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on October 1, 2015
Ok so looking for something that I could get the exact same since every time I get used to a hair color its discontinued, its not available, I cant find it, or whatever else comes up I decided to try it. Box came very promptly (2 days from California to Tn), well packaged got a free gift with my order. It came with a trial shampoo, conditioner, 2 sets of gloves, some stain preventer, some stain remover, 2 bottles of stuff and a brush like you use for a brush and bowl method. Great! I was excited to try it. The instructions were easy enough (although getting my hair into 4 sections was a bit rough) and the consistency is thick it doesn't fly all over your bathroom in a polka dot pattern (nice!) AND unlike most hair colors it didn't burn my skin. And I have very long hair - there was more then enough to do all of my hair evenly (another plus!)

Now backing up for a minute when I ordered I specifically told them my hair has a very NASTY habit of going orange. I have to be very careful with hair colors because I can dye my hair the wrong shade of brown and end up with copper or orange hair on accident (yes its happened ~ not funny at the time but funny now). I stressed this point repeatedly! So I assumed that owuld be taken into consideration. And when looking at the package they tell you break down of colors in your mix (I thought that was cool) and I noticed the red was a very little amount (now I am no beautician but it was such a small amount I thought this is awesome!) So I read the instructions, got my hair done in 4 sections and applied as directed. The brush worked nicely along the front edges to get the gray also :)

So I left it on for the required time and got into the shower to rinse. It was a little harder to rinse then the thinner stuff but frankly I would rather have to over rinse then have a polka dotted bathroom so that was ok by me. I did notice cool water helped rinse it faster instead of hotter water (maybe I am just weird) I used the shampoo, and the conditioner and honestly was not over impressed by either at the prices they charge. I did have to wash twice to get it all out of my hair (which is ok I am used to that frankly) And a small note - unlike alot of hair dye it did not stain my shower. I was super impressed by that fact.

Ok so fast forward I get out towel dry my hair and look in the mirror. Crayola orange crayon roots...lovely. Grabbed the blow dryer blow dried and *bang* my hair did exactly what happens when too much red is imparted and turned copper. So I was laughing and cringing all at the same time, picked up the phone and called the folks at eSalon. Spoke with a very knowledgeable young lady who asked me if I wanted a refund or a second try. She assured me they would work with me to get the color I wanted if I wanted to try again or a refund. No pressure either way. Now the great thing about this is once I was able to get the color I wanted I never have to worry about them running out, discontinuing or changing the names on me. It's mine it wont ever change unless I change it. So that is nice. A little pricier then the drug store, requires a lil more pre planning on my part but the assurance that I have the same color every time is nice.

Ok now that the color is correct I don't find it to be any different then any other hair color with the exception of the wild ones like Splat or those insane colors. It doesn't appear to be any different quality then the drug store types. I have previously said why I do like it so much (the fact its mine and wont change unless I change it) I will admit though it does smell strong at first so if you are smell sensitive do this outside or something. I am not overly small sensitive and it made me wrinkle my nose a little.

The shampoo and conditioner were not impressive. I am still happy with the Ion I use from Sally. Works greats, its reasonable and smells yummy!

Ok now to address some issues I noted in the reviews. The auto order is exceptionally easy to turn off. But you have to wait til your order ships to turn it off. Ok set a reminder on your phone. Problem solved. There is no pressure to keep it on. Its in the settings on your account where the calender is in the lower right hand corner. Boom - took me 45 seconds. I will order it when I want and can afford to as I normally do.

Now about the add ons. You can skip the add on items but like most on-line places they do try to get you to take them. That is pretty common place. Just skip them and its no problem.I did appreciate the little brush though. Nice touch.

