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on June 22, 2011
The Toto brand was written into the requirement specs by my architect, and for good reason. They make the best toilets.

I purchased two toilets: this Toto and an American Standard toilet to match another bathroom. After five years of use, I can report this: the only time the Toto backed-up was when a group of ill-behaved teenage guys were guests in the house. The American Standard has backed up many times, although I would not say it happens frequently. Also, the Toto always clears the bowl on the first flush. The American Standard sometimes needs two flushes and I always limit the amount of toilet paper to three per flush.

The only thing to be aware of is that the Toto's flush is loud. Not really a problem unless you use it often at night, have light sleepers and put it near that bedroom. The loud flush is what makes the flush powerful than others.

One more thing to be aware of: A recent article suggested that higher toilet seats, while more comfortable and easier to use, puts the user in an unnatural position for use and can cause gastro-intestinal problem in the long runs. The natural position is crouching. But many of us really need the extra height.

Should I buy this? Yes. I've been happy. If not this one, then at least a Toto. My architect knew what he was talking about.

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on November 28, 2008
The toilet was istalled by my husband for my mother in law who is 81 yrs old. She loves it. The added height helps and she likes the extra room on the enlongated model. It flushes so nice and quiet and you only have to flush once! My husband used a wax free seal and he says it works very well, not so messy. We did a lot of research on toilets and this is rated the very best by plumbers and users. We agree.
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on April 26, 2011
Toto Ultramax MS854114SL (SL means it is the tall version)

I researched toilets for a couple of months back when we put in our first bathroom. This had great reviews back then and from the reading I did it was the clear winner. I bought this almost 3 years ago and we, a family of 4, have been happy users all this time.

I'll start with the most important paragraph then hit the other points in a more logical way...

The Flush: I have HATED low-flow toilets ever since they came out. My Grandmother put one in several years before I got this one and it has had nothing but trouble. We have to flush it 2 or 3 times for anything solid. Plus it had weak internals and randomly leak-flushed. After experiencing that P.O.S. toilet I was dismayed at the thought of having to buy my own low-flow and pined for the robust flushes of my youth. Toto had some 1.28 GPF toilets but when I saw they had this 1.6 GPF I marked that down as "necessary". I have no idea how the 1.28s work, but this 1.6 one is GREAT. I have put some monsters down this toilet and there has never even been a slight hiccup. We have never plunged nor double flushed. It is a dream toilet with a supreme flush.

Installation: I used a wax-free toilet seal (3 inch) since we have in-floor heating and a wax seal would melt. That was easy as all you do is peal the sticker back off the rubber seal, flip the toilet upside down, paste the seal over the column-hole thingy, flip the toilet back around and lower it onto the hole in the floor while guiding the two screws up through the holes in the toilet base. It took about 4 minutes and there was never a problem afterward.

Over all presentation: The lines are clean and it is attractive. The single piece design is super easy to clean and I no longer have to fish sponges, wipies or rags through the tank crack. I originally wanted an enclosed trap design so I could just sponge off the sides, but this is so smooth and easy to clean that it is just as good.

Seat height: This is one of very few toilets that I liked that has a seat height above 17 inches (the SL in MS854114SL). I am 6 foot, 180 lbs. My wife is 5'9" (and nobody knows how much she weighs). We are both tall with long legs and the seat height is PERFECT. I feel like I'm squatting when I use standard height toilets now, so be careful if you get this, it will spoil you.

Seat: The seat that comes with it is brilliant. You can "drop" the seat (and/or cover) and it will slowly and quietly lower itself into the closed position. Or you can push it down of you are doing the wee-wee dance and don't feel like waiting. Either way, it never slams down and I love not hearing that crash anymore. Additionally, the seat is molded in a way that if you have small children who are learning how to urinate while sitting it somehow catches the pee that passes between the stool and the seat. The underside is curved upward but other than that it is a mystery how it works. I have never cleaned urine dribbles off the front of the toilet but I frequently have to paper off the underside of the seat after my son misses the water. It is a small but nice feature. Lastly, it is amazingly comfortable. My wife wanted to get a padded seat but we waited for some reason and after we used the toilet for a week we have never thought about the padded toilet seat again.

