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24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2011
OK, it took me months of searching for a notebook. I started looking for a notebook around August and there were a couple of them that piqued my interest. That list included the Asus G74, Alienware M17x, HP Envy 17, and the Dell XPS 17. I wanted a gaming notebook, but more then that - I wanted a notebook that would be future proof for a couple of years well as my Gateway FX was when I bought it. Knowing this, I know for sure that I made the right choice. I started looking at the MSI GT780DX after I heard these newer core i7 processors were coming out, I decided right away that the 2670QM was right for me. At that time when I purchased this notebook all of the above listed notebooks, except the Alienware had these newer processors. So why did I choose this notebook? GTX 570M at a price that no one else can beat. At the time of this writing, there is no other brand that even offers the GTX 570M as an option. Its 15% faster then the GTX 560M and not much slower then the GTX 580M, and with the overclock option on this MSI, it's not that hard to reach this 580M stock speeds.

So when it was finally time to choose I bought this over the G74SX, those were my two final choices and the MSI was more appealing to me. Better audio system, 5 USB vs 4 USB, Matte display vs glossy display, an unbelievable multicolored changing keyboard vs a regular white keyboard, and in my opinion better styling (debatable of course). Not to mention this MSI was only $50 more and what you get in content was worth a lot more then $50, I would argue the multicolored back-lit keyboard alone is worth that price. Also, this comes with a DIRT 3 voucher where you get the game for free. You just scan the code or take a picture of the voucher, and attach it to the online form, and a couple of days later AMD emails you the game key and you download the game (Have not received mine yet).

So OK, on to the notebook lets start with the speakers. The speakers truly are phenomenal, I have known about Dynaudio for quite some time, a lot of Volkswagen cars use this audio system and the speakers are very solid, just like they are in the cars. I listen to all types of music from classic, all the way to Rap/RNB/Country/Rock and have never felt disappointed with the audio, great job here. The keyboard is wonderful, I love the spacing of the keys, it took me only one day to be able to use this keyboard perfectly fine. It really feels like you are typing on a desktop keyboard, anyone should catch on quick. The back-lit keyboard is truly amazing, you can use many different color combinations, and have different types of settings on the back-light. You can have the keyboard breath, wave, dual color mode (the keyboard changes between two different colors), and gaming mode. Gaming mode is intelligent, it only lights the left hand side of the keyboard so the other keys don't get in your way especially when gaming at night. Another nice thing about the keyboard is they put the windows key on the right side, so you won't hit it while gaming!

I have run some benchmarks already, 3DMark06 and Crystal Disk Mark. Both have blown me away, I am getting a score of 17500 in 3DMark06 and for Crystal Disk Mark I am getting read and write times at 125! That is very fast for a normal mechanical HDD, I was expecting about 100 read and write but 125 was very unexpected. This notebook comes with a Western Digital Scorpio Black drive which is known to have great performance. I have not run any other benchmarks yet, and have not overclocked the notebook using turbo mode to run benchmarks, I will update the review and add this in. Before I go, I have to add one thing, this notebook like any other notebook on the planet is not perfect. There are two gripes that I have, the first thing I don't like is the touch button you have to press on top of the keyboard to open the DVD drive, it is not intuitive. I tried to open my DVD drive while I was restarting my computer, and had to wait until windows booted up all the way to open up the disk drive, very annoying. If there was a physical button, it would have been able to open right away. The second problem I have, is those touch buttons in general. Maybe its just me, but it doesn't seem responsive, you have to hit it exactly in the middle for it to work, and it's hard because these button are not lit period! So you have to actually look very closely to even see especially at night time. That's something I hope MSI considers on the next revision of this notebook, give those buttons back lighting so you can actually see them without having to put your head against the screen at night. It lights up when that key/feature is activated, but still that is not enough, make it another color when it's off so people can still know its disabled.

