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MOTOACTV 16 GB GPS Fitness Tracker and Music Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 9, 2011
I purchased an 8GB MOTOACTV the day it was released from a local "big box" chain, and my first impressions are that Motorola has created a device with great potential, but one that needs work to smooth out a few rough edges. First, a bit about why this was purchased...

I'm a long-time casual runner who is gearing up for longer races (half marathons) next year. While I usually love to run in silence, my longer training runs are getting a bit monotonous, so I was on the hunt for an MP3 player that could add some spice to my workouts. I've been using different GPS watches over the years, primarily Garmins (305, 405) and, more recently, the Nike+ Sportswatch, and the thought of having both an MP3 player AND a GPS unit rolled into one seemed like a masterstroke. When I read about the MOTOACTV in October, I thought "voila!" - the perfect fitness accessory. And on paper, it seems perfect. Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. Heart-rate monitoring through wireless headphones. Use of ANT+ technology. What's not to love?

Well, a couple of major things come to mind after having used the unit for a few days now. First, is my fear that the MOTOACTV isn't built for real-world use. Motorola claims this device is water-resistant, but the USB port on the left side of the unit is protected by a flimsy port cover that doesn't stay in place during runs, leaving a gaping hole for sweat and rain to enter. I suspect we'll see lots of these devices needing repairs for water/sweat damage. Secondly, and even more damning, is battery life. I've taken this device on three hour-long runs now, each time fully-charged. I've returned home with the unit down to less than 25% power level. This was using the MP3 features, Bluetooth on to wireless headsets, and GPS tracking. Given this rate of battery burn, I doubt the device would last more than 1:30-2:00 which, in the world of marathon-training (and even half-marathons), just isn't enough. This is a serious issue which Motorola may be able to address with software updates but, for now, it's a deal-breaker.

There's great potential here. The software/OS is easy to use and powerful. I love the display and overall build of the device (USB port not withstanding). And the MOTOACTV website seems solid for a 1st Gen effort. If Motorola can address my two concerns - better water resistance and much better battery life - they'll have a winner. For now, though, I'd take a wait-and-see approach: wait for updates and see if things improve.

My two cents...
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Since this review has so many readers, I wanted to post here that we are delighted to announce that the MOTOACTVTM App will be available for all Android smartphones (Android 2.1 and later) - starting Monday, April 2nd. Plus, it has been updated and packed with new features, such as the ability to launch your planned workouts from your Android smartphone and track progress of your personal fitness goals on your phone.

You also get the great Bluetooth® enabled functionality between your MOTOACTV and Android smartphone such as receiving notifications of incoming calls, ability to redial calls from the MOTOACTV, see calendar notifications and receive text messages.
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on December 31, 2011
I got the 16GB model. Motorola released a firmware update a few days ago that greatly increased the battery life. As far as I'm concerned, it could still be a little bit better, but overall, they have listened to the complaints and for the most part, fixed the problem. I was worried about getting this unit after reading the reviews on the net. I can happily say that I am very satisfied with the product, with a couple small exceptions.

I use this strictly for running so my review can only speak to that functionality. Up until I got this, I ran with my Iphone strapped to my upper arm. It was a bulky solution, but it had everything I needed - nice, robust, running app, all my music, Bluetooth, maps, GPS, 3G data connection, and of course, it's a phone, so ability to take/make calls (which worked nicely with stereo bluetooth headphones). So did I lose some functionality by moving to this MOTOACTV? Well, yes, some. No 3G data, so music-wise I get what I have loaded on the unit, or whatever is on FM radio - I used Pandora or Rhapsody sometimes on my iphone, but not often. And I've lost the ability to use a phone, in case of emergency. Even if I had a Moto Droid, I'm not going to double-up on the crap I'm running with, I would just stick with the phone as it does everything the MOTOACTV does. My Iphone had to be within 2 feet of my Bluetooth headphones for it to never cut out. Not the case with the MOTOACTV - I got the wrist strap to run with it. And with the unit down on my wrist and my arms flailing about, never was there a hint of cut-out. Speaking of, for the price of this unit, the wrist strap and armband should have been included instead of each being an extra 30 bucks. I do understand Motorola's thinking behind selling accessories separately - knowing that likely different users will likely choose one of the many accessories available to fit their needs. But 30 bucks each is too much - they are worth 10 bucks each at most. The unit does come with a clip that will suffice for most uses if you don't want to spring the extra cash for any accessories. All in all, I don't miss running with my iphone at all. I like the small, light form factor, the convenience, the sound quality, and the overall functionality. And I have not tested it with any sensors or monitors it can use, which I'm sure would only add positive functionality to it. Yes it is a bit bigger than an ipod nano, but WAY smaller than an iphone or ipod touch. Read the Pros and Cons for more...

