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32 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on February 20, 2010
I got this player a few days ago. I'm still checking it out. I would have given it 3 1/2 stars because of the audio quality which is thin (see #1 con) and the video converter (see #3 con).

Here are my pros and cons:


1) Music quality is good but it isn't great. It lacks body no matter what equalizer setting (even "user setting" which I spent a half hour customizing). Maybe that's 'cause I have been spoiled by my Sandisk Sansa m250. I have yet to find anything to equal the rich sound quality. It has such body. The Mach trio came with crap buds so I used the buds that I use with the Sansa and it still didn't equal it but was a big improvement.

(see con update below*)
2) I thought the video was a bit dark. I have the brightness setting all the way up on the player. Not major but, compared to my other mp3 video player, it was noticeable. You kind of have to angle it by tilting it back to get more light.

3) My experience with the video converter that comes with it was terrible. Every file I converted using it, the audio and video was out of sync. Plus, it only converts to .avi which are very large files. The player also supports .flv (much smaller file size) so I don't know why their converter only converts to .avi. So I had to use my own converter.

4) Website has virtually no help and support. So if you need help, you have to call or email.

5) No protective case for this player that I know of.

6 Yeah, someone here mentioned the backgrounds they offer for the text reader. I agree. Don't know why they didn't give you a solid color background to choose from.

*UPDATE: It's 12/2/11. A friend of mine got a Craig Tablet at CVS and the video viewing was similar to the Mach Trio in that it too was a bit dark unless you tilted the screen back a little so I'm learning that it's not just something with the Mach Trio player. Just sayin'.


1 It's small in size.

2 Has a volume button. Yay. Very few players do these days).

3 File transfers are VERY fast and, at least in my case (Windows XP operating system), communicates with the computer quickly. I've had problems with other players lagging or freezing the computer on connection.

4) The fast forward is pretty decent on videos. Takes about 5 seconds to fast forward 1 minute. And there is a place holder and you are asked if you want to go to where you left off on the video. It also has a "go to" feature where you can also punch in hour/minute (using the volume button to enter the numbers) to go to the spot in the video you want. Great feature.

5 It has an option in the main menu called "Explorer". I LOVE THIS! To me it's the best feature on the player. You can create folders WITHOUT using Windows media player which is great for me. And you can create sub folders and sub sub folders. Great for organizing your collection. You can view all your audio folders, video folders, Picture folders, and Text folders all accessible through the "Explorer" option. Also, the internal flash memory and the sd card are both listed there to easily choose and switch back and forth to and from.

6 It has an aspect ratio type setting so you can view wide screen video as well as video that wasn't recorded in wide screen without distortion.

7) You can delete a file right from the player.

8 The FM radio sounds pretty good and you can record from it.

9) There are menus within the Video, Audio and text reader to customize your experience. For example, it gives you a choice to change the font color and the font size in the text reader to small, med, and large. I would recommend it.

P.S. I just found out that you can use it while charging it. It went totally dead so I plugged it into the A/C oh yeah, I forgot, it also came with an A/C USB wall charger.(at least the one I bought in Staples. You might want to check that out here.) Anyhow, I plugged it in to the A/C to charge it and I was also able to watch videos while it was charging. I've never heard of that before. Very cool.
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on May 22, 2010
Unfortunately, I've had to downgrade my review since getting it, good little player , for as long as it worked for me (about 6-7 months) ...but it like all of the 'cheaper' end mp3 players (around $50) I've so far tried, about 4 or so , so far, all quit working. Why do people sell these if all the do is eventually quit working? All of them, and usually a screen related problem! My review below still mostly applies, maybe you will have better luck, just get a warranty on it if you decide to buy it. Too bad!!

original review

I don't like apple ipods or zunes as they require proprietary cables and software, no drag and drop allowed and no mp3's allowed on ipod at least.

This is the best one I've come across so far of the inexpensive ones and is $50 or less , expandable memory 4 gig or more and decent 2"+ screen, but I'm still on the fence about it.

Others in this category I tried worked ok for about a month or so then quit working. I've gone through several so I kind of know what's good and what isn't. I don't know why these cheapos are so available and at the same time crap out so quickly?? Avoid: Epsen, sylvania smpk8854. The former was really tiny, but razor thin which I liked, but the screen got messed up after only a few weeks I think. The sylvania was cool, it even had simple little games like tetris, and old arcade games you could put on it. It was a touch screen which quit responding to touch after a couple months :(. I got it at big lots, I had it for more than 30 days and they would not take it back after that even with a receipt. I called sylvania or whatever company that took them over, and spoke to some indian guy and they said I could mail it to them and they would repair it for $15 assuming I hadn't tampered with it. I missed the $7 lower charge after 90 days. Since the player only cost around $40 I said forget it.

