How does it do with Macrovision? I have a bunch of commercial VHS movies, many of which were never "important" enough to re-release on DVD, but they were made during the days of Macrovision copy protection. Has anyone encountered this, and does this product overcome it? One in particular is "Amazing Grace and Chuck." Strangely one of my all-time favorite films, with the tape slowly degrading as time passes. I was not able to transfer it to my Panasonic analog DVR. I have replaced that with my laptop, USB TV tuner, and Windows Media center--awesome--but now don't have a way to input from other than the HDMI and USB. These seems like it would be the answer, except for confirmation about copy protection. Can the ElGato handle it?
[UPDATED] asked by SavvyCat on May 19, 2011
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If the machine can play it then elgato can capture it, it is just plain output, I tried popcorn a while back to convert my dvd library to itunes, but most of the movies would not work, I have not had any issues with dvd conversion, so my guess would be that it should work fine with your vhs. If you are concerned you might want to buy it at an apple store, so you can return it if you run into issues.
Red Baron answered on September 18, 2011
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