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on November 8, 2012
The app that comes with Moga is crap. To get it to work, you must download Moga Universal Driver from Market and install it. Unfortunately, pairing Moga Universal Driver itself is tricky. To make it work, follow these steps

- Turn on Moga and pair Moga using Bluetooth setting in your phone. Moga is named "BD&A" in your device selection page.
- ***Very important*** Go to "Language & Keyboard" setting on your phone and you will see "MOGA IME". Enable it.
- Turn on Bluetooth and launch Moga Universal Driver. Tab "Select IME" and choose "MOGA IME". At "Select Device" under Bluetooth setting, make sure "BD&A" is selected.
- The indicator light should change from blinking blue to green and your Moga is ready to roll.

Here are pros and cons

- Very well-built. Rubber grips make holding this thing very comfortable.
- Work flawlessly with Moga Universal Driver.

- Buttons are VERY clicky and loud. I'm not sure if I can use this thing during a flight without disturbing others.
- The app that comes with it sucks.
- Workaround to get it to work through 3rd party apps.
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on May 1, 2015
-Durable Construction
-Good Layout for Control Input
-Useful Grip for Phone
-Long Battery Life
-No noticeable lag
-Slightly complicated to setup
-Device is a bit too large
-Uses AAA instead of Rechargeable
-Grip cannot support large phones.
Should You Buy: YES
Actual Value: $35

Android has a lot of games and emulators that don’t necessarily work with the touchscreen found on most devices today. For most people who want to game on the go, you have 3 options. Either you can hack the software and connect a controller, buy a Sony Xperia Play, or buy this controller. If you play casual games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds, this won’t work too well for you. But if you are serious about gaming, this controller is the best choice for you.

The Moga Controller feels like they got a regular size control and miniaturize it as much as possible. The controller is shaped to feel like a small controller, with small grips on each side and the L and R triggers in a natural comfortable position. There are buttons on the front similar to the XBOX 360 button layout. Both control sticks feel like the ones you usually find on the Nintendo 3DS and a power switch on the side of the controller. The batteries are placed where the handles are located, which is a good design choice. It also has a grip built into the controller. While it can hold small phones such as the Moto G (shown here), larger phones might not work with the grip. The controller will work with almost any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet. It also isn’t that small, but not that large either. It’s roughly the same size as a small phone. Overall, the design is great and it feels like it will take some abuse and come out fine.

This controller works all of the time that I have used it. Using the MOGA app from the App Store, the control setup is easy to install and the app will work with games that support it. Dead Trigger, Asphalt 8, and Modern Combat 4 all work without a problem. All the buttons feel natural and games are responsive. However, if you want to use it for an emulator or with a game that only supports external input, then its a bit more complicated. You would have to use the MOGA Universal App that is made by an independent developer and the connection process is a bit more tedious. But once you got it working, it will work. Playing on the MOGA feels like an old school classic gaming console with modern touches. (Note: I do not promote nor condone the use of emulators. Use them at your own risk and know the legal limitations before downloading and installing any software.)

This is probably one of the best controllers to come to Android (as well as iOS). Sure, the setup isn’t the easiest of things, but once it works and you experience it, you will never be able to go back to touchscreen again. Easily recommended for gamers everywhere.
review image review image review image review image
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on November 14, 2012
I picked this up after doing a lot of research, and in a nut shell, I've been thoroughly impressed.

To preface the primary reason I picked up the gear was because of my love for emulators and my hatred of touch screen controls. There are some great android-based emulator options out there, but it's been hard finding a bluetooth controller that makes sense, especially when you're on the go.

The MOGA's clip works great for securing your phone so you don't have to come up with some other contraption for playing games when out and about. I've used the setup on the bus frequently, and it's easy to setup and get going in a pinch.

Here's a breakdown of my experience thus far:

Out of the box I set it up using the incredibly easy instructions. Downloading the Pivot app is a cinch. The pivot app is the way to go if you want to play the next gen games using the device. The app works much in the same way as an xbox live account. You control the entire experience with the controller. You can browse games that are MOGA ready, purchase them up, and then view them in your digital library of games. It makes the whole process really seamless, so you don't have to bounce in and out of applications. They give you some free games right off the bat, and the store (powered by Google Play) even has a number of free options. Once I set this up, I dived right into those games.