-Nice bright screen
-Responsive touchscreen (I disagree completely with the people who say the touchscreen has a hard time interpreting touch vs. slide).
-Easy to use and learn interface
-Maps built right into the watch (but also could be seen as a con, read on...)
-Bluetooth range and quality is great
-Wi-Fi Sync of workout data is a fantastic feature (read cons for a gripe about Wi-Fi networks though).
- Much improved battery life with firmware update
- Sweat-proof and water resistant (Smartphones, are not, as you know). website has some nice features for people with fitness goals.
-One-button music functionality - one button on the unit for play/pause/forward/back - nice to not have to even look at the unit for these functions. Great for if you're using wired headphones - if using BT headphones, all that functionality should also be available on those.

-Very expensive
-Phone Notification functionality only works with one Motorola phone - since the device itself is Android, it should at LEAST work with all Android phones
-Important accessories are not included and are overpriced
-Maps - while it's listed as a Pro above that maps are built-in, it does use 1.5 gb of space - couple that with the fact that you're not really getting 8 or 16 gb of space, more like 85% of that, you have to take all that into consideration when thinking about how much music you want to fit on your unit.
-WiFi functionality is extremely basic as far as networks that it can connect to - it can not connect to hidden SSID's, or to Wi-Fi networks that require a user/password sign-in. My home wireless has a hidden SSID, and my work wireless requires a sign-in - so MOTOACTV won't connect to either (I had to unhide my SSID to test the Wi-Fi Sync functionality). So I have to sync over USB.
-Syncing one session over Wi-Fi takes a long time (5 minutes or more).
-Included headphones are cheap-sounding (but seem sweatproof).
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Thanks for the extensive review, and of course for the four stars. Couple of things.

I currently have 1.27GB of maps on my device, but I wanted to point out that you can delete or add maps at will. If you want the space, you can delete them by connecting to your PC via USB and opening a window to see the MOTOACTV contents. There's a folder called mapsDb and the files are well-titled (for example, "OSM_110804_Americas_NorthernAmerica_UnitedStates_Pennsylvania.ebmd") so you know what you're doing. You can simply re-add them from the MOTOACTV portal.

As for Wi-Fi, mine easily connected to my home network which requires a password. I know that in some situations you have to "unhide" your network in order to get the MAC address, but you can then hide it again once the MOTOACTV is connected. I'd be interested in more details if you are willing to share them so we can make sure you are able to use the Wi-Fi features.

Please post more here if you like, or better yet, join us on the Motorola Owners' Forums ( where there is a growing MOTOACTV community.
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on May 10, 2012
I have exhausted all efforts to obtain proper support from Moto on this product. I have basically thrown it in the garbage. The final response was that the unit has been tampered with and had water damage. Be aware - this unit comes with an exposed jack for headphones with NO protection. Even though i ordered separately the plug immediately upon buying it and used it, this unit still had moisture damage per Motorola.

I never ran with this unit in the rain and only cleaned it off as ANYONE would do with a sweaty dirty device. wet cloth and then dried.

Therefore if you sweat, don't run in the rain, but do clean your devices with a wet rag or towel, you will end up with a product that stops working.

Motorola support is absolutely horrible. The return process did not even clearly state why the unit failed but in fact showed a Cell Phone error reference. I had to escalate the return of the device to me to second level support who after five days, called me back, left a message, and said the unit was damaged by me and it was my fault. They would do nothing else.

