Customer Reviews: MSI G Series GX70 3BE-007US 17.3-Inch Laptop (Black)
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on August 17, 2013
This is an amazing laptop for the price,


Pure AMD so no Intel/Nvidia tax
GPU is amazing on this thing
eyefinity on a laptop (because why not?)
The sound system is amazing on this baby
The screen is also amazing
The fan on this thing can be a little loud with turbo fan on but max the volume while gaming, you won't notice.
Battery life is also nice (around 5 hours. hell, I got around 4 hours while running 7 virtual computers and installing the OS on 4 of them at the same time)
I get compliments on the keyboard all the time :)
The power button is white when you are using just the APU and orange when the sleeping beast (8970m) is on

The 8970 seems to be too powerful for just the battery, it will need to be plugged in or it will reboot on you.

I have talked to MSI customer support and they said removing the warranty sticker doesn't really void the warranty, also do a google search a lot of people have had the same response ([...] MSI support was also very helpful in getting the second HDD bracket. I didn't want to send my credit info in clear text over the internet so I gave them my number and we settled it over the phone.

That being said I put a 128GB SSD (Crucial M4) in there and reinstalled windows 8. All I have to say is do it. Install it right meow. It is blazing fast.

I want to upgrade this thing to 32GB of RAM so bad (because why not and RAMdisk).

Now the fun stuff.....gaming!

When the orange light goes on it means business. Sometimes it doesn't auto detect (and read a review that really disliked AMD because of this. lol wut? start game, oh didn't detect? close game, right click desktop, "configure switchable graphics," set game to high performance, and done)

Most games will be able to max out with this laptop, however console ports that rely on a powerful CPU are not going to run as nice because the A10 isn't the strongest CPU in the world. But still runs with playable frames. That is what this laptop is about, play games with all the eyecandy you want and be able to play it, who cares if Intel can get 10-20 FPS better? Yes the CPU will limit you 90% of the time but not enough to ruin your experience. BF3 runs in the 40FPS range in single player but on a 64(not 48 and below) player map it struggles and goes to around 20. However with a few tweaks (set priority to very high for example) you can get it to 25+ and it won't stutter now and then.

All my games (and I have a ton [...] run perfectly fine with this laptop.

I have high hopes for AMD as it is now in the PS4 and Xbox one, meaning games will be more optimized for AMD's architecture.

Update 12/18/2013

I put in 16GB of 1866 memory (G.SKILL Ripjaws Series F3-1866C10D-16GRSL) if you feel the performance is great out the box stick with stock. If you want 16GB, dual channel, and the fastest memory in a laptop then get it. Otherwise you can live without it.

I am now running Windows 7 as I had an extra key and didn't care for Windows 8 or 8.1. Another reason why I switched was because I was noticing my CPU was getting throttled every few minutes when the system was being stressed (gaming and prime95+furmark stress testing) and I wanted to see if this was a Windows 8 problem. It was however not, my first fix was downclocking the GPU enough to prevent this using msi afterburner. I however found another solution but I would recommend downclocking the GPU if you are facing the same issue and are not good with computers.

My other solution is to remove the pstates of the CPU using bar-edit and using the second post in this thread as a guideline [...] and this works, however the there is more heat generated. again I DO NOT RECOMMEND this unless you know what you are doing and am not responsible for anything that happens to your laptop.
review image review image
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on November 9, 2013
The Good:
First and foremost, This is a GREAT gaming computer, don't let the price fool you. Every game I have played (over 10) and many games released this year (2013) have played flawlessly, I'm talking about 1080p full HD and high/ultra settings. I was worried because I wanted a computer with Intel/Nvidia components but I just couldn't fork over the extra dough, so I settled for this one, and I couldn't be happier, for this price range you get a lot. The graphics card is a high end model Radeon 8970m, it equals to desktop performance gaming, when playing games on this computer my mouth starts to water and I start a flood, the graphics are truly amazing! It is paired with a AMD A10 AMD (5th gen, latest) quad core CPU. People love to say that AMD make horrible CPU's, let me tell you right now, the CPU is plenty fast for things you need to get done. The computer is not slow at all, so don't believe the fan boys of Intel. Unless your going to editing huge HD videos or transferring 10000 of gbs every single day, amd Is the way to go, besides the have always had a edge in graphics cards over Nvidia. The keyboard is nice and surprisingly sturdy. The computer looks really good, the pictures here on amazon does not do the computer justice, you have to see to believe. It is heavy but still very portable, I have no problem taking it with me, it's not like your going to break your back trying to carry the thing around like some folks like to think. To my surprise, there is even a back-lit MSI logo on the lid of the computer (kind of what mac books do). It's eye-candy and a bonus.