So overall, I have to give it 5 stars. The value, GPU, build quality, keyboard and the speakers are all truly phenomenal for any notebook under 2 grand. My gripes are minor and something I can live with, for every one thing I hate, there are 5 things I like, this is how a notebook should be made, great job MSI!
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on January 18, 2012
I previously owned a MSI GT735 laptop and was very satisfied with its quality and performance. However, it was aging and I'm one who tends to like the latest technology. After searching new models and reading reviews, I decided to by another MSI, the GT780DX. I did not order mine from Amazon but from an online retailer of gaming laptops. All, I can say is this laptop is just beautiful. It is built tough, uniquely designed, and performs better than my expectations.

Screen +
Coming from a glare type screen, the matte was a concern before ordering this laptop. I'm very pleased with the matte screen and really like it more than my glare type. The screen on the GT780 is much brighter than on my old GT735 so that makes a difference as well. If matte is a concern, don't fret because it is probably better than what you have.

Keyboard -
The keyboard is the only issue I have with this laptop. I had read reviews of keyboard problems with the GT780 series, but I was hoping MSI and Steelecase had worked out those bugs before I purchased. I had an issue with the spacebar not working when the bottom left/right were pressed. I fixed this by gently lifting up on the spacebar which seems to have reseated the key. Also, the down arrow key won't register if the bottom edge is not hard pressed. I've used many laptops and I've never seen a keyboard which required the key to be pressed dead-center. A couple of other keys also won't register if they are pressed on the left edge. I have an open RMA with MSI to fix/replace the keyboard. Not wanting to be without the laptop for up to two weeks, I'm waiting on a convenient time before sending it for repair. Too bad they won't send me the keyboard and I'll replace it myself :). Other than that, I've had no other issues with my keyboard. It has no flex and keys are easy to press with minimal pressure (except noted). The lighting, as you know, is an added benefit and is evenly lit across the board. The lighting is not a bothersome feature. In fact, I forget it's even there.

Touchpad +
No issues and it works very well but I have seen better. Pleased with its performance and I am very picky about touchpads. I've worked on family laptops which had touchpads that were horrible to use. The touchpad buttons are easy to press and they do make a click sound...they are not silent. The pad is hard plastic and not the rubbery, softer pad.

Build +
Very well built machine all around. Feels very solid. Screen hinges have just the right amount of tension. The power brick is huge. I thought my old brick was big, but this one is about an inch wider and longer. I don't have a ruler nearby but estimated it to be 3"x6.5"x1.25". One of the features I like about MSI gaming laptops is the rear power connector. This allows me to site anywhere without a power cord stretched across my lap. My old laptop's power adapter had a right angle, where this one is straight. I prefer the angled adapter because it places less tension on the cable. The DVD drive has no eject button. You have to press a button on the S-bar to eject. This is my first machine without a button but so far it has not been an issue for me. I sorta like the s-Bar eject feature over searching for an eject button on the drive.

Sound +
Couldn't believe my ears. There is a demo which comes with this laptop called Stone Giant. Run it to hear the full effects of this laptop's sound quality. The program is difficult to exit however, so I had to watch the entire show. Run it full resolution. Don't expect booming base because the laptops just don't have the speakers capable of such but the clarity is astounding.

Very pleased with this laptop thus far.

Games played with no issues on max settings, (WOW, Ultra settings, obtain 60fps in SW), (Crysis 2, max Settings), (Battlefield 3, max settings). Laptop fans will kick in (they are quiet) and blow some warmer air when playing these games on max settings. The laptop has a touch button to increase fan speed to assist removing the hot air (noticeable noise of course).