I have used Suunto, Polar, Garmin, and now Moto. I will NEVER purchase a Moto fitness product again. I wasted nearly 300 USD in the unit and accessories for what was clearly a poorly designed product. Motorola has no business being in this fitness business. Stick with your Garmins and Polar and Suunto devices and carry a mp3 player. The Motoactv is garbage. go to the Moto forums and you will see similar complaints by others of this same problem. the rest of it is just gimmicky software for music and fitness.

I bought it because the concept is a GREAT one by combining both music and fitness in one device and incorporating social networking.

BTW - I will not even begin to go into all of the webportal issues, the workout bugs, battery life issues generally, and overall technically buggy nature of the device. If you are considering the device you should stop now, soley because the device WILL cease to function with normal everyday use and it will be considered YOUR fault. Bugs in software are tolerable so long as the company is actively releasing firmware to correct.
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on June 20, 2012
UPDATE 8/25/2012, upon finishing my first ever 10 mile run, with the Motoactv.

The gist: The Motoactv (MA) device is an amazing piece of hardware that has transformed me from an occasional runner to a running fanatic. The Motoactv web portal is basically useless when it does work, which is pretty rare these days.

(I only use the Motoactv for running, and was not an avid runner prior to using it, and never used any electronics or software while running other than a 2nd gen ipod nano)

Long version:
Prior to buying the MA, I used to go running two to four times a week for a maximum of 30 minutes, and no method for tracking distance, time, or performance improvements, other than how I felt.

Since getting the device about three months ago I have faithfully gone running four days a week, increased my max distance from 2.5 miles to 10, and shaved a full minute off my mile time. I ran a 10k and placed fourth in my age group. I've subscribed to running blogs and magazines, and for the first time in my life researched a pair of running shoes rather than just going out and buying the cheapest pair I could stand to buy.

Here's some highlights and features:
1. Race yourself: I run the same three mile course two or three times a week, and the "race yourself" feature helps me to pace myself throughout the course so that I can always shave a few seconds off my time.
2. Music: I'm pretty anal about my running playlists so I don't use the MAs "smart" features, but one thing that is neat is that your average step rate is tracked, so you can compare it to the BPM of the songs in your playlist. I use this to create a playlist that helps me achieve the pace I'm looking for. (Search for Mixmeister BPM analyzer for a pretty reliable program to fill in the BPM information of your music.)
3. Coaching: the MA will tell you audibly when you're 50% and 85% done with a planned course. There are a whole lot of other options too for what it can tell you. Speed, pace, lap time, average pace, etc.
4. Setting targets: You can set time and distance targets for runs (or both at the same time if you want to keep a certain pace) and the device keeps you updated on your progress. If I wanted to run a certain distance before, I either had to run in a circle (boring) or spend a while on Google earth measuring a course and make sure I didn't make any wrong turns. With the ability to set targets, I just put in my target distance and start running. Once I'm halfway done I turn around and head back, usually taking a different route. Also great because you can go for a run to figure out a new course and still achieve your goal.
5. Form factor: I sweat a lot and have had no problems. Ran through rain some too, and no problems. However I've heard it's very important to keep the headphone jack plugged (it comes with a small rubber plug) if you're not using headphones. Touchscreen is pretty simple to navigate while you're running. There are a lot of buttons on the outside, but once you get comfortable you realize they're all pretty useful.

Now, on to the portal.

At least 30% of the time I can't log in due to some error. At least 30% of the time when I am logged in, it's horribly slow, there's some bug, or it stops working. Despite the fact that these problems have been going on for months, there's no status landing page for Motorola to tell you "hey we know there's a problem, we'll be back in a few hours."

Features which are good:
1. After each run, you can see your route on a map and chart statistics such as pace, steps per minute, and elevation. You can mouse over the chart to see where each point is on the route. You can also see which songs you were listening to at each point.

Features which aren't there:
1. Charting performance across runs.
2. Analyzing multiple runs to see how time of day, weather, elevation, etc, affect your performance.
3. Keeping track of how many miles you've put on your shoes.
4. Showing all runs on one map.
5. Search! You can journal about runs, but you can't search what's in the journal!

There is an option to export data, which I'm planning to start using. There are lots of websites which would do the features that the MA portal is lacking - I'm just trying to figure out which one I want to use. Of course, if they ever do get the portal to be useful, all of my data would still be there, so I could always switch back.

