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164 of 180 people found the following review helpful
on August 19, 2010
I, like most, have been a huge Madden fan throughout the history of the game but I learned a very valuable lesson early on; NEVER BUY BACK TO BACK YEARS!! NEVER!! I did. And I'm sorry for it.

Madden 10 was pretty good, I thought NCAA 10 was better and after playing the demo for 11 I was hooked. I wanted the updated rosters, I wanted gameflow and I was really getting use to the new running scheme. What I figured out after I bought the game was how much the hype failed. Gameflow is ask Madden without pushing buttons. You can always go in and make custom game plans, which I think is a really cool idea, but this takes forever. You're just as good off using the playbook during game play, at least then you have every play you want without forming habits. No complaints with the running game, I think it's pretty solid. If I had a complaint it would be that it is far to easy. I'm no Madden God but this running game makes me feel like one. Passing is hit and miss. I LOVE receivers staying in bounds for the catch or dragging their feet, but that is IF they catch the ball. So many times I've thrown a ball (from a highly rated QB) to an open, slant route running receiver (also highly rated) just to watch the ball bounce in front of him. How about a one handed catch? How about a dive? Where is my coach "give me more effort!!!" button?? The D pad option is just horid. Whoever in game development had that brain storm of an idea should be beaten. On offense it's barely "ok" and I only say that because you can control the clock. On defense it's almost impossible. Just trying to change out of a play is cutting it close, let alone pushing a d pad to cover a certain receiver, ball snaps before I'm ready every time.

Defense goes a little something like this. Open Madden 10, select all, copy, paste to Madden D pad frustration. If a developer is reading're an idiot. We don't pay this much money for cut and paste options, and as soon as EA sports stops buying out NFL rights I will never buy another Madden game again. I love defense and I hate that EA hasn't made defense a priority in years. Superstar is another cut and paste job. That portion of the game could be so much better and I've waited for so long to see it evolve. EA sports, I hate you. Franchise is also cut and paste, also another game option that could be amazing through and through.

Online. First off, I never play online. I can understand why some do, I'm honestly not good enough to play against the big boys. But this doesn't stop EA sports from driving me crazy. Nope, this year you must pay for the privilege of playing online, after already paying for the privilege from x-box. Nicely done EA, I loath you. So even though I do not play online, if I want future roster updates I sure will have to pay for it. But that's not all....want dumb coins to buy fake football cards? Better buy those too. Want to have an edge on your franchise? Better buy those options as well. Games are expensive enough. I love game addons like the next game junkie but c'mon man! No other game on the market does this. Fable 3 isn't going to put out a new game every year, make you pay for all the cool stuff while at the same time pushing out a crap product. There would be anarchy on the streets!!!! Madden does it year after year.

The graphics are great, as always, and the Superbowl finally got a face lift. All in all I think it would be a good game if I had gone a few years without purchasing a new Madden. If that sounds like you, or you're waiting for something to push you over the homicidal edge, I bet you'll love the game. If you see a used Madden 11 game on Amazon for $12....that's me.
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39 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on August 15, 2010
I admit, I'm a sucker for Madden games. Every year I go out and buy it so I can have updated rosters and a few new features. This year the game took a significant backwards step. The game plays well. Cool animations and the commentary is much improved. The graphics are still decent but seriously, how hard is it to make the crowd look realistic? The crowd looks like someone put a bunch of cardboard cutouts in the stand. It truly looks awful and it's a shame in the year 2010 the developers refuse to fix this issue. The gameplay is your typical madden. Your QB throws a crazy number of interceptions, the computer DB know what routes your WR are running thus you can NEVER throw a curl route without getting intercepted. On defense, your guys will blow a countless number of coverages as they let WR run all by themselves. The improved blocking is a nice addition, but how come my special teams players can't block. I watched 1 of my blockers watch a guy run past him then chase after him. How can you implement improved run blocking yet it can't translate to special teams? I'll get to the kicking aspect of special teams in a minute. The franchise mode is exactly the same. It's a disgrace to not even pay attention to the franchise mode or be a pro mode. There is nothing to do between games during a season. The franchise mode has been untouched for years and I just wonder if the developers have no clue what they can do to add to it. I garuntee if you ask Madden players for input, you will get more than enough suggestions.
Madden 2011 is Madden 2010 with a few new animations and completely dumbed down. Their gimmick this year is you can play a game in half the time with Gameflow which the computer will call plays for you. Was anyone really asking for that? If you want to play a game faster, lower the number of minutes in a quarter. 2nd of all, hardcore football fans and madden fans like to call their own plays. It's part of the strategy and you take pride in calling plays that work really well. The special teams has been dumbed down. Seriously, can you actually miss a kick this year?
Overall, Madden 2011 was made to help attract new gamers and spat in the face of hardcore madden fans. When will the loyal madden fans get a game that adds new features for them? Instead, it seems EA wanted to attract new people to make more money rather than please loyal fans. It's a shame.
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52 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on August 24, 2010
In today's tough economic times, Madden 11 is the latest release from a major corporation in the consumer goods sector to cross the line of absurdity. You would think that with a growing adult aged audience, increasing negative publicity via social networking, at the very least the love of football would motivate them to put together a product to be proud of. I do not have much to add to the reviews here. The game is simply not fun anymore. Still have my copy of 2005, would love for Microsoft to release the emulator so I could play it on my 360. Things I hate about this game:

Gameflow- play calling sucks at least ask madden I had three to choose from or could back out and choose my own play

Streamlined Menus/ Pre play controls (d pad) - Just absurd, how is making selecting things and navigation more difficult "streamlining" You never have total control of a menu and pre-play takes too long is awkward 2005 was better at this

Fight for the Fumble - How did this get green lighted for another year?

In 2005 I could save my game at any point of a game. Why the !! can't I do it 6 years later on a next gen console.

Gameplay - Is boring, choppy

Franchise Mode - Used to be what made this game addicting, Teams moving, expansion draft, sick draft picks, holdouts, players demanding trades, progression with otas. Every year this gets leaner and I find less of a reason to keep playing. Good Riddance I can find better things to do with my time and money. I would rather mow my lawn and mulch around my house.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on August 12, 2010
These new changes to bring casual gamers in really hurt the game. None of the features added were requested at all but let me summarize the added features.
1. Gameflow(Ask Madden 2.0)-You press A and it picks a play for you good i guess if you can't do it yourself or dont care what play you do but is this really the main new feature added???
2. Improve Blocking and Catching - Awesome ive been waiting for the good blocking and catching for a while.
3. Defense - All i can say the hell happened? The defensive AI is worse than last year maybe even 09, playing online on all-pro the score has been over 40 points each game. I like scoring but this is ridiculous.
4. Online - Ok so if you quit while playing a ranked before 1st half ends you get no penalty and your opponent gets no win, yea EA what the hell where you thinking on this one.
5. Franchise Mode, Superstar, Madden Moments - The same as last year

Im sorry if you disagree but how can you rate this higher??Since I am a Madden fan I hope they fix the issues with a patch because this will have a short life span if they don't.

