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on December 22, 2006
I am really having a hard time with reading in reviews over and over again that people didn't notice that:

1. the headboard has no slats

2. the rails are very thick

3. the front rail does not lower

Hello people... we are talking about purchasing a crib here not a handbag or a pair of shoes! How can you in good conscience purchase something as essential to a baby's well being as a crib and NOT know everything there is to know about it???? It seems like there are a lot of people out there far more concerned with aesthetics than with safety and function first! How could someone purchase a crib for their child and not have looked at it beyond "Oh that one is pretty, I think I'll take it"???

It also is not a playpen or a babysitter so if the child is left in there to chew on or kick the sides of the crib you would have to expect there to be damage or signs of wear... it is a piece of furniture and should be treated as such.

I also had NO problem with hanging a mobile and using my bumper set, but I knew what we were buying and planned accordingly to accommodate the size of the crib for secondary items such as bumpers and mobiles.

The only thing I had a problem with was finding the manufacturer to order the accessory kit for the bed. They do not seem to have a web page that I could locate but I called Babies R Us, where we purchased from, and they gave me the contact number which is: 800-295-1980.

Good luck!
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on January 18, 2006
I picked this crib for my daughter due to the solid back design and beautiful sleigh features. It's very sturdy and converts to a daybed then to a full size bed. All my baby furniture came without any damage or working issues.

I actually saw the crib in the store and realized that the side does NOT come down. So, if this is a feature you are looking for- do no buy this crib.

I am 5'5 and the crib is currently on it's lowest setting. My daughter is 16mos old and I have, nor ever had any problems putting my daughter to bed.

Also, as a baby she had a mobile ON her crib. Symphony in motion by Tiny Love. It plays classical music and has zoo animals that spin around.

I didnt plan on using a bumper, as most doctors recommend not using one. But I've read that velcro can take care of the problem.

I gave it 4 stars b/c there is not a guard made for the rail, which is very thick, to prevent your baby from teething on it!

Overall, I think if you realize what your buying- it's a very good crib.
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on May 17, 2006
Hands down this is a beautifully crafted crib which promises huge savings on purchasing additional toddler, twin and/or full sized beds in the future. However, if you intend on using this 4-in-1 crib as anything other than a crib prepare for the ultimate let down and frustration.

I have used this crib for my son for two years now and only complained about the difficulty in laying my son down without waking him up (I'm 5'2" and cannot easily reach over the railing to the mattress at its highest setting). This was not enough of an annoyance for me to be disappointed in my purchase though.

Now that my son can climb out the crib I feel he is ready for a toddler bed. Here is where I have major issues. The "guard rail" used in the conversion to a toddler bed isn't a guard rail at all. Look at the separate toddler bed made by Jardine and you will see that the guard rails come up pretty high at the head of the bed. This is not the rail you get. Per the manufacturer whom I emailed, the "guardrail" which comes with the crib is only there to keep the mattress in place. The included rail only comes up 1 inch above my Simmons Maxipedic mattress. So guess what, there is nothing there to stop your child from rolling out of the bed as mine did. Because all the separate guard rails on the market are made for twin sized beds on up, take up nearly the full length of the bed. Because of this I bought a fold down rail but had to raise the mattress back up to the highest setting so that it would fit properly. My son can't get out of the bed on his own.

When I asked a rep from Jardine how I could purchase the side rails for the full side bed setting (which does not come with the crib) I was told to buy it from Babies R Us. Babies R Us told me I'd have to purchse it from the manufacturer. I feel as though I were duped by this crib's false advertisement. I would only recommned this crib as just that. A crib. If you are looking for a convertible crib this one is too much of a headache to deal with considering the hefty pricetag.