Personally, I am very pleased with my purchase. Just don't buy it if you think the website is the most enticing feature.

UPDATE - there are two big issues everyone on the forum is talking about.
1 - warranty doesn't cover water damage, and a lot of people are experiencing water damage. Personally, I am an extreme sweater. When I take my MA off the wristbrand is slick with sweat. But I've had no problems. Personally, I think there must be some QA issues in the sealing process meaning that when it works right, it works great, but sometimes it doesn't work at all.
2 - the portal is still broken. That's all I can say about that. Kind of embarrassing if you're Motorola.
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on March 17, 2012
Updated review 2

Okay so I took this thing out for a spin today and I must say this thing is really amazing.

First- it synced perfectly with both my Bluetooth headset as well as my pedometer and my heart rate monitor (both made by Garmin). also using it with iTunes is pretty sweet as you can download all your playlists and listen to them wirelessly using the watch.

Second- the watch is very customizable you can have it display different settings from both the heart rate monitor as well as your pedometer. Battery life is also plus, I worked out for 45 minutes and used only 10% of the battery using both a pedometer and my heart rate monitor the same time.

Third- this thing synced wirelessly when I got home and uploaded all my data directly to the Motoactive website. No computer necessary. As a matter of fact the only thing you need your computer for is to sync your songs from iTunes as well as to sync your podcasts and occasionally do some updates, otherwise you never need it. Kudos to Motorola for putting in every single wireless technology there is in the device. Only Technologies they left out were, an a.m. radio, 4G signal transceiver and a NFC chip.

Fourth- two words- HTML 5!!!! their website is AWESOME!!!! By website I mean the place where you sync your motoactiv Data (not the forums. that site is still stuck in the dark ages. talk about backwards!!!). so I really have absolutely no need for my computer I come home, sync to the website, then use it on my iPad to see what my results look like (thank you Motorola for believing and subscribing to the post-PC era!).

Fifth and final- customer service! If any of you haven't already noticed the Motorola forum manager called Matt who trolls around and reads everybody's reviews, and tries to help in any which way he can, then read some more reviews. He hasn't actually done anything for me but that level of commitment to customers is worth noting. So much so that when I was comparing other products I chose this mainly because of the customer service. Companies that listen to their customers and take their comments and feedback into consideration and work to try and make things better are A+ in my book. Keep up the good work Matt, you can tell your bosses that you've made at least 1 sale. This thing is by no means perfect but they are actively updating the device and making it better with each iteration. This is only my first day of use and, I'll keep on using it and Update the review if anything drastically changes but this is a five-star rated product. Now I'm just waiting for the iPhone/ iPad app.

Updated review1

Using the HRM right now pretty savvy

Reading the reviews, and how how great the company has been in responding to customer feedback, I figured, why not. My previous HRM watch band broke and it was not user replaceable, plus i was having all kinds of syncing issues with my Timex IronMan trainer (not to mention how horrible customer support was with timex), and the trainingPeaks website was stuck in 1995. So I took the plunge and ordered the 16GB version. I received the product and everything looked as nice as the other reviewers described. Setup presented a bit of a problem as the device would not be recognized on either my mac nor my windows 7(Virtual Machine) so I could not setup the software on my computer. I performed a factory reset, and then it worked after that. Just had to re-enter all my information (minor inconvenience, not worthy of a star degradation).

I performed all the software updates and site registration and was ready to start getting used to the device. I browsed around for a bit and noticed that the device capacity stated that it had only 6.70GB total capacity (~ 8GB). I found this odd because on the box of the device, it showed 16GB version. I plugged it into my computer and checked the disc space from both the Motoactiv software and the drive capacity (it shows up as a disk drive as well on your computer) and both showed it to have an 8GB capacity. I compared MSN numbers on the device and the package and they both matched and the serial number identified for the device is that of the 16GB version (as shown on amazon's website), so somewhere along the line Motorola got their lines twisted and ended up branding an 8GB Motoactiv as a 16GB Motoactiv.

