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70 of 79 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2012
I want to rate this device at 3.5, but I had to give it a 4 because I feel it is better than a rating of three. Read my in depth user and shopper friendly review to find out why.....
I already own a Samsung Galaxy 4" player. Though it runs on a slightly older Android operating system (Gingerbread), it is for the most part excellent. The reason I bought the Mach speed 7" trio was as a present for my six year old son. Being this tablet is for a child i did not want to spend a lot of money out of fear of it getting broken or misplaced. I purchased this tablet at Sears for 100.00, before going online and reading any reviews about it. I see here on Amazon a lot of negative reviews for it, and I feel that the majority of those reviews come from un-savvy tech users or first time Droid users. So being fairly tech savvy (I like to hack things), I felt compelled to write a review that could easily be understood by all into the pros and cons of this device to help all buyers make a good purchasing decision.

Pros: Cost, screen, usability., durability, comes rooted (unlocked).
Cons: No Google Play, wifi reception is weak. No usb charging, time to set it up.

The price is right for this tablet, and its construction seems no better or worse than any other tablet I have held or seen. It feels fairly solid. Make sure to give it a full charge with the included Ac adapter before using.
The screen on this thing is not great like an Apple or Samsung, but it is definitely GOOD. The resolution is only slightly lower than my Samsung, and for most people, I dont think they would even know the difference, as everything is displayed fine. The screen is very responsive to touch. At first I thought the graphics were a little fuzzy, but then I realized there is a thin plastic film on top of the screen, like a screen protector, once I removed this the graphics on the screen were very good. I have a feeling some of the other posters on here did not realize this. The brightness is also fine, though I went into the settings and manually turned my brightness up. I actually prefer typing on this 7" tablet compared to my 4" galaxy, because the 7" keyboard is larger. The motion sensors work well also, I have no issues with rotating the screen. I have not tried the camera yet, for taking pictures or video, so I can not comment on that.
The speed of this machine is fine, it is slower than my Samsung, but it is still plenty usable. It uses an 1.2 ghz single core Arm Processor with 512 megs of ram. Though my samsung galaxy is also single core at the same speed with the same amount ram, it is faster than the Mach Trio and feels snappier. This could be because of the different versions of Droid running on each, I dont know. I would say the Mach Trio feels like a medium speed machine, and will be fine for most people. One big issue though that really affects the feeling of speed on this machine is the Wifi. The Wifi reception on this machine is not very good. I have two wireless routers in my house. I have one downstairs and one upstairs in my room. When I first started setting this machine up I tried using the downstairs router, the signal showed two bars, but the Mach Trio just clunked along, the internet was painfully slow, and every app I tried to download would time out. My samsung galaxy or laptops would work fine at this distance from that router. I was ready to return it to Sears. I then tried switching routers to the upstairs router, which was in the same room I was sitting in. HUGE difference. The machine is fine on the internet now, and I have no problems downloading apps or browsing the internet. The Youtube app is particularly quick, even faster than my Samsung Galaxy. Keep in mind though I am less than ten feet from the wireless router. I find this to be a inherent flaw. If you plan on using our Mach Trio were you have two bars or less of internet on this or any other device, forget about it. It will be painfully slow. You are going to need to be close to your wifi to use this for online capabilities.
Another issue I have with the Mach Trio is its usb capabilities. The usb plug works fine for file transfers with my PC. However, it says in the owners manual to only charge this unit with the AC adapter (wall plug), and not the usb. I find that to be inconvenient, as a wall outlet is not always available, nor do I want to have to carry a wall plug with me everywhere.
Set up, settings, and Apps. The Mach trio comes with almost none. It does come with a few things, like widgets for time, a HD video player, a music player, a youtube app, a web browser, a calculator, and thats about it. I also had no issue setting up my google email account on it, and the Mach Trio would notify me when ever I got a new email, regardless of what ever else i was doing on it. Settings on the Trio are great because it is rooted, meaning that the hardware is unlocked and you have access to user settings you normally would not be able to get too. This is useful. I had to get used to the features and settings of this new version of the Droid operating system, as my samsung galaxy uses an older version. So there was a slight learning curve but nothing much.
Without downloading apps on this device, it is basically a mp3 player and web surfer, so you are going to need to set this thing up to get apps on it to use it for its full potential. I tried to set up Google Play on this device in order to download apps from Google, but was unable too. Instead I downloaded the Amazon Appstore app. You need to have an Amazon account to use this, and they will require a credit card. Personally, I find the Android App a pain in the a$$, but they have all the same apps for download as Google Play, and lots of free ones. I was able to download many free games for my son to play, and he is happy. The Mach Trio is playing the games with no issues. In fact he is sitting next to me right now playing a game and listening to music at the same time on his Mach Trio.
Conclusion: I would say this is a decent Droid tablet if you get a good price on it, and if you are somewhat tech savvy and literate. It will take you a couple of hours to set it up to get the full functionality from it. Once you do set it up, a novice will have no issue using it. If you are a novice or tech illiterate, you would be better off spending more and getting a tablet that already comes set up and preloaded with the apps for you. That will also save you frustration and time, but will cost you about twice as much. If you are some what tech savvy and dont mind spending a little time in setting up and getting to know your device, and are in the market for a cheap tablet, and none of the limitations I previously mentioned will be a big factor for you, I would say this is a definite buy!
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2012
LFMF: "Learn From My Fail"