The controls work great. It really feels like you're using next gen controls on games typically reserved for touch screen. The response time was solid. I love the feedback you get on the analog sticks. They don't feel too loose. The layout is tried and true, as they're not trying to reinvent anything. If you play a PS3 and/or 360 like I do, you'll immediately pick up on the schema.

The pivot app isn't made for emulator games, for reasons that should be obvious. I use SNESDroid for most of my rom gaming. To get it to work with the controller, all you have to do is download the FREE universal unlock app. Just search for MOGA in the marketplace and it should be the first or second option. Once installed you can easily activate the controller outside of the pivot app, allowing you to use it for other things (namely emulators). I was able to re-map the controller to my liking using the controller settings in the emulator itself. Once setup, BAM, it's like I have a portable SNES with analog controls.

I've been using the setup for over a week now, and the process for turning the controller on and getting to my games has become very intuitive. I use it on two phones, as my wife likes to game here and there. There were no issues setting it up for both phones. The universal app has a lot of great settings too to make sure things are as automated as possible, and you won't have to worry about switching your bluetooth on and off.

OVERALL, I cannot recommend this device enough. It took me forever to find a controller that made sense, and this is it. It's sleek compact design makes it perfect if you have a public commute, like bus or train. I can actually fold up the controller and put it in my pocket, no problem. If you can't stand touch screen controls and you're a huge should really pick this thing up.
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on December 29, 2015
The device fits my phone very snugly, and is comfortable to operate. I use the "My Boy!" emulator for android. For some games it works PERFECTLY, but others it just refuses to function. I don't know why. For the price it's worth it though, a must have for phone gamers.
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on December 6, 2015
total garbage. First day i recieved it, wouldn't turn on after messing with it a bit it finally turned, but it would not pair to my phone, after that it comes with a free game PAC-Man, but it is a crappy game that you can't play beacuse the screen doesn't align. I'm returning this A.S.A.P..
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on December 1, 2014
This was a huge disappointment. Reading earlier reviews, especially those mentioning the universal driver and seeing a video showing that it can be connected to a PC made me feel good about buying this, especially at a Cyber Monday bargain price. In fact, I bought several to give as gifts and one for myself.

After struggling with it all day I can say confidently that this is not the controller for you, no matter what you are buying it for. First, if you are excited about the idea of having a single compact controller you can use for your phone, PC, tablet, this isn't it. The PC functionality is extremely limited. You can probably use this for some emulators, and MAYBE a few older PC games which don't need analog controls, but that's it. And even those will be a pain because essentially the analog controllers become a really difficult to use directional pad.

The lack of a directional pad is what really makes this controller nearly worthless. For PC gaming, emulators, and any non supported android games, there is a chance you can use the controller with them, but with an analog pad that works as a dpad. For this reason alone, you are better off buying a controller with a dpad, even if that's all it has.

Now let's talk about support. I've bough several Power A controllers before. Like this one, they looked promising and were fairly well built, but didn't really work very well. I tried contacting customer support, but quickly realized their customer support is one guy in a basement somewhere who is basically there to deflect questions. It appears that now that guy has gotten fired because I contacted them to report that my free game code wasn't working and the phone number leads to a recording with some guy telling you to email them, but the email bounces back. I know completely non-existent support when I see it, so not wasting my time pursuing that any further. I am just accepting that I got screwed out my promised free game and putting Power A on my sh*t list.

If you do find a supported game to use with the Pivot app (the official app), the controller works pretty well. Though some weird stuff happens, like in GTA I can't crouch. The analog sticks are not all that easy to use and the controller overall hurts my big hands. The L and R buttons are not "triggers", they aren't analog that is, so if you were hoping for that you won't get it. Also, the analog sticks don't click down like they do on consoles. In other words, you are losing a lot buttons and types of input in this controller compared with what you're used to on consoles. This also means that games like GTA don't map very well to the controller (i.e. just can't crouch because there's no buttons left).

