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on June 22, 2012
I bought one of these cards when Tom's Hardware was recommending it as their top choice for a mid-range card (they now recommend the newer Radeon 7850 at the similar price level). I choose the MSI model because of the excellent reputation of their cooling solution. I was replacing a Radeon card in a small, not well ventilated case and wanted something cool...and it worked. While the older card was running in the 85C range, the MSI card runs around 65C under load and it considerably quieter to boot. As I started looking more closely at the card, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how fast it is. MSI slightly overclocks the card, bringing it to rough parity with a stock 570 and using Afterburner I can generally get another 10% with no loss in stability.
I run two 30" 2560x1600 monitors and get 30+ fps on max settings in most games.

Based on this experience I bought another card for my wife's machine and then when Amazon was selling the card at another $20 discount I bought a third one.

I am now running two of these cards in an SLI configuration in my main machine. In SLI, the combination is stable and benchmarks better than either a new GTX 680 or AMD 7970. I haven't found a game yet where I don't average over 60 fps, again at 2560x1600 resolution. The card that is on the inside (where the air flow is blocked by the other card) runs about 5C warmer, but this means they both still run under 70C when gaming.

Given the short availability and inflated prices on the GTX 600 series, a find an SLI combination of these 560 cards to be an excellent choice. The drivers and PCB designs are stable...I do not seem to see any of the problems folks are reporting with non-stock 600 series cards at this point. I have always found and continue to find nVidia's drivers to be more stable and provide a better UI than ATI's.

Finally, MSI has built a really lovely card. It is solid as a rock and feels and looks good. It is not a match for ASUS's 3-slot beasts physically, but then it takes 1 less slot and reviews tend to find the Frozr cooler matches or beats ASUS's solution.

In summary: As a single card mid-range solution, I think this card is hard to beat: you get nVidia's better drivers; MSI's great cooling; and a good gaming experience even at 2560x1600 resolution. Buying a second of these cards and SLI'ing them provides me with better performance at less cost than it would have to upgrade to a 670 or 680. Of course, if you want don't already have one of these cards, buying two of them will be more expensive, but could be an option while 600s remain in short supply.
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on March 11, 2012
I originally purchased the card due to micro-stuttering that occurred in my original setup which was two GTX 260 Maxcore 55's in SlI. Microstuttering is a known problem with all SLI and Crossfire setups but tend to be less noticeable in faster/newer cards. Generally, if your multi-GPU setup gets less than 30 fps, the effects of micro-stutter become very noticeable. In my case, I used a single faster GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). I'm still thinking of using a second GPU in SLI, but my system is a few years old and would probably bottleneck it anyway.
The card was easily overclockable and stayed relatively cool. As per several reviews, I overclocked the MSI M560-ti 448 from 750MHz to 850MHz without increasing the voltage. Due to crashing while gaming, I had to increase the voltage a bit (25mV) to resolve the crashing problem. The reviews say that way more overclocking is possible, but I'm happy at this speed. Also, the temps stay well below 70 degrees under normal use, i.e. not stress testing.
It more than matched the speed of my dual GTX 260 setup and is easily overclocked. Reviews noted that the card could be overclocked to speeds equal to that of a GTX 570 or possibly even a 580. All this while being able to stay relatively cool. A fantastic card and a great buy.
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on December 23, 2011
This card is just amazing, upgraded from a GTX 470 that I had overclocked to 800 core and 2000 memory (making it run about the same as a GTX 480/GTX 570) but generating 90 degree heat during load in a very well cooled case. Anyway, I got a great deal on this card during a 1 day rebate offer (strange, I know) and after selling my 470 the upgrade cost me about $90. Well worth it!

This card runs at 30 degrees while idle in my system, under load around 50 degrees, full overvolted and stress tested around 60 degrees, what a difference from my old GTX 470! This MSI card also has a lot better cooler solution than my reference GTX 470 had.

Performance wise, using the Heaven benchmark as the easiest way to show the differences:

2560X1440 4X AA with Tesselation on

-My overclocked GTX 470, was giving me 27.4 FPS and a score of 691
-The GTX 560 448 at clock speeds gave me 27.2 FPS and a score of 685 (which is what I expected, so my overclock was about equal to this stock settings)
-The GTX 560 448 overclocked with no voltage changes (850 core, 2100 memory, amazing) gave me 30.1 FPS and 759 score
-The GTX 560 448 overclocked with max core voltage and +30 memory voltage (950 core, 2200 memory speeds) gave me 32.7 FPS and score of 824
-The GTX 560 448 overclocked with all voltages set to max (really just added Aux voltage increase), I was able to run stable at 1000 core speed (insane) and 2200 memory (just couldn't get over that limit without artifacts and even if there were no artifacts it made a very marginal difference in FPS), this gave me 33.6 FPS and score of 847.