However even though most of it is good my computer did come damaged. The touch pad and left/right click buttons did not work, even when I first turned on the computer. I have tried everything from installing/uninstalling the driver, OS, and of course restarting the computer, and nothing works. However if you uninstall the touch pad driver the touch pad and left click ONLY will work, the right click will not. I was really upset at first because this was my birthday gift to myself and I had it delivered on my birthday too and I did not feel like going through the pain of returning it and being on the phone with customer service for 10 years trying to get it replaced. So I decided to keep it because Of the good (above) and because I plugged in a USB mouse and everything works like it should. (And heads up you will have like a million windows updates to install, so turn on a movie and pop the corn)

This is a beast of a gaming computer and can handle the latest greatest games, don't let the bad affect your decision, every one out of a thousand computers or so will have a small issue, It's technology, sometimes it just doesn't want to act right, so that was just my luck I guess, but like I said everything is working great now with my mouse plugged in. If your looking for an affordable, POWERFUL, beautiful, gaming laptop, then this is the one for you.
-Good Day. :)
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on July 11, 2013
had for about a month and no problems-just some bugs in windows 8. It will game at least an hour and a half on battery (had 26% battery still) with modern titles -DX 10 & 11. Plays Crysis 3 at moderate settings. Wish it had SDD, but at least the HDD is a 7200rpm model. Great keyboard, cam & mic. Plays bluray nice and smooth..and great batt life.
the downs are it weighs 8lbs and windows 8 dims screen during movies no matter the setting. The case shows smudges some but I just wipe it down once a week or so.
If your considering this unit, dont even hesitate-PULL THE TRIGGER
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on June 23, 2015
Its hard to reduce the sum of a laptop's qualities to single five point rating. The GX70 is characterized as gaming laptop and the fact that it can survive 96+ VS 96+ battles on Planetside 2 proves that characterization true. Its a 4 star gaming laptop because I have to reduce some settings to get above 30 frames in those big battles. In more player-sparse battles it gets above 50 fps at ultra settings. The CPU appears to bottleneck in large battles, but even though the AMD CPU isn't as powerful as its Intel counterpart, I'm enjoying the fact that this is an all AMD laptop, and would be willing to pay more for more competitive AMD processors if they existed. Regarding the idea of a performance hit, though: This laptop cost me about $1000, in-the-box-new:I don't believe any laptop of any pedigree in its price range can do better. If you can find one, buy it...
* Excellent bang for the buck
* All AMD
* Removable battery (I hear the marketing pro's are saying industry standard is moving towards non-removable batteries... Apparently either they don't use windows or they don't mind waiting for the battery die before they can reboot from a crash)
* Blu Ray (haven't used it yet, don't care. But its there... maybe I should make a third category... pros, cons, don't care)
* Surprisingly good sound. Loud.
* Customizable back-lighting
* Solid chasis. Firm palm rest. Nice.
* Good heat management, stays cool, fan noise and pitch under stress low and out of the annoying angry mosquito range
* Option to use Legacy BIOS or UEFI
* Line in and Line out in addition to mic/headphones. Good for live music recording, recording guitar etc.

