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on January 2, 2012
"My Bad Tequila" may not be the worst book I've read but it's certainly one of the worst books I've read. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people who walk out on books. I read the entire thing. I'm also not one to write reviews but this book deserves my review in return for the suffering it caused me.

The writer mauls the English language. Here's a random example: "I suggested to Tina that I would quickly wash up, (meaning my hands would have cool water ran (sic) over them with no soap and a quick splash of water would find its way (sic) upon (sic) my face)." Oh my goodness! This is not a case of appalling kindle editing but rather it's a case of a writer who has no clue how to write intelligible sentences.

The plot is thin and just plain uninteresting. I'll admit it. It is a stupid story which gives the reader nothing of value, not even a bit of entertainment. The story seems to be typed from a recording of a group of drunk fraternity boys slurring stories at one another.

Character development? Character development? What's that? The characters often lack even two dimensions and are just fly spatter on the wall.

I can't help but think that those who reviewed this book positively are either sponsors or paid reviewers.

I wasted $2.99 buying this book. Don't repeat my error.
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Along with many TV shows depicting people behaving badly (Jersey Shore, etc.), this is just a print version of the same, dragged out to eventually provide a minor, unbelievable, plot sequence. Because I live in Mexico, I am interested in any books with Mexico as a background for a story. However, this could have been set in Plunkett, Saskatchewan or anywhere else for that matter. It is a series of very juvenile stories of the author's drunken escapades, complete with staggering, much vomiting (graphically portrayed), and disgusting behavior. I should have stopped reading when, on the first page, the author describes, in detail, a dropped beer bottle surviving a tumble into someone else's vomit in the gutter of a Mexican street.

The writing is painful to read throughout the book, with no thought to syntax or sentence structure. I had to re-read several passages while trying to figure out what the author was trying to depict. I gave up on many passages due to bad grammar and spelling.

Thank goodness, I only spent $2.99 for the Kindle edition of this mess, and I'm sorry I spent such valuable time trying to give this book 'a chance'. 'My Bad Tequila' is just that, BAD.
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on August 9, 2014
This very personal memoir by Rico Austin touched me to my soul in it's bravery for revealing the most tragic flaws of the human spirit. Admittedly 80% fact and 20% fiction, as you bob and weave through this adventure, one begins to wonder where the fact ends and the fiction begins...and sometimes you even hope that what you suspect is fact is really fiction...but that is Austin's allure in this book. He takes you on a very intimate journey through his life which is lived primarily on the wild side and he freely admits his flaws and with this book, atones for them. The metaphor for his attitude on life seems to come through when he describes a corporal punishment he received in high school in front of all the students...I could have NEVER told such a story because I would have buried it so far down into my psyche that no amount of drilling could have brought it forth. Kudos to Austin for the amazing courage it took to write this book...the good with the bad...and after all...such is the meaning of a life well-lived. Read won't be able to put it down.
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on December 30, 2010
"MY BAD TEQUILA" did NOT disappoint, I LOVED the story!

It was very well paced ....dropping little hints as to what might happen.... leading us along, but never giving the story away. I liked how the novel subtly drifted back to Rhet's childhood and prior experiences, giving valuable insight into his character.

It came to a point in the story, where the situation begins to really heat up.... many things go awry. It was impossible for me to stop reading, until I found out what happens to everyone. There is a very clever twist, followed by a big shock that you don't see coming.

The ending was terrific!! Mr. Austin has his own unique version of Hemingway's style of storytelling. Straight-forward, describing the adventure in detail.....(I learned a few things I hadn't known about fish :-))

"My Bad Tequila" is 80% true and 20% fiction. Much of the truth is easy to figure out, but there's enough question....'mystery' that leaves you thinking,.... long after finishing the novel.

If Mr. Austin continues to write stories like this, .....He might just become 'A Legend' Papa Hemingway!
"My Bad Tequila is an excellent book!!
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2012
Most of us have experiences in life we wish we could forget, or did because of alcohol-induced blankness. Austin calls these `bad tequila' moments, as imbibing in that particular libation seems to have more bad consequences than others. This novel, loosely based on his real-life experiences--or those he can remember anyway--is his `bad tequila' moment.
When a young jock on a college football team is cut and down-on-his luck, he is given the opportunity to travel to Mexico with a group of students and take a moment to reflect on his recent bad luck, or to get totally wasted while brooding over his own stupidity. He takes it. Life is grand, not a care in the world, white beaches, surf's up and pretty woman and alcohol are on the menu.
When tragedy strikes and a motor vehicle accident kills several members of their party, the close-knit group unravels. Rico and Tina, at one moment considering young love, suddenly turn on each other and Rico drowns his sorrows with tequila. The next day when it is time to leave, Tina has vanished. When he arrives back in the States, Rico finds himself under arrest for the murder of Tina. Her father, a US Senator, is baying for his blood, his friends from the trip are all turning evidence against him and by the end of it Rico finds himself in jail facing five long years on a trumped up manslaughter charge.
Rico takes the time to reverse his `bad tequila' moment and rebuild his life, creating a successful life after his prison sentence, until one fateful journey leads him back to San Carlos and the scene of the crime. Faced with his past, he begins drinking again. With a surprise ending, Austin takes us on rough-hewn journey on his debut novel, a 2011 Readers Favorite award winner.
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on December 27, 2012
What a self-indulgent, rambling, unintelligible piece of crap! Join this narcissistic, alcoholic moron and his very limited vocabulary as he drinks and vomits his way through a Mexican vacation. You will be spellbound when, even by his own self-serving accounts, he attempts to rape one girl (drunk! it wasn't him!) and murders another (it was a drunken blackout! not his fault! he cut his foot!).