This card is the best performer for the money out there, and when super overclocked can compete with a GTX 580, and with a no over voltage tweak can easily outgun a stock GTX 570. For anyone like me with an older GTX 470 that hated the crazy heat and didn't want to spend a lot on an upgrade yet, this is a great option. SLI would be great but I will trade up again next year to the GTX 670 instead. I run my monitor at 2560X1440 and this card has no problem running all the games I play smoothly, skyrim which I just started playing gets 40-60 FPS, minimums I see is 40 fps.
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on October 7, 2012
I got this guy for 169 shipped. It was a refurb model and it works great.

I had considered non-TI GTX 560's from Newegg but those tend to be $169 with like a $30 rebate. Except it's a pain to do teh rebate. I've been waiting close to two months now for the last rebate I sent in to arrive. And GTX 660's are between $230 and $300 as of right now.

I'm coming from a radeon 5670 and this is at least 3 times as fast. I can run just about every game I can think of at max without havign to really think about it. Battlefield 3 for instance looks incredible with this card at 1920x1080 with everything turned to the max.

It is also very quiet. Quieter than teh radeon 5670 that it replaced. I play with headphones so I don't much notice the fan noise under load, but in quiet office situations it is very quiet, about the same as my CPU cooler.

A word to the wise: Nvidia PhysX matters. This alone is reason to get Nvidia over ATI, as otherwise they're about parity. Without PhysX, game worlds tend to be like shiny mausoleums. With PhysX game worlds come alive. You see realistic fabric and shatter and also fog and other visual treats. It's very impressive. ATI cards do not have PhysX, and will encounter serious slowdowns in PhysX games. Also, I hear that Nvidia has far better linux drivers than ATI.

Installation was a little tricky though. I had to track down a six pin cable to connect to my PSU. This GPU requires two six pin power connections. and it comes with two adapters that let you use the white connectors (molex?). I have a 450 watt PSU and it works fine multiple hours under load.

I've been gaming too much with this thing :) you will too.
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on November 28, 2012
I bought this graphics card from MSI, it worked from march of 2011- november of 2011, One of the fans stopped working and it kept over heating, i sent in an rma and they were very helpful, i got the second card and it too did not work i sent in second rma they were helpful then too, rinse and repeat. Three month's later and my 5th RMA graphics card, I got a working one. After i told them to quit sending me refurbished ones.. ohh and they stopped talking to me after second rma.. they didnt respond or call me back not once after second card failure.. they also stopped sending me confirmations that they recieved the card or when they sent out the new card. Well its that time of the year again and omg graphic card issues again.... now my system keeps crashing when im in Rift... Buyer BEWARE Dont buy ANything from MSI.. Horrible customer service. ... I think for the money that you pay for this card and it only worked for 9 months, your being ripped off, did i forget to mention that every time i had to ship the card back I had to pay? $15.00 doesnt sound like much until you have done it 4 times, then it adds up not to mention how much i paid for the Graphics card... I will buy from evga next time, i have heard better things about this brand.

I did do some research and found out that if it is an msi built in already card you wont have any issues but if you buy one like i did and install it your self you will have issues with the video Card.

I only gave it one star because i could NOT post this with out rating them, I dont think MSI deserves a star....
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on May 8, 2012
I bought this card for a new computer to play games but wanted to build cheaply. I didn't succeed at the cheaply part but the computer is fast and should last a few yrs. The N560GTX Ti448 is a fast card for the money enough said. It runs cool under a load. I wish they cost a little less so I could have ordered 2 for SLI.
Picked up an Intel I5, 16gb Kingston HyperX ram, SSD HD, Asus Maximus mobo and a Corsair carbide case PC Power and Cooling 750W PSU to finish the build.

Everything about the build came out perfect. Case has expanded sides for large fan and cable management so almost nothing to block airflow through case. Everything in box is SATA so small cables. I laugh at old computer with ribbon cables and enough air circulation to float the case due to poor air flow.
I can't even hear the new computer running.

Amazon is a great site to buy from because of great prices and selection.
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on February 19, 2013
I bought this video card 8 months ago and I just can say that is amazing, only 64 ºC at full load, TDP= 188W (22W less than the GTX 570).

I can play alot of games at 1080p with maxed setting, in conclusión, i recommend this video card...
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on March 19, 2012
This is a nice graphic card for the price, i bought mine for $196. plays all games on ultra settings, Skyrim, WOW, and any other latest games you want to play.
make sure you have good motherboard and cpu to take full advantage of this cards power.
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on March 3, 2012
Fastest card I have ever had.

This is the Sweet spot for current GTX500 series cards. Will not upgrade till a hot deal on Kepler arrives.
review image review image review image
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on March 3, 2012
temp of this card is around 36
room temp is 24
max out bf3 with 2600k (think will do the same with 2500k)
love it

Gaming temp of this card is 52 (COD MP) and 55 (BF3 MP Gulf of Oman)
for bf3
everything ultra
motion blur off
SSAO off
avg fps 60
VRAM usage about 1200MB
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