Installed a Samsung 830 series,128GB SSD, . Now getting bootup to Windows login in about 12-15 seconds. Windows login to desktop is about a second.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 31, 2012
This is more of a review concerning MSIs business practices rather then on the PC itself. Laptop was received quickly from Beach Audio. I went to install SWTOR and it failed on the first DVD. 5 minutes later I had a Blue Screen crash. The laptop has since crashed so many times I lost count. I emailed MSI and left numerous voice-mails and finally received a reply. Seems this laptop has a bad MB and get this! MSI wants me to pay to ship it to them to fix their defective laptop! If I return it to the Amazon etailor the only way they will pay for shipping is if I order another laptop and charge my credit card again and wait 2 weeks for a credit back to the card, but if I just want to return it I have to pay shipping!!! I really wanted to love this laptop it has many nice features, but unfortunately it has given me nothing but problems. I tried many different OSs, HDs and memory configurations, but to no avail. What a waste of my time! MSI needs to learn how to service customers immediately and with proper procedures.

attached are some other comments about MSI...


MSI support is terrible...I got a MSI GT780r after 2 weeks got an RMA# send it back, the laptop arrived yesterday at MSI headquarters... I am on hold right now waiting for over 30 minutes and I have to keep pressing star on the phone, if I do not the phone call is terminated, when I got a hold of someone is a voice mail. I find the phone choices on the menu very misleading also. I hope they fix the laptop really good it cost me with insurance to send it back, $42.00.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 13, 2012
I bought this laptop not knowing what to expect as i had originally intended to purchase a machine from alienware. After searching for cheaper alternatives I came across the MSi GT780DX. Not only was it cheaper than its dell made equivalent (by over $200), but it's specifications were far better. 12 GB or ram compared to 4 GB!!!! NO contest.... (and that's not the only specification that is better). I've had no troubles with the laptop after almost 2 months and am very satisfied with my purchase. I've thrown at least 20 graphically demanding games at this machine and it has yet to slow down. Well done MSi.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2011
The GT780DX stays very Cool under Load, consistently pushing the graphics the GPU temperature never rises beyond 40c. A welcomed changed from previous gaming PC configurations I have owned. You will be able to tell the difference after the first 45 minutes of game play. No noise.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2012
Review title says it all.

This computer is one of the best I've found on the internet for the price it's listed at.

Only thing I suggest is -


You'll spend a couple dollars extra for shipping but since it's listed as a $1200 - $1500 computer you save alot more on a cheaper warranty.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2012
I got this laptop on Fri Jan 6 and am happy with it so far. I don't like to leave reviews too quickly, so I will just say that there have been only minor problems thus far. I will update this review after I've really put the machine through it's paces, so be sure and come back in a week or two.

I just want to say, that if you are looking for a gaming laptop, this one has not disappointed so far.

1/8/2013 STILL LOVING THIS LAPTOP!! it has not missed a beat and I game on it daily. I run many other programs while gaming and it never lets me down. it doesn't get hot at all!! it's been worth the price.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2012
This laptop will play anything you can throw at it skyrim, swtor, ect. 1080p Rez is very clear and the matte Finnish on the screen is also awesome. I never drop down below 30 fps in any game on ultra setting. This is the best laptop for the price. Believe that because I've been looking for a long time and this by far beats out the compitition by far.
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8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on February 7, 2012
I've had this laptop since early December 2011.
Some clarification:
(Other laptops I own for comparison: Dell Vostro 1500, Sony VAIO, ACER Aspire One)
(I went with a custom build company, so a couple things are different from the stock model you see here)

* The sturdiness is average. They use a decent plastic for frame construction, but I can get "flex" when pressing on some areas, and especially the screen casing (the Vostro was rock solid like a tank). Yes this laptop is heavy enough already... so why not make the case like an armor shell.
* The locations of the data ports on this case is a serious plus. Compared with most other gaming laptops, MSI had the sense to place power, video out, LAN, esata in the REAR of the laptop. This is VERY nice. Anyone who's ever had to deal with their ethernet, video, power cables coming out of the SIDE of their laptops knows what I mean.
* I -thought- the case had twin exhausts out the rear, but I was mistaken. There is only 1 exhaust located on the left side, and it is a side-firing exhaust port... If anything, it should be a rear-firing to help get fan noise and heat away.