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on April 19, 2006
We purchased two of these cribs in cherry wood before our twins were born.They seemed to be well made and sturdy heavy duty cribs in the store. We assembled it and used it now for one year. I started to notice the headboard seperating from the side panels around it. Where you can now see the unstained wood. It goes all around the headboard and it looks horrible. I have it on both the cribs. I then went to Babies R Us to talk to them about it. I noticed their floor sample had the same problem and when I brang this up to the salesman he said yea that crib has some sort of problem... he said he had heard of others who had this problem as well. I called the manufacturer and they sent me 2 replacement headboards after receiving them and opening the box I was disgusted to find they were in worse condition than mine. There were big gaps between the pieces that should have had a smooth seam. I could not believe they would send me something that looked like it should be in the garbage. So now I am waiting to here back from the company to see what they will do to fix the problem. They will not acknowledge this crib has a defect. I noticed now that the matching armoir door is having the same problem. It really is poorly made furniture. Besides the problems with the mobile attatchement and bumpers and crib rails it is not put together well, especially the cherry finished pieces. I hate to think I spent all this money so I could convert these to toddler beds and now will probly have to go out and buy new furniture for my twins.Some lifetime crib! I will post back to let you know how the manufacturer handles the situation.
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on December 28, 2005
I highly recommend this crib...This crib is VERY sturdy and will last through MANY children. However, since the railing does not move down you must be able to lift baby up and over the railing into the crib and vice versa when picking up baby. Height and a strong back are all you need to enjoy this crib fovever. At 5'6" I can manage...but beware the shorter person. I tested them all in the store and wanted a crib that would last, be of high quality and sturdy...This one fits the bill!
review image
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on December 30, 2005
We bought this crib in the natural finish. The sleigh design is gorgeous, and looks perfect in our nursery. I've always loved sleigh beds, and I'm glad I can give my daugher one from birth. The crib was more expensive than some of the others we looked at, but well worth the price difference. This crib will change to a day bed and a full size bed. Also, we plan on having at least 2 children, and will be able to use this with both of them.

The crib comes unassembled, but was very easy to put together. It took us about 30 minutes to put together. I just held things together and read instructions while my husband did all the work.

Others have complained about some of the features I like. First, mobile's are hard to attach to this because of the sleigh design. We overcame this by hanging the mobile from the ceiling. It's out of reach, adjustable as she grows, and looks fine. I've also read of others complaining that it's hard to attach the bumper pad because of the solid back. Yes, the back is solid. No, there isn't a place to tie the middle of the bumper pad in the back. We tied the corners tightly and tucked part of the bumper between the crib and the mattress. So far, no problems. Others have complained that the front rail doesn't go down, making it hard to put the baby in. I'm 5'5 and have had no problems with this. Paige goes into her crib just fine without waking up. I have to wonder if the people who have complained actually looked at this crib before purchasing. I specifically bought this crib for the sleigh design and solid back. I knew going into it that some things would be more difficult and would require us to be creative. I would be willing to go without the bumper pad if need be. (Some doctors recommend not using one anyway.) I happen to like the mobile from the ceiling. I know that as Paige grows and reaches for it, I can adjust it higher and not have to worry. I didn't have a problem with tying the bumper strings around the sides. Some people have said this was a problem, because the sleigh sides are larger. Of course they are, you bought a sleigh crib!

I gave it 4 stars because I haven't had to convert it to the day bed yet. After we've used it longer, I may up my rating! I would definitely recommend this crib to anyone looking for a sleigh crib.
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on May 28, 2006
I absolutly think this is the prettiest crib around! I bought it in white and with the rest of the decorations, it looks as if our baby room belongs in a magazine!


1) It was very hard to attach the bumper, so we used VELCRO like suggested, then when we had to lower the mattress, the velcro was too high. I then attempted to move it down. When I took the old velcro off, it removed ALL OF THE PAINT!!!(where the velcro was) - which was on the solid back in 2 different places. I just covered it with white paint. If you get close enough and I point it out you can tell. So I guess it is not a big deal, but when I think about the money put into it, it hurts my feelings a bit.

2) I am 5'6" and occasionally have back problems due to work, and when my back is bothering me, it KILLS me to lay my 22lb. 10 month old down since the rail isn't adjustable up and down.

