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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 15, 2011
The Library of Congress recommends these record sleeves. I decided to try this because, well if it's good enough for the best archivists in the nation to preserve their records, then maybe I should try them if they aren't too expensive.

Well these are incredible sleeves. They are the correct type of slippery cloudy plastic that is described by the Library of Congress. The sleeves have a line of black type and an arrow pointing to the opening end of the sleeve.

This is a strange sleeve. It is sort of three layers of plastic, a standard sleeve, open on one end and closed on the other three sides. Then on the back of one side of the sleeve, there is another enclosed sleeve with a sheet of paper sealed inside (this is likely rice paper, but it's very hard to tell since the paper is sealed inside the plastic.

That piece of paper is critical in use. Those all plastic sleeves are flimsy and almost impossible to put into a record jacket. The paper adds some stiffness that makes it very easy to slide this sleeve in and out of the record jacket. I've included the link to the Libary of Congress wesbite that describes how to handle, clean, and store LP's.

I love these. They are completely dust free and tend to repel dust. The vinyl slides in and out of the sleeve very easily. They fit inside a standard album cover very nicely. I just used one of these in the Black Keys Chulahoma picture LP. The album ships in a clear plastic envelope that just feels toxic and the album tends to stick solid to the plastic. It was very easy to slide one of these sleeves inside the plastic envelope.

These sleeves are a reasonable price for what they do. To truly preserve albums, these are the right thing to use. Discard the paper sleeve that comes with the album.

December 15, 2015 Update: After four years somebody noticed an error in this review. OK, don't throw away the paper sleeve, recycle it. And only if it is one of those generic white paper sleeves. There is no good reason to keep those. On the other hand, you might want to keep a sleeve with printing on it, especially if it is vintage or has lyrics or pictures on it. Otherwise, recycle that paper.
Yes I still love these. They even work inside those clear plastic covers for picture albums (I worry about those covers being toxic over the years).
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on June 15, 2012
I got these per a friend's recommendation. They're great. I mean it's hard to rave about an album sleeve but truly, they have become a part of my reconditioning process. I will clean a record I bought from the store and then put the original cover and Sleeve in a plastic outer sleeve and put the clean record into the Mobile Fidelity sleeves and place it behind the cover. It is important not to put the record back into the original album cover as those are usually dusty.

The sleeve is anti static like they say, sometimes LPs will develop a static charge on the table, but whenever I pull them out of the sleeve they are static free every time.

The paper layer definitely helps with firmness. The Sleeve can fold at the corners if you're not too careful while putting it back in the outer plastic sleeve the cover is in but be careful for god's sake. :-)

I love the Arrows on the sleeve showing me the direction of the opening so I don't accidentally drop the record.

Not much else to say, replace all your inner sleeves with these and you are guaranteed a static free, dust free, ideal environment for your LPs. I am planning to buy an order or two more of these very soon.
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on September 23, 2011
These are the sleeves to go for, if you're interested in getting quality replacements. They're well worth the premium price, and will last for years, leaving not a trace on the vinyl.
I buy mine from Elusive Disc / Music Direct for $15.00 / pack of 50 (10+ packs), or from Amazon ($19.99/pack)when I have vouchers to spend.
I've tried many different types of inner sleeve, and these are up there with the best, if not the best.
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on May 1, 2012
When I first opened the package, I was disappointed at how thin the plastic was; but after trying one, I noticed how strong they really are. Every record in my collection is now sitting in one of these sleeves. They also slide pretty easily into the jackets, you just have to watch yor alignment while dropping it in to keep the corners from folding, but with a little practice it becomes easy.

I was unsure what to do with all the original paper sleeves, and at first I just tucked them seperately into the jacket, but then I noticed that most of the origial sleeves were roughly the same dimensions as the plain paper backing in between the plastic. So that gave me an idea, I posted two photos above with those details (the two showing the Phil Collins album). I hope those of you that try it like the results!
review image review image
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on June 20, 2015
This is by far the best inner sleeves I have ever owned! The make up of this sleeve is a 3 part plastic mixture and one sandwiched rice paper? front part of the sleeve is plastic that has black bold arrows that point upwards as to not confuse the owner on what end is where. Second part is within the inner part of the sleeve which is a plastic material. After this comes rice paper, and afterwards another plastic piece that encloses the rice paper.