It is because of the fact that I was sent an 8GB MotoActiv instead of a 16GB version that I ordered (even though the package identifies it as such) why I am giving this product a 1-star rating. Will revise my review upon receipt of the correct model.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Mike, let me know if there's anything I can do from my end to facilitate your getting the correct model, etc. Eager to see more stars up there!
The manufacturer commented on the review below
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on December 8, 2011
This is going to be a short review for a device that after 5 runs I have found to be pretty great despite minor flaws. It is certainly the best GPS running watch out there, with an MP3 player as a great bonus feature. The only thing I don't understand, and maybe I've just missed seeing the setting, is why the watch itself doesn't beep on intervals. What I mean by that is all of the Garmin GPS watches can be set to have an audible beep when you hit your preset intervals (in my case, miles).

The only way I have found it to work on the MotoACTV is through the headset. The problem is that I don't always want to wear a headset when I'm running, so the lack of this feature is a little annoying. I've made it a little bit more palatable by adding the "last interval pace" metric onto the main screen, so at least I will know what the previous mile's pace was.

I'm surprised no one else has said anything about this, so maybe I just missed a setting!
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Mike, glad you are enjoying the MOTOACTV and appreciate the positive review very much.

Other owners have requested a "vibration" feature for notifications without a headset or glancing at the screen, so you are not alone. To preserve the small size we did not include a vibrator or a speaker in this version. Glad the last interval pace metric is a workable solution for you.

If you're interested in providing more feedback, please join us on the Motorola Owners' Forums ( There is a growing MOTOACTV community there and we are sharing tips, requests and observations.
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on November 16, 2011
Let me start by saying I'm a fitness nut. I'm a long course triathlete and I'm out running/biking nearly every day. I'm also a complete dork that has been keeping track of my workouts for years with various garmin forerunners for years. When i saw the ads for this device i finally thought... Someone gets it.... And motoActv folks do. But......

First the Good.

1) Very nice design, Feels Solid , Looks Good. Seems like something Apple would put out there.
2) great set of features
3) Super easy setup
4) Headset sounded better than i expected
5) MotoActv website is pretty nice and functional.

Now the BAD

1) headsets doesn't stay on while running. But in Moto's defense, i've never found a headset of that style that does... Must be me.
2) Headset not quite loud enough when cycling in a headwind... but close enough. my Sony headset was plenty loud so its the headset, not the device.
3) PC Sync Software was/is terrible.
4) accuracy is very poor compared to the Garmin devices.
5) many firmware issues.

Now the unacceptable/Showstopper.

1) Battery life , Battery life, Battery life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear MotoActv Product managers... How could you blow it on this detail. You must have known that mostly fitness nuts would buy this thing. Fitness nuts spend lots of time on their bikes & hikes & runs. I rarely go for a bike ride that last less then 3hrs... Unfortunately, that is about the max battery life I'm getting with my MotoActv. Even the folks who are training for their first marathon won't even be able to use it in their race as a pacing device.... Such a terrible FAIL on the battery.

Having said all this... If you are looking for a great device to go for your sunday morning jog or your idea of a long bike ride is 2-3 hours then this is a 100% the device for you. If you are training for a marathon or triathlon, the battery life issue will flat out piss you off.

Hopefully they can improve the battery life via a software fix...



After owning this for 6 weeks now, I've reconsidered my rating and there are so many software issues that i'm going to give this a 2 star review. I think the next version of this product will be great... but for now you are WAY better off with a garmin and an iPod shuffle... Sorry motorola ...

Update # 2

So, I've given up on this product, I've now owned 2 of them and both of them Died.... the first one in a rainstorm , the second for no aparent reason... My advice to everyone, since you are riding wiht your cell phone likely nearby, just get a pair of BlueBud X Bluetooth headset , install the Strava and/or Map my ride software and you will get 90 % of the features of this product in a much more reliable package. You will have Music, Voice progress ( turn on voice notification on Map My Ride ) , you will have fun Segment racing Via Strava , you will have Phone, Text , Weather...... Oh and it will have 3 times the battery life of this device Too.

I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this device, i got it the day it shipped and fought with it from day one...

Now I simply have given up..