* The chipset is REALTECH..... YUCK!!!! MSI should contract with Creative Labs and get a REAL onboard sound card.
* They got the help from Creative labs to "enhance" the crappy realtech chipset, so does it work? Yes, but not without issues. You see, Creative is using software and merely messing with the amplitude of what's already there from realtech. It works, but don't expect anything super, and if you try to use a media player with its own graphic EQ on top of that, then expect to hear distortion and crackling. I even got distortion while playing StarTrek Online.
* The Dynaudio speakers sound ok for laptop speakers. We're not talking about 10" woofers here people. There's apparently a small "subwoofer" underneath... SUBWOOFER? HAHA Let's not call it that ok. But realistically, you wouldn't want a subwoofer in the laptop case, you'd shake all kinds of things loose, and I can't imagine that being any good for the hard drive heads either.
* For best results in hearing the audio enhancements, use a good pair of headphones that have at least a 40mm driver coil for good bass response. And it'll help block out the fan noise too.

* 64 bit QUAD Hyperthread core...It's deep-fried gass-guzzlin badassery on a stick. You'll hear your 9 cell battery scream to death HAHA!
* Nominal 2.2ghz running speed, and auto clocks-up to 3.1ghz max speed.
* Virtualization is supported for those who wish to use it for development and testing.

It comes loaded with 12 gigs right off which is nice, but either downgrade to 8 gigs or upgrade to 16 if you wish to fully benefit from DUAL CHANNEL mode. With 3 ram chips in there, you don't be running at full dual channel. Don't take my word for it, read up on the issues with using 3 ram chips in a dual channel setup and you'll understand.

7200rpm SATA2 is meant for performance, and it does perform well... as well as drain the battery more, so be aware of that.

A Geforce 570M with 1.5 gigs dedicated video ram... what's not to love =)

I do not have the default MATTE screen., so I cannot comment on it. I upgraded to a glossy 90% NTSC color gamut screen, and I will say... it's pretty nice.

* No indicator lights for CAPS/NUM/SCROLL lock... REALLY?!!! MSI has released a "software" app to help with this, but it's important in gaming to know when those keys are active and not, especially when you have a full numeric keypad. MSI needs to get those indicators back, and maybe have an option for those who want to turn them off, but I'd like to see mine.
* Multi zone, multi color backlighting.... this is more deep-fried badassery! I love being able to change not only the color, but the intensity as well. You get 3 zones - left, right, center. You also have the option to turn it on/off via the touchboard.
* The keyboard layout is a bit tight, and given that there is a full keypad on the right, they need to spread this out a little. The ENTER key is right in the middle of a sea of keys. There is enough case width to spare to widen the keys out a bit, so they should do it.
* The responsiveness of the keyboard is average. Some people have claimed it's non-responsive, but I would describe the keys as "stiff". I can only imagine it was designed this way due to the backlighting being a bit sensitive, and also an apparent tendency for some gamers to hammer the keyboard. Personally, I think they do need to lighten up the touch. It really is a bit too stiff.

At the base of the screen is a touch control bar. Instead of using manual switches for things, you have a touch-sensitive bar. Neat little invention. Hope it doesn't break @_@

NO DEFAULT BLUERAY DRIVE: For as much money as you're spending, you'd think you could at least get a blueray reader by default, but no. I did an upgrade here and got the blueray drive. The drive door does not have a manual eject button. Now I can understand the reason that you may wish to avoid the casual bump, but how often does that happen? The actual location for the eject is on the touchboard. At least there's the emergency eject port.

FAN: One cardinal sin any laptop manufacturer can make is fan noise.
* This fan is LOUD. No two ways about it, but what really irritates me the most is the behavior.
* The fan's throttle behavior is almost chaotic. In a quiet room, you'll hear the fan go near full throttle, then back off slightly, then turn off, 30 seconds to a minute or so later, and same thing again (you won't notice it as much in a room with a lot of background noise, but in a quiet room, that will drive you crazy!). The only time the fan behavior will become more consistent is when the CPU is placed under load from something like a game. The fan behavior is not something I can say is due to MSI directly since the behavior is IDENTICAL to my Acer, so whatever fan controller they're using needs to be replaced with something better. My Dell has a very smooth and quiet fan, and under load will get noticeable, but the best part is the behavior is smooth and consistent. MSI needs to improve the fan both in the design for a lower decibel level and more importantly, the behavior of the fan.
* The touchboard has an override to put the fan at TOP speed. I wouldn't do this unless you REALLY had to...