Overall its a nice product. Not sure if I will continue because 20 or 25 bucks a pop is a little pricey but at least I know I have a color that is mine in case I mess up the color and will know exactly what to expect. So there you go an honest review from start to finish complete with Pros and Cons of the entire thing.
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on December 26, 2014
All I can say about the color is I LOVE IT!!!!!!
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on December 19, 2014
I absolutely love eSalon hair color and shampoo / conditioner. They have a great price, the color is always what I expect and want, it's gentle on my hair, easy to apply, and a great price. Their shampoo and conditioner is just as good. For the first time in my life I can actually wash and go when needed because their products smooth my horribly course hair making it look pretty decent without my usual high maintenance routine before going in public. Thank you eSalon!
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on November 5, 2013
I tried eSalon for the first time last week and I am thrilled with the results. I sent pictures of myself and a description of my hair and desired color on the website and quickly received a package with hair color, a brush, stain preventer, stain remover (which I didn't need), shampoo and conditioner, and two pairs of gloves. My gray is completely covered, my roots are blended smoothly into the color of the rest of my [previously colored] hair, my hair color looks natural without the horrible monochromatic look that screams "dye", and I don't have the reddish tints that stylists insist on adding even when I say I do not want them. My hair feels so soft and it shines. I paid $125.00 at the salon a few months ago, and my hair didn't look as healthy and natural as it does today, one week after I did it myself at home. I am a complete clumsy amateur at almost everything, but this system was designed to be fool-proof. They have a loyal customer in me now.
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on July 3, 2015
I too am suspicious about any of these “Excellent” reviews. I came across eSalon through nCrowd deals and thought I’d try it since it “sounded” good and supposedly professional type coloury, so I purchased it. I received the package and was impressed with the presentation. However, was extremely disappointed. First it is extremely strong of chemicals and ammonia, which I do not use for my hair but I tried it not knowing. I’ve had professional hair colours and also drug store colours for 3 decades so I know what my hair is supposed to feel like and smell like, and after I put it on, it is SO VERY strong, I had to put my t-shirt up over my face to breathe. My husband had to leave the house he couldn’t stand it and I was in the bathroom. Also right away I could tell it was stripping my hair and the texture of my hair felt very bad, so after only 15-20 mins (half the time they said to) I tried to rinse it out ASAP. And again, is so strong it actually wasn’t even rinsing out and my hair texture felt really bad, like straw, I was scared and kept rinsing forever, and had to also shampoo my hair & rinse thoroughly 3 times to get it out! and I never have to do that. I slathered on my own intense conditioner and left on for 3 hours so it would reverse the dryness. So obviously I was not ever going to purchase this product again. God only really knows what’s in their formula.
Then – today I note that this company eSalon has charged a brand new charge to my credit card of $29.95 !? for something I never purchased. I never even received anything further from them, and I never kept any of the paperwork from when I’d received the prior package. I went on their website to find the Contact phone number, which states to call Monday – Friday before 5pm Pacific time. Well it is 2:00pm MST here which is only 1:00pm there, on a Friday and conveniently their greeting states that they are closed. So I left a very stern message that I did not agree to any further charges or purchases and to refund me immediately. We’ll see how that goes.
Update: Surprisingly, they did call me back quite quickly and said that when I purchased, there was a notification at Check Out, AND that by checking out, I was agreeing to this. I said I didn’t see that anywhere so it seems that it is very strategically place so that it isn’t noticeable, as I read everything because I have been duped by this kind of scheme before would never have agreed to this. That said, she was nice enough to refund me which will take a few business days, and turned off the auto-purchase on my account. The reason I haven’t received the product is because it is auto-charged first, once it goes through, they ship it, takes up to 10 days. The reason why their voice-mail greeting stated they were closed today is because tomorrow it’s July 4th So it’s a 2-day holiday?
LESSON: Unfortunately like many of these businesses eg. Perricone, etc. they shadily and sneakily put you on one of those AUTO purchase plans without you even knowing it, just by you checking out, you’re agreeing to very hidden terms and conditions, so BEWARE. And if you order by phone with these companies, record the full conversation and state that you do not agree to any Auto-Purchases or future charges to your credit card.
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on November 1, 2013
After two successful interactions with eSalon, I was informed that to continue receiving the color and the amount of color, I would be charged an additional fee. This is incredibly shady business practice- you lure customers in with a fixed price, and then surprise them with an additional cost-.