Update - Online quitting is somewhat fixed helps improve ranked game play.
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26 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on August 13, 2010
I have bought just about every Madden since the mid 90's and I just can't put into words how disappointed I was in this game. Madden 10 is the best and one year later, EA makes THE worst Madden since the 80's! To start, no ranked online games with friends even if you want to. EA server SUCK. Lag in every game. If your opponent quits before halftime, game over. No option to continue. New commentary is more exciting, but very fragmented and always sounds funny. For instance, Gus yells "he streaks down the sideline!" when you catch a 2 yard pass close to the sideline. UGH! Don't forget that if you buy this used, you will have to pay extra for an online code to play online games. The new locomotion system makes it feel like you are running on ice all the time. I can see where they were going on this feature, but they needed to improve it before putting in into the game. Strategy pad makes it harder to get defensive calls made. More button hits than in last years game which makes it tough against fast offenses. Also on online games, no longer can you see what your points per game, points allowed, yards, etc. Nothing. You don't even get to see you record until you enter a game. You may be able to get this info if you pay to "scout" yourself, but there is NO WAY I am paying EA anymore money! If you are a very casual fan and always loved franchise mode, it hasnt changed and this may be a game for you. If you are like me and ONLY play online games, you will HATE this game. It runs SOOOO SLOW, lags, and none of the info you are used to. Don't waste your money this year as EA has said that 2012 is a complete overhaul.
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76 of 96 people found the following review helpful
on August 10, 2010
I've been a madden fan for as long as I can remember, from Madden 94 up until the 2010 version. This years Madden (2011) is easily the worst all around Madden game that I have ever played. Having said that, it is still really fun! I'm finding it very hard to even begin listing the faults, but here goes nothing...
First, lets start with the "gameflow" - In Madden 11 the game introduces "gameflow" a system which is designed to select the perfect plays for the perfect on field situation. It is suppose to make the game simpler and go by much quicker, it certainly goes by quicker, but when I used gameflow I would find more often than not, that the plays the CPU selected didn't match the on field situation I was in, causing me to audible out. Hardcore Madden fans will despise gameflow, and the good thing is that you can switch it to "conventional" in the settings. You are able to set up a gameplan using different formations and playbooks before you actually play a game, but in game when its time for the CPU to call the plays, the system fails. gameflow isn't a terrible idea, but often it doesn't work properly at all. Take the extra five seconds and call the plays for yourselves.
Next, lets talk about "Online Play" - Everything is the same as last years version with the addition of team play, which is really fun. If you know someone else who has madden 11 and xbox live, you need to try teamplay out. It is easily the most redeemable part in this game. As for head to head ranked matches, everything is pretty much the same except for a very very annoying feature. Before every play that you have, an "A" button and "X" button will show up on the bottom of your screen asking you if you would like to use "A" gameflow, or "X" full playbook. Why couldn't they give you the option to either turn gameflow on or off in online play like they do for offline? it gets really annoying to have to keep pressing "X" before every play, i've even pressed "A" by mistake by trying to skip cut scenes, and then you have to deal with what play the CPU has chosen or what you can audible into. Its just so unnecessary.
Next, lets talk about the "Game Modes" - Everything in Madden 11's game modes menu is exactly the same as last years version. Absolutely no updates with superstar mode or franchise mode, their still as terrible as they have been for the last three years. For some reason this year the Madden team has chosen to ignore the public's constant demand for a deeper franchise mode (which was once a reality) and the first really good superstar mode (which we have yet to see). Instead they put all their efforts into making an easily accessible simulation football game, that merely anyone can pick up and play instantly with pretty much no skill what so ever.
Next, Lets talk about the "gameplay, AI, and how the game plays on the field" - This years Madden plays pretty well despite all the cons. The first new addition is the "dual stick player control" which lets the user control a players body with the left stick, and their skill moves with the right. This works really well, and despite there not being a turbo trigger anymore, it makes the run game really fun. But the CPU AI is just so dumb, that you'll have no problem getting 300 yard games whenever you want. The lack of DEFENSE in this game is probably its biggest flaw. Users will find it almost impossible to take over games with their D, I mean sure, you'll get interceptions, force fumbles, pick up sacks, but the game is designed so that the offense can pick up easy yards after a while. What will happen is a defensive player that your not in control of will all of a sudden crap the bed, and help an offensive player get open. There is no doubt that this game is made for the offense, they want those big games (59steelers -57raiders). Another disappointment this year is the audible system the game has. Instead of using the face buttons to bring up coverage, line, and backers the game now uses the D pad. What makes it complicated and not as simple is you have to press an extra button to complete the audible! after awhile you'll get used to it, but its so unnecessary. Very good animations and overall presentation. Gus Johnson's commentary is better than the game has ever seen, but it sounds fragmented and weird all too much. The games graphics are as good as ever, nothing to complain about there, and players faces look better than last years version too.
In closing, Madden NFL 11 is still a fun game despite all the technical problems it has, and everyone who loves the NFL and video games will play it (EA owns the American football license until 2015), but if your a perennial die hard madden gamer, odds are this game wont live up to your standards at all. If your new to the genre and you've never played a game of madden in your life before, you will probably like it very much. And why not, it was made for you. The casual gamer.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2010
I decided to give Madden a shot this year, and it was a huge mistake. In short, EA knows they have a cash cow and do everything very sloppy. There is no reason that NCAA Football come out a month earlier and always offers a more polished in game and out of game experience. This game has a shocking 2.5 star on Amazon, and more people need to get the word out to NOT BUY THIS GAME AND FORCE EA TO FIX THE FRANCHISE!!

First the short positives. The graphics are gorgeous, EA keeps perfecting and perfecting the look of real football and has this game looking fantastic. Also, the updated engine (a modified version of the FIFA engine) has the physics of the game looking much more believable and simulation-worthy. Last but not least is the 'locomotion' running game. The two stick running game is very intuitive and offers fantastic control whilst carrying the football. Unfortunately, my praise ends there.