* No hardware switch for wifi. Something critical to both the user and the environment (airplanes for example) should have a hardware control. I suspect many other people agree with me, but are too tired of fighting to write about it: For the end user, hardware controls > firmware controls > software controls.
* No latch for closed cover. Every other laptop I have has a lid latch. Provisionally negative...
* I don't like the light-up MSI emblem on the top of the lid. I prefer the dragon. For a more subtle look, just take the "GamingGSeries" off the shield, then the only people who know what it means will be the people who know what it means.
* The customizable lighting on back-lit keyboard is cool, but the lights don't come on until the OS is fully booted. The only other back-lit keyboard I have lights up as soon as power is applied. Admittedly, it's only one color, but that's not a free pass.
* I don't consider the weight or the size to be negatives. Its large and heavy. Use it to smash the puny netbook toys your friends use.
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on February 1, 2014
I was looking to buy a powerful laptop with discrete graphics, because my Mac was just not meeting my requirements. Once I received it I began playing very graphics intensive games such as Crysis 3 (a code for the game does come with the laptop), Space Engine, and Portal 2.
I have also used this laptop for programing C++, C# and Java, and works exceptionally well. A calculation which would crash a Macbook Air does not even lower the frame rate at all on the GX70.
This laptop is bulky, but compared to other high performance laptops with discrete graphics, thin.
The 8970m Crossfire is currently the second best mobile graphics card, only seconded by the Nvidia Gtx 780 Sli.
I would recommend this laptop to anybody that is looking for a laptop with a powerful CPU and GPU, but I would not recommend it as a travel laptop.
This laptop will always be dear to my heart.
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on November 25, 2013
This computer is my favorite computer I've ever owned. I have had multiple windows based computers and apple. This being my first windows based in a couple of years. Very fast and easy to use, plus from a gamer's perspective, such a great deal for an awesome gaming computer.
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on January 18, 2014
I did a lot of research before making my purchase. I chose this computer rather than many other systems around the same price-point.

Here's why you shouldn't believe the lower reviews: Most of the other reviews talk about problems with the operating system, some of the pre-installed software, and very few hardware issues.

First off, if you don't know how to operate PC's (making internal tweaks to improve system performance), than this is not the computer for you; in fact--> get a Mac!! they are pre-configured for people just like you. If you do know how to operate PC's and are comfortable with navigating through BIOS and the OS then this may be the computer you want.

It does take some setup to maximize the performance. Out of the box, the computer comes basically set up for energy conservation and needs many tweaks throughout the OS and few in the BIOS. After making those tweaks, this thing runs BEAUTIFULLY!!! I love it.

I am not going to rant about AMD vs Intel--> there are blogs for that... make your decision based off of that. I will say though that I am a mechanical engineering student and I run simulation software on this and it outperforms the school-provided Intel I5-3550m powered desktops.

Performance- Simulation software runs perfect
Features- Great customizable back-lit keyboard, non-reflective screen, inputs & outputs
Battery- 3 hours simulation life for a laptop--> (that is great)

Weight- Hefty to haul around every day but I have gotten used to it
Size- same size as most 17.3" screens but quite thick (helps with keeping it cool)

Hope this review helps you make your decision!!
Best Regards to MSI
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on September 4, 2013
It can play all current games on high settings, even newer generation games, so i was told; however, It cannot without dropping by 30 frames per second.
I felt duped into believing the GX70 hype; the hype that claims the GX70 can run Crysis 3 at maximum settings. That is, until, I discovered that a had a downloaded a faulty System Control Manager (SCM) from the CD GX70 came with--SCM is used to crossfire the APU and the GPU.

Cross-firing @ ~360 MHz with the APU runs faster than the single 8970m GPU @ 900 MHz.

In addition to the corrupt SCM install, I found my performance problem was exacerbated by old 8970m and AMD Catalyst software. It was total BS. I had to update my 8970m through advanced options in control manager; I had to update my Catalyst by googling-- AMD site is hardly never updated.
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on December 13, 2013
After reading a load of reviews and doing a ton of comparisons I finally decided on this laptop. Against my better judgment I went with AMD/AMD instead of Intel/Nvidia. Everything I read said this laptop would handle games really well. In fact, they mostly said that's about all this laptop could do. But that was fine, it's all I wanted it for.

But it doesn't do gaming terribly well. Not even as well as the less-powerful desktop I had. (Yes, I checked the specs/tests for the mobile gfx card compared to the desktop card I had)

So I dropped about $1200 after selling my desktop to have a slightly worse gaming experience.

Just a few examples: The laptop doesn't do very well with Counter-Strike: GO. All sorts of graphical lag even when playing locally against a couple bots.
Seems to do okay with Tomb Raider, though I haven't been to many graphically intense spots in that game yet.
Manages an anemic 5 FPS on Warcraft in 25 man raids with all the settings on low, not even full screen. Pretty much unplayable.

I was extremely disappointed with this laptop and strongly considered returning it. I didn't, but I can't help thinking if I'd spent the money on the intel/nvidia option I'd have been a bit happier.
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on October 28, 2013
It has been a really great purchase. Windows 8 is taking a little getting used to but it has been really great at running my games and it has some really cool features.
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