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2012
First off, let me start by saying I received this product at no cost through a promotion that a friend reffered me to. I loved it so much, I bought one from Amazon for my husband. I was originally interested in it because my Nike sportband AND my iPod were wonking out on me at the same time. Hello? Can you say fate?!?

My other point is this: keep in mind that until they start making CUSTOM GPS running devices, there is most likely something about any brand's watch that you aren't going to like. The best part about these new GPS watches is that every time the company comes out with an update, you plug your watch in, and "voila!" new features.

On to those features:

1. This seams effortlesstly with itunes, and any other music program. Plug in and go.
2. Recent updates have made HUGE differences in battery power. Plus, there is options to personalize your device so you can save more power during longer runs like marathons and such.
3. It breaks down your fastest/slowest pace, your highest/lowest elevation (I'm hearing there is updates in the works for keeping track of elevation change also) and splits.
4. You can customize the face to look how you want it to.
5. It keeps track of calories & steps if you want to use it as a stepometer throughout the day.
6. The music player will load your current playlists from (in my case) itunes, so you dont have to make new ones.
7. There is voice cues that will chime in when you do things like run your fastest mile, run your longest run, burn your most calories, etc. Yes, you can turn these off!
8. A recent update also allows it to keep track of other workouts such as weight training and many, many more.

Now for the things I am not thrilled with:

1. Their training programs are set up so that you have to go through each one, as far as I can see. So you have to start with the 5k, then do the 10k, etc. I am trying to train for a marathon, and this is a waste of time for me.

2. I purchased the Motorola HR monitor, and after three months of repeated attempts, never got a rate. I called customer service, and they are replacing it for me. I am hoping its the monitor and not the watch because I dont want to give the watch up for repair/replace.

3. I understand that the watch has to be wearable for a large range of people but the band is HUGE. I do not have a small wrist and I have to pull it very tight to get it to stop flipping around on me. Small sacrifice, really.

4. More than half of my songs have not uploaded from iTunes, because the files are "protected". I turned on homesharing, etc. with no luck. This may not be an issue with the watch but rather with iTunes, but I thought it might be worth mentioning as a potential issue.

I am training for my first marathon. I am not a competitive runner, just casual. I've done 6 half marathons, and just ran my first one with a GPS watch last week. This is everything I could think to ask for in a running watch. Like I said, maybe not everyone will be 100% satisfied, but I think this will do the trick for a great majority. Plus, I must say I have been AMAZED with their customer service department. Every time I call, I am treated with respect, and they do everything they can to answer my question. Awesome.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Denise, thanks for the great review. Wanted to weigh in on the things you are not thrilled with in case it helps. (Naturally, I am thrilled with the things you are thrilled with...)

1. Their training programs.
> Because I don't run, I have not experienced this so thanks for pointing it out. I will look into it. I know some changes are coming to this area and I will drop this in the suggestion box.

2. I purchased the Motorola HR monitor, and after three months of repeated attempts, never got a rate.
> After I was told to wet the contacts, mine worked like a charm. (My skin can be on the dry side.) So I wouldn't worry; it's going to work.

3. I understand that the watch has to be wearable for a large range of people but the band is HUGE.
> We hear you. New, smaller bands are in development and are expected soon.

Sorry, no ideas re: iTunes, but do join us on the Motorola Owners' Forums (, if you haven't already.
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on May 13, 2012
Have had this unit a little over a month now. I run 3-4 times a week including a minimum of two hour run on weekends.

I'm kind of a tech-geek as it is, and love this device!! It DOES require some time setting up and getting used to it. Received mine just the night before a 10k event, and kind of struggled with it that first outing. Not the units fault, all mine for not spending needed time learning it. It took perhaps 4-5 runs with it to get it set up the way I wanted.

Early reviews complained about battery life. Between updates and a little power conservation on your part, I find after a longer weekend run with music and gps (wired headset & no bluetooth), and an automatic screen timeout set, device will be about 60-70% after two hours. No issues at all leaving display on and music blaring for a good solid hour (a typical weeknight run for me), again about 60-70% remaining battery. If I were ever planning on anything longer than a 5-6 hour run perhaps there'd be some concern in the power department. However, through FREQUENT software updates it appears there's continued improvement being made.