The tank: There have been no problems so the only times I've looked into the tank was back when we didn't have running water for a while and I had to manually fill the tank from stored water. My only gripe with the design is that the glue holding the Velcro onto the lid was not stronger than the Velcro, so both pieces of Velcro now stay on the tank side and serve as a cushion for the lid. I would have preferred a tank lid that was molded to fit so the Velcro wouldn't be needed. But it looks nice and it has never fallen off, so it isn't a big deal.

I just bought our second Toto Ultramax MS854114SL today to put into our 2nd bathroom which we are finally finishing up this week. I don't know a better way to endorse this than to buy another one. Oh, my Mom loves this toilet now, too, and will be getting several when she and my Dad remodel their bathrooms this summer.
Update 25 March 2013
These toilets are still going strong. We did have a small issue last month, but it was easily resolved: The toilets both started randomly flowing, making a high pitched squeal. At first, we fixed it by flushing the toilet, but over the course of a couple of months the problem got worse until there was a very small, constant flow after flushing. I initially thought that the flappers had worn out, but when I stuck my hand into the reservoir to do a tactile inspection of them, I noted that they were coated in a slippery film. We have a salt-water system in the house, so maybe it is just a reaction between the salt and plastic, not sure. Anyway, I rubbed the flappers between my thumb and fingers until they no longer felt slippery and, WALLA, the problem is no more. We are still very happy with these toilets.
Update 12 December 2014
Still happily sitting tall and single-flushing. I had to clean the flappers again this month and the first toilet we bought needed a little special doctoring on its flapper. Due to the slippery film, the flapper had caved in a little and deformed so that it was ever-so-slightly oval instead of round. After cleaning it, it remained deformed which allowed it sometimes flow a little and do that squeal. I emptied the tank, poured in some hot water (not quite boiling), and stretched the flapper in the direction it needed in order to return to circular. I held it there as I turned the cold water back on and let the flapper "solidify" again. I plan on cleaning the flappers every 6 months, squeal or no squeal, to reduce the chance of deforming.
Update 24 September 2015
The first toilet's flapper is now grossly deformed and constantly leaks, so I ordered a $12.50 replacement flapper: TOTO THU499S Universal Flapper TOTO THU499S Universal Flapper

Installation was very easy and took about 5 minutes. My original pink flapper required cutting of its rubber at the attachment point. The replacement had forks that easily snapped into place. The Toilet Model to be used on the chart on the back of the box is "CST854S(L)(G)" which is Arrow setting 7 (just twist the red cap to the 7), chain length 13 (I simply made the chain taught when the flush handle was at rest), Lever Hole 3 (I don't think this is overly important as it works on any of the 3 holes available on mine).

We are back to having the best toilet in the world!