This includes another one by mach speed which actually functioned better and was cheaper, although slightly smaller screen (around $30 - mach speed rubicon) but I went through 2 of those before I gave up on it. One the screen got cracked somehow, the other would no longer turn on past the 'welcome' screen.

I actually bought this one (mach speed trio v430) and the first one out of the box did not work. Simply came up with a blank screen when turned on. Right, no problem, took it back , got another one, and it's worked well so far after 4 months as of this post. I got mine at Sears which seems to be the cheapest place so far. I recommend getting the warranty they offer, it was only like $7 and covers it for 2 years.

Pluses: -expandable memory up to 16 gig (I think, I know it'll take 8 for sure)

-Big screen
-Will automatically generate music playlists based on file property categories such as artist, genre. Can also create your own under 'favorites' on default drive only.

-Video File conversion unnecessary, can download straight to the player without problems, .avi and .flv supported. Saves a lot of time not needing to convert to 320x240 or whatever format like most players.

-connects easily to computer with 'standard' USB cord, included. Doesn't even have to be 'on' to connect, recharge connected to computer in 'safely disconnected' mode

-fm radio with preset capable included

-photo viewer

-Volume, ff, rw, mute controls, safety power lock slider works well

Minuses: -Headphones were ok stereo ones, but quit working only after a few days

-Screen has horrible glare, and sometimes appears too dark
(can be adjusted through setting, though)
-Can't seem to make Playlists for any music on expanded memory, and the user playlist 'favorites' can only be added to 1 song at a time!

Hope this helps and wasn't too long, thanks!
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on June 5, 2010
Its sound quality is great, and audio is about all I use it for. (I have not tested video very much, so I have no comment on video or sound quality there.)

Control is NOT touch-screen (despite the product tags), but I prefer hard controls anyway. Trying to navigate a touch-screen while driving is a lot harder than just using buttons on the side of the device, since the latter I can use entirely by feel and keep my eyes on the road. So props for going with hard controls.

It's also presented to a computer as a USB mass storage device and it doesn't expose the music DB via that interface at all (the player will update that by itself) which means that for people like me who don't want to use a certain popular media library/player software program produced by a certain lawsuit-happy company, just to get music files that we paid for and own onto a device that we paid for and own, this player is a good choice. I sync it regularly using Linux without any issues.

The only cons I've noticed are:

* No Vorbis or FLAC support, though I kind of expected that. (This means transcoding most of my library to MP3. Yuck.)

* Shuffle mode does not support going back to previously-played songs. There is no difference in the behavior of the previous track and next track buttons; both advance to a new, randomly-selected track.

* Sometimes it will forget where you were in an audio file. I rotate several 3hr radio podcasts on the device, and even if I pause it and turn it off by holding the play button, it will frequently forget where I was in this file and start from the beginning when I select to resume play. But sometimes it will remember, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it remembers and when it doesn't.

And honestly, these are hardly enough reasons to avoid this product.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on August 5, 2009
I would absolutely suggest this MP3 player to anyone!

This player is simple to operate, looks great, has great sound quality, and lots of memory.

The 3 inch screen looks great.

It was easy to drag and drop the music files onto the player. No problems with transeferring or getting it to recognize files.

Easy operation and simple navigation menus, yet it still has all the features you could want.

The expandable memory with the Micro SD slot is a plus since a lot of players don't have that.

All in all, a fantastic player for the price!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 30, 2010
Been using this for about 2 months. Use it for both music and video.
For music - battery life is great at 6-8 hours. Sound quality is good (though I am not an audiophile) , and you can select from a half a dozen equalizer options including creating your own. (Sound quality is mainly dependent on earbud quality.)
For video - screen size is large enough to enjoy movies or TV. The battery life is about 2 hours with video. When the battery gets too low, it shuts off the player without warning. That is annoying.
Has a built speaker - not very good, but most people will never use it very much, so speaker quality is a non issue for me.
Player takes micro SD cards. I have used 2GB and 8GB cards without a problem. I suggest you get an 8GB card. The cost is minimal and increases the memory tremendously. When attached to your computer, the player and the SD card look like hard drives and you can add/delete files to the player and SD card directly. On the player, the SD card files are listed separately from the files on the internal drive, so you do have to find you music/video files on the SD card (Not a big deal).
I covered my screen with a screen protector as there are no cases around that will fit this player. The back side is shiny (chromed) metal and can also get scratched (I don't care).
Have not used other features much - Radio, Ebook, Stopwatch, Photo.
The Trio V430 is a great value. May get a 2nd one for my wife.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 30, 2009
This one sounds like a high efficienty multimedia player. Because its screen takes over one side of the player with control buttons on top. Very easy to operate. Holding one like this, one would never think about ipod (those much more expensive ones with very limited option when it comes down to video playing).
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2009
This is an excellent MP3 and video player. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and clarity of the screen. Movies play great once converted with the AVI converter program which I downloaded from Machspeed. I have a question out to them as to which type of micro SD card expansion this will accept (HD?). The one shortcoming is the ebook reader. I had hoped to replace my aging mono pocket PC with this player for reading ebooks. To my dismay, the gaudy and colorful background colors make this virtually useless for reading text. I tried all three text and background combinations and none of them are suitable for reading ebooks or text. It would only be good for a quick memo. Other than that, very pleased with the player.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on December 2, 2011
The Mach Speed Trio MP4 Player meets all of my expectations of a standard multimedia player that didn't feature a touch screen or wi-fi capabilities. It's capability to play music, ebook and video files are extremely reasonable for this price range. Source: I've had an immense amount of experience with portable media players ranging from well known brands such as Apple or companies in China/Taiwan that is unknown to the majority of the American audience such as the Onda or the Teclast brands. I've also owned this player for two months now.