Literary "gems" include: "I did take out two lovely green felt black jack tables and seven stools before getting roughly escorted out through a maze of hallways with rooms at every turn filled with old slot machines, roulette tables, poker tables and of course, old, used black jack tables that had been treated in the same nasty way as I had abused them." What??

Also: "I must have pissed off the dealer with my over exuberance as she was now my enemy as I could tell by the tone of her voice."

Does Pow Wow publishing employ an editor? Who knows? It is hard to believe this crap was ever documented, much less printed! Do not waste your time or money on this author's self-pitying ramblings.
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on January 5, 2011
NOT what I expected from the was well written, thoughtful, introspective, and allusive without being elusive. It is also, at times, illusive, but only for the sake of the storytelling, not for sake of a cheap trick (where I start to disagree with some other readers reviews- I find some of todays "best-selling" authors play too fast and loose with being illusive, for the sake of raw mystery; cheapening the story for an unneeded and often implausible twist.) To compare Mr. Austin's patient storytelling to skilled manufacturers of surprise is to depreciate it's intrinsic value. Did I say intrinsic? I should have said finite, if emotions could be considered measurable.
It was very reminiscent to me of one of my very favorite novels, "A Separate Peace", though set in a more familiar, to me (though the same descriptiveness Knowles used to describe a prep school in '40s that Austin uses to describe the time, place, and mood will allow any reader to see, feel, and taste it) world.
Some of the observations and musings the author offers border on prose. 3rd paragraph, page 117, is only one example, to me, of classic literature and it's ability to transcend the words into a nearly tangible feeling. Those vignettes are woven together in a style that completely holds the readers attention, and manages, as the best stories do, to excite, stimulate and elicit a feeling of rooting for or against the characters or circumstances.
I highly doubt Mr. Austin will be able to write another book as good as this one. It's exceptional.
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on June 12, 2012
This may have been Rico's first novel, but it certainly was a great read. I hope it's not his last. Roller coaster ride may be an overused analogy, but so true with this book. Joy to sorrow, laughter to tears and the reverse. It usually takes me a couple of weeks and several sessions to complete a book, a few pages at a time. This one took me three evenings over just three straight days; one fourth, one fourth, and the last night I read the entire last half. Couldn't put it down. I'm a slow reader, so the next day, I was cussing the author for keeping me up all night. The most telling thing for me though, was the evening after I finished, for a flash, I looked forward to reading more about Rhet Austen's life. Then it hit me that it was over and I'd have to wait until Mr. Austin gets off his butt and creates another winner. Danno
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on September 9, 2013
My Bad Tequila

I read My Bad Tequila by Rico Austin on my way to Cabo and finished it in my room as soon as I could in-between the party. I am a long-time San Carlos visitor and now permanent resident, so the place is special to me and also the past memories. For anyone though, he captures the essence of a Mexican adventure no matter what the town. I still laugh just at the thought of passages, or maybe I cringe. Safer that Rico lived the experience and you get to read it. Maybe you missed out on a spring break trip to Mexico when you were young, but you're not too late to kick back with this good read. Rico draws you in, makes you feel a part of the adventure, and won't leave you with a hangover. You might just be booking your own trip south to create tall tequila tales ... but I would leave that to the professionals.

Ha, Amazon.. only let me review once - this is for In the Shadow of Elvis, Perils of a Ghost Writer by Rico Austin:In the Shadow of Elvis, Perils of a Ghostwriter

Another great read by Rico Austin! Well, I just thought that Rico had a few too many to drink when he started up with some tales one night at the bar, but he really did go through this crap. I never thought I cared at all about Elvis, but Rico made the history very interesting to read. A nice mix and match of events and storytelling taking you all around this writing adventure of Rico's. He needs a break after this one, so pick up the book. You won't want to put it down. Always great to live one of Rico's adventures and not have to live with his pain. Still, you would never know it with Rico's style, as even reading about his tequila hangovers somehow sounds good. Rico always has a smile just waiting to come out for me, and so it is when you read his books.
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on June 5, 2012
One of the most Enjoyable reads I have Ever Experienced. Easy read/Entertaining/Emotional gripping/held on to each page anticipating each turn of Events. WOW
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