GPS has been fast and VERY accurate. Much more so than any app I ever tried using with my HTC Thunderbolt Android phone - and a lot nicer to carry than the phone! I have the arm band for the MotoACTV and find it so much nicer than having a smart phone strapped on arm. The screen is easy to read even at noon on cloudless day. You set up the display to get the metrics important to you. The voice feedback (I have mine set for each mile) is nice, not as configurable as some I've used before, but still very informative and helpful.

It is very apparent the developers are serious about this device. Between forums and reviews there seem to be frequent software updates addressing issues such as battery life and addressing user wishes and feed back. With this type of support and commitment I have no doubt this device will (if not already!) set a new standard for a runners device to do many things, and do them all well!

The "fitness playlist" is so cool! The website and info from your workouts also continues improving. I love it! Get home from a run, the device connects to my WIFI, I select "sync latest workout" and it's done.

I love my MotoACTV and look forward to continued updates and features!!
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on April 11, 2012
I am a newer runner (female /26) and have been looking for something to help me train in the marathon I will be doing in October. So, my review comes from never owning a GPS watch, only a Polar RS200 (the standard heart rate monitor watch).

I have used this for 4 weeks and will tell you my likes and dislikes (although not many).

The watch is overall really awesome. I got the 16 gb and had no issues updating it or setting it up (although I had to fight my computer to turn off my firewalls). I only knew this because the motoactv told me to turn them off which is why it wasn't connecting. Smart little device!

My online charts are really easy to use, although currently you cannot "edit" an individual workout on the computer, only delete, I'm sure they will fix that eventually. I'd like to edit my time when I forget to "stop" the watch during my cooldown.

Ease of use, i found the item really easy to use. The touchscreen was very sensative.

Some Neat tricks I uncovered: When you are listening to music and you don't like the current song "double tap" the microphone piece and it skips to the next song. "Single tapping" mutes the music. Periodically, a woman's voice comes on over the music to tell you your progress. She tells you when you are halfway done and when you have under 10 minutes left. She tells you how long/far/calories/HR. You can change the settings so that when you "tap" the screen in a certain view, she will at that moment tell you your progress. I find this encouraging as I need to be constantly reassured as a new runner that I'm still alive and running.

I really like this thing. Most "issues" (SUPER MINOR) can be adjusted with software updates. However, I do find some things annoying... I don't like that that I have to insert the headphones at the bottom. Standardly, I'm used to inserting headphones at the top.. (not a huge issue). A slightly more bothersome issues is the clip. The clip is weak. It does not have as strong of a grasp as I would like it to have. For $250, I don't want to lose this. I think Motorola can take some good advice from this product. SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black). I have this MP3 Player, and it is amazing. I like the button placement, it has a "correctly" faced clip, and headphone jack at the top.

Software "concerns". These honestly aren't even really concerns. Just things I would reccomend to adjust in the future.
*When running, I can only have 1 Fit Song, I would like there to be more than one song in there that I can turn to when in need of a boost.
*After a fit song, the music does not revert back to what I was previously playing, I must go back into music to start a playlist
*When I am in a music selection and I try to touch the next arrows, it switches screens a lot and i accidentally push the repeat buttons
*When I am at the gym, once in a while it says "heart rate not found" as I'm running. I looked at the device and it automatically paused my workout. I think it should tell me if it pauses my workout, or better yet, don't pause it. It found it a few seconds later.

Some people complained about it taking a long time to get a GPS signal. It took me like 60 seconds in which I tied my shoes properly.
The headphone sound quality is AWESOME
Oh Yes, and the headphones are awesome PERIOD. I just have the ones it came with (wired) and they fit behind my ears seamlessly.
Some people complained about the flap for the cable connection to be flimsy. The must be used to something super spectacular becase this cover is the best of any cover I have for any device. It's really sturdy when I was thinking I would get something super thin. It's not, it's great.
Battery life was good, and charges quickly.
The ease of use of transferring songs onto the device is EASY!

I think this product is great. I would suggest getting it now,..AND later when they release a second version.

As time goes on, I will adjust my comments to include more items that this does
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