 4.0 Internet TV - mini PC - unbox and demo" in YouTube. By the way, I specifically mention Amazon as my favorite online store. :)

For $35 (when this was on sale) this is a MUST buy.
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