It's just not worth it. Stay far, far away.
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on May 11, 2015
I used E-Salon hair color for the first time this weekend. I was excited to try it and followed the instructions. I used the shampoo and conditioner they give you to put on after coloring. My hair felt like it had a coating of glue or wax on it and as much as I kept trying to rinse it off I couldn't. I started to blow dry my hair and it was go gluey feeling that I couldn't even dry it. It was like I didn't wash anything off. I had to take another shower to try and shampoo to gunk off my hair and it still didn't work! Luckily I have long hair because I was going to a party that night and at least could put it in a pony tail!! The next morning I went to CVS to buy Neutrogena anti-residual clarifying shampoo. I shampooed twice with it and my hair finally felt back to normal. I don't recommend this product because of the coating it leaves on your hair. I wasn't expecting that!
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on August 18, 2015
I ordered my first eSalon box in July 2014. I started out med brown since it is closest to my natural hair color and my main goal was covering the gray. I have been dyeing my hair in some fashion since I was 15, so I have 30 years of experience of either doing it myself or going to the salon. I prefer the cost of doing it myself. Because I thought I knew everything about coloring my hair, I didn't read the directions fully and put the color on all of my hair instead of just the roots. The roots were great, no gray. The rest was a darker brown. I didn't think too much of it, and when it was time to color again, did the same thing with my new shipment. Great roots, everywhere else, even darker brown. This time I emailed eSalon and within 24 hours a colorist called me to talk about what might be going on. The first thing she asked was how I was applying the color. To all of my hair. She explained that it was a root color, and I was coloring over color for the rest. She ordered a complimentary ends (everything but the roots), lighter color to be shipped with my next order to bring the rest of my hair back to the same color as my roots. It worked perfect. I have since gradually gone darker and more red, and have been contacted a couple of times by a colorist to make sure they understood what I wanted and to offer advice on the right way to move into new colors. All in all, I have been very happy with the color I have been sent each order. I like that I can choose when my next order will be sent. I even use half the developer and half the color each time because it really doesn't take a full bottle to color the roots, and have had great success doing this. The only negative I would have would be the smell, but it's not any different than going to the salon, or some of the colors you can buy at Sally's or in the box. I am adding a few pics of my color over the last year. The inside pictures really don't look as good as taking a picture in the sun, but I'm usually at my desk when I think about it. It still doesn't look that red to me, but I have people compliment my shade of red all the time so it must look red to others.
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on May 18, 2015
Ok, so I was Very skeptical at first, I had seen some girls rave about it on youtube but they all had dark hair, except one that was blond (which I'm not) and she went darker. I have naturally dark brown hair but I dye it a lot. This year I spent 300 at an expensive salon to do a balayage hair color (which I only liked the first day)... Same story every year, i lighten to almost blond, then I cry to my friends because I feel like a skunk. It wasn't tragic but I just don't feel like myself. When I checked out esalon, they had best color from Allure magazine which had me intrigued, and for $10.00, I said what the heck... If I wreck it, I'll fix it later. I always read the bad reviews first and here are two comments I want to confirm. First, smell.. Is not bad like another reviewer said, maybe because the worst smelling dye I used (once) and actually the harshest was L'Oreal Preference. If you can tolerate that smell, this will be a piece of cake. Second, customer service... I sent my pictures and wrote under comments what colors do well with me. I was hoping they would come out with something unique, maybe something i had never tried before. They didn't call, which I was a bit disappointed and they sent me the same color I've been using for a long time (medium golden brown). I was skeptical to use because again i had read the bad reviews and I was a bit sad because my 300 balayage color was going with it. I had even turned off my auto shipment. Well, I'm very happy to say I am turning the auto shipment back on, possibly buying the shampoo and conditioner which felt like a million bucks! The color looks like me finally but the gloss on my ends didn't really get that dark so I now have a lot of dimension! It's a beautiful medium brown with soft highlights!! My hair feels healthier than before since it was recently bleached but right now you can't tell. Super happy! My only suggestion (other than try it for 10 bucks/ plus shipping) is that if you have ANY concerns or ideas, call them. Don't wait on them to call you. I plan to call next time when I change up my color.
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on June 17, 2015
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! I have been using box colors for years and have been forced to accept the brassy highlight side-effect of them. I decided to try eSalon because of their 100% guarantee, hesitant, but I jumped. The box sat around my house for over a month, as I was afraid to try it. Once my roots were too obvious, I decided to try the eSalon color. I'm COMPLETELY satisfied!! The color is natural, they got my requests absolutely correct- it's just simply perfect!! I'm going to be a loyal long-term customer!!!
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