Note: I originally spent $439.24 after shipping on this toilet. Current Amazon prices have shot way up. Last week I ordered a 3rd toilet for an addition and paid $472.51 after shipping.
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on March 3, 2011
This is my first time submitting a review on Amazon for anything and I am a Prime member who utilizes Amazon monthly. The TOTO arrived in perfect shape with all items. Install was a snap in my newly remodeled master bath. This toilet replaces a old Gerber which I liked because it was not a low flow toilet. My only complaint with the Gerber was even with flushing 7.5 gallons or more per flush in recent months it was getting stopped up 2 to 3 times a week. I have not been a fan of low flow toilets (in my experience most leave residue with 1 flush). The TOTO Ultramax has changed my opinion. It does the job with 1 flush, less water (1.5 gallons)and no leftover residue. It also looks great. The elongated bowl and ADA height make it comfortable for everyone in my household (2 adults, and 2 teenagers).
My toilet wasn't purchased with the sanagloss feature, but whatever coating it has in the bowl resists staining.
Overall it is a pricey toilet (you could buy 2 or 3 toilets from your local home improvement store for the price of 1 TOTO) but in my opinion best toilet I have used. I am retired US Army, I have utilized toilets worldwide in my career (most other countries have either been utilizing low flow for years or they don't regulate water usage)and hands down this is the best looking toilet, that performs perfectly with less use of resources I have ever utilized.
Think on this, when you like whatever you have purchased you don't think about the cost. I my experience, I only sweat the cost on things I don't like. I really like the TOTO Ultramax.
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on August 22, 2010
Great toilet, works good, looks good, and the extra 2 inches in height of the bowl rim really makes it much more comfortable to physically use.
Equipped mine with the Toto C110 Washlet, for added hygiene and comfort, and the combination looks great.
Fit and finish of the this toilet is excellent, and mechanically it works as advertised. Also I might add, It's a great flusher, using little water( 1.6 gals.) You won't regret purchasing this item.
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on December 29, 2010
Shipping was quick but first one arrived broken. We refused shipment and Amazon quickly shipped another. Installation was fast and went through without a hitch. We have put our plunger away - it no longer needs to sit next to the toilet. Each flush rinses the entire bowl clean with an amazingly small amount of water. Keeps it clean and pristine! Higher height is a real plus and the elongated seat is great for the guys. Lid closes oh so gently, no more accidental slams. We feel like it's the last toilet we'll ever need to buy! We highly recommend the investment... better than throwing your money repeatedly into cheaper models!
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on December 17, 2011
If you are feeling uneasy about buying a toilet and having it shipped you can put your concerns aside. This toilet is packaged to withstand shipping without a doubt. I chose the free Super-Saver shipping and it was shipped freight via CEVA Logistics. The toilet arrived seven days after I placed my order. A two man CEVA team brought the boxed toilet inside the house. Flawless execution on the shipping and delivery. Now, on to the toilet. It is hands down the best I have ever seen. Installation was a snap. The toilet flushes very powerfully yet way more quietly than what most of us are used to. It also fills almost silently and over twice as fast as my 1.6 GPF American Standard. I can't make sense of this; 1.6 gallons should take equal amounts of time to fill, but the clock does not lie. We used to avoid flushing at night because we did not want to wake the kids. We now flush at all hours. Perhaps the best part is that my crew of professional plugger-uppers has not yet succeeded in getting me to plunge this one, and I doubt they will. I spent a few extra bucks on this toilet, but I can tell now that I will never need (or want!) to replace it.
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on April 9, 2011
I love this toilet. It come packaged with everything you need including the seat...yea.
It is a water saver but is a great flusher. It is a good height, I've had a knee replacement
so those lower ones were getting to be a problem.
I love the one piece design, it is so sleek. It really looks nice in the bathroom.
I bought two of them glad I did!
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on August 23, 2010
I've had this toilet now for almost 4 months. My only regret is I should have done it a long time ago. I bought the ADA because I am tall, and love the extra height. When I bought it, I searched a long time for an ADA model that listed 'Sanagloss' as an option, and never found one. BUT: the one I got MUST have it anyway, OR, if it doesn't, then you don't need it because this thing stays clean under the waterline. Just leave it be, and when you come back in 4-5 hours, it's clean. Of course a quick 10 second brushing once a month or so doesn't hurt to 'knock the dust off' so to speak. Flushing is very good for a 1.6gpf unit. It's my first one and I was used to the old 3gpf units, but this one flushes just as well as any of them, and better than some of them. So far it's always one flush. My one 'negative' is it has a limited 'bowl wash' when you flush, but it seems to be 'enough' anyway.
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on November 22, 2010
For a toilet, this is both an excellent and an "interesting" product. Not only meets certain ADA requirements, including a more "convenient" height...but it also appears to be extremely efficient in water usage. Our yongest son likes to flush it, just to watch it work. Highly recommended...
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