3) NOW, everytime I go to get her when she wakes up, she has white paint all over her face where she is chewing on the rails.

There is nothing out there to fit the wide rails, I am going to try and make something myself to go over it. I have seen these made of fabric that velcro together under the rail. We will see!

I have not changed it into a toddler bed, so we will see!!

and my baby has gotten her leg stuck once, but she also did this in her cradle which is a totally different style and manufactur, so I don't think it is the crib, just the child.
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on May 1, 2006
I bought this crib because it was the only one that would not look like a crib when I use it as a headboard... There are problems with it like the bumper will not tie. I cut off the strings and used Velcro on the back of the bumper and the headboard part of the crib to make it stick....

I put the mobile on with no problem... The mobile is supposed to be latched over crib, but this crib's edges are all curved. So I just attached it through the slats in the crib and cut off the little latchy-lip-thing so that the mobile is flush against the rails... this was no problem.. I just did it...

The wood seems soft so I plan on getting a plastic cover just for the headboard part if the kiddo get big enough to do some teething damage... I don't want to reuse the front of the crib for the full size bed, it looks like the front of a crib.. that's generally the part the kiddos chew on. i can see it getting pretty dinged up..

The instructions say to keep the little Alan wrench and tighten up all the screws often... that may keep it from splitting like someone else said ...?

Otherwise this is a pretty crib and I really like it. My home lighting and natural light from the window in the baby's room make the cherry wood look amazing. The room is pretty small (10' x 11')and I have a the crib, a cherry wood changing table and a chest of drawers that is crackle-painted pink... If there was more cherry wood in the room it would look too much I think that the balance in there is pretty good right now, so you may not all the super expensive matching furniture, the crib is huge and very powerful in the room.
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on April 29, 2006
Hands-down, this is indeed a BEAUTIFUL crib, very sturdy and good quality and all that, but it is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE for hanging items! I have tried yet again to hang something on the rails and they are just too wide, so this being the 3rd strike, I wanted other future parents to know. We wanted this crib (I wanted it) b/c it is lifelong, but for the next couple/several years, it will be miserable!! I can't fault the toy companies, b/c the straps are pretty long, but almost NOTHING fits on the sides or front of this crib (we won't even mention the back), like mobiles, play light sleepers, etc. Your bumper won't tie on the back, either, and you had better make sure the bumper strings are at LEAST 6 INCHES or they won't tie on the corners. So, if you're sold solely by looks and plan on NEVER entertaining your child in his/her crib, this is yours! If not, good luck, and please post how you jerry-rigged it!!!
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on January 20, 2006
We purchased this crib in Natural for our daughter, thinking we would have a beautiful family heirloom that we could use for years to come. The design appealed to us, as well as the unisex possibilities. However, if I had to shop for a crib again I would rethink this purchase. First of all, we received this crib damaged twice (I've heard this is a common problem). It took two months from the time we placed the order until we were able to piece together the best crib we could from the two cribs. Even so, there are flawed areas in the finish. The convertible possibilities of this crib also appealed to us, but I didn't realize until it was in my home that the front railing doesn't lower. Not really a problem when your baby weighs 7 pounds and the mattress is in the highest position; difficult when you are trying to lay a sleeping 20 pound one-year-old onto the lowest mattress position without waking her. Other flaws: because of it's solid back, it is difficult to securely fasten a bumper (which was necessary because she kept bumping her head on the solid back and getting arms & legs caught in the rails without a bumper); the CribShield Breathable Bumper doesn't fit because of the solid back; and only certain mobiles will attach. I love the sleigh design, but I wish I would have chosen one with a slatted back. As for this being a "Lifetime" crib...I doubt it will make it to the toddler bed stage. The wood is so soft that there are teeth marks clear through the finish the entire length of the rail from my daughter's teething, and those plastic teething protective rails do NOT fit on this design. Overall, this is a lovely crib but with many practical flaws.
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