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Dorothy Play Doll
Once upon a storybook. Fairy tales and literature were the inspiration for many of Madame Alexander's Storyland Collection. This brand new set is inspired by the classic story of the Wizard of Oz.

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The Story of Madame Alexander

In 1923, Madame Alexander began to fulfill her vision of creating beautifully crafted play dolls for children. Over eighty years later, the company she started continues to delight youngsters and collectors everywhere. Madame's mission was founded on her belief that dolls should engage the imagination and contribute to a child's happiness and understanding of the world. Great works of literature, the arts and the different cultures of the world were inspirations for many of her creations. Ultimately, her impeccably dressed dolls came to mirror the changing lifestyles, tastes and dreams of the 20th century.

The Alexander Doll Company still upholds the original philosophy and standards while creating dolls that will appeal to new generations of children and doll lovers all over the world. Through tradition, elegance and innovation Madame Alexander offers a full line of handcrafted collectible dolls, huggable and lovable play and baby dolls, straight from the runway fashion dolls, and today's hottest licensed dolls with Disney Princesses and Fairies, Hello Kitty, to the classic brands of Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, American Ballet Theatre, Eloise, Charlotte's Web and Madeline.

Making their debut in 2002, Madame Alexander dolls quickly became one of the most popular McDonald's Happy Meals toys of all time. The McDonald's Happy Meal dolls capture the same quality and timeless charm of the Madame Alexander brand.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
Don’t be late! Alice in Wonderland is ready for the tea party in her blue frock and a black velvet ribbon in her blonde hair.

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Baby Cuddles Feeding Baby

Baby Cuddles Feeding Baby
Baby Cuddles satisfies toddler's their need to nurture. Baby Cuddles is designed for play with an adorable outfit which can be removed and is washable.

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