Overall, Madden is a poor offering, and here's why. First of all, they haven't done anything with the franchise or superstar modes, both have been the same since virtually the PS2 era. The price is horrific for a yearly release title, and then to beat more money out of used game sales, they charge ten bucks if the online pass has to be used just to play online (or get roster updates). And while the physics are great, they still managed to pile on the legacy issues and unrealistic gameplay by 'warping' receivers making impossible catches, players dropping easy catches, and seemingly telegraphed picks/completions/runs, etc. My Madden 09 has the same problems and nothing has been done to correct them. The sloppy presentation is broken and illogical. Everything is very broken up on the commentary, there are slight robotic pauses in nearly everything Gus Johnson says. (i.e. they weren't willing to say 'first down', 'second down', and 'third down', but 'first', 'second', 'third', and 'down' and piece them together.) Also dumb comments like Kevin Kolb being one of the NFL's primere passers when he's barely played had me laughing. All-in-all the presentation and commentary is horrible, unless you like to listen to overly emphatic pitches for Old Spice (Be a man...MAN!). And also EA botched Ultimate Team badly. The mode that is great in FIFA and NHL is miserably handled in Madden, which just further shows the developers of Madden's laziness and carelessness. (i.e. they have a cash cow, so why bother?)

But my biggest beef with Madden is now that each game is just a pile of advertisements. Having sponsors of the game or ads on the field are fine, but every play of the game seems to have a sponsor. You're littered with ads from the stats, to the reviews, to the commentator. You really cannot get away from it. And now once you hit the two minute warning, it will take forever to get to the end. You've got to hear all about Verizon, Old Spice, Doritoes, Gatorade, and others. Every. Single. Game. It really hampers the fact you're playing a game and it's more like a chore to sift through advertisements.

All-in-all this year's Madden is bad. Really bad. The additions, sans the running game and engine, are handled poorly. The legacy issues are still there, so you should just play '08 or '09 where they still are there, but the advertisements are not completely running rampant.

But in all honesty, EA has no reason to fix this game. It will still be the best selling sports game in the US, so they'll remain complacent and not fix things that have needed to be fixed and continue adding in more ads year after year. The only way to get them to fix this heralded franchise is to hit them in the wallet and DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on August 21, 2010
If this is the best EA Sports can do for a pro football game, they ought to get out of this. John Madden is retired and I like John, they made a lot of good Madden games in the previous decades. It's time for EA Sports to end this series and give up the rights to the rosters and let someone else make some Football games and have a few companies compete, EA can try buy good luck? This game stinks in ever sense of the word, I only rented it. I didnt care much for last year and this year is worse. After one night I took it back to the store after 8-10 hours of game play that had me shaking my head most of the time through. I wont get into the details, too many others already have said everything. All the negative reviews are right as rain! Madden fans stop going out and buying this every year. All your doing is feeding a cash cow that cares nothing about the game they make. Rent it first, read the reviews, if people stop buying this due to declining game quality, EA Sports will have to improve the game. If you keep buying it regardless, they will care less unless the law suit wins out and the monopoly stops.
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23 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on August 20, 2010
As soon as I bought this game I ran home to put it in the box and get online to play with friends. I mean, let's face it, squashing your friends on XBOX Live is most the fun of this game. I was SEVERELY disappointed to learn the EA is now trying to gouge us as consumers for every dime they can get. YOU CANNOT PLAY ONLINE WITHOUT PAYING AN ADDITIONAL FEE. Further, you can't play the Ultimate team options UNLESS YOU PAY AN ADDITIONAL FEE. They even had the audacity to implement a store in the game in which you could BUY enhancements for your game. Upon discovering all these problems with the game, I immediately felt sick in my gut and wanted to take the game back to get my $60 dollars back. I have one thing to say. "NFL intellectual property gurus, END YOUR EXCLUSIVITY CONTRACT WITH Electronic Arts SO THAT OTHER COMPANIES HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO PRODUCE A WORTHY NFL PRODUCT!"
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29 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on August 21, 2010
i Will have to go back to madden 2010. this game is buggy and reward offense , no control on defense the worst engine i have seen , Thank god did not pay full price for it. save your money and play 2010. and to add insult to injury you spend $59.00 and they want you to pay more for buying players like fantasy football . Shame on EA
this game should be selling $29.99 all day long and at that i will not buy it.
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