You get a 9 cell battery, and that's as big as they come. Doing web browsing and light work, you can expect somewhere around 2-3 hours at best. Don't game on the go unless you bring a portable fusion reactor.

Great performance and options, but with some annoyances that hopefully can be fixed. For the price, I was expecting better - even at $1500 for the base model, that's pushing it. Would I buy another one? Fix the fan issues first, then yes... and by then, the 3rd gen lower power i7's will be out =)

I think this is the best of the 3 "alternative gaming systems" to Alienware. Alienware is overpriced and underspec'd. Between ASUS, MSI, and CLEVO, MSI has the best configuration that gamers crave with style and options that will impress.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
I use this for graphics work and also for recreational gaming.

It is very sleek and although it is a beast of a laptop and thicker than most laptops, the fact remains that it is still actually portable and not particularly heavy.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a basic laptop that is lightweight, this might not be for you.

This laptop has as much power as an Alienware laptop but is thinner, lighter, much more aesthetically appealing, and a fraction of the price.



It comes with an NVIDIA GT570M graphics card, which if you are not familiar is one of the best graphics cards on the market. Just recently the released the 6-series of graphics cards, but there is no need to get one, because the truth is that the 6-series are the SAME graphics cards, just overclocked. See the chart below:

670M = 570M Overclocked
675M = 580M Overclocked
680M = The only new graphics chip. But to get one you'll have to buy a $3,000+ laptop.

To overclock a 570M to have the same performance as a 670M, all you have to do is download the free application from MSI called "MSI Afterburner" and change the settings.

See the settings below:

Core Clock (MHz)
570M = 575
670M = 598

Shader Clock (MHz)
570M = 1150
670M = 1196

Memory Clock (MHz)
570M = 1500
670M = 1500

In other words, all you have to do in the MSI afterburner to have the exact same performance of the 670M, is to move the CORE CLOCK slider from 575 to 598. This is 100% safe! The program lets you overclock up to 750, but really you don't need it to be that fast and it has only been officially tested up to 598 (hence the existence of the "670M").



At a maximum of 3.1 GHz, this processor is fast enough to do whatever you want. I am an extreme multitasker and never once have I gotten that "white screen" that Windows does when it's working and won't let you do anything for a few seconds.



The keyboard can be quirky. I noticed that sometimes it misses keys (I type extremely fast). However, it is rare and other than that it is a really nice backlit keyboard that also has the option to change it multiple colors. It also has a "gaming mode" where you can choose to only have it light up the left side, but I never use that mode. I just like the whole keyboard lit up all the time.



Very crisp audio, with true surround sound and even a subwoofer underneath. Best sound I have ever had n a laptop.


Cooler Boost Technology:

There is a touch-button at the top of the keyboard that allows you to turn the fan on full-speed. This is great if you are in a warm location f want to get just a little more "oomph" performance out of your laptop during extreme intensity work or gaming.



Plays all games on Ultra mode, with maximum settings. This includes Skyrim, and with zero lag. It is very smooth, the best of any laptop I have owned.



The screen is the best I have ever had in a laptop. It is a 1080p Full HD anti-glare LED screen, that is super-crisp.



The biggest and really only issue about this laptop is the touchpad. It is very quirky. There are no official drivers for the touchpad. Use an external mouse. They should have used a Synaptics touchpad. However, I guess most people with this desktop replacement laptop would be using an external mouse anyway. Personally I use a Kensington Trackball.



Bluetooth: has the latest bluetooth and works perfect.
WIFI: fast wifi.
Gigabit ethernet
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