I was actually pretty impressed when I first opened up the box. I got it set up pretty easily and started playing GTA and thought "wow, this is so much better than using the touch screen." And it is, but as the day progressed it was one frustration after another. It sours me on the whole product because it just boils down to poor execution on the part of Power A. There really isn't any reason for this not to work on PC or be configurable to work on non official android games. Android has a generic Bluetooth controller interface. I'm not sure if they want to funnel all apps through their own marketplace or if they are just too lazy to write the drivers or both. Another thing, understand that the crappy support means that at some point in the very near future games will stop being supported in the official app and you won't be able to use the thing at all anymore. This has happened, for example, with the FIFA games which EA claims supports MOGA controllers, and apparently did at some point in the past, but not anymore. And good luck getting any answers from EA or Power A about what's going on there. Either way, I'm done with Power A. Fool me three times, right?

I implore you to look at some other options. Do not trust 3rd party workarounds to crappy 1st party drivers. The company that produces the hardware should make software that works in the 1st place, and keep in mind that Android is so fragmented that chances any app will work well on your device are getting slimmer and slimmer all the time. If you can't find a good controller at the same price, pay a little more and get something that works.
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on March 7, 2014
-Works pretty well for playing games as long as they support the remote.
-Can work with emulators with a bit of tweaking (though it would be hard if you're an Android/technology novice)
-Clip works well, holds even my comically large Galaxy Note 3

-Runs on AAA batteries
-Must use Moga software to connect to controller (a download from the Play Store) and only officially supports selected games.
-Free game included is a lie.
-Non-existent customer support. The gaming code included was not valid. I've contacted them multiple times through email, Facebook, and Twitter OVER A MONTH. Maybe the company is going out of business?
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on June 30, 2016
I sold my old Gameboy and bought this. It's a steal! With the universal app you can use it for almost any emulator. The buttons are a little loud. It takes two AAA batteries. I feel like the batteries run out a little fast and I wish it could just be charged instead of batteries. But for what it's supposed to do it does well.
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on May 3, 2013
This controller behaved exactly as expected, if u use the pivot app and the universal moga driver, the controller is compatible with almost everything.

As many people may be trying to decide between this and the Ipega controller, i'm posting a small comparison between these two since I have them both.

I'm not going to compare with the Gametel since the lack of analogs discards it for me, and the MOGA Pro just loses all the portablility, and for 50$ i'd rather buy a Dualshock 3 + Gameklip.

[A/B/X/Y buttons] Ipega: Very Solid, Perfect size MOGA: Kinda small and very clicky and loud Winner: Ipega

[Triggers] Ipega: Clicky and kinda cheap MOGA: Better grip and quieter Winner: MOGA

[Analogs] Ipega: Too stiff but gets the job done Moga: Very good, similar to the 3ds ones Winner: MOGA

[D-pad] Ipega: Very nice d-pad MOGA: No d-pad at all Winner: Ipega

[Clamp] Ipega: Seems cheap but holds the phone firmly MOGA: Better clamp but i hate having my phone tilted Winner: Tie

[Battery] Ipega: Rechargable internal battery MOGA: 2 AAA, not a big deal if u have rechargables Winner: Ipega

[Compatibility] Ipega: Compatible with most emulators but not with a lot of android games MOGA: the combination of the Pivot app and the universal moga driver makes it compatible with almost everything Winner: MOGA

Veredict: If you want a controller for retro gaming more than for android games you should go for the Ipega, and get the Moga in the opposite case
although both controllers can perform well in these two scenarios. I find them equally good and they cost basically the same, the best one depends
on your interests.
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on March 13, 2015
I purchased this to use with a Samsung Gear VR and I simply could not get it to work. I then tried it just with an Android Phone and a game from the MOGA site and some games worked and others didn't. Feels cheap and eats batteries fairly quickly. All in all I put it in my junk drawer and purchased a more expensive gamepad.
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