Pros (Three stars for being everything it's supposed to be and an extra one for having an expandable memory slot):
-Does everything it's supposed to: plays music, plays videos, views photos, reads .TXT files
-Has some extra features like Stopwatch and Recorder
-Has a nice navigation system in its Explorer mode
-Short updating memory time when adding new files to it
*HAS AN EXPANDABLE MEMORY SLOT (Main reason why I bought it)

Pros in Depth:
Not being an experienced audiophile I cannot say that this player's hardware plays my music at its best, HOWEVER, I can say that it has some pretty neat features included in its music player system. First off, a very uncommon ability, this player can stream lyrics when a song is playing...portable karaoke experience. ;D Second off it has several equalizers and your own equalizer setting system to appeal to anyone's tastes. Its music player is also able to play files based on its folder location, along with the standard categories of artists, albums, etc. Otherwise, it's a standard mp3 player that will play its given music files.

Videos on a three inch screen is meant to be shared with yourself and if that's the case, then the video player will work fine. The screen is big enough to play videos with subtitles, however it may not be the case for people who have problems with their sight. However, the video player drains a lot of battery quickly. My best experience involved videos being played four hours straight. My worst experience was thirty minutes. In total, my experiences mainly involved video playback surviving maybe an average of two hours.

The photo viewer isn't too spectacular. Although it can view pictures, it cannot have large sized picture displayed at once which isn't too appealing. However, you can still zoom into the pictures so it's not impossible to see "parts" of your picture in decent quality.

The ebook reader can read .txt files. A majority of the desktops that are allowed to be set to the player make it difficult to read the text, but with some adjusting and toleration, one can find it manageable. It's a great feature to be able to read a whole book in the palm of your hand though without whipping out a bulkier device like a tablet on a crowded train. Very useful feature for a student such as myself.

The stopwatch and recorder features are self explanatory. Personally I don't use them, but it's good to know that they're there. You may find better reasons to take advantage of these features.

There's a speaker. Has a pretty big sound for it's size, but the speaker isn't too loud, so you can't exactly blast music unless you're in a quiet environment. Personally I use the AYL Portable Mini Speaker: ( in conjunction with this product and I can blast music at the park remarkably well. In the end, I use the speaker in a quiet environment either to quickly share music with friends or to use them instead of headphones, since I prefer speakers to headphones.

*THERE'S A MEMORY SLOT for microSD cards. This is the BIGGEST PRO in this player. You can fit a whole lot more songs, videos, books, whatever floats-your-boat in this MP4 Player using the microSD card slot. Expandable storage is a big reason why I prefer many other products over Apple's. Despite having less quality, expandable storage makes a HUGE difference to any PORTABLE Media Player. If this does not appeal to you as a major factor in buying this product, you should spend the extra buck for a higher quality multimedia player-NOT SAYING this is a bad player at all, but there are definitely others out there that are better.

CON (Reason why it lost a star): As you can see, this player is loaded with features, but there is a major con that I am currently struggling with now after owning it for two months:
Before it lasted longer, but now the battery only survives four hours of music. Don't make me mention the video playback battery life or its battery life when I use its speakers (2 hours). Still enough to survive my commute to school though, so I'm sticking with the Mach Speed Trio for a while.

All in all, this player is loaded with decent features and most importantly has an expandable memory slot. However, it has a pretty bad battery life in comparison to other products in the market. I still highly recommend it, since it has this perfect balance of size and the ability to play video well. I am able to watch a video with subtitles on its three inch screen without particularly struggling to walk with it in my pocket. I mainly use it for music though and I've had a great history with this player aside from its battery life, so if you are willing to make a small sacrifice and charge this player daily, then it should work a charm for you. ;D

If you have any questions, feel free to start a discussion. I'll try to participate if I'm available. Good luck in making your purchase!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 27, 2011
I bought two of these as Christmas gifts. One worked without a problem and the other had software problems and wouldn't function. Returned it for a replacement. The replacement wouldn't work either. Returned it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2010
it's a cool mp3 player but the battery life is just wrong it says eight hours but it is more like three.... but in all it is a good gift for anyone to have.
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