Reason why they sandwich paper in between is to stiffen the inner sleeve so it wont fold as easy as an all plastic sleeve that would come in some older records from the 80's and 70's.This is an anti scratch, anti static material which is awesome because records that start catching static will sound like crap when playing. Anti scratch obviously is good because we all know what happens when your records are scratched and overly scuffed. I will plan to buy 3 more packs or over 200pcs to start switching over my collection from paper to Mobile Fidelity sleeves. You have to be insane not to want to buy these!! awesome price these are the best.
review image review image
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on May 13, 2013
I got nervous when I read the 2 star reviews for this item claiming they were not built well or didn't even fit their record jackets in some instances. But when I got mine they were the perfect size leaving a mm or 2 space. The construction is impeccable and the static actually disapates when the vinyl is inserted! I can see why the Library of Congress uses these. The price isn't cheap, but when it comes to fidelity you truly do get what you pay for. Pull the trigger, your vinyl collection is worth it, I know mine is!
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on August 27, 2012
These Mobile Fidelity sleeves work great - they smoothly accept the LP, and I haven't really had any trouble with fitting them inside the LP jackets. You just have to go slow. And there is no static when the LP goes in or out of the sleeve. They are sturdy, so I have no fear that the LP will poke out of the sides, like they tend to do with paper sleeves.

However, I do have one curious issue with these sleeves. After I got about halfway through one package, I noticed my fingers felt kind of smooth. I took a closer look at one of the sleeves, and saw what looked like a very, very fine layer of dust covering the entire sleeve. It is definitely not regular household dust. "Dust" may not even be the best word for it. The substance on the sleeve was more like an extremely fine talcum powder. It's so fine in fact, that at first I thought it was just condensation from sweaty hands, but that was not it. I had a fresh second package, so I opened that up and saw the same fine substance. Next I went back to the LPs I had already placed in the sleeves. Sure enough, it looks like some of the substance has been transferred to the surface of some of the LPs. It must have got there by my simply handling the LP while it was sleeved, to take it in or out of a cardboard jacket.

Does anybody have any idea what that substance might be? Perhaps I got a bad batch of sleeves that slipped through quality control. I've so far found no comments anywhere of anyone experiencing the same thing. I have yet to determine if the substance is harmful to the LP or affects the quality of play. Maybe I'm ignorant of the facts - is this substance part of what makes them anti-static? Or some other by-product of manufacture? I'd really like to know, and I would update my 3-star rating to a higher one, if I get a plausible answer.

UPDATE: I've just compared a new bag from Amazon versus a bag from my local record store. I still found the same substance coating the sleeves from each package, from both sources. I'm going to continue using the ones I have though. So far, I don't think it has a noticeable effect on the LP or on playback. But it is still a little disconcerting.
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on July 11, 2014
These are great for replacing paper sleeves in albums and controlling static as well. I replace all my vinyl inners with these, even my vast collection of Japanese Vinyl pressings as soon as I clean them. When I get an album, new or used, I run it through my VPI vacuum machine and then place it in one of these MFSL inner sleeves. If the inner sleeve is printed, I keep it inside the jacket. If it is just a plain white sleeve I throw it out. I also dislike the round bottom Japanese sleeves as they are a pain to get back into a cover without one corner sticking out.

All of my vinyl is inside of these incredible sleeves as they help eliminate static and they do not scratch your investment with light surface scratches like the paper type always do.
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on December 15, 2014
Let me start off by saying that I love these sleeves and they are the only sleeve I use. Every album I get that doesn't have a high quality archival sleeve I replace with these. My only concern is that the last package I received (12/10/2014) I found that my records would not fit in the sleeve. This has happened before but only one or two out of the package were this way. This time I checked them all and 12 out of 50 are too small for a 12" record. I'm not going to return them because I have already used some on new albums before I discovered this problem and I threw the original inner sleeves away from those records. I contacted Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and they told me they would notify their vendor. I ordered another pack and I hope this isn't going to be an issue down the road because these are my all time favorite sleeves, hence the 5 star review.
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on April 21, 2012
I bought these on Feb 3. I opened them up and used maybe two; the quality was great. I just went to use some more, and i am pulling out a lot that aren't pressed correctly, they are about one sixteenth of an inch too small, and an LP record won't fit into them. Out of a 50-pack, i have already found 6 that are defective. Having a Mobile Fidelity logo on these is really surprising. I never had this problem with the generic plastic lined inner sleeves from Bags Unlimited, not one single defective sleeve from that company.
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