The touch-screen separated from the device (poor adhesive) when I lifted the corner of the protective film, exposing the switches and foil/ribbon conductors underneath. I pressed that back down (did not remove any films, in case it had to go back) and charged it overnight. Right away, without loading anything, it could not stay connected to WiFi for more than about 30 seconds, making it impossible to use as the "Internet Tablet" it states on the box.

There is nothing wrong with my wireless setup, and I connected/used multiple other WiFi devices simultaneously (two laptops, a smartphone, and a media streamer) with zero issues while running inSSIDer on a laptop to watch the network performance. With all other WiFi devices switched off, it still could not stay connected long enough to download anything from Trio's own website. Tried every trick I could find online in reviews at multiple retailers websites. Finally took it back to CompUSA/TigerDirect for exchange.

The second one had rough, sharp edges on the right-side edge (the end with connectors) from remainder plastic when it was removed from the mold and poorly finished. I charged it for two hours (said 95% out-of-the-box) then tried again. That would not stay WiFi connected for even 5 seconds at a time (could not even completely load the aforementioned webpage), so it went straight back into the box rather than waste another moment of my time..

Think about THIS when you are considering purchasing this "great deal"... Returning two of these units, and screwing around trying to get them to work wasted several hours of my time, fuel, plus the stress involved. What is YOUR time and sanity worth? If it is less than the difference between a "great deal" and a quality product, like a Galaxy 2 or similar reputable product, then you go right ahead and buy this. Otherwise, Learn From My Fail (LFMF).
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2012
My mother bought this for my son for Christmas and it's a paperweight. I have wifi set up at my home and I can run two computers, a roku and my cell phone with no issues but hooking this thing up it constantly disconnects and reconnects making it impossible to download anything new onto the tablet. It does NOT have Google Play which makes downloading apps that much more difficult-adding to the wifi connection issues it's impossible to download anything at all. I am hoping I am able to return this to the store I know my mother purchased it at for store credit and buy my son something he'll actually be able to use. I'm very disappointed in this tablet and it's lack of performance. It's basically a huge MP3 player with a camera in it's current state-and if he wanted that I could buy him one a whole lot cheaper.

I'll also add that in the day and a half that I've attempted to get this thing to do ANYTHING, it's frozen at least 5 times trying to get anything to download between the connection issues. Reading other reviews this is not an abnormal issue.


I am very thankful I was able to return the tablet for store credit, but in those few days I learned a few things.

This tablet has connection issues to the internet, and does NOT have any way to fix this. I had emailed the company directly and they never replied, so it also has poor customer service (it's been over 3 weeks since I emailed them, no expectations to hear from them at this point). I googled the issue and found it to be a common issue with this particular tablet. Had the internet connection worked properly this tablet would have been usable, but without it, it was a huge MP3 player as I wouldn't be able to download any applications onto it at all. I spent 4 days trying to download the Amazon App Store onto the tablet but it would disconnect and reconnect to the wifi so often that even with close to 8 hours of "upload" time the download was at 11 percent. This is beyond unacceptable. What is the point of a tablet that takes days to download a single file? You couldn't browse the internet with it. I just can't find one positive thing about the tablet without the internet connection staying in tact.

That being said, my niece got the same tablet for Christmas and has had some minor issues, but overall enjoys the tablet. It did randomly erase itself completely once. However her tablet does connect to the internet so she was able to re-download her lost apps.
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17 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on August 5, 2012
Slow. Incompatible. Stuttering. Unsupported.
These are just a few of the words to describe how unreliable the Trio Stealth "Pro" is. (Funny how they use Pro in the name when there is nothing professional about it.)
It begins when you try to use the built-in web browser that crashes on its own. Using a third party is highly recommended but you will still get bad performance. Google Play does not come installed on this device and don't even think about downloading and installing from a .apk file. No matter what you do, no matter what tricks you try, it will close itself without any apparent problems. Another problem comes from simply navigating the home menus. Screen presses might take a few seconds to respond so if you've pressed something twice you never what will happen next. If you have music playing then forget running anything else as well. It will slow to a halt and then ask if you want to close whatever program you were using.
The worst detail of this USELESS device comes from the fact that it is NOT supported by the manufacturer. Mach Speed has no updates, no details, no fixes, and no suggestions on what to do when things go wrong or how to make it work in the first place.

If you can afford the $100 for this, save up another $100 and buy a Kindle Fire. At least they work.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2012
Don't waste your money. I thought this would be great for a first tablet for my daughter and it has been nothing but a headache. It will not stay connected to the internet, every other device I own runs just fine on wifi. Tried disconnecting everything from wifi just to make sure it wasn't too much and still won't work. It's been 4 days trying to get this to work, looks like it will be going back to the store tomorrow.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 6, 2013
I picked up the current version of the Trio Stealth Pro on an impulse and was pretty impressed by it. The screen is bright and responsive, and I was able to put Google Play on the device on my own, though it is not included. Performance is average. Video playback is a strong point, and the device can handle some 3D applications as well thanks to the A13 SoC's Mali-400 GPU.

There are a few gripes about the product however.

- The lack of Bluetooth limits the device somewhat, but it may be possible to get a USB Bluetooth module working with an adapter. I haven't picked one up to try it however.

- The device only has a USB OTG port and not a full sized USB port. There are cables and adapters that can be used to overcome this limitation however and the port does work with keyboards, mice, etc.

- The WiFi range is pretty weak. You basically want to try to be in the same room as your router if possible.

- The serial number rubbed off of the back very quickly.

- Finally, and this is perhaps the most disappointing: Mach Speed's customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Should you need to call them you can expect a long hold time for one, and while they may answer basic questions and arrange returns for service, requesting a copy of your tablet's firmware gets no results. The call center employees will tell you to email the request but there is never a reply. Thankfully there are other firmwares out there that can be made to work better than their original firmware and it is possible to back up your own if you are very tech savvy.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 10, 2013 goes

So far I am not having any of the problems you guys speak of the wifi is functioning ok actually as I write this im watching netflix on it on the worlds worse WIFI connection (Cal state Stanislaus)and it's staying on fine. Google play not being supported is an issue but not that big an issue. The charger worries me a little as its one of those Chinese ones that are 5 volts and easy to break...have not tried the USB currently what I have on there is netflix, crunchyroll and a few other apps....*shruggs* so far after 2 days it's a good starter tablet....don't go trying to make a Ipad or Galaxy out of it though. I'm fully aware my Iphone4 is probably a better handheld than this but the trio is good for entertainment purposes.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on March 10, 2013
great for younger kids ! the mach speed trio is fast ,and the touch screen works better than my $300 phone. the best thing about the unit is once I put in the wifi password I have not heard " I cant get this to work" or " I think I broke it" . they have been pretty durable and no problems after a months use.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on October 21, 2012
I ended up reselling this item; didn't like the size--not small enough to be handheld easily; awkward for me. I constantly lost wifi connection; Just found it more frustrating than helpful for what I wanted it for; I did, however, sell it to a mom for her son for predominantly game use and he is guessing just wasn't a great fit for me (for email/twitter, word), but made another user happy...just my 2 cents....
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on March 25, 2013
I would not want any one to waste there money and time
I bought this and it freezes all the time the charger broke 1 week after I got it .
It dose not hold a charge. The